various and sundry Key West and Florida Keys win some, lose some phenomenon – mostly, it looks like Mother Nature is losing big time, but perhaps the angels have a few aces up their sleeves


Look! No cruise ships!

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mud dog

Mud Dawg Mike Tolbert wrote re the Facebook thread started by Cheryl Cates, wife of Mayor Craig Cates, which was reported in day before yesterday’s homeland security: Key West and Big Pine and the lower Florida Keys post at Right now, is down, am seeking help for that.

i am back at salt mine for little while. worrying over cheryl cates and crew not liking me caused me to miss a day yesterday. I couldnt quit laughing long enough to come to work!!!

I replied:

I suppose you lost a lot of business over that FB thread, and perhaps you gained business from people who don’t like Cheryl and Craig. I met a fellow last night who grew up with Craig and really doesn’t like him. This fellow has lots of friends in Key West, including Bahama Village. I told him to check out Might be what laid you low, though, was what I wrote into that thread about Tony Yaniz needing to grow up, a lot. Right now, he would make a terrible mayor, Mike, and it troubles me that there seem to be a lot of people in Key West who think his antics are wonderful.

Continuing a grinder pump thread featured in yesterday’s post:

pelican pooping

Received this from Banks Prevatt of Little Torch Key, President of Dump the Pumps, Inc., which he sent to Walt Drabrinski under the topic of “Equal Protection”:


This is what you and I discussed this afternoon. This was sent to me by one in our camp. The attorneys are skittish. We have specific numbers showing inequality between subdivisions and streets. We are trying to figure out the best way to play it. Open to suggestions. Several attorneys are blind copied; your response is appreciated.

The Constitution of the Sate of Florida
Article 1, Section 25 “Taxpayers Bill of Rights”

“…. responsibility to deal fairly with taxpayers under the laws of this state.”

Each and every property owner is going to be mandated to be connected to the central sewer system of the Cudjoe sewer project. We are all taxed at the same millage rate. There is no variation from one residence to another. The central sewer project is the same. Same cost for all or it is a violation of our rights as taxpayers under Article 1, Section 25 of The Constitution of the State of Florida.

our group is blind copied

I replied to Banks, with copy to Walt, who had sued the County Commission for his neighborhood on Lower Sugarloaf Key and had gotten gravity sewer lines wherever feasible, instead of lots of grinder pump lines, which was the original design.

Banks, looks to me, has looked to me for some time, it is your camp who are skittish about getting serious about litigation, as in raising the money it will require. Looks to me the real equal protection argument, if litigation is instituted, is the difference between what Walt and his camp were given by the County Commission, gravity wherever feasible, was not given by the County Commission to the areas above Walt’s “domain”. Looks to me the money inequality argument, if made in court, will be an admission that your camp is okay with grinder instead of gravity, so long as your camp doesn’t have to pay any more than other areas had to pay for sewering. You folks need to stick to the environmental argument: grinders are a threat, gravity is not a threat; and pumping out the lenses is a threat on Big Pine.

Too many chiefs in your camp, Banks. In litigation, the lawyer is the chief. Therefore, the lawyer has to design the litigation based on what all the lawyer knows and what all ammo he has at his disposal, and what theory, or theories, have the best chance of winning.

That’s how things work on this ground in America. However, I received this yesterday from Lee Rohe, to his brother Richard, aka “Tuna”, aka Shashawane, with whom I have had serious dealings in the past, which convinced me he and his shaman friends out New Mexico way are the genuine article, is about something entirely different and very real, even though I imagine it is not viewed that way by, hmmmm, 99 percent of the people I know. What Lee meant by “the latter half of” was the Dump the Pumps part of yesterday’s post at Wasichu means “white”. Sloan

Aho Shashawane!

Scroll down to the latter half about the continuing sewer boondoogle. Sloan asks that you start working on some strong medicine (perhaps with the Night Medicine Men?)for a ceremony to protect our Mother Earth down here. The wasichu engineers, who are tone deaf to the natural world, are about to re-plumb our island.

P.S. from me to Banks, with copy to Walt:

Maybe you saw this already about George reneging his campaign promise in 2010 that he would not run again after that year’s race, in which is campaign slogan was, “Promises Made, Promises Kept.” Maybe 99 percent of the people I know might disagree, but I am pretty sure the Spirit World ain’t too terribly happy about how George has gone about the grinder pump infestation, and I am pretty sure the Spirit World ain’t too terribly happy about him filing to run for reelection. I hope if the angels express their displeasure, it is not directly felt by George’s nice wife, Susie. She has been in bad way, I hear, and this grinder and broken promises karma George is racking up will cause her a great deal more trouble, if it hits her, too. A very different view, and a very real view, of the “law of unintended consequences”.

I saw some typos in what I sent earlier today. Rough start, today. Bad shit in spirit.

[I fixed the typos in what is reported above.]

Thursday, March 27, 2014
Neugent wants county seat for the fifth time

George NeugentGeorge Neugent
Monroe County Commissioner George Neugent is seeking a fifth term on the county commission.
On Monday, the Republican filed the necessary paperwork with the Monroe County Supervisor of Elections Office to run for a district that runs from Marathon through Big Coppitt Key.
Neugent, 65, is the longest sitting commissioner on the board. He contemplated running for Marathon City Council, but his wife “was not that excited about that,” so he decided to seek another term on the county commission, he said.
Neugent and his wife have been successfully battling cancer. He did not rule out having to pull out of the race before the June 20 qualifying date if their health issues become more dire, or require extensive medical treatment.
“I am positioning myself to run,” he said.
Neugent said he wants to continue with the commission’s work on wastewater infrastructure projects and canal clean-up and restoration projects, which he spearheaded.
Also, he wants to continue working on acquiring Gulf of Mexico Restore Act funding. The federal restore act was set up to allocate millions of dollars in Clean Water Act fines levied on B.P. and Transocean for their responsibility in the Deepwater Horizon Oil spill. Neugent currently serves on a statewide restore act committee that will have input on how the millions of dollars in Clean Water Act fines will be allocated in Florida.
Neugent faces fellow Republican challenger Danny Coll in the Aug. 26 primary.

cracked egg

Back down in Key West, last night I was introduced as a candidate for mayor by a friend to a young woman. Her response was, “What is your campaign platform?” I figured that would take about half hour to tell, so I asked her to simply ask me questions about topics of concern to her, and I would tell her where I stood on those topics.

Instead, she asked why I was running for Mayor? I said, because the angels running me told me to run. She said that answer will not get me elected. I said it’s the same answer for why I ran for Mayor three other times, and for County Commission three times, and for School Board once. She said, that is a bad tactic for a politician. I said I am not a politician. She said, I am a politician, because I am running for mayor. I said, I am a human, not a politician.

So, what is my platform, she asked again?

I said, first, I try to get cruise ships banned from calling on Key West, and, second, I try to get the upper half of Smathers Beach turned into a nude beach, and, third, I try to put a city-run RV campground on Truman Waterfront, which will make the city good revenues, instead of that high-priced fancy park, which will cost the city heaps of money to build and then to maintain. I said, I understood from my friend, who had made the introductions, that the bartender standing there listening to all of it, was working three jobs. The bartender, female, looked to be maybe 40, said something like that. I said my definition of affordable housing is a waitress can afford it. The bartender laughed, good luck! I said calling anything else affordable is a joke, a lie.

I was just getting started.

The young woman said, what a terrible idea! So much revenue would be lost by the city, if cruise ships are banned! What a terrible political platform!

I said, I am not a politician, and did she know when cruise ships leave Key West, they dump their sewerage and ground up food waste chum overboard? More from her about how much revenue the city would lose, if cruise ships are banned! I asked, did she know what the President of the Key West Chamber of Commerce said at a channel widening referendum last year? The channel should be widened so that in 20 years, that’s how long the widening process would take, bigger cruise ships could come into Key West and replace the dirtiest, worst possible cruise ships now calling on Key West. Instead, I said, the Chamber should have been screaming many years for a ban on the dirtiest, worst possible cruise ships calling on Key West. She said more about lost city revenues.

I said the channel-widening referendum was a referendum on cruise ships, and 74 percent of the voters said how they felt about cruise ships. She said, no, many business people did not want bigger cruise ships calling on Key West, but they wanted to keep the cruise ships now calling on Key West, because of the large revenues they bring into the city. That’s the dirtiest, worst possible cruise ships, I said. The voters learned about that during the campaign, thanks to the President of the Chamber of commerce.

She moved sideways to lament how politicians don’t tell the truth, don’t deliver what they promise. I said, like Barack Obama, and like George W. Bush before him? She said she is a Democrat, but she had not felt Obama was ready to be President, not enough experience. She didn’t care for Bush. She had worked for President Clinton, he had been a great President, despite his fling with Monica Lewinsky.

She went on a rant about Clinton. I kept trying to say something, she kept rolling. I asked if she wondered how I felt about Clinton? She kept rolling. I gave the time-out signal, she kept rolling. I gave the time out signal again. She stopped. I asked if she wanted to know how I felt about Clinton? She said, okay. How did I feel about him? I said, I felt he was a good president. She back went to rolling. I kept trying to finish my comment about Clinton. She kept rolling. I butted in, and butted in, until she actually heard me ask, did she want to know what I thought the greatest thing Clinton did? Okay, what was that? He made a national American apology to Vietnam for the atrocity war America waged in that country.

She said, the greatest thing Clinton did was make it so every American kid could go to college. I said, plenty of American kids were not able to go to college, despite Clinton. She said, Clinton made it possible for every American kid to get a student loan and go to college, who wanted to do that. I said, and lots of those kids ended up not being able to repay those loans and were not able to bankrupt those loans and ended up in poverty. I learned that when I practiced law and tried to help a few of them, including a doctor, get out from that debt, and no dice. Like alimony, child support and income taxes, student loans cannot be bankrupted. Well, she said, that’s because they used the loans to pay for their living expenses, instead of for their college educations; they were suppose to work to pay for their living expenses. I said, the unintended consequences were, lots of kids became impoverished because of student loans.

The young woman told how her grandfather taught her how to argue, by his always taking a contrary position to hers, just to see what she was made of. He taught her the importance of two people having a dialogue, even if they didn’t agree, and then at the end them being able to side down over an amicable meal together. She kept rolling.

I butted in, asked if her grandfather had taught her that a dialogue is when two people talk and two people listen, and since the beginning of her and my conversation, she had done nearly all of the talking. Well, excuse me! I laughed, said, see, I told you I am not a politician.

In some ways she reminded me of Tony Yaniz, the way she kept talking and talking and talking.

Tony and Mayor Cates wanted bigger cruise ships calling on Key West. They proved that when they voted to put the issue out to referendum, instead of simply voting no on that City Commission agenda item, which I think maybe had been pushed by the Chamber of Commerce.

After the fracas and we were elsewhere, my friend said she wished she had not said I am a mayor candidate; you’d have thought the young woman would have simply said, that’s nice, good luck. I said the young woman is a banshee, she’s still at war with her past, her mother, her father, someone.

My friend said the young woman is a Realtor. I said, dang, no wonder she was so hyped up about what I said about cruise ships. I wish I had known she is a Realtor. I would have told her about the book I once wrote about Realtors, which got me on the “Today Show” with Jane Pauley. A book Realtors did not seem to like all that much, because I explained just how they operate. HOMEBUYERS: Lambs to the Slaughter?

I told my friend the conversation with the young Realtor needed to happen, for before just before I had said I simply do not operate like other people operate. I ignore this world’s standards of measure and try to meet the angels’ standards of measure. It is what my soul calls for. I had nearly burst into tears, and had said I nearly burst into tears. The fracas proved what I had nearly burst into tears saying. I said, I am being human, not a politician. I am being real. If I don’t win, I will be okay. If I win, I will deal with it. Right now, I’m doing what’s in front of me, and that young Realtor was in front of me.

I said, earlier yesterday, I met a man who said he grew up with Craig Cates, who is well-connected in Key West and really does not like Craig. The man said he was really glad to meet me. He has something before the Key West Planning Board, which he hopes I will speak to. I said I will do that but I need more information and we should get together again. He said okay.

I struck out with the young Realtor when I answered the question, “Why was I running for Mayor?” The mover and shaker Conch fellow did not even ask, why? He wanted to know how I felt about what he was telling me? And what I felt about City Planner Don Craig, who once got pissed off about traffic noise and speed, or something along that line, in front of his Old Town home, and started throwing rocks at passing cars and finally he hit a police cruiser with a rock. Craig was intoxicated. All he got was a wrist slap.

The mover and shaker said he has lots of money, could be in the Yacht Club, but he has no use for it; rich people going there to get soused. He has more important things to do. He said he is welcome anywhere in Bahama Village, even though he is white. Bahama Village blacks invite him into their homes, bring him food they have cooked, which he likes.

You win some, you lose some. If I worried about pissing pff a young Realtor, I should not be running for Mayor. Doesn’t she know, as the ocean goes, Key West goes? As Key West goes, Realtors go? If waitresses cannot afford to pay rent, what happens to Key West restaurants? If the city gets no revenues from Truman Waterfront, whose going to pay for it? City business owners and private citizens via taxes.

After the fracas, my friend and I pedaled our bicycles out to Mallory Pier. The tall condo/hotel next door to the north/east had a really loud band using a horrible thumping base, which we only stopped being jolting by when were past the Westin on the other side of Mallory Pier. We wondered where the city noise cops were? We wondered how anyone could stay in that condo/hotel, or anywhere near it, with that horrible racket going on?

If I had been King of Key West, I would have shut that horrible racket down for the night, told the musicians to leave the premises. I would have had my police officers in tow, to make sure the musicians knew I meant business.

wild queen conchMother Nature

I wonder if I can interest “Tuna” and his shaman friends in doing a ceremony for Mother Nature in Key West, too?

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Sloan Bashinsky

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