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On the Friday Coconut Telegraph:

Thursday a poster defended Sloan saying the faithful all talk to God when they pray so Sloan should not be criticized for his angels.

People’s worries stem from the fact that Sloan says the angles talk to him. Praying to an angel or a god is one thing, that’s you talking to your god, but when you say that god or angels talk to you – that’s entirely different — and crazy too boot!

I submitted this reply:

Oh, my – then, whatever you do, don’t open a Bible, which is filled with stories of people who allegedly heard from angels and God. That said, being talked to by God and angels is the very last thing most Christians I have known wanted to have happen, because when it happened, it almost was never what they wanted to hear. In fact, it nearly always upset them to hear it!

Perhaps you have mixed that up with people who claimed they were told by God or angels to do something self-aggrandizing or hurtful, such as George W. Bush saying on national TV that God was telling him to invade Iraq. Now, if George had said on national TV that God was telling him to lead the charge into Iraq, and have his wife and children beside him, that would have been entirely different. He could have been Baker Act’d and the US would have been spared that insane war, and lots of American military personnel would not have died, or been physically maimed, or suffered battle shock (post traumatic shock), and military families shattered, and homeless roles increased. A demon told George to invade Iraq, and every American who agreed with that invasion was hearing from the same demon. Ditto for Bush’s invasion of Afghanistan and every American who supported that.

You might want to check out Saturday’s (4/18) post at, which introduces the KWPD officers involved in the Charles Eimer’s case to God’s courtroom, Jesus, and karma.

Also on Friday’s Coconut Telegraph:

Oh look, Sloan is back. The guy who promised he’d never return here. The same guy who just complained about content not suitable for children but who posted a detailed description of the sores on his penis (and that was on the CT, not your website). Surprising you worry about what the children read, I’m more worried about you being anywhere near a child considering you are an admitted molester of your own sister. He calls anyone who disagrees with him “haters” but uses terms like “Nazi Cow” to insult women. Sloan is only about one thing, making sure people pay attention to him.

I submitted this reply:

I don’t recall promising any such thing. I may have said I hope I never have to deal with the Coconut Telegraph again, as that was how I felt back then, and, frankly, I don’t like dealing with it now, but I don’t get to pick and chose what I deal with. The angels running me do my travel itinerary; if you have a complaint, file it with them, maybe they will listen to you and shut me up and let me go. Not gonna hold my breath about that, though.

The MRSA sores were on either side of the base of my penis, and one was on my right buttock. What I published was intended to paint the horror and grave danger of contracting MRSA in the Florida Keys, especially in the ocean, and ways to treat it, which medicine does not use. The other day, I received a thank you from a west coast of Florida woman, who had read one of my MRSA posts. The two home remedies described therein, she said, were taking care of her MRSA infection in her lower private area. She said she was a Christian Scientist and had not sought medical relief from a physician. She said she was using forgiveness, also, as part of her MRSA treatment. Forgiveness of others.

Many people disagree with me today, and many people have disagreed with me since I came to the Keys in late 2000, and even before then. I did not, do not, view them as Sloan haters. Over the years, I did meet people who came to hate me. There developed on the CT people who came to hate me, which was clear in their words and tone. Clear also to other CT readers. Clear also to Dear Ed, who is a friend of mine.

Yeah, I called the hefty President of the Marathon Chamber of Commerce a Nazi Cow, and I explained why in several posts back then, and how I had borrowed that term from the XXX-rated movie “Field of Dreams,” in which the main character’s wife called a hefty right-wing woman a Nazi Cow, after she went on a tirade in a town hall meeting, demanding that a prominent social activist’s book, The Boat Rocker, be banned from their town’s schools and public library.

Perhaps instead of cherry picking, you should go back in time and reread what all I wrote about that, with which I am pretty sure County Commissioner Sylvia Murphy agreed, because she was not happy to learn from me what the Marathon Chamber did that night in the Marathon Government Center. The County Administrator also was not happy about it. There was a rule against anyone renting and using county buildings to promote their own political agendas.

At that candidate forum, the Chamber ambushed Amendment 4 without any forewarning to anyone. If 4 had passed that year, that would have required a voter referendum on any future amendments to city or county comprehensive plans anywhere in Florida. 4 would have stopped the further paving over of Florida and the Florida Keys by developers and city and county commissioners. 4 was the most important item on the 2010 ballot. Sylvia Murphy was totally behind 4, wore pro-4 buttons, and gave the pro- 4 PAC money more than once.

Your worry about me being anywhere near a child, because I molested my younger sister 56 years ago, which you’d never have known about if I had not told it on the Coconut Telegraph, is understandable. The angels who run me told me to provide that personal history, I supposed because I was moving toward running for the school board seat being vacated by Duncan Mathewson, and that was an elected office which was all about children.

I expected what some of you on the Coconut Telegraph did with that disclosure, and I understood that was part of my living the rough karma from the horrible thing I did to my sister. However, you are mistaken, if you think the abuse continued, for it did not. It was short-lived. I was brought to my senses. I was no longer interested in my sister in that way. I never was interested in another child in that way.

I am straight, and over the years have been in a number of relationships with women. Except for a brief mid-day fling with a biker chick in 2010, as I recall, initiated by her, I have been celibate since early January 2005. Not something I chose, or wanted, but that’s how it has worked out.

The biker chick wrote a couple of comments into the Coconut Telegraph, and said, after we had made love, Sloan’s angels had healed her. Not my angels, everybody’s. She wrote into the Coconut about a month ago and thanked me for saving her life. The angels saved her life.

The angels also can help you with the terrible wound inside of you, which I have been used by the angels to bring up out of you, which drives you to have at me. I could imagine you were molested in childhood and you may or may not remember it.

You have read before from me that you don’t have to read anything I write. You don’t have to read the Coconut Telegraph, either. It’s not your blog, but you carry on like it is. If you don’t like my commenting on the Coconut Telegraph, take it up with Deer Ed, whose website it is.

Jesus, Archangel Michael and Magdalene Melchizedek, my main angel tormentors, disciplinarians, teachers and editors, seem to be trying very hard, through me, in spite of me, to show children, regardless of their actual chronological age, what is really going on inside of them and all around them, which they are not being shown by the people who should be showing it to them.

You think children should not be told about MRSA and that it’s really easy to catch by going swimming in the ocean, or a lagoon, or a canal in the Florida Keys?

You think children should not be told that angels exist and are interacting with human beings ongoing, even if human beings don’t know it is going on?

You think children should not be told Christianity does not know Jesus and has made a mockery of what he did and taught 2,000 years ago?

You think children should not be told that they may never be properly informed by their parents, school teachers, ministers, and they only cure for that is to be informed by angels?

You think children should not be told that telling the truth and doing unto others what they want done to them is not more important than trying to please other people, protecting other people who are doing bad things, turning blind eye to wrong doing?

You think children should not be told about karma and the sins of the parents being visited on their children?

You think children should not be told that admitting mistakes and apologizing, and doing things differently in the future, is more important than being religious and claiming salvation through Jesus?

I could go on with such questions for a very long time. And, I could stop cussin’. but I probably won’t.

cussin' is honest

The cussin’ pic passed through my Facebook account yesterday. Perhaps it’s shopped, a joke, but the timing with your comments left me with the impression that the angels had a hand in it.

Perhaps in response to attacks on me on the Coconut Telegraph,


Kurt Wagner sent me this yesterday:

There is a man in Key West,
who hears the Angels best.
When he does wrong,
they tell him “be strong”
and ignore what he hears from the rest.

There is a different post today at, which you should be able to reach by clicking on this link: To Protect & Serve might be a selective enforcement phenomenon in Key West, if you are homeless, or are suspected of being; plus some affordable housing cha cha mumbo jumbo

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