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I had so much fun gushing together yesterday’s  passion unleashed vs. playing by the rules, serendipity odds vs. mechanical odds, homeless summit vs. doing something about it, Truman Waterfront vs. Peary Court, Tugboat Tilly elegy vs. what might have tugged; what is vs. what ain’t, in Key West  post at goodmorningkeywest.com, that I liked to died later in the day. So today I’m going to try just chopping wood and carrying water, to see if that is less downgrading :@#}
Rick Boettger replied to yesterday’s post:
Rick Boettger
Thanks for changing the photo, Sloan.
Another excellent posting.  Yes, I’d a thunk Gwen Filosa would have reported your Marchman Act exchange with David Rice.  But my own paper, KONK Life, did not report it either, in our daily E-blast.
I will certainly discuss it as a rare actual remediation (there are no “solutions”) of the excessive cost and overkill of jailing people for drunkenness, the next time I wade into the homeless maelstrom.
I replied:
Hi, Rick, thanks.
I didn’t like the photo of you I was using, was all I once could find via google, glad to receive an upgrade :-). Old as we are, we need all the help we can git.
I like your remediation description, for there ain’t nowhere near a cure. It makes politicos feel better, I suppose, to jabber about it being problem we have to get serious about, even if we can’t do nuttin’ about it but throw money at it.
Some of the dais jabber yesterday was quite bizarre, although there were few cogent remarks. The cogent remarks were brief. The jabber seemed endless, like autonomic, like breathing, like genetic. Incurable. Hmmm.
Jerry Weinstock, M.D., Psychiatry, replied to yesterday’s post: 
psychiatrist interviews
Sloan: glad you had some fun:  David Rice was hired by Lou O’Connor
           and myself —we founded all 3 guidance clinics– hired the personnel.
           Konk Life published an important article about our fisheries –
           significant if we are to have any future –written by Jerry
          Weinstock —-today,( kind regards Sloan–Jerry ) 

Sorry, I can’t figure out how to get rid of the black background in Jerry’s letter to the editor in KONK Life, nor in my reply. Nor was I able to figure out how to find Jerry’s letter to the editor in KONK Life, so he sent me a copy of the page with his letter. You should be able to get to KONK Life by clicking on  this link:



You might find the read comments on the home page interesting, and if you can figure out how to get to Jerry’s letter to the editor, please elucidate my ignorance. Thanks. Sloan

This sailed in yesterday from up Homestead way from a former Key West resident who moved away so he could afford to pay his rent and for other life sustaining activities:

the poor frog
From: pwilliams@
To: keysmyhome@hotmail.com
CC: kwshoes@; mikemongo@; claytonlopezkw@; editor@keysnews.com; geohalloran@; jweekley@keywestcity.com; mhowell@keysnews.com; mrossi@keywestcity.com; newsroom@keysnews.com; richard@; tommilone@; ttuell@; tyaniz@keywestcity.com; ty@centurylink.net
Date: Thu, 13 Mar 2014 20:31:41 -0400

Hello Mister Bashinsky,

This is Kermit ’Shine’ Forbes speaking. 
First, I’d like to congratulate you for just attempting a run at public office this Fall. Good luck!

The future of Fort Street is so important to me, that I’ve “channeled” your helpful, wide reaching website in the hope of making a few brief suggestions to my old neighbors down on Fort and Petronia. Sloan, normally I would Never breach dimensional etiquette like this but I feel strongly about this issue. I’m up here far beyond AWACS, now, so I need your help down there. Just this once. It’s only a few notes from my Cellesto – pad. Hope you can read ‘em!
Thank you Bubba. 
                                                                                                                                  K. F.
This is hard without a map, man, but try to visualize these  modest proposals, please: 
Scaled back Fort Street Recommendations, Friday, 14March2014 

A)   Bert Bender’s all natural “Street Grid, Neighborhood Extension” does go out from the foot of Petronia, But itstops at the TIF line..
This will leave more open green space for regular park users, who are the Number One Customers on the entire Sub Base Property.
It will also leave more room for periodic Race Boat events. B)  The as – yet – non – existent Bahama Village 501, in return for not building any new structure on the original 6.6 acre allotment, that is,  beyond the TIF line, will receive a $1.00/99 year Lease for Everything inside the TIF Line. This will modestly replace part of the same deal that the Land Trust had on the Original 6.6 Bahama Village Acres.C)  The BV 501 will also receive the only Restaurant/ Snack Bar lease and permit between the TIF Line and the Mole, and between the TIF Line and Building 103. This will partially offset the Revenue and Income lost due to the destruction of the 16,800 sft Mess Hall, Building 1287.           The 501 will also OPERATE ALL paid Parking on the entire 33Acres. Note: The number of spaces should becarefully limited to avoid paving over too much grass. If there is No paid parking, the point will be moot.
These land leases and the Restaurant lease are in lieu of any new building on the original 6.6 acres, beyond TIF. They also relinquish the use of Building 1287, the Mess Hall, as an Income Producer for the Village.
The Snack Bar and Restaurant JOBS will replace a percentage of the jobs lost to Bahama Village at the Mess Hall, Maintenance and other facilities when the Navy pulled out of the Sonar School a generation ago.In effect: Bahama Village becomes the PARK CONCESSIONAIR. This restoration of JOBS to Bahama Village residents will begin also to restore the economic well being that was lost to their parents when the Base closed.Needless to say, job restoration to the immediate community is in the closest conformance to the Federal requirements set forth in both the original McKinney Act and the subsequent BRAC legislation, which enabled the City to acquire the entire property in the first place. Bahama Village didn’t lose Housing when the Army moved in around the 1800s. They lost the ability to pay Rent when the Navy moved out in the 1970s.
Revenue from B and C will dependably enable the Village non profit  group to provide funding for worthwhile Bahama Village projects.
Years ahead, when the Village runs short of improvement projects, cash flow from these leases will pay for many college tuition expenses.In Sum:
This Park generated funding flow, into the neighborhoods of Bahama Village will be separate from, and in addition to, the TIF Funds. It will be controlled completely, by local resident Board Members and their own By Laws. 

   D) ’Elderconch’ cause is adopted by Bahama Village.
        The Elderconchs get the original 2.14 Acres of HMDR to erect their long term “Residents of Key West Only”, not excessively fabulous or immense, Waterfront Refuge. That will also be configured inside the Bahama Village TIF line, even though it goes back up  in front of Ship Yard ( the original Location, or near it)
    Clearly, this restoration of the original, modest 2.14 acres will raise the Elder conch’s vision of a Waterfront Paradise from the d-d-d-d dead.  I know I can feel good about that!
     Plus – there will be a little added TIF revenue from the HMDR.
Net, Net, Net?
  •    Bahama Village gets something close to the original deal that was pitched to them when the city Parental Units desperately sought their Public Support on the Transfer App – and received it.
  •    The Race Boat people get their maximum ultra venue for two weeks a year. Downtown businesses make money. And,
  •    The people of Key West? They get a big open Public Park, Waterfront Access, and a Public Fishing Pier. What they asked the city council to produce a mere 15 years ago.
              Since no body gets too greedy, everyone may receive  substantive, abiding participation.
         All local beneficiaries. No one left out.
Thank you much Sloan. I won’t be actually seeing you for a while!  kf
I replied to Kermit, copied to ALL [Tuell and Howell no longer work at the Key West Citizen]:
Hi, Kermit, am confused who is the sender, as yours came in over Paul Williams’ email address.

I’m seriously deficient in knowing enough to be able to visualize in 3-D, or even in 2-D or 1-D what you recommended. Can you, or one of the other recipients, forward a map, drawing, design in the body of an email, or in a jpg attachment? I want whoever reads yours at goodmorningkeywest.com to have something visual as a frame of reference, in case they are as ignorant as I am.
I wish I felt okay about putting a new public park on Truman Waterfront, but I don’t feel okay with it. There is a beautiful state park right next door, which costs very little to enter on foot or on a bicycle. It doesn’t cost the city anything to maintain. Perhaps I will change my mind after attending the upcoming Truman Waterfront meeting. Perhaps not.
Perhaps homeless people won’t use the new park, if it is constructed, perhaps not. They will be able to sit on every bench in there, just as you or I or any of the other recipients of your email will be able to do.
I am not presently convinced the new park will generate much net revenue for the city over cost of construction and maintenance, or any net revenue; maybe even negative net revenue.
I have not heard civilian citizens will be able resume using the outer mole for swimming, fishing, picnicking, sunset watching, etc. That was stopped after the city took over Truman Waterfront. Before that, the Navy let citizens go onto the outer mole as long as no navy warship was in the harbor, which was seldom. Yet, conch trains were allowed to continue to run out there and pick up cruise ship passengers. Big fishy smell on that for me.
Bahama Village has concerned me since shortly after I arrived in Key West in late 2000, and started using the Martin Luther King Center in the winter and spring of 2001. I was really disappointed when Bahama Conch Community’s plan failed. I was not involved in any of that, other than attending one BCCLT Board of Trustees meeting in 2009, as I recall. I am not well informed about current efforts in Bahama Village, but I see lots of what appears to be refurbished Housing Authority housing, and some new Housing Authority Housing. [And partial upgrade of Martin Luther King Center and adjacent public park.]
My idea for generating money for Bahama Village, and the city treasury, was provided by someone else, whose name still escapes me. Turn most of Truman Waterfront into a city-run RV and tent campground similar to Bahia Honda State Park. That should be pretty easy to construct and operate, it should make good net revenues over costs. I figure I’m swimming against the Gulf Stream on that, but it still looks like a good idea to me.
As does offering the Walsh-Bernstein partnership a 99-year $1/year lease on the upland the Spottswods wanted for the mega yacht marina, which I figured the city would end up having to run and pay the muni-bonds back to the bond holders. Walsh-Bernstein get to build a 5-star hotel there, which the Walshes know how to do and operate, as per the Westin around the corner and such resorts on the New England coast. The city gets 1 percent of gross revenues off the top. Bernsteins give any interest they may own in Wisteria Island to the city, for a public park, perpetuity, which land acquisition by the city the voters would have to approve in a referendum, I think.
Again, swimming up the Gulf Stream probably, but I still like that idea. Maybe some of that 1 percent could go to Bahama Village.
The best place for a senior living facility is near Bayshore Manor and the Hospital, right, the Easter Seals property. Logistically, Truman Waterfront is the most distant place on the island from the hospital, doctors offices, grocery stores, shopping malls. I remain amazed that the mayor and city commissioners are still considering the Easter Seals property for a new homeless shelter. You put a homeless shelter next to the city’s only golf course? Next to an assisted living facility (Bayshore Manor) and a botanical garden? Near an elementary school?
The Sheriff doesn’t want the new shelter on his land, but his land is the only sane place to put it, and I do not feel you need to have been homeless in Key West, as I was, to know that. Maybe some smart person can figure out a way to build a reverse Elysium, and use it for a homeless shelter. Beam homeless people up there. The Greyhound deportation method isn’t working.
The city is so captured by trying to fix its homeless situation, which cannot be fixed, that homeless people have de facto taken over the city government. You should have heard the hand-wringing at yesterday’s homeless summit in the Harvey Government center. Key West is so built out that it has no land for what it needs, and it wants to put a homeless shelter on the only land it has, which can be used for housing, other than, yep, Truman Waterfront.
Well, that wanders far from your concerns for Bahama Village and Truman Waterfront. I anticipate a fast and steep learning curve there for me. Perhaps your congratulations re my fling to run for mayor should be commiserations? The city has many areas of critical concern, which have been begging for relief for some time. It won’t surprise me if I dream about this tonight. In a nap today, I dreamt of receiving something “special delivery” from south central Florida, and later came your email about two central issues.
Paul, alias Frogman, replied just to me:
Hi Sloan, Thanks for responding so quickly! Kermit’s off the air, now. But thanks for the detailed response! Paul

I wrote back:

I look forward to Kermit’s response to mine. Meanwhile, Bob Kelly has a kick-ass Truman Waterfront/Bahama Village article in today’s www.thebluepaper. com, and Naja and Arnaud Girard have a kick-ass Peary Court redevelopment article today. And, a childhood friend of homeless “Frisbee Dave” has the first of a 3-part provoking article.


Frolic yesterday with “shoots my mouth off” in the Meadows community of Key West, who ain’t in the least happy with the new Peary Court development:

line in the sand
I very much appreciate and welcome your input. Please stay involved.
That was in response to my having ruffled some tail feathers with my input into their group discussion, some of which ruffling I had published at www.goodmorningkeywest.com.
I replied:
Thanks, I will stay involved as advised by my “editorial board”. Right now, I’m resting a bit from the recent torrid pace re Peary Court. Right now I don’t feel moved to publish any my latest emails into the Meadows group discussion. The angels are very involved in it, they have their ways of dealing with human dramas, which I find tend to be superior, usually, to human ways of going about things. Patience pays. Sticking to your guns pays. Angela Street and the Palm Avenue entrance are “star gates” into something much bigger, who knows what all?, which is why they are so important to defend to the hilt. Sloan
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