Am I serious about running for Mayor of Key West? Deadly serious


Look! No cruise ships!

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Yesterday’s Let the fun begin! Sloan for Mayor 🙂 – Key West post at brought a number of responses:

Vicki Weeks, formerly of Key West:

Vicki Weeks scuba


I replied:

Thanks, Vicki 🙂

Jean Tout, of Marathon:

Jean Tout

Go get them, tiger!

I replied:

meow – 🙂

Jerry, formerly of Summerland Key, now in Witness Protection 🙂

Good luck. The candidates meeting will not be boring, that’s for sure. Was that nude beach photo here or in Europe or the Caribbean?

I replied:

Thanks, Haulover Beach, Miami

Haulover Kids

Haulover jam

Haulover Beach

Haulover Beach 2

I’m dead serious about Key West getting its own nude beach and raking in the same kind of tourist dough Haulover produces for Miami. Besides, there ain’t no fig leaves in paradise, nor any secrets 🙂

Tom Walker, of Key West:


Mayor Slaon,

Good to hear about you. I hope your word holds true as the Spring gets closer. Wishing you all the best on your Mayorla campaign.


I replied:

Thanks, Tom – from you dealings with me since we met last year, you should know I mean what I say. Sloan

Facebook Chat:

mud dog

Mike Tolbert, of Key West (Daddy Bones BBQ) – DONT GROAN VOTE FOR SLOAN

Lesley Salinero

Lesley Salinero, of Summerland Key – Seriously?

Sloan Bashinsky Hi, Lesley – if you think Craig Cates has earned 4th term, you should vote for him, but I’d be interested in hearing what he has accomplished in three terms, anything, actually.

Leslie Salinero I didn’t mean it that way – I meant are you really gonna run? That’s great if you are- competition brings out the best!

Sloan Bashinsky Thanks, competition tends to bring out a lot of things 🙂 Deadly serious

Lesley Salinero You are so funny! Good luck!!

Mark and Sloan

Mark Koenig, left, of Siberia, Wisconsin, emailed me, right:


How serious are you about this run for Mayor? Are you interested in the office, or simply want to be in the spotlight again? Running for public office is a serious matter and many know your feelings about the issues, but campaigns are more about presentation than the issues themselves. Can you present yourself as someone who appeals to left/center/right? And can the public trust you to follow through on your promises? Now there’s a novel idea for a politician… You’re obviously not “main stream”, but neither is Key West;) You know the KW better than this Yankee, but you’d not carry the torch on so many issues if you didn’t flat out love the place and want to make it better…

Here’s my perspective on KW, not that it matters too much as I’m not a voter… KW is definitely unique, but like so many special places, was overdeveloped and corrupted by outsiders. There are some wonderful places on earth which embraced their “good old days” and stayed true to their roots… Unfortunately, the old Florida Keys do not seem to be alive and well in KW… Would I choose KW to vacation in? We did in 1989, but I prefer to vacation in paradises and cannot put KW in that category anymore. The cruise ships alone are enough reason for me to stay the hell away… And if he water quality is really as bad as you say it is??? Then I’m REALLY not interested because that’s the big advantage the Keys have… There are plenty of places on earth one can go to vacation/live with wonderful weather, but if the main recreational attribute (water) is like a latrine, I’m not interested… Is it possible to reverse what KW has evolved to be? Probably not in a major way, but if you can reduce the damage done by too many people living on too small a land mass, that may be the best outcome. Sorry to anyone if I offended with my perspective, but you don’t know how lucky you are to live in a place which has a 40 degree temperature swing compared to a place with a 125 degree temperature swing from July to January!!!

I’m no political strategist, but I do know that few people I have ever met in this life have the moxie you do… If you are REALLY serious about this run, my best advice to you will be to take your communications to the next level. Don’t try to SLAM and embarrass the opposition with your point of view, but try to build broad support as a candidate who listens to and respects all the voters. And don’t be too gimmicky as that can be construed as not being serious. Focus on the issues and present solutions which are reasonable to the majority of voters. Sloan for Mayor!

Good luck!


I replied:

Hi, Mark – thanks.

My running for office historically has been a God thing, and this time is no different. After reading yours yesterday, what kept coming to me was something Jesus’ brother James wrote in a letter in the New Testament, which went something like: “Ask me not about my faith, but see my works and therein you will see my faith.”

Everywhere I pedaled my bicycle in Key West yesterday, mockingbirds greeted me with their song. The poem that launched my journey with God fell out of me in late 2001, as I recall. I knew then the mockingbird was Jesus, and the poem was my road map.

mocking bird

I happened upon a mockingbird
singing its fool head off.
I asked it how and why it sang?
But all it did was look ahead,
All it did was sing.
It never turned to see if I was watching,
Or listened for money jingling it my pocket,
Or asked if I liked its music,
Or expected a recording contract –
It was too busy singing
to pay any attention to me.


Jenna Stauffer, of Key West, emailed:

Jenna Stauffer 3

Just saw that you are running for Mayor!
Watch out, everyone!!!
Looks like we are going to have to do another interview soon.

Hope you are doing well.

I have spent the past couple of months co-producing a documentary called Inevitable Harm.
Here is a link that explains it all :

Call me if you have questions about it and please feel free to share online 🙂

Thanks, Sloan.

I replied:

Hi, Jenna –

Todd German told me today about your documentary and sent me the link, and I came home and went online and had received same from you. I read a good bit of the text. Reminds me of work I used to do with different people trapped in horrible situations/systems. I sometimes thought of it as trying to help someone leave a cult. It was challenging and often disheartening, with some rays of sunshine. Will share your link with my readers. As for my meanderings, a work in progress, or a piece of work – what a wild ride.


Jenna wrote:

That’s a great comparison. It is like trying to get someone to leave a cult. Tamara was totally brainwashed by her husband. He had total control of her and cut her off from all her family & everyone in her past.

Kurt Wagner, formerly vicious seasonal van dweller criminal in Key West, looking to return:


Congratulations Sloan,
Your first speech should be about not voting for anyone currently on the commission. Clean house and start over to do whats best for Key West. Now…. how do I register to vote and get an absentee ballot?


Good luck!


I replied:

Hi, Kurt – For some time now, I have felt, and have written, an elected official should serve only one term, say 6 years, and that’s all she rote. My reasons were: that was plenty long to do whatever an elected official was called to do, perhaps too long; and it stops an elected official from starting to campaign for his/her next term in office and forces tending to business at hand in the time allowed. Mayor Cates said in 2009 that he would not run again, if he was elected that year. He ran two years later, and then again for a “short term” to bring the KW mayor and city commission races into sync with the county, state and national races. Now, he’s running again, and what’s he done, what’s he accomplished, to point to? I don’t see anything. When I ran in 2006 against George Neugent, a friend in north Georgia sent me a bunch of RE-ELECT NO ONE bumper decals, which he’d had made years before for something he was involved in. I still have maybe 200 of them left. I have one on the back window of my Toyota Highlander. I gave maybe 200 away. Maybe I should get more made. I said quite a few times during races I ran, one term would be it, if I were elected; for if I couldn’t do what was mine to do inside of that term, I had fucked up and certainly didn’t deserve another term. Well, we’ll see how it goes. The national scene is really fucked up. Terminally, it seems to me. Nuking D.C. might be a good start, while everyone is there. Move the national capitol somewhere else, how about Key West? 🙂 Maybe more later. Sloan

Kurt wrote:

Sloan, I couldn’t agree more. Didn’t Obunghole say the same thing? Now even those who admit voting for him based on his skin color are sorry.

I replied:

After replying to your first email, I saw Todd German and was reminded Key West passed a term limits ordinance a few years ago – 2 4-year terms for city commissioners, 3-4 2-year terms for mayor, to be applied prospectively from date of the ordinance going into effect. So nobody this year affected by the ordinance. I told Todd, nevertheless, Craig Cates said in 2009, if he was elected that year, he would not run again. He now has run two more times, and this year he will run a 4th time. I told Todd, if Craig went back on that, what else would he go back on? Yeah, I know politicians don’t expect to be held to such promises. Daddy George Bush said that about his promise during his first bid for US President, that he wold not raise taxes, if he was elected. His opponent, Walter Mondale, said Bush would raise taxes if he was elected, and he, Mondale, would raise taxes if he was elected. Bush got elected, he raised taxes. When called on the carpet over that, he said it was only a political promises, he should not have to honor it. The voters disagreed, Bush lost his bid for a second term to Bill Clinton, as I recall. Perhaps the Republicans should remember that before they blame Clinton for something they don’t like, which he did. But for Daddy Bush breaking his promise not to raise taxes, Clinton might never gotten to the White House. And now, yeah, the Republicans might wish to remember that Daddy Bush might be just as easily blamed for Hilary Clinton past, present and future. Hilarious. I don’t find many Obama supporters who wish he had never been elected, nor do I find many Baby Bush supporters wishing he had never been elected. How about hardly any, in either camp? I don’t see much, or hardly any, difference between political parties and evangelical religions – fanatics come in different wrappers, but they are still fanatics. Their cause can do no wrong. God, fortunately, does not belong to political parties or to religions, but getting the fanatics to believe that is a different matter entirely.


Kurt wrote:

I didn’t know Key West had term limits. Whats with the 3-4 2 year terms for mayor? Can’t make up their mind? Unfortunately either party, whether federal, state or local, it is full of smooth talking, forked tongue snakes. And it seems the snakes always get voted in. I don’t believe one word from either party.

Interesting theory about Bush Sr. We may not have had to deal with either Clinton if he had kept his word. KillBill and Killary may have faded away into obscurity. But alas that didn’t happen. Now we have Killary possibly running for president in 2016.

After all my years of running businesses, and tending bar, I think I’m a pretty good judge of people. In the past few months I get the impression that you are honest, straight forward, truthful even if it hurts, kind of person, much like myself. You don’t care about your pocket, but what’s best for the city you love, Key West. I also agree with you on nearly all your ideas to improve Key West.

I ran for office and won (Michigan), I was raised in a very politically active family, (Chicago area) and learned from my father how to get votes. If I was currently in Key West I would work tirelessly to get you elected.



I replied:

The 3-4 two-year term for mayor means I don’t know how many 2-year terms a sitting mayor can have before term limiting out applies.

History proves I don’t know how to get votes, maybe history can be altered. My Wisconsin friend Mark emailed me today with advice for how to run a campaign, if I’m really serious about the campaign. The only way I know to run a campaign and to be really serious is to be me and be really serious about what I say, even if it’s funny, even if it’s not funny; might depend on who’s on the other end of what I say and/or who’s observing.

To your question in another email about how register to vote here, you have to live here to register to vote here. You can move here one day, get a place to live the next day, and register to vote the next day (or the same day). I don’t know how that works for people who live in vehicles. When I came here in late 2000, I lived on the street. I only had a general delivery mail address at the Whitehead Street Post Office. I registered to vote and was assigned the Martin Luther King Center as my voting place.

I don’t remember how I pulled that off. I had a valid Alabama driver’s license, a certified copy of my birth certificate, and a US Passport on me. And a Social Security card. Maybe it’s still doable that way, or maybe 9/11 and Homeland Security changed it.

I told someone yesterday, or maybe the day before, if I got elected mayor, there would be people here who would go insane; it would be like the end of the world for them. The bizarre thing is, I would do my very best, there would be nothing in it for me, I would do what I felt (with the angels’ okay) was overall best in each situation I engaged, even if nobody else liked my approach; even if everyone liked it.

I told someone today, if I won, I would not seek another term, but if someone asked me to run again, I would say to write me in as a candidate, if he/she wished. I would do nothing. If I ended up getting re-elected in that way, I would consider serving another term. Consider, no guarantee. I still feel running for office is ass-backwards. I still feel the citizenry should draft their own candidates, and campaign for them, and the candidates do nothing to campaign, but dutifully serve the office if they get elected in that grassroots way.

The American method of running for office is serious screwed up. Spending money to get elected is offensive, ought to be illegal. I often have said anyone who actually wants to get elected to a public office is insane, a crook or an ego-maniac, or any combination thereof. Puts me in a hell of a position, thinking like that, and running a serious campaign to get elected.

Not that I don’t think I am the best person for the office; I felt that every time I ran in each city and county race, seven races in all since the first in 2003. Three times for mayor of KW, three times for county commission, one time for school board. I learned a lot during each of those races. I learned most of all that I still really do detest politics and I am not a politician and am grateful for that.

However, this might be hard to believe, being engaged in politics is easier on me and often fun compared to what the angels had me doing before they brought me to Key West from Maui in late 2000, to get me involved in politics, they told me in a dream as I passed through Tallahassee on a Greyhound bus en route to the tip end of this asteroid belt.

What I did before then can be gleaned from the novel HEAVY WAIT: A Strange Tale, at,

Product Details

Heavy Wait: A Strange Tale by Sloan Bashinsky

which fell out of me about six months after I arrived in Key West in late 2000. Sometimes that kind of work comes back around, but not in the long segments spanning 1987-2000. The worst part of that work was going into Christian churches and/or dealing with Christians. Lucifer was ever palpable in that work. And I knew I was the target, and everything else was the bait to lure me in, lure me to overstep and screw up.

I still worry about that every day and night of my life. It pushes me to stay level, on the steep and narrow. The irony is, it leaves many people thinking I’m insane, possessed, or pretending. It leaves me hoping I did it right today, or at least good enough.


Kurt wrote:

Good Morning Sloan,

Getting elected to any office takes hard work, honesty, integrity. Once in office one must maintain those same qualities. While most candidates are insane, crooks, or ego-maniacs, (your words) there are the few who just want to do a good job for whats best for their constituents. I think you fit in the latter category. I learned long ago not to give unasked for advise, so if there is anything I can do to help, let me know. I would be happy to pass on what I have learned.


I replied:

Feel free to pass on anything whenever the mood strikes you, I imagine I will be hearing plenty from the angels, too :-), and from the devils 🙂

Late into it, I entered this Facebook discussion yesterday. About a month ago, Gweko said he really hoped I would run for mayor this year. Maybe he is rethinking that?

Gweko W. Phlocker shared a link.
I hope all of my Key West musician friends know how royally screwed they are if this new “sound ordinance” passes this Tuesday. Those of you who are currently playing music in this town… had better start saving for the fines you will be paying if the venues that you are performing in control your sound improperly and without respect. Read it for yourselves here. Look under Special meeting February 25th then read agenda…It’s enlightening. I will say that only a small handful of musicians have came forward and attended these planning meetings. Thank you for your support!!!
City of Key West, FL – Calendar

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Gweko W. Phlocker PLEASE Disregard what the Key West Citizen said about Wednesday… the Meeting is 2/25/2014 TUESDAY ! 6:00 PM Old City Hall
Special Meeting

Gweko W. Phlocker An Ordinance of the City of Key West, Florida, amending Chapter 6 of the Code of Ordinances entitled “Amusements and Entertainment,” Division 3 entitled “Noise Control” by amending Section 6-86 to amend the permit application process; Providing for severability; Providing for repeal of inconsistent provisions; Providing for an effective date.

James Wegman the music is too loud,,and I think they should do something about all those annoying damned artists that keep painting eveything down there!!!!! Not to mention the imposing odors that come from all those restaurants,,,

Bucky Montgomery I’ll be there.

Bucky Montgomery Too loud for you in Old Town? MOVE TO FUCKING NEW TOWN.

Gweko W. Phlocker They want the bars the Level of CHAMBER MUSIC in a small auditorium …oh boy.

Amo Bennett 75 db is what they want to set the limit at. – a bar full of people talking, and a juke box on is louder than that.

Gweko W. Phlocker Bucky Montgomery – “Too quiet for you in New Town? MOVE TO FUCKING OLD TOWN….”

Bucky Montgomery I live right off the upper side of White near Faustos. Quietest place I’ve ever lived. I live here on purpose. So it’s quiet when I get away from the FUN downtown that keeps this island prospering.

Gweko W. Phlocker I know but…. it could be a new slogan for the realtors…

Amo Bennett yes it could – The day the music died – part 2

William Dail I live near the cemetery, its dead quiet here!

Sheri Pogue This is the result of a few frequent violators. Club owners with no respect for their neighbors. Gweko and I have sat in these planning meetings and have devised solutions in an alliance with club owners, musicians and residents. it’s getting the support of the community at these meetings in order to make our voices heard.

Gweko W. Phlocker ….for good reason –
Acoustic MUSIC can Wake the dead…

Barry Cuda playing the “Saint James Infirmary” IMPROV at the Key West Cemetery i…

Sheri Pogue Also if this passes then OSHA can step in and force the issue even more,

Sheri Pogue It’s opening a can of worms we don’t want to spill.

Gweko W. Phlocker I believe that every bar should be declared a church… we can make it a farce like the Conch Republic Rebellion… and then all of them will be exempt from any sound ordinance violations… because we will all be a church , I can go around and Bless each and every single bar in Key West…

brothers and sisters

Roger Jokela Every one I know that visits Key West comes here because of Duval St and the fun and the music – they will gladly spend there money elsewhere if it is gone – especially with the way commercial airfare is going down here – with Southwest Airlines pulling out of Key West but planning on flying to Aruba, the Bahamas and Jamaica!

Scott Daley I hate loud music in an establishment that I’m trying to have conversation in, it’s not a freaking concert already, just background. Just sayin’..

Sheri Pogue So Scott you’re saying that Sloppy’s, Rick’s, Irish Kevin’s should have low music and people go in there for the conversation?

Sheri Pogue There are clubs that are so loud it’s obnoxious, simple don’t go there. But there are plenty of places with a decent level of music. This new law will make them turn it down even more.

Cherylyn Respess Norris What a drag…….

Bob Dobalina If you want a evening of conversation why go to a room were there is a drumset and p.a.?

Susan Werkman Corasio This can’t happen!! If it’s too loud don’t go but for those of us who like our music rockin’ leave it alone! If you want to have quiet dinner conversation , you don’t belong on Duval on a Fri. or Sat. night!!

Bob Dobalina I hate it when I’m trying to read books in the movie theater.could they just turn the lights up a bit?

Gary Hempsey I play mostly out door venues these days , a lot of solo acoustic and vocal .
Here’s what I know . The D B levels without music in a packed club maybe louder than the new law . Also people will talk louder to get over the music so it all escalates . Here is something else I know from over 30 years experience
I’ve never got in trouble or talked to about playing too quiet but certainly have been reprimanded for playing too loud .

Gary Hempsey Tuesday at 6 correct ? Old city hall on green street is that correct

Gweko W. Phlocker YOU are Correct sir, Get there early and sign in. If you wish to speak. We should do a drum circle out front befor before the meeting…

Sheri Pogue Susan Corasio go to my wall and view the city’s link. Read the letters to see how this started.

Susan Werkman Corasio I just don’t get some people! Do they not realize the ramifications if this is a go?

Sheri Pogue No for the most part they don’t. But by making churches non exempt they have violated the first amendment

Sloan Bashinsky At the most recent city commission when the noise ordinance was discussed quite a while, their was no mention that I recall of street musicians, not from the city, not from the audience/citizen speakers. The stated targets for too loud noise was one church on Simonton Street, as I recall the location, and Duval Street bars. During my citizen comments, I told Jimmy Weekley Duval Street had always been loud. He said not a long time ago. I was then shouted at by a woman in the audience, told to sit down and shut up, she told the mayor to stop me from speaking; he told her she was out of line. Later, I learned she is a homeowner near Duval Street, is being blasted with loud music all night by one or more bars. Maybe she was the woman featured in the recent KW Citizen article, who said she had filed over 200 noise complaints. Again, I do not recall an mention of street musicians at that city commission meeting, and I do not recall any street musicians, maybe I was napping, speak against a new noise ordinance who identified themselves as street musicians. I have wondered if a new ordinance would be used to target street musicians. Every now and the I have felt one was too loud, but not very often. I ain’t in the least interested in street musicians being targeted. Today, I was pedaling down Whitehead on my bicycle in time to see an upscale tricycle motorcycle with a man driving, a woman passenger. They had some kind of really loud sound system in that thing, and it blasted the Green Parrot so bad I thought it was coming out of the Parrot, but when I got along side the couple on the trike, I realized it was them, and they seemed to be really having a great time blasting KW with their version of the sound of freedom. I thought they were excellent candidates to be stopped, taken off their trike, watched it towed, given a business card of the towing company, and told welcome to Key West, treat us the way you want to be treated back wherever you came from.

Sloan Bashinsky Sheri, maybe my time practicing law was for naught, but I have a hard time seeing how the First Amendment gives churches, or bars, or you, or me, or anyone the right make as much noise as possible just because we like as much noise as possible. A city has a legal right to regulate noise volume. The problem, always, is setting the allowed noise level, how the noise is monitored/determined, and how it is enforced. Perhaps you do not know that the North Roosevelt Blvd redo was stretched out to over 2 1/2 years because of the city’s noise ordinance, which the City Commission could have waived to accelerate the redo using 2 or even 3 shifts a day, and weekend work, but the City Commission did not wish to disturb the North Roosevelt neighborhoods in the evening, at night, and on weekends. The commissioners and mayor felt that was more important than faster redo, a decision that bankrupted a number of N Roosevelt businesses, and put many others on the edge of bankruptcy. I dragged the noise ordinance reason out of the head of the Florida Department of Transportation, last name Prasad, when he and his entourage appeared in a town hall meeting in Old City Hall last year, re the long N Roosevelt redo and its horrific impact on N Roosevelt businesses. When I leaned on Prasad, who was dodging my questions and talking with his subordinates while I addressed him, Mayor Cates said I was embarrassing the city. I figured Cates, Prasad, and the city commissioners knew exactly where I was headed with my questions, and when Prasad finally outed the commissioners and mayor, he seemed relieved. Up to then, all the blame was being put on FDOT for the long redo, when all along it was the City Commission’s decision not to disturb the N Roosevelt neighbors with a faster redo. They could have waived the noise ordinance, and after that meeting, Prasad asked that the ordinance be waived so the work could proceed faster, and that’s what happened, although not as fast as it could have proceeded – still the noise ordinance was somewhat in play. I live in mid-town, it’s pretty quiet out here, but it pisses me off when somebody out here turns up their sound system all the way and it can be heard a block a way. What’s the point? Where’s common courtesy? If you live next to Duval Street, I figure you asked for noise by living there; however, I do not figure that gives anyone the right to turn their amplifiers to be louder than anyone else nearby, or even far away. Whatever, I will be really surprised if the City Commission does anything which ends up satisfying the people who are pushing the city hard to give them less noise. That’s why street musicians need to be there, to do all they can to see to it that a new noise ordinance does not end up being used by Duval Merchants to run off street musicians.

protect and serve 2

Last night, I attended a Key West Citizen (Police) Review Board meeting,  after learning from Todd German that he would be there to tell the CRB that, from the beginning, the CRB had reserved the right to launch its own independent investigation of police behavior, although the CRB had historically let the KWPD do its own investigating first, before the CRB investigated complaints against the KWPD filed by private citizens. Todd was the first Chairman of the CRB, and served for three years. That item was on the CRB agenda last night’s agenda because of the Charles Eimers case. Todd also told the CRB that it was his experience that the public and witnesses sometimes were more at ease speaking with the CRB than with the press or law enforcement. He has told me several times that he is very disturbed about the Eimers case and how it appears to have been handled so far.

Todd GermanTodd German

After Todd, I got to speak. I said I was involved in getting petitions to get the CRB put on a referendum ballot. The City Commission and the KWPD violently opposed the CRB, but enough petitions were signed and the voters passed it overwhelmingly. Thereafter, I dismissed myself from being involved in selecting who might be on the first CRB, because I was prejudiced against the KWPD. I told Dennis Reeves Cooper, the publisher of Key West the Newspaper, who was heavily instrumental in the referendum getting on the ballot and passing, that he, too, should dismiss himself from further involvement with the CRB, for the same reason I dismissed myself. That’s when Dennis and I had a parting of the ways.

I said, later I became good friends with Buz Dillion, then KW Police Chief, and I was getting to know Todd. I told both of them that I felt the CRB should not launch its own investigations until the KWPD had a chance to investigate complaints filed with the CRB against police officers. The CRB launching its own investigations first would create horrible problems. However, the CRB could launch its own investigation, if the KWPD was not investigating a CRB complaint, or was not investigating to suit the CRB.

I said I didn’t see how the CRB could force KWPD officers involved in the Eimers case to testify before the CRB, if the officers took the Fifth Amendment, but trying to get officers to testify would stir the pot and put more heat on the city government and the KWPD. I asked of all the CRB members had read the seven Key West the Newspaper articles on the Eimers case, and if they had seen the video of the take down of Eimers in the first article? All but one CRB member indicated yes. I encouraged the other member to do the same, and I encouraged the CRB to ask the blue paper’s publishers, Arnaud and Naja Girard, to speak with them about what all they know, as part of the CRB making a decision whether or not to launch its own investigation.

I said I had told the City Commission the night before in Old City Hall that Eimers was initially profiled as being homeless, and if that had not happened he would not have died shortly thereafter underneath city police officers. I was told I was out of time, and I said no more.

Then ensued about half hour of discussion, including more input from Todd German. The consensus, not unanimous, was the CRB should wait until the Florida Department of Legal Affairs finishes and publishes it findings. There was discussion of the CRB publishing that it is interested in the Eimers case, and it can receive complaints from the Emiers family and eye-witnesses, but no action was taking on that. There was discussion that the public needs to be reminded that not just family can file complaints, but no action was taken on that.

It was said, since Gwen Filosa from the Key West Citizen was there, all of that would get before the public in the article she wrote about the meeting. There is no such article in today’s Citizen. Perhaps tomorrow. If I had been Mayor of Key West, I would have been at that CRB meeting, and I would have told them that I hoped they talked with Naja and Arnaud, and that they did all they could to prepare them to review the FDLE findings. Without such preparation, they will not be able to know whether or not they feel the FDLE findings are on the level.

Charles EimersCharles Eimers

To access all Blue Paper coverage of the death of Charles Eimers click here.



cracked egg

I kinda imagine the special noise ordinance City Commission meeting tonight in Old City Hall will be interesting.

cuckoo's nest

I kinda imagine, and imagined all along, that my various runs for office were like trying to get people to leave cults. This year’s run for mayor included. Ditto, what I publish daily. I’m dead serious.

Weird stuff happened yesterday, and I did not file to run. In retrospect, it looks to me that I needed another day to see the big picture, which is stated in the previous paragraph.

Filing is on today’s agenda, after I get done publishing.

the beatings will continue

Sloan Bashinsky





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