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no problem, if you aren't homeless

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homeless apprenension

I published this email yesterday from Kurt Wagner, and my reply. It got more interesting later yesterday.

Although Sloan Bashinsky’s thoughts about what to do with the drunk/addict homeless has merit and seems to makes a lot of sense, there are a few inherent problems with it.

1) Where would this “special facility” be? It would have to be a secured building with KWPD guards. Just like KOTS, no one would want it in their neighborhood. How about an outdoor area with a 12 ft’ fence and razor wire? Maybe Truman Waterfront? How about Mallory Square (reminiscent of being put in stocks) where they can be seen by all? Maybe in Mayor Cates or Tony Yaniz’s front yard?

2) Why only the homeless drunks/addicts? There are hundreds of tourists on Duval Street 24/7 who are as bad or worse. How about the “elite” residents of Key West? There are plenty of them also. We all know tourists and “elite” residents and their friends get special treatment.

3) Who would pay for it? The current city commission won’t. (unless they can pocket cash from it) They’re happy passing the cost off to the Sheriff and hospital. How about a special tax on alcohol? Let the drunks (homeless, tourists and elite residents) pay for their own incarceration.

Kurt Wagner
St. Thomas, USVI
soon to return to Key West

My reply:

Aw, Kurt, there you go again killing them softly again :-).

I think the city’s overnight drunk resort ought to be some place mutually convenient to the drunks and the cops, say, hmmm, the old city hall on Angela Street, which I understand used to be a jail :-). It’s only a half-block from Duval Street.

I wuz wondering if you, or someone, wuz gonna point out that Key West’s national pastime is getting drunk, and what a great learning experience it would be to put all the drunks into one resort for the night; it might even cause them to see they are more than slightly distantly related :-).

Ciaosky, Trosky

Kurt wrote:

You know I love to “kill them softly” I thought about mentioning the national past time of “Key Drunk”, But everyone already knows that 50% of the population is drunk at any given time. The other 50% is planning on it.

I replied:

You might find this interesting.

Earlier today, I was pedaling my bicycle on Southard Street toward Old Town and Duval Street and Jack Flats sports bar, thinking I wuz gonna turn off on Elizabeth Street and swing over to Fleming Street and the library and check out another novel to escape myself into. Well, next thing I’m aware of is I’m across Simonton Street and now I’m thinking about turning right on that side lane and down to Faustos and Fleming Street, and then back up to the library. Then, I feel I need to keep heading to Jack Flats, which I do.

I found one seat just emptying at the bar, the fellow leaving was a local I know and watch college football games with him and a couple of his other friends during the fall. I sat down. Then, into the place came several young men and women wearing Marchman University T-shirts, green for St. Patty’s Day celebration, having themselves a hoot of a time, making heaps fun with each other, heaps talk, and finally I asked the damsel among them sitting just beside me, on the back of her T-shirt was Drunk Dynasty, where Marchman University was located, geographically? I figured they were spring breakers, despite the resemblance of the university’s name to the law County Commissioner David Rice and I had discussed toward the end of the recent “homeless summit” in the Harvey Government Center on Truman Avenue. I figured they were spring breakers, even though one of the other damsels looked somewhat familiar, and the young men looked a little older than spring breakers, more like Navy SEALS maybe. So, one of the young men took note that I was talking with the young lady next to me, who was telling me Marchman stood for the Marchman Act David Rice had only recently discussed. She said the T-shirts were made by a sheriff deputy who worked in the county jail on stock island. He had made them and sold them as a side job. I asked the young woman if she was a spring breaker, and she said no, and laughed. I said County Commissioner David Rice and I had only just spoken about the Marchman Act two days before at the homeless summit. The SEAL looking fellow seemed now to have figured out I was not hitting on his girlfriend, which I was glad to see he had figured out. He asked me what I do? I said I cause trouble. He laughed, said he liked that answer. I said I had said at the homeless summit that Key West and its police were killing Sheriff Ramsay and his jail financially, by putting homeless drunks in there. The SEAL-looking fellow said amen, over 200 jail beds are used up by homeless people. It’s costing the Sheriff a lot of money. I asked the SEAL-looking fellow if he was a deputy. He said yes, he was in transportation, transferring prisoners from one of the Sheriff’s detention centers to another. Where, he asked, did I propose Key West put its drunk homeless people? I said in its own drunk jail, but not in the Sheriff’s jail. It’s how Key West wants to do things, the rest of the county doesn’t do things that way, so Key West should pay for how it wants to handle drunk homeless people. I said if the city did that, it would save the hospital a lot of money, too. The deputy said he really liked what I was saying, who was I? I told him, that I had run for the county commission three times, and for mayor of Key West before, and am running this year for mayor. I said Sheriff Ramsay doesn’t like to do anything unusual, but what I was suggesting was bubba justice in reverse. He said Sheriff Ramsay is a bubba. I said I know that, but he needs to stop Key West from bringing its drunk homeless people to his jail. The deputy asked how does that happen? Simply turn the Key West police away when they bring drunk homeless people to the jail. Simple as that. I gave the deputy a goodmorningkeywest.com card. He said he will vote for anyone who is trying to stop Key West from putting its drunk homeless people in the Sheriff’s jail. I told him I would report his and my conversation tomorrow, and to tell his deputy friends about me.

Now if I had gone to the library when I intended to go there, I would not have gotten that seat next to that damsel, and I would not have had that conversation with her, and then with her deputy boyfriend. I went to the library afterward and found a couple of novels to read, one is A Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, which I had never read. The Introduction is a howl. Probably would not fit well into any church sermon I ever heard.

The Las Vegas odds of my having that experience today were zero, the Key West odds were 100 percent, if you factor in the angels, who don’t seem to fit into any church sermon I ever heard, either.


Kurt wrote:

You gotta love the t-shirts, especially since it’s being sold by a sheriff deputy! It shows the difference between the Sheriff and KWPD. While I have witnessed many acts of rudeness and disrespect by the KWPD, I have never witnessed the same by the Sheriff’s deputies. As long as they were treated with respect, I’ve heard them ask many times, “Do you want jail or Marchman?” No doubt they were not only trying to help out their coworkers in the jail, but also treating the drunk like a human being. Maybe if enough of the deputies and county jail workers get together they can help themselves by forcing the issue from their side. The county Sheriff is supposed to be the highest law enforcement in the county. Ramsey should “bitch slap” Key West and say NO MORE.

Some higher force was guiding you. I hope they guide you to an office in city hall!

Kurt Wagner

I replied:

I dunno, kinda looks to me that the angels Marchman’d Key West, so to speak, in Jack Flats yesterday :-). Leaving Jack Flats, I pedaled down Simonton past the old Angela Street city hall, which is still standing; all the other buildings have been razed. Maybe that was a another “sign”.


Responding to the Jolly Benson part of yesterday’s divergent currents in Key West’s Truman Waterfront and cruise ship referendum fallout, humans’ incipient suicide drive, meaning of 11, Key West’s new overnight drunk resort, village voice post at www.goodmorningkeywest.com, Paul Williams, who moved from Key West to Homestead, where he was able to afford to pay rent and not become homeless in Key West:

Jolly is definitely a “Lert”
America needs more Adult uhh, lerts”
“good for Kiddies, everywhere.
Thank you, Jolly.

Jolly BensonJolly

If you’re not doing anything and you want to get really, Really depressed, let Tim Gratz waltz you through the infinite Mega Swamp that is: 22November1963.

Then Paul sent:

Sloan, Sloan,

I just mentioned Tim as…
not a local theme.
I mean, he’s been into JFK and MLK for decades.
He’s not absolutely accurate in his conclusions.
But…he’s good.
He’s good enough to have gotten Mark at Solares, hooked. And me , and others…
You, or anyone , MUST admit that Mark Howell is a high, top quality, maximally accurate Journalistic filter.
If I gotta choose between the NYT plus WAPO against Mark Howell on accuracy, I’m going with Mark Howell every single time.
Gratz – within limits – had Howell sold. And me, too. Tim is highly accurate.
No , no .really. He’s, like… 80 -90+% good. And that’s on sometimes really Difficult, difficult, really rough stuff.

Mark HowellHowell

Howell, let’s be clear, is 99+%, all the time.

Sloan, in case you haven’t snapped to it, Gratz’s major thing in life is 22Nov 63.
Not exactly: Happy Motoring.

Tim GratzGratz

The other stuff, e.g., kiddie porn, is because Tim, like the rest of humanity, cannot get any major forward motion on the Principal Issue.
What i mean is: Tim makes Sancho Panza look like Lawrence Taylor. You gotta love him. You GOTTA love him. He’s been at it for years.
(Sloan, FYI, FYI)

(aw, shit, Sloan… why not take the rest of the weekend off!


I replied:

Paul, Paul, will try, try to answer, answer your various, various in this email, email :-)

I have heard and read earfuls, earfuls from Tim Gratz, Gratz, re JFK, JFK, and child sex trafficking, trafficking, and salvation, salvation, according to come very old computer, computer program which got circled back around to today, today, when Tim Gratz, Gratz, replied to my use of his 11/11 in today’s post, post at goodmorningkeywest.com, com. He don’t want to say LBJ was in on JFK adios in Dallas, but the angels keep telling me to keep telling Tim, Tim he ought to consider that possibility, as well as the more fun stuff; like the CIA can be trusted to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, past, present and future.

Whatever, in a nap dream today, after I had put up today’s post, I got hammered for not formally charging Jolly Benson and Mayor Craig Cates in God’s Court, for their not coming out against cruise ships calling on Key West last year during the run up to the bring in bigger cruise ships referendum. The formal charge against Jolly should have been he tried to make the referendum against dredging the channel wider, instead of making it what it was: bringing in bigger cruise ships. The formal charge against Mayor Cates should have been he wanted to bring in bigger cruise ships evidenced by the fact that he voted to put the bigger cruise ships lobby’s referendum on the ballot, and he then kept saying he wanted to see the “study” done, while saying the referendum was not about cruise ships, which was the only thing it was about.

There was also the wee matter, for which I was also banged in dreams, which I let slide in today’s post. To wit, once upon a time, after the bigger cruise ship referendum bit the dust big time, I asked Jolly if he would like a copy of Heavy Wait: A Strange Tale to read with a view toward writing a review, and Jolly said he would be happy to do that and for me to get a copy to him, which I did, at his home on Love Lane, and he said he would read it and I would have something in a week or so. Maybe two months passed and I bumped into Jolly at Jack Flats one night, where I sometimes had bumped to him in the past, we talked about a bunch of things and finally Heavy Wait came up and he said he had started it but it went all over the place, and I said that was only the introduction chapter, which was not the novel itself. He said he would get on it, I would hear something in about a week. I said seeing is believing. That was about two months ago. Then, I got Jolly’s email yesterday, which caused you to give him Kudos, at the end of which he said he had lost Heavy Wait when he had moved and he would order a copy from Amazon and I wrote back that he could check a copy out of the local library. Seeing is believing. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

Since you dragged Mark Howel into this, not knowing what that might end up wading through, back in 2008, as I recall, I asked Mark if he would like to see a copy of Heavy Wait, to read with a view toward reviewing it, and he said yes, and I took him a copy at the Key West Citizen offices on Northside Drive, and by and by I received an email from him saying he had read and liked it and the review would appear in the next Solares Hill issue. The review did not appear in the next issue, I was hardly surprised, I had pummeled Tom Tuell earlier in the week, the angels’ timing for my happines is ever precise. [Tom Tuell was the Key West Citizen’s Editor, Mark Howell’s boss; Solares Hill was a subsidiary of the Citizen, which later discontinued publishing Solares Hill.] I emailed Mark that the review had not run, and he emailed back that since I was running for the county commission that year, “we” had decided that it would not be fair to the other candidates for the Solares Hill to run the review before the election, but later the review could be run. I said okay. The election came and went, I lost, again. I later saw Mark at a Key West Business Guild monthly meeting at Double Tree resort and asked him about running the review in Solares Hill. Mark said he didn’t see that review ever running. I was not surprised. I later emailed Mark asking for the text of the review, but heard nothing back.

Tim Gratz is forever dropping names on me, only to have me write back something about the person wearing the name, which Tim had never heard or even dreamed in his wildest fantasy. I like Tim, I like Mark, I like Jolly, I like Craig Cates. But, alas, it don’t matter who(m) I like, I don’t get to pick and choose what I am told to write about them. Same for people I don’t like. Same for me. No prisoners.

I size people up, mostly, by what they do with what is dead in front of them. Cuba and JFK ain’t dead in front of Tim or Mark. Key West is dead in front of them, but to dig and report in Key West the way they dig and report Cuba and JFK, and the way Tim digs and reports child sex trafficking far from Key West, just might get holes dug in the ground for them to reside ever after in. There is also the matter of Tim having been sexually molested in childhood, which he does not remember, which is what drives him to crusade against the evil of child sex trafficking and slavery of all kinds everywhere except in Key West, where it is rampant on Duval Street. Same for Tim’s running mate in that crusade, Connie Gilbert, who was molested in her youth, which I am pretty sure, from something she once wrote to me, she does remember.

Armchair crusading ain’t quite the same as crawling through sewers and trenches where you live with live ammo being shot at and dropped on you.



So just naturally, Tim Gratz, Gratz continued our 11:11 email conversation reported in yesterday’s divergent currents in Key West’s Truman Waterfront and cruise ship referendum fallout, humans’ incipient suicide drive, meaning of 11, Key West’s new overnight drunk resort, village voice post at www.goodmorningkeywest.com:

seven come eleven

Thanks for your thoughts on this.
The idea that is the eleventh hour is interesting, and a bit scary.
You know I cannot recall if this order came in after 11:00 p.m.

Always enjoy your blogs and in particular your political commentary.
I found an absolutely incredible book. Short title is “Becoming China’s Bitch.”
Could not copy to a link on Amazon but you can find it.
Its “tagline” is a manifesto for the Radical Center.”
Very analytical. Covers topics including education, cigarettes (he does not like them and thinks they should be taxed even heavier to cover the societal costs of smoking (I concur).
I think you would enjoy it.

Tim then sent:

Interesting from the Net:

11:11 make a wish! I’m sure you remember this saying, and maybe you still say it today. It is the only time of the day (using the 12 hour clock) that all the numbers on the clock are the same. Where does this saying come from? Should you even bother to make a wish? What makes this time so important and what is the significance of 11:11?
For me personally, as I started to awaken, I began to see this number all the time. After a while I started to notice that there was some sort of spiritual connotation that went a long with the numbers 11:11. I sometimes go through phases in my life where for a month I see this number on the clock twice a day, and sometimes there are periods where I hardly see it at all. What does it all mean? Am I more enlightened during the times when I see it? Is my soul or the universe trying to express something important?
There are many different theories out there to express exactly what this apparent phenomenon of seeing the numbers 1111 is all about. The most common theory is that when you see these numbers you should simply make a wish, and it is believed that it will come true. Some people claim that when this number is seen it means that there is some kind of window opening up in your life and you should ask for the guidance of your ‘angels’ to find out what it is. Other theories state that there is something significant happening in the moment that you are in and you should pay attention to what is going on in your surroundings. One of my favorite ideas that I read was that when you see 11:11 you should simply stop, and recognize the significance of the moment.
In my opinion and what resonates with me, is that when you see ‘11:11’ whether on a clock, a license plate, your bank statement or wherever you happen to see it, is like a friendly little sign from your soul, source, higher-self, or the entire Universe, whatever you choose to call it, God, if you will, that everything is in alignment and you are exactly where you need to be, right here, right now.
According to numerology the number 11 possesses the qualities of patience, honesty, spirituality, sensitivity, intuition and is idealistic. I have read on a website that seeing 11:11 can be viewed as a glitch in the matrix, it is a very real way for the spirit world to communicate with us. I don’t know if we will ever find out exactly what it means, I think you can decide for yourself what it means to you. I know I always get a smile on my face when I see it, it definitely makes me feel good and I love to share with others, ‘Hey look! It’s 11:11!’

I wrote:

Somebody else has pondered the 11:11 matter.

For me, signs are geared toward my own experience. Numbers in dreams tend to point me toward something familiar. So that’s how I approached your 11:11 puzzle. If it had been a different puzzle, I would have approached it the same way.

I did a soul drawing once with 7 and 11 in it, and I thought as I drew it, “Seven come eleven,” a winning roll combination of the dice in craps.

What you sent from the net reminds me of stuff I have read by people about dream symbols, what they mean. People try to fit that into their dreams. Me, I again turn to my own experience, what does the dream imagery, numbers, mean to me; not to Tim Gratz or Carl Jung, the Swiss Psychiatrist who made dream work popular in mental health, or Daniel who was the famous dreamer in the Old Testament.

I wonder if whomever wrote what you sent ever considered asking his/her “soul, source, higher-self, or the entire Universe, whatever you choose to call it, God, if you will,” to reveal the meaning, instead of just guessing? Or asking someone else? Or consulting an oracle?

Other people tend to filter their interpretation through their own experience. You saw me do it. Carl Jung did it with his and his patients’ dreams. However, I have found sometimes that what other people dream, which they share for me, is for me as well as for them; or just for me and not for them.

And, I have found that the way Carl Jung went about dream analysis grew increasingly distant and unrelated to the way I was shown to go about it. If I tried to use his approach, I would miss a lot more dream meanings than I already miss, because I would be imposing his perspective, instead of the angels’ perspective of dreams they manufacture for me. I wonder if Jung ever even considered that angels can and do manufacture dreams for people? I never read where he considered that, although perhaps he would equate that with dreams from the collective unconscious.

I’m having one, two or more dreams a night right now, personal to me, which I simply do not understand, along with dreams I understand on waking, or later, as time passes, things happen, or sudden understanding comes.

It is the same with waking dreams, such as the 11:11 incident at Domino’s you sent to me. I read yours last night, nothing came to me, but when I was finishing today’s post, I thought about your email and went back and reread it and felt moved to respond, and as I responded and wrote what was occurring to me without my thinking or trying to figure any of it out. So, I tend to trust what I wrote to you, as it applied to me and to you. And perhaps to the fellow who bought the pizza.

Pizza, by the way, in my dreams always represents Rome (Italy) the early church, Christianity. So, that only just now occurring to me, and given your and my many not entirely agreeing conversations about how to view Jesus and heaven and hell and the afterlife, I am thinking that cosmic topic also is in play in what you wrote to me. Jesus is so simple: live as I live, do as I do, speak as I speak. But Christendom made him so complicated that Christianity became a superstition.

Tim wrote:

Interesting stuff.
I liked your very last humorous comment [in yesterday’s post].

“Someone in Key West told me yesterday that I am the village voice. Good thing the angels do not tell me to sing, I’d be arrested under the city noise ordinance for cruel and unusual punishment :-).”

I tell people I am a professional non-singer. People would pay me not to sing!

I replied:

I say much the same: People pay me not to sing, I guess you are only simi-pro, if you have not actually been paid not to sing, yes?

Tim wrote:

We could become a nonsinging duet.

I wrote:

become? what are we doing now? have been doing?

Tim wrote:

A duet means doing it together. I enjoy music and singing but a singer I am not!

I wrote:

This email back and forth between us, for example, is a duet; I leave for others to judge whether or not it is singing.

Tim wrote:


If you are interested in perusing that book I could lend you my copy. I think it is quite good read and interesting analysis.

I wrote:

What book?

Tim wrote:

Called “Becoming China’s Bitch”, real strange name.
Tagged as a manifesto for the radical center.
Covers topics such as toxic partisanship; the Tea Party; great attack on cigarette industry.
Apparently it has been a best seller on Amazon.
I found the book quite interesting and thought-provoking, despite the title.
Check it out on Amazon.

I wrote:

Being the angels’ bitch is about all I can handle :-)

Devil or Angel 2

Jerry Weinstock, M.D., Psychiatry, urged me to read yesterday’s Editorial in The Key West Citizen:

psychiatrist interviews

Friday, March 14, 2014
Scott, Legislature should bolster social services
Last year, Gov. Rick Scott vetoed $2 million for a Lakeland crisis stabilization unit and triage center for the mentally ill. Scott prides himself on removing fat from the state budget, but services for the mentally ill are not fat.

The legislative session kicked off last Tuesday and will last 60 days. In that time, the state has some extra money to kick around. Surplus estimates range as high as $1.2 billion. Plans for the money are diverse.

Much of the discussion so far has been of tax cuts and new education funding. And so it should be.

But mental health treatment and drug-and-alcohol rehabilitation have been kept at tight funding levels through the recession and recovery years, even as surpluses began to appear.

Funding could have been worse, mental health officials concede, but progress often was not made as state lawmakers maintained the status quo on money, declining to break new ground for centers that offer drug rehabilitation, crisis stabilization and mental health care.

Scott prides himself on removing fat from the annual state budget, and in fact, deserves a reputation for being a pork-cutter.

But a crisis-stabilization unit and triage center for the mentally ill and emotionally distressed are not pork. Those are services needed in every Florida region, and they will need to be beefed up as the state’s population grows into the next decade.

Around the time Scott came into office, in early 2011, Florida was known as the prescription-pill capital of the United States. The majority of powerful painkillers in the nation were being prescribed in Florida. Addiction was growing.

Now that Florida has cracked down on prescription-pill abuse, addicts have turned to other narcotics, and to alcohol. Methamphetamine addiction still plagues the Sunshine State.

Florida also is racked by a shortage of beds for victims of domestic violence. More than 2,000 people were turned away from domestic violence shelters across the state. That is why making reasonable increases to mental health funding in the state budget, every year, makes sense. Such spending is an investment, not a money loser.

For every Floridian treated for depression, addiction, domestic abuse and other such problems, the likelihood of criminal behavior, unemployment, financial distress, divorce, broken families or suicide decreases. It’s an investment that Gov. Scott and the Legislature must keep in mind this year as they look at a budget that has extra money.

– Sarasota Herald Tribune

cuckoo's nest

I did my psychiatric residency in the field, aka the school of hard knocks. Just my opinion, Florida could spend a trillion dollar$ a year on mental health and addiction, and not make a dent in the incidence of either. Yes, locking up mentally ill people, again, would get them off the streets and out of view. Yes, putting mentally ill patients on anti-psychotics and anti-depressants and related drugs will remit their symptoms more or less, while producing other symptoms called “side effects”, which tend to be horrible and cause patients to stop taking their meds. Yes, putting drunks and addicts (one and the same, just different drugs of choice) into dry out/rehab facilities will clean them up, but once they are released it’s anybody’s guess when they will go back to their old ways. I offer Key West as Exhibit 1.


If they are honest, old-timers in AA and NA will tell you that 95 percent of the addicts who enter those rooms do not stick with the program.

I had that same conversation with County Commissioner David Rice after last Wednesday’s “homeless summit”.

David Rice

David, a psychologist, once was hired by Jerry Weinstock and a couple of other people to run the three Guidance Clinic’s of the Keys, which service mentally ill people and addicts, and provide dry out and rehab and recovery programs. David said it is true, most addicts relapse sooner or later.

Let me be more blunt. This hitchhiker from another Galaxy was incarcerated in psychiatric facilities. He saw nothing positive going on. He concluded psychiatry knew nothing about the cause of mental illness and only treated symptoms, sometimes less well than other times.

He also did psychotherapy with psychiatrists and psychologists, as their patient. He concluded they didn’t know what they were doing.

He also did psycho-spiritual healing with psychiatrists and psychologists, as his patients, and they were not open to it. Licensed clinical social workers were more open to that kind of help. Addiction counselors were not open. Christian ministers were not open. New Age pracititioners were somewhat open. Pagan practitioners were not open. Eastern practitioners were not open. Shaman practitioners were somewhat open. Non-religious people were most open. They were not atheists, but simply were not affiliated with any religion.

HEAVY WAIT: A Strange Tale was written through the hitchhiker by angels. Monroe County Mayor Emeritus Shirley Freemen told me she could not put it down, she loved it. The tale provides an intense view of psychospiritual healing directed by angels. Healing such as angels did on the hitchhiker and on a few other people he knew. Healing no human being can actually appreciate before experiencing it. HEAVY WAIT is merely an attempt to show what is possible. The child-sex molestation problem is center stage inHEAVY WAIT. About one-half of all Americans have the same problem, whether they remember it or not. Seasoned mental health practitioners know this, but do not tend to say it.

Product Details

Heavy Wait: A Strange Tale by Sloan Bashinsky

The first three chapters can be read online for free in Kindle format.

Also available in Spanish via www.amazon.com.es

Or from the publisher at: www.americastarbooks.com

Sloan in dress

compliments Richard Watherwax, Key West

Sloan Bashinsky

Political advertisement paid for and approved by Sloan Bashinsky, for Mayor of Key West


Just after publishing all of the above, I saw this email from Paul Williams:


I started, about 2 hours ago, to explain the “Tim” traffic from yesterday, with an apology for having typed it “from the quarterdeck” with too way too much canvas aloft. Then i hit a wrong key, and ka – boom, the whole thing evaporated into … wherever electronically bereft stuff goes.
Anyway, this is the map you asked Kermit for on Friday. And you’re right. It should have accompanied his “Fort Street Recommendations”.
Kermit, as I understand him, is up there doing Celestial stuff, now. It’s not as though he “clocks in” every day. Or every month.

And, I know you’re busy. You’re now running for office. And the almost daily Blog is a more than full time thing. in fact, think about it, you may have already manufactured a position which has more public influence than the office of “Mayor”.
ok, let me just see if i can transmit a simple picture. i’m terrible with computers.

(i just blew up 2 hours worth of Tim stuff.)

You don’t think Tim is worth 2 hours of any body’s time? Not so. Tim may be incredibly annoying from time to time. That’s because Tim can EASILY ignore the fact that you exist – if he’s on a mission. Tim is definitely uhh, ahhh, eccentric, But, Tim is Not without substance.

later. when you have time

I wrote back:

Can’t down load photo – just a black square comes up, I used an older Truman Waterfront photo yesterday. Maybe the angels evaporated (wrong key) what you wrote about Tim starting 2 hours ago.

lightning strike

I told a Key West friend yesterday, there is no way I could do any worse, as mayor, and I might do better. For sure, it would be a lot more interesting; might even increase tourism from other worlds, not to mention Earthling hordes determined to prove ETs really do exist 🙂

May the Force be with you.

Higgs Beach party

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