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pelican pooping

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dump the pumps

From Banks Prevatt:

To All:

Letter from DEP [Florida Department of Environmental Protection] is attached. It came in late yesterday. I was off line most of today, or I would have gotten to you sooner. We do not consider the tone or conclusion a surprise. If anything this is pretty much as most of us expected. We deal with our attorneys tomorrow and chart a course.

Keep in mind, DEP got $90,000,000 from the Feds and loaned it to Monroe County so that FKAA could get started. There are a lot of politics at play here. How could DEP say anything is wrong when they issued the permits and arranged for that for that amount of money?

We will keep a flow of information for you and report as we shift gears this week.

Feel free with questions; we will do our best to get answers.

As we move into a legal confrontation, we will need to grow the war chest. Donations continue to ease in, which is fine. Many of you have stepped up to the plate. For any of you that have not contributed but have the ability, now would be a good time to step forward. A full accounting of funds is available to you.

You can reach us through our PayPal account on www.dumpthepumps.com or by mail to:
Dump the Pumps, Inc.
PO Box 1956
Big Pine Key, FL 33043


I was unable to copy DEP’s letter and paste it here, but it is a curt decline to intervene, on the heels of lots of stalling by DEP to indicate its position, which I imagine was cast into stone from the get go. I can’t say I have been too terribly impressed by DEP since getting involved in Florida Keys politics. Might be fair to say DEP is developers, Big Sugar and south Florida farm combines’ best friend and Mother Nature’s main worst enemy in south Florida and the Florida Keys.

I replied to Banks:

“Keep in mind, DEP got $90,000,000 from the Feds and loaned it to Monroe County so that FKAA could get started. There are a lot of politics at play here. How could DEP say anything is wrong when they issued the permits and arranged for that for that amount of money?”

If this is accurate, Banks, then that’s a lot of heat; I’d say it opens a wide door for litigation in US District Court.

I read on bigpinekey.com’s Coconut Telegraph an announcement that Dump the Pumps has a mainland law firm on board now, but I don’t recall seeing anything about that in an email from you.


Banks replied:

Re: CT.  I am not sure who posted that, Sloan.  It is not true yet, still working on it.  — banks

coconut telegraph

I, Sloan, perused yesterday’s and several immediately prior issues of www.bigpinekey.com‘s (click on that link see most recent issue) popular daily (except Saturday) Coconut Telegraph bitch and praise festival. County Commissioner George Neugent,

George Neugent

who recently announced he will seek another term this year, is catching heaps of flack from his lower Keys constituents, for leading the charge on the County Commission to put what many view as ultimately the most expense and least environmentally safe sewer system – grinder pumps – on Big Pine and lower keys, to save money up front so the County Commission could divert the 1 percent infrastructure sales tax revenues, which first were to pay for sewering the Keys correctly, to other County Commission pet projects, such as the reconstruction of part of Old Seven Mile Bridge at Marathon and the purchase of Rowell’s Marina on Key Largo .

George’s allies in the sewer grinder pump war, County Commissioners David Rice and Sylvia Murphy,

David Rice 3Sylvia Murphy

also are receiving inverted praise reports.

And, the Key Deer Refuge head ranger seems, based on correspondence forwards from Banks, to be in hiding and incommunicado on matters related to sewering Big Pine Key and a parallel sucking of gobs of water out of Big Pine’s fresh water lenses, on which the protected key deer, marsh rabbit and other wildlife and vegetation depend for their survival.

And, the County Commission is being hammered for the wonderful new greed development on Little Torch Key, about which a fellow I know from many meals at Coco’s Kitchen on Big Pine Key wrote to me yesterday:

Lucky’s Landing before carpetbaggers and scallywags invasion

Lucky's Landing old

Lucky’s landing under reconstruction by carpetbaggers and scallywags

Lucky's Landing

Lucky's Landing 3

it’s even more revolting now, looks like a third world housing project with units crammed together side to side and back to front, wish I could find a current photo online

On Lucky’s landing, from a fellow I met a few years ago  in Coco’s Kitchen on Big Pine Key:

Sloan –how is it thru the ROGO bs-I’m forced to give up my property on Little Torch Key–and they give the fellow who bought Lucky’s Landing -next to Parrotdise on Barry Ave -a permit for 48 units—24 Duplexs- 24 separate buildings–who got paid on that deal—all ready for rental–came in overnight on flatbed trucks-go figure-

ROGO = Rate Of Growth Ordinance, which regulates the number of new residential building permits issued each year in the Florida Keys; ROGOs are hard to come by, unless you have lots of wampum and/or know somebody and/or … Well known down there, the most common palm is a greased palm.

greased palm

I replied:

I can’t answer your ROGOs question other than it sure seems fishy don’t it? I imagine the ROGOs maybe were nailed down, or stolen, or slipped under the table, or bought back a while? Maybe before the original owners and his “friends” who egged him to become a developer and that deal went south of Davy Jones Locker. I watched it go up over several weeks. It didn’t all come in just one night, I don’t think. It indeed is a thing of beauty now, George Neugent and the rest of the County Commissioners should be darn proud of this fast-buck prefab on stilts scheme; it is a real nice artistic attraction sandwiched between Parrotdise and the Jehovah Witnesses church. I think maybe the owner of Parmers Resort was one of the original instigators, don’t know if he stayed involved after that attempt sunk deep. I think I later heard Kurt Zeulch, or maybe some other nameworthy, then got his mother to buy the place el cheapo. I figured eventually it would surface again, who’d a thunk it would have been something so elegant? I think the appropriate karma might before a pair of each fast bucks end up getting deposited by the next big hurricane in each County Commissioner’s yard. Sorry about your ROGO. I gave one up when I sold my trailer for deep down loss. Ciao. Waaaa!!

April fool

It still amazes me, once labeled The Fool on Little Torch by some admiring Coconut Telegraph readers, that the angels didn’t pull out all stops to keep me living on Little Torch Key, and have me run for that county commission seat this year. The first two times I ran for that seat, 2006 and 2010, there was no glaring reason for the voters to toss George Neugent out of office. Now he is being hung in effigy from Big Pine Key down to Big Coppit Key.

George’s opponent, Danny Coll, a Cuban-American,

Danny Coll

got 45 percent of the votes in the Republican Primary in 2010, probably all of the Hispanic votes, and might have won then if I had not filed as an Independent candidate, which closed the Republican Primary to all but registered Republican voters. I was sharply criticized by some quarters for filing in that race, and my reply to the critics was they needed to file their complaints with the angels running me; I was just following their orders. George beat me in the ensuing general election by a 4-1 majority.

Danny Coll is running again this year. Given the current state of affairs up that way, and the number of Keys Hispanic voters and the number of lower Keys Anglo voters George Neugent has pissed off, I imagine Danny will give George all he can handle and then some come election day.

Also perhaps not entirely lost on Keys voters, George said in 2010 that it was his last run for County Commission, and his campaign slogan that year, which I saw on Elect George Neugent campaign posters, was “Promises Make, Promises, Kept.”


The angels told me in dreams last night to separate my involvement in lowers Keys politics from my involvement in Key West politics today, so there is a different post today at www.goodmorningkeywest.com, which you should be able to reach by clicking on this link: CHANGE ain’t necessarily a best seller in Key West, or anywhere

Sloan Bashinsky

Sloan at Coco's

2011 photo taken in Coco’s Kitchen by amiga Rose Dell,

Rose Dell

co-owner with her mother Coco, 


located in the Winn-Dixie shopping center – Coco’s is action central on Big Pine Key; good food, too

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