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MRSA skin-type staph abscess, eventually spreads leprosy-like and is fatal if untreated

From yesterday’s Coconut Telegraph page of

[Staff Infection] Please help by telling me what is, and how to help my husband who has Mersa. What and where does this come from?  Too many are getting it lately in the Keys — 12 cases!

I pulled this from Wikipedia online:

Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) is a bacterium responsible for several difficult-to-treat infections in humans. It may also be called multidrug-resistant Staphylococcus aureus or oxacillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (ORSA).
MRSA is, by definition, any strain of Staphylococcus aureusbacteria that has developed resistance to beta-lactam antibiotics which include the penicillins (methicillin, dicloxacillin, nafcillin, oxacillin, etc.) and the cephalosporins.
MRSA is especially troublesome in hospitals where patients with open wounds, invasive devices and weakened immune systems are at greater risk of infection than the general public.

MRSA-type skin staph infection is pandemic in the Keys. It thrives in a subtropical/tropical environment. Contrary to what many believe, MRSA is not a disease only homelees people contract in the Keys. It is widespread throughout the mainstream population also.

MRSA is contagious and can be passed by touch. It might also be able to jump from an infected to a non-infected person. Washing with soap and water is effective prevention, if you come in contact with someone presenting open MRSA sores, which are unmistakable.

If MRSA infection is internal, the patient probably should be put under a steady IV antibiotic drip for a month, or even longer, in a hospital.

MRSA nearly finished me off in the summer of 2003, after I contracted two nasty abscesses on either side of the base of my penis and one in the right side of the crack between my buttocks. Emergency surgery gouged out the abscesses, leaving horrible open non-sterile wounds. It took two months for the surgical wounds to close. I had to wash them daily and apply jells furnished by the doctor. There was no reinfection in the surgical wounds.

I was on a course of powerful antibiotics for a while. However, after stopping the antibiotics I experienced recurring abscess outbreaks in new places on my skin over the next few months, each of which outbreaks a new round antibiotics resolved but not even more new outbreaks. Eventually, the angels stopped the recurrences. More on this further along.

Flash forward to 2007. Another MRSA outbreak in an abscess on the right side of my stomach. This time I did not use medicine. Instead, I applied oil of oregano to the abscess for a few days. I got this oil at Sugar Apple health food store in Key West.

I also applied a mixture of iodine and Vaseline petroleum jelly. Iodine kills any bacteria but is too powerful to apply undiluted to abscesses, because it eats up the skin in the abscess. Vaseline jelly dilutes the iodine, keeps the wound moist and open, so it can heal from inside out. Apply the iodine/Vaseline jell directly to the abscess four times daily. Do this regardless of what a doctor tells you. Maybe best not to tell a doctor you are doing it. Do it until the MRSA abscess is entirely gone.

You can purchase Vaseline and tincture of iodine at any drugstore. Neither are expensive. Open the Vaseline container and use a spoon or table knife to remove some of the jelly. Open the bottle of iodine and pour it into the vacated space in the jelly. Use a toothpick or the table knife to work the iodine into the jelly. Do this in as little light as possible, because light weakens and even destroys the medicinal value of iodine. Keep working the iodine into the Vaseline until you have a uniform pink jelly. Then apply some of the iodine jelly to the abscess and close the container tightly and store it in a dark place, away from heat. Store the tincture of iodine in a dark place, away from heat.

There was a spiritual component with both of my MRSA outbreaks, both of which followed nasty conflict with other people. I knew via spirit means that these nasty conflicts triggered the MRSA infections in 2003 and in 2007. This is not something I would tell a doctor.

I was unable to work through the spiritual component of the 2003 MRSA skin outbreak, followed by repeated skin outbreaks. As indicated agove, angels healed the infection after I had suffered with it for about nine months and was convinced new prescriptions of antibiotics were not going to stop the recurrences. The second round of skin MRSA in 2007, I was able to work through the spiritual component and the abscess on my stomach responded to the home remedies and slowly went away and there was no recurrence.

I realize many people do not like to think in this way, but there are people who do think in this way and it is for them, mostly, that I speak of the spiritual component of MRSA. Like it or not, there is a spiritual component to most human diseases. This is so regardless of what doctors might say to the contrary. In fact, there is a spiritual component to just about everything experience, whether we like or dislike the experience. Some people are able to approach life in this way, but most people are not.

It is too bad doctors are not trained in the spiritual component of human disease. Some doctors learn about it on their own, but most do not and treat only the physical component of human disease.

The same lament can be said of psychologists, lawyers, and other help professionals. There is a spiritual component to almost all adversities human beings experience, but the methods of this world nearly always only treat the physical component.

Everything I write is aimed at both the physical and the spiritual components in the target. I never treat just the physical anymore, because there is no separation from the physical and the spiritual. As below, so above.  As above, so below.

To the woman who wrote in about her husband’s MRSA, get with your husband and ask God, or whatever you believe really is in charge, to show you both what you need to see that is related to your husband’s MRSA. If it is skin MRSA, use the home remedies right away, and keep using the iodine-Vaseline jelly until the MRSA is completely gone. Also use the antibiotics your doctor prescribed. But do not rely entirely on the doctor, because he/she is treating only the physical part of the MRSA infection, and antibiotics cause their own troubles, but the iodine-Vaseline jelly only causes trouble for skin MRSA.

Whenever I get an open cut or abrasion now, I apply the iodine/Vaseline jell to it. No point in taking any chances with open wounds in this climate. I also would use iodine/Vaseline jelly on spider bite after dousing the bite in hydrogen peroxide solution as soon as possible.

Sloan Bashinsky, citizen

Photo taken last night at Parrotdise’s Friday open mic. Parrotise is a waterfront restaurant and lounge on Little Torch Key.  The damsel was with a friend damsel. They asked if I had anything to do with the Coconut Telegraph? Yeah. Was I Sloan? Yeah. The damsel not in the photo asked if  she could take my picture to send to her mother in Wisconsin, I think she said. She said her mother had recently started reading the Coconnut Telegraph and had made it part of her morning routine, and she had expressed interest in the crazy person who wrote stuff there. Voila, be careful what you ask for.

2010 Postscript. Over the past few months, I have been working on several local issues that, in spirit, are MRSA infections. I will name three: the relationship between FEMA and our county government over downstairs enclosures; the Anti-Sloan, who recently was banned from the Coconut Telegraph; and Tim Gratz, Danny Coll’s campaign manager. For my involvement in those issues, I have experienced skin eruptions on my right arm and right foot, which so far did not progress to MRSA abscesses, but I am ever on guard that it might go there. As I do the work that is given to me to do with each of those issues, I receive some sort of spirit help internally with the spirit poison in these situations, which I absorb through a process beyond my mental facilities to block or effect. The poison is not all outside of me; some of it is inside of me, and the outside poison mirrors it. As I work on the outside poison, I get help with the poison living in me. This is advanced spiritual work alien to most people. Most people would run straight to a doctor. The doctor would do something. Symptomatic relief might come, but the underlying spiritual issue in the patient would not be addressed, and would manifest again, perhaps the same way, perhaps in a different fashion. Perhaps in a more severe, more dangerous way. The soul will have its expression. That is a given. What is not predictable is how the soul will express. What is predictable is using gross methods to deal with soul processes causes troubles that often are never related back to the gross treatment. The dots are never connected. This is how most people live. This is why I do not run to a doctor every time something happens to me that would cause almost everyone I know to run to a doctor. Sure, I sometimes use doctors, but only when it clearly is necessary. If I had not had the emergency surgery in 2003, I would have died, because the MRSA infection was too far advanced physically to be turned around by antibiotics. I waited to long to see a doctor about it. I thought doing the spirit work would resolve it, but I was out of my depth and was unable to do the spirit work that was necessary. More accurately, I had botched the spirit work and the consequence was the full-blown MRSA eruptions around my genitals and anus. If you guess the causative agent was a rupture in a relationship with a woman, you guessed correct. Two women, actually. I mishandled both situations, MRSA was the result. No, I did not physically abuse the women. It was a disagreement that escalated in words into sheer violence in spirit. There was no physical attack. It was all in the soul. MRSA was the result. I am always at risk to a horrible result, if I botch what is given to me to do. So I try very hard to do only what is authorized, which sometimes seems violent to other people. It even seems violent to me, but when I am satisfied it is authorized, I do it, even though I don’t want to do it; even though I know it’s going to make people really angry at me. For if I don’t do it, I get raked over the coals in my soul, which translates into severe and often terrifying physical discomfort as well. As I said, this is very advanced spiritual work. Very few people do it. It requires considerable training and considerable inside healing and change in the pilgrim who has been cut out of the herd, to be able to do it this way. The changes often are terrifying and horrible, inside the pilgrim and in outside relations. A statement of just how far away from the divine blueprint human beings have mutated. All I’m describing here is a divine intervention that was instituted in me by angels, to try to restore me to what I am supposed to be. If I were alone in having this experience, I would probably view myself as insane. However, I have known others people who have been in this experience, who knew they were in it. I have known many more people who know physical illness is rooted in spirit trouble, and going to a doctor sometimes can make things a lot worse. I have known many people who know personal troubles and relationship upheavals have spiritual roots and need to be addressed in spirit ways, if they are going to resolve in the soul. Knowing of this way of living is a big step, but living it is something else altogether. In my case, if I were not led day and night by angels, if I were left to my own mental effort and meager understanding, I would be lost. The spirit terrain simply is too tricky and difficult for his man to navigate it by his own wits. My opinion, based on many experiences with and observations of other people, the spirit terrain is too tricky and difficult for any person to navigate without angelic help. I don’t expect even one person to believe me, but that does not make it something I have imagined. It just makes it something I see and appreciate because of the experiences I have had, which the naysayers have not had.
Sloan Bashinsky
political advertisement, I suppose, approved and paid for by me, District 2 county commisison candidate  from the mutant species

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  1. Marlene says:

    Dear Sloan,
    Let me just say that I wish there were more folks here like yourself,
    unafraid and passionate about the issues you discuss. I am a registered nurse who chose to leave Florida practice because of demands placed upon me that I will not go into here. Your post on your treatment and subsequent cure ( the mind body connection ) reinforces my belief that this paradise here in the Keys will be destroyed if no changes are made.
    I was raised Christian, but I do not believe in organized religion. I believe in spirituality, I believe we are children of a higher power. I also live by the golden rule, as Jesus taught. I believe in revering mother earth, and all the gifts she has given us. I am a believer in natural healing and I will spread the word about your treatment to all that will listen.

  2. This article has kind of a whacky end to a serious issue. Although the beginning was very informative, some of the final words of advice could result in some serious consequences to your readers. I would like to share my MRSA nightmare and shed a serious light on the MRSA issue. I contracted MRSA in my local environment, possible local keys hospital but no way to know, could have been the water. Please read on. I am 49 yrs old with two young kids. Very active and fit. After a Snow Skiing accident in March 2012 I had a broken Tibia, Fibula had surgery in Colorado and returned to the Keys for follow up. The bones healed after 7 weeks but I had screws in my leg and I contracted MRSA through the wound and into the screws in my bone. I spent the next 8 months in and out of the hospital including 4 trips to the emergency room. Followed by five six week rounds of IV Antibiotics, Decompression Chamber for 20 days to improve circulation and six surgeries. Risked losing my life and or my leg. Total fianancial disaster and on and on. My last suregery was one year ago next week January 15, 2012. I am really greatful and happy to say I am 100% today, I actually played basketball with my 13 yr old last night. It could have turned out so much different and prayers definately had a lot to do with it. But it is a heavy duty bad trip and I am a world of knowledge if anyone has any questions or concerns I would be happy to help you out. My #1 piece of advice is to go see an infectous disease doctor and just listen to your lab results and what could happen to you if you do not take the right action. We do care about all of our citizens and if our misfortune can be your good fortune then it was not a misfortune. I was very lucky and there will be thousands of MRSA cases in the future, be informed. I had a lot of doctors and a lot of misadvice. Do your research, seriously you will loose your arm, leg or possibly Penis in the guys case above if you do not treat MRSA properly.

  3. Sloan says:

    You describe a systemic MRSA infection, which, of course, cannot be treated topically. I hope the folks where you got it paid all your ensuing medical bills. I had skin MRSA twice. The first time was before I knew of the Vaseline-iodine remendy. My doctor was an infectious disease specialist. Finally, I was able to corner him and he admitted he had talked with physicians all over America and medicine had no answer to what I had. I told him that must be awful, for a doctor’s doctor, which he was, dedicated to healing, not to be able to find a cure. He looked as if he was going to cry. That night in my sleep I had dreams which caused me to think angels who were leaning on me for quite a few years by then were going to fix me, if I only took one day’s dosage of the new antibiotic my doctor had only just that morning prescribed, to combat yet another return of the skin MRSA. So, the next day I took the prescribed dosage, and then I stopped taking the prescription. The new skin MRSA eruption started to shrink and in about two weeks was healed over. No way that could be explained medically. You say you prayed and that helped you. I dreamt, and that helped me after I went along with that I dreamt. I understand why you felt the ending was whacky. Not to some of my old friends, however, would that ending be whacky, were they to read it. Depends on your life experience and resulting outlook, what is whacky. Before the angels changed me, I would have thought what I wrote, which you read, was whacky. My understanding has been that systemic MRSA is treated with IV drips for quite a while, but perhaps today they have different ways. It’s a very rough infection. It’s endemic to the subtropics and tropics. It’s in the ocean and on the land down here in the Florida Keys. It is contagious, the skin variety. It is pandemic in the Florida Keys, in mainstream and in homeless populations. Mecidine is all to familiar with hospitals being MRSA breeding ground, anywhere, not just in the subtropics and tropics. Glad to hear you are over it, hope you never get it again. Hope the same for me. Hope nobody ever gets it. Thanks for writing of your experience. Will look at the suggested Google topic next. Sloan Bashinsky

  4. funchi777 says:

    I cant thank you enough for the article you had posted in the “good morning Florida keys” about your health issues and wounds. I live in Bonita springs. I discovered that I had a similar wound on my buttocks. I use handicapped toilets and I believe I picked up the MRSA during holiday shopping. why did I think handicapped toilets were clean? they are probably the dirtiest. I suffered from the pain of that wound from Christmas till ST Pats day. I had been praying about it and the message of using iodine/ Vaseline came into my mind . it was a standard salve in the first aid drawer when I was growing up. when I Googled the salve I found your article and realized I could make it, I couldn’t find it anywhere to buy.
    I was really hurting, I could hardly sit because of the wound and it appeared to be getting larger , I literally tried about everything in the house and on the shelve at the drug store. I must have spent $100 on creams and ointment on the Internet for skin tears. (which is what I thought I had) then I saw the MRSA picture you had posted and I knew what I was dealing with.
    Ironically I did the MRSA testing at the lab I worked in before I retired but that had been almost 2 years previous. but whenever we had to report out a positive the hospital would go into a frenzy, a special room had to be arranged, some were quarantined. I knew in my case surgery would be done and the thought of it and worrying about the expense and embarrassment because of the location of the wound sent me into a panic attack.
    the first day I used the iodine and Vaseline was the first relief I had in a month, I kept applying the iodine/Vaseline 3 or 4 times a day and managed to cover it with a breathable giant band aide from CVS. the pain subsided and I stopped having my panic attacks but the deep wound wasn’t healing. Next I used your suggestion of oregano oil, I diluted it about 1:10 so it would help but not burn . it all worked, it is almost gone !!!!!, I am so happy!!! and so far, if I feel something starting to erupt, I use the iodine/Vaseline and it seems to stop it in its tracks. i didn’t have any antibiotics or go to an ER. I am very careful about using public toilets.
    I believe you are right about 2 things for sure. the doctors need to know this salve better and help avoid a hospital and surgical involvement for patients. also being a student of Christian Science I also believe that these things happen to us to teach us. during this time I also was shown Ho opono pono, check it out on “you tube”, mainly we have to forgive.
    again, I thank you so very much for posting your article, I’m sure you helped many people.
    GOD loves you

  5. Sloan says:

    Thanks for sharing your story and progressing recovery. Yes, the soul issues are good to address at the same time physical medical issues are being addressed, for the two usually are interconnected. My MRSA outbreaks had soul issues I had to face, engage and deal with. However, most people do not relate to life in that way, and perhaps they still will get help with the two MRSA remedies and cut slack for not yet understanding why the soul issues also need to be addressed. Down here in the Florida Keys, MRSA is pandemic; local doctors know that all to well, and, as far as I know, they continue trying to treat MRSA with old and new generation antibiotics and surgery when the skin eruptions have gone severe. In the more severe cases, they might use intravenous IV drips of antibiotics, for extended periods of time, which treatment usually requires hospitalization. From time to time I tell the local government officials that they need to be putting out MRSA alerts down here, because is is well known by local divers, and by local doctors, that going into the ocean down here with a nick or scratch on your skin is a good way to contract MRSA. So far, no takers on my suggestion. You may well have contracted MRSA on a public toilet; it can be passed along in that way. I maybe have contracted it that way the first time I got it. It can be passed by human contact. One local doctor down here, who was treating me for a new outbreak, before I knew of the iodine/Vaseline/oregano home remedy, agreed that perhaps MRSA can even jump from one person to another without actual skin contact. it’s a terrible, terrifying disease, as you certainly learned. I suppose God loves us all, regardless of how we behave, but there are plenty of days when I wish God didn’t push me so hard. I personally do not follow the Christian Science approach to disease. I use doctors when it is clear that is part of what I need to do. However, I always step back first and ponder what is the soul issue, the karma, the message in the malady. I always try to deal with that, as well. I get plenty of input from angels. They tell me all sorts of stuff about me I don’t care to hear, and they tell me all sorts of stuff about other people and situations, which is not usually welcome when I voice it. Thank the angels and God, who provided the home remedies to me, through a friend who knew about them. As do you, now, whenever something comes up on my skin which I feel might progress, I put the iodine/Vaseline remedy on it. Right now, I do not have oregano oil. The latter can burn the wound, if not cut, or if applied too liberally. I usually put it on top of the iodine/Vaseline remedy, which let the oregano soak in more slowly than applying it directly to the MRSA skin eruption. Anyone wondering that a MRSA skin eruption looks like can google image MRSA and get plenty of awful looking photos.

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