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Mary Poppins

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Rick Boettger

Rick Boettger replied to yesterday’s hominy and grits: Key West’s Thanksgiving Day massacre cover up, narcotics task force misses the mother ship (again), and other Sunday law school tales of girth and mirth … post at

Great column, Sloan. Thanks.

Also responding to yesterday’s post,

psychiatrist interviews

Jerry Weinstock, M.D., Psychiatry, retired, wrote:

Sloan; Key West runs on the bacteria that
metabolizes and creates fermentation activity
the product being ethyl alcohol.
Cruise Ships are secondary to
microscopic Key West !—–Jerry
( I love grits with a little butter and salt.)
[ Basically Key West runs on fermentation]

I replied:

and manure :-)



an email thread in which I was included yesterday started by Little Torch Key trouble makers:

dirty dancing

Subject: Re: mulch! Nay to burn!
From: saildreamcatcher@____________
Date: Sat, 15 Feb 2014 10:02:02 -0500
CC:; Schreck-Carol@MonroeCounty-FL.Gov;
To: Rice-David@MonroeCounty-FL.Gov

Thanks for the ”get back” David, George, Carol,

if its not simple, have public display of the process of mulching. I remember the giant machine at the Cudjoe station. What happened to that product?(mulch)

The ”why” it was discontinued, should be brought up, hurricanes or costs , both ? Is there a commercial private company that would bake a business out of it?

Then there is the product of ash when the burn is complete, the smoke down wind , neighbors just under the stack, property values of those neighbors. ect ect

Its tough being a politician,

best to you all,

Captain John Duke
Coastal Sailing Adventures Inc
28555 Jolly Roger Dr
Little Torch Key , Fl
305 304 5100

On Feb 14, 2014, at 7:30 PM, Rice-David wrote:

John, mulching is not that simple, but we will be looking at all options.

Sent from my iPhone

On Feb 14, 2014, at 1:59 PM, “John and Beti Duke” <saildreamcatcher@_______> wrote:

Mulch ! Do not burn on Ramrod nor anywhere else

Mulch can and should be used on highway sides, parks can make mounds, public can pick up and use at home properties, comercial properties can use at business sites .

It is important for the public to be able to access mulch at county site, an investment for the county a small Bobcat to lift and place mulch into small trucks .

Thank you ,

Captain John Duke
Coastal Sailing Adventures Inc
28555 Jolly Roger Dr
Little Torch Key , Fl
305 304 5100

I replied to ALL:

These folks below might have some nifty ideas about how the Keys might go about composting yard waste, etc.

Rodale Institute :: Organic Pioneers since 1947

The Rodale Institute

Rodale Institute is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to pioneering organic farming through research and outreach. For over sixty years, we’ve been researching …

Meanwhile, this email thread reminded me of what the Birmingham Zoo did with its elephant, rhino and hippo manure, which is great on vegetable gardens. They just hauled it all to a concrete pad at the end of a dirt road coming into the zoo, and Birmingham residents, including me, went there with our pickup trucks and shovels to the packipoo mound and shoveled it into the truck beds and drove home and put it on our gardens.

Curtis & Leroy

As if something was in the wind,

pelican pooping

a letter to the editor in today’s Key West Citizen –

County should abandon plans to burn yard waste

Monroe County Commission should immediately abandon the ideal of burning yard waste from residents on Ramrod Key.

The current practice of shipping yard waste to Broward County to burn and release as carbon pollution into atmosphere is an insult. At a cost of $840,000 per year, it is an insult to the taxpayers of Monroe County, as well.

Monroe County ground up yard waste and composted it at the transfer sites in the Keys and delivered it to residents as mulch for many years. This practice must be restored; it is the only sensible, cost-effective, and environmentally appropriate solution.

Ten inches of mulch will become one or two inches of soil in a short time in the Keys. It raises yard elevations and stores carbon in the soil, grows trees which remove more carbon from the atmosphere.

If the county government wants to take action against climate change, or be sustainable, it should do it instead of talking about it and pretending to do something.

Robert Ehrig

Big Pine Key


mud dog

Mud Dawg Mike of Daddy Bones yummy BBQ behind Checkers on North Roosevelt Blvd updates – the place was packed Thursday night when I pedaled my bicycle up there for open mike just outside the front door – wrote:

Daddy Bones

Thursday night

I hope you had a good time Thursday! I saw ya I think I said Hello. But as you could see I was Busily Following my Docs Get some rest relax instructions! I absolutely Love LUMBIE Indians! I broke down in Lumberton NC in 1981 with 50$ in my pocket and no idea what the hell to do. Those folks were the most generous fun loving helpful people I had ever met in my young life. I am sure you could tell I was genuinely pleased To have them in our place! Sorry I didn’t have time to speak at ya more! Feeling bit better daily Doc appointment the 19th to discuss options in treatment will let ya know how in goes.My birthday is APRIL 27th no matter what its going be a REAL OLD FASHIONEDS SOUTHERN PIG PICKIN KEGGER That will goe down in The annals of Conch Lore for generations to come! Might have to invite Jerry Springere for this one!

Last night from Mud Dawg:

Michelangelo [in middle]


Kwpd got him jacked up at winn dixie right now!! 10.26 pm


Sloan you gotta rethink and give a little credit to the 2 KWPD officers who handled Mike angel last night at winn Dixie! Very polite Went out of their way to leave Mike alone. Problem in first place was SOME PIECE OF SHIT LOWLIFE DIRTBAG BUSYBODY ASSHOLE with no damn life called and complained Mike was there in first place! HEY FUCK WADS You moved to key west we used to be REALLY proud of fact we minded our own damn Bizness! (not that I am little bitter or nothing). Big ole corn fed black officer with baby face Nicest cop I have met on kwpd in while and Little skinny dark haired white cop Both As I said as unhappy about busy body messing with mike angel as I am. JESUS CHRIST PEOPLE MIKE FOR IN THE EURO THEATER IN WW2 HE CAN SLEEP WHERE EVER HE WANTS HE EARNED IT! thanx to the 2 really cool kwpd cops for getting it too!

I replied:

Agree, Michelangelo should be left alone, but not because he is a WW II vet. He should be left alone because he doesn’t bother anyone. Same can be said of other people who live in their vans in Key West, some of whom are Vietnam vets, as if that should make a difference. Who invented the rule that a person’s home has to be a house, condo or apartment? A Native American cannot live in a teepee? Any American cannot live in a van? What if a van is all an American can afford for a home? What’s wrong with city officials and police and anyone who has a problem with a person living in the only home he/she can afford, even if it’s only a tent? If that person is not bothering anyone else, other than psychos who have decided to define what is a home and what is not? Hell, the psychos’ distant ancestors lived in caves. Maybe they should remember their roots. Maybe their ancestors lived in vans, as per attached sent in yesterday from a No Name Key amiga.

old hippies

There is a lot of unused roadway and land in the interior of Higgs Beach Park, where poor Americas could park their vans and night, pitch a tent at night, and would have, I imagine, in another time, and perhaps will in a future time, when things ain’t so rosy.




Jesus decries the  money changers

a blast from the past came across my bow recently, I first saw in circa 2009:

I cry out from my within my soul, a place filled with such grief that only
my subconscious ventures there
Out of fear of never returning from the guttural screams and wails, I
awake only to find the world to which I am returning, the war that is not
The principalities, the powers, the unseen,
Einstein measured math and explained the unexplainable.
There is no formula for this world though, the war between good and evil.
It was attempted , the explanation many and many times in the past
with the Koran, the Bible, the tribal languages.
In writings and in generations passed down time and again.
The invisible weapons.
The Indians trying to explain a gun to the village.
No comprehension, no words to describe the terror of it.
The tribe saw his fear as he explained in terrifying images,
the death of his friend and brother.
The village looked on. Was he crazy? He tried so to convince them.
He warned them.
He knew the weapons would come on the shoulders of the evil warriors.
Calling for the heads of the Indians on a platter,
like John the Baptist, delivered.
Where were the laws of the U.S. then? Where were the Courts?
What was the difference? They called for the heads to be delivered on
They still do.
The principalities, the powers of darkness, calls for heads everyday.
And unknowingly you choose your side.
When the Indians, the homeless, the children are not worth standing and
fighting for, you have become a tool of darkness, watching the deliverance
of the Saints.
“Don’t be surprised when they hate you”, said Jesus, “for they hated me
first without a cause.”
But that is terrifying. Who wants to be hated?
We run a popularity contest in the U.S.
We can’t win, can’t succeed without our friends. Then what would be the
measure of our worth?
Jesus said his saints would be like the salt of the earth scattered abroad.
Some have lost their savor. How many are left?
Few, outnumbered, holding the ground, fighting the wars of the unseen.
And the village hears of the weapons and can’t imagine, so they prepare not.
How do you prepare for the unbelievable?
“Only with God, the armor of the Lord, and the Holy Spirit”, says Jesus.
But these words are pungent in the ears of the Christians, the civilized.
“No heads are called for”, they say. Yet they are, by Satan everyday.
And the idle stand by and do nothing as the saints are delivered,
And the idle claim innocence of the blood of it all,
because they carried not the gun to slaughter the Indians, the Jews, the
homeless, the children, the Saints.
But I tell you truth, idle ones, you are guilty!
You chose not to engage in the battle and the battle engaged you,
knowingly or not.
When you said, “No”, to the chosen, you said, “Yes” to Satan.
You said, “Yes, Satan carry on and deliver him on the platter, but I want
no part of it.”
You watched the slaughter but raised not a word in protest.
Fear of losing the popular friends, fear of becoming the salt of the earth
scattered about and preyed on by Satan and his devouring angels.
Why would Satan destroy one of his own? Of course not.
He would not target the idle, who allow him to deliver the heads on the
The ones he despises are the workers of God, the salt of the earth.
Where is their army, where is their law?
We believe we live by rules. We live by rules other than those we see.
The rules were written, they tell us the price.
They are written in the Bible, in the Holy books of old.
We read with our lips and see with our eyes but believe not in our heart.
Or we would become the salt, the persecuted, sawn asunder, living in
caves, destitute, beheaded, tortured in prison and so the Book goes.
And so the sale is void. There are no takers.
They want none of the hardships of the Lord elect.
Those promised, those delivered.
The idle fall by the wayside, planted shallow, planted on rocks,
Yielding nothing but thorns.
And Jesus says, “It is hard to kick against the pricks.”
The pricks of the fallen, the fence walkers, they will not choose a side.
The side is too torturous that bears the eternal promise.
The other side, Satan’s side, is full of success, victory in this world,
and awards and accolades.
The elect sleep without a home, without a country, alone with our wounds
with only God to comfort us.
Speaking to the unseen as our only friend.
“Too hard” the idle say. “Not appealing.”
Then go and take your reward. Sit alongside as they deliver the heads on platters,
And know…. you will have your reward! For it is written.
It can’t be seen, but it is explained in the Book, the Bible;
You have chosen even if you refuse to.
You have chosen if you are not engaged.
You are not the salt of the earth if you are comforted, and popular.
No words of Jesus offered prosperity.
No words of Jesus have offered rewards here on earth.
Jesus spoke of trials and tribulations, and persecutions on earth.
Only above from the Father in a world yet to be seen, will our efforts be rewarded.
In a world Einstein could not explain.
In a world where the formulas work, but no man can figure them out.
In a world too grand.
“Do you understand how I hung the moon and the stars?”, said God.
“Then how can you understand things greater?
They only heard from the Indian, who had seen the gun.
They didn’t recognize the evil ones who carried it.
Nor did they know when the evil ones would come,
or how many there would be.
But the heads have been called for and surely they will be delivered,
as always.
And the platters with the blood will be full,
And your hands will not be clean if you sit idly by,
And you will be rewarded with your portion for the killing.
It is written.

Sandy Downs, Cudjoe Key

Sandy Downs

For comikal relief, saw this on Facebook yesterday:

Tis so funny about America right now

On days like yesterday, during nights like last night, in my sleep and dreams, I wish people who come up with laments like the one above could hear and see and feel what I hear and see and feel. Then, they would have an entirely different view of being screwed. Entirely different.

Devil or Angel 2

The highlight of my day yesterday was taking in “The Great Beauty” at Tropic Cinema. It’s about the second fall of Rome, with a few (just barely) sprinkles of sunshine scattered in. No prisoners taken. Zip. Nada. Highly recommended for the elect and all apostates.

Sloan in collar

Sloan Bashinsky

P.S. After publising the above, I thought to check and see if there were any new comments since yesterday to the latest Charles Eimers article at, which can be reached by clicking on this link:

Charles Eimers Preliminary Autopsy Report Released

I found this comment, to which I replied:

The trend toward government coordination of civil
and criminal investigations to enhance its enforcement efforts is accelerating. Parallel criminal and civil rights investigations are fundamental in determining if any crimes were committed prior, during or after the death of Mr. Eimers.

It’s important that a clear, detailed and accurate finding is made regarding the appropriateness and legality of the conduct employed by the police officers who chased, subdued and arrested Mr. Eimers

The Office of Professional Standards needs to conduct a thorough administrative investigation regarding the tactics and techniques employed by the arresting officers.

Obfuscating and obstructing an investigation through a cover-up or the destruction of evidence are felonies.

Leadership is lacking in getting to the truth behind the ‘how and why’ of Mr. Eimers’ death.

FDLE appear to be doing their job. It has been my experience that they are perfectly capable of coming down on the side of truth, when facts supported by the evidence determine their investigative outcome.

However, I’m concerned by a bevy of FDLE findings that have supported police involved killings, when an initial review of the evidence showed wrong-doing in these police shootings.

If one of my police officers or Marines killed someone under questionable circumstances, I would not rest until the truth were known in its entirety. Accomplishing this mission in a complete, objective and expeditious manner would be the priority of all those under my command.

Fear, hesitancy and bureaucratic gridlock on the part of those charged with protecting and serving the ‘people’ are repulsive characteristics.

  • Agreed, John. But who hired these KWPD police officers? Who hired him who hired them? Who is saying zip? Who set the standard for how KW police treat homeless people, for which Charles Eimers was profiled by the first officer who accosted him, who passed that profile on to other officers? Your mayor and city commissioners set that standard, John. Please do not forget, John, that the coconut don’t fall far from the tree..

    Again, here is a link to the video of the “takedown” of the suspected homeless man who allegedly had to be wrestled to the ground:


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