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psychiatrist interviews

Jerry Weinstock, M.D., Psychiatry, retired, a self-taught sea biologist, replied to the outer mole and cruise ship parts of yesterday’s  Key West’s Bahama Village needs to get more than occasional fallen crumbs from the table, for a change; Truman Waterfront needs a little commonsense, for a change; dirty filthy ravaging sea monsters need to be told to find some other seaport community to despoil, for a change post at

Sloan: I knew we were paying out tax money for the
Cruise industry and Historic Tours—-
what a bunch of immoral low life’s
so corrupt —such liars—if one’s only
value in life is more money —it is truly
sorrowful,,,the world is laden with
meaningful things other than money,
I see enormous beauty every day,
and read good books —which do not cost
all that much—and I swim and have good
companionship and friends and work for good causes.
anyone can do all that –most of it is free.
decent health is more important than $$$$$.
There is music too —–DeeVon is a kind-ring
spirit –so are you–right !!!! ——Jerry

I replied:

Hi Jerry and Donna –

You two are the only people known to me, besides me, who publicly called for a total ban on cruise ships from Key West. Sadly, DeeVon Quirolo and her hubby and Reef Relief did not do that. Instead, they tried to reform the cruise ship industry, and had one cruise ship company employee on their board of directors and took donations from that cruise ship company. As the Quirolos eventually learned, keep your friends close and your enemies closer did not work for them. The Quirolos and Reef Relief were the Keys and Key West’s first line of defense against cruise ships. They should have led the charge against cruise ships calling on Key West. As should have Last Stand. As should have Jolly Benson. As should have Eliot Baron. As should have the Key West Chamber of Commerce. As should have the city commissioners and mayors of Key West. But none of them did that. Just you, Donna and I did that, as far as I know. On cruise ships, you and Donna are my kind-ring spirits. The others are wannabes, or traitors, as far as Mother Nature is concerned.


Jerry and Donna replied:

Hi Sloan: Unfortunately you are accurate: if the cruise ships DEPARTED
I would get drunk in celebration for the first time in my
80 years ——-what a DISASTER they are –obscenities!!
the absolute touch of Evil–Cruise Ships!
we may stand alone but we are RIGHT !!!!!!
hope my book doesn’t get me killed !!
I have much to live for—all the best to you
we will not waver,,,,Jerry and Donna

I sent this P.S. before they replied:

This below is in today’s Key West Citizen. My comments trail.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014
TDC funds can go to coral restoration projects
Foundation maintains tourists come to the Keys for our reefs

Coral reef conservation groups received a huge boost Friday when the Monroe County Commission approved using local grant funding for coral nurseries and restoration projects in the Florida Keys.

The commission’s ruling will allow the groups to pursue hundreds of thousands of dollars a year in Monroe County Tourist Development Council (TDC) funding.

“These projects are extremely important to our environment and economy,” said Commissioner George Neugent, who has been pushing for TDC funding of coral projects. “The reef is the number one reason people come to the Keys.”

The commission approved the use of funds after the state attorney general ruled that coral nurseries and restoration work can receive TDC funding. The county commission asked for the opinion in July after the Coral Restoration Foundation of Tavernier twice applied for TDC funding but was denied.

The foundation applied for $98,000 for the 2012-13 fiscal year, and $72,500 for the 2013-14 fiscal year.

Neugent wanted the county to classify the coral nurseries and restoration sites as underwater “zoological parks,” which would make them eligible for TDC funding. Under state statute, zoological parks and nature centers can receive TDC funding.

Last year, the Coral Restoration Foundation replanted 10,000 basketball-sized staghorn corals on the reef. The group’s founder, Ken Nedimeyer, wants to double that number this year, he said.

“People come to the Keys to dive and fish, and both are dependent on a healthy coral reef,” Nedimyer said. “This is a great way to use TDC money.”

The Coral Restoration Foundation has requested $115,000 in TDC funding for projects this fiscal year.

Neugent and Nedimyer have both argued that ecotourism in the Keys has become a big business.

Amy Slate’s Amoray Dive Resort in Key Largo regularly offers dive trips to Nedimyer’s nurseries and restoration sites off the Upper Keys. Mote Marine Laboratory also regularly takes visiting divers and scientists to its coral nursery and transplant site off Big Pine Key.

“More than a thousand people come to the Keys every year to work on these projects,” Nedimyer said. “They leave with a very unique experience, knowing that they have made a difference. They see the results.”

The Florida Keys have seen more than a 36 percent decline in coral cover since 1996, and the world has seen a 25 percent loss of all corals in the past 30 years, according to reports.

Staghorn and elkhorn corals were listed as threatened on the federal endangered species list in 2005, as those species have declined by up to 98 percent throughout their range, which includes the Keys.

Mote Marine Lab also plans to apply for TDC funding for its coral nurseries and replanting sites, said Jason Wolf, who oversees fund-raising in the Keys for Mote.

Mote conducted a major outplanting of coral from its nursery in 2012, when scientists planted 600 staghorn corals at four sites near Looe Key and American Shoal, according to Erich Bartels, Mote coral reef science and monitoring program director.

Mote is the first coral conservation group to successfully rear and transplant mountain star and boulder coral “skins” on the reef.

In March, 220 lab-raised coral skins were placed on the calcium carbonate shells of dead boulder and star coral. Mote hopes the skins will eventually cover the entire hulking skeletons.

“It’s an investment in our environment, our economy and our way of life in the Keys,” Wolf said of the county commission’s decision to allow coral projects to receive TDC funding.

My comments:

The three of us need to apply for TDC funding to assist our efforts to get cruise ships banned from Key West, so said sea and reef killers will not murder the various coral nurseries in the Keys, not to mention the little that is left of what was a huge living coral reef. But to have any chance of getting such funding, we need to create a non-profit corporation with a snazzy eco-rescue name, to cause Commissioner Neugent and the rest of the County Commissioners and the TDC to be mesmerized into believing we are the living corals’ best friends ever in all of time. Since “Reef Relief” and “Last Stand” are already taken, what about “Kill the Mother Fucking Sea Monster Reef Killers for Mother Nature’s Sake, Inc.”


Mother Nature enlargedwild queen conch

Jerry and Donna replied:


Yesterday also brought another love letter from Kurt Wagner,


who says he is coming back to Key West to resume his vicious evil van dweller criminal ways, but while he’s on leave down the the Virgin Island, he’s still keeping in touch. Most of his recipients are Key West city officials and local and mainland journalists.

Subject: Cruise Ships or Sea Monsters(as Sloan calls them)
Date: Mon, 3 Feb 2014 13:12:26 -0600

I’ve been following the Cruise Ship controversy for some time now. Once you read past all the hyperbole, what does it all mean? Widen the channel and destroy more of the reef, or not widen the channel and try to save what’s left of the reef? Keep using the Outer Mole and lose money while making HTA richer, or not use Outer Mole and save money and the hell with HTA. In February and March there are only four days with three ships in port. Most days there is only one ship and this is the busy time of year. Why does the Key West City Commission insist on keeping Outer Mole if not because someone is making a buck from it.

In another line of thinking, why does Key West need cruise ships? Who benefits from the ships? The first to benefit is HTA. Would anyone on the island miss the trains or trolleys that clog the narrow streets? Then there are the bike and scooter rentals. They would lose some of their business. Next would be the bars. I have to wonder who owns the bars on Duval St? They can’t be making much off the cruise ship tourists. They have to head back to the ship by 3 or 4 o’clock. Then there’s the t-shirt and trinket shops. Most likely they benefit more than any other business. Who owns them? How about restaurants? They can’t be getting much from cruise ships. Why eat on land when meals are free onboard? Not to mention the food is way better than most restaurants in Key West. I’ve been on many cruises. I would guess 90% of passengers are cheap. What other vacation is there for less than $100/day.

What would the island be like without them? I feel the island would be a better place. In reality Duval St. bars and restaurants are only busy in the evenings. These aren’t cruise ship passengers. These are tourists who fly or drive to Key West and patronize the hotels. These are the tourists who eat in restaurants three meals a day. These are the tourists who have money to spend. Without cruise ships you could safely ride your bicycle on Duval St. in the afternoon. Without cruise ships the streets would be safer not having to worry about junky trolleys and trains. Without cruise ships fly or drive in tourists (who spend money) could enjoy Duval St. and Mallory Square. Without cruise ships there’s no reason for the panhandlers to be there during the day. Without cruise ships maybe Duval St. wouldn’t resemble a flea market. Maybe that alone would bring in more tourists to stay in hotels.

So you have to ask yourself. Who benefits from cruise ships? Only a select few of the “elite”. I lived in Chicago for 41 years. I know dirty politics. I also ran for and won an election. I know from experience NO government entity, whether Federal, State or Local, does anything with out some one making money from it.

Kurt Wagner

I replied to Kurt, copied to ALL:

sheep herd one black sheep

Well, Kurt, this is all nicely thought out and swum up the obvious deserving orifices, but your efforts, sincere and diligent as they are, continue to be tainted with a disturbing theme of trying kill them softly, and I continue looking forward to you pulling out all stops some day, sooner is best :-)

Perhaps this heretofore unpublished charitable contribution to my the beatings will continue treasure trove from my New Zealand amiga at Harpoon Harry’s provides the necessary incentive (last broke straw) for you to soar to your true disagreeable black sheep potential, rendering you forever totally distinguishable from the indistinguishable herd sheep :-)

Baa Baa Black Sheep

Kiwi Kiwi do not weep.
Was not me that shagged that sheep.
Was an Aussie second class
that fucked that baa baa up the ass.

Bon appetit,


Hatman chimed in yesterday on a Higgs Beach beer bash:


good morning Sloan. thought you might be interested in reading this message. this community is so corrupt that it is just nuts. At Higgs beach for so long now the KWPD and MCSO have busted homeless folks mainly but others as well for having a beer and now we have a local organization that will be SELLING beer and people consuming beer at the same place, all in the name of charity. Nothing like selective enforcement !!
Rodd, the Key West Hatman

Date: Mon, 3 Feb 2014 08:12:32 -0800
Subject: Message to Friends of Higgs Beach

flying squirrel

Hello Friends of Higgs Beach!

I wanted to extend a great fundraising offer to all of our Higgs Beach constituent groups for this Saturday.

The Ragnar running relay will be ending their 200 mile event throughout the day at Higgs Beach and the Friends of Higgs Beach Board has volunteered to run the beer garden at the finish line. We expect to raise over $4,000 from this single event for Higgs Beach, but need some extra help from our “Friends” to cover the shifts.

At this time we are looking for 5-6 volunteers and will be offering those individuals a $250.00 portion of the proceeds to be designated/donated to the amenity of their choice at Higgs Beach. This means a dog park, pickle ball, volley ball, garden club, playground, etc. volunteer can earn a $250.00 donation and direct it to future enhancements in the park area of their choice. This is a first come first serve, so please respond to this email for more information and registration.

Thank you,

Michael Behmke
The Friends of Higgs Beach

I wrote back to Hatman:

Hi, Rodd – received this flying squirrel too.

I was on this committee’s progenitor and resigned because it looked like I was going to run for mayor and I felt that would be a conflict of interest and said so at a committee meeting, which was my last attendance. The original committee was co-chaired by County Commissioner Heather Carruthers and City Commissioner Teri Johnston.

Heather led the charge in calling homeless people vagrants, and she let others on that committee get away with that and truly mean-spirited comments about homeless people. Behmke was not one of them, but he clearly wanted Higgs Beach redesigned in such a way that no homeless people could even set foot on it, much less sit or lie on it.

When I saw you in the parking lot next to the old playground the other evening, there were two families with three children between them in the new fenced in playground on the beach side of Atlantic Blvd, which playground is off-limits to adults not accompanying small children. Those three children looked like they were lonely and miserable.

In the old playground cross the road were quite a few families with lots of children playing and seeming to be having a great time. That’s the playground Behmke and others in Heather’s and Teri’s committee kept saying nobody was using because the equipment was all rusted out and no longer was any good or safe.

Well, if it was no longer safe, why didn’t the benevolent friends of Higgs Beach get it closed to the public, like the county closed the new playground when one smallish branch fell out of an Australian pine and nearly struck a small child. Adios to all of those old Aussie pines in the new playground, even though they took a couple of weeks to be sawed down and chopped up, so tough were they, that they would have outlived even those kids in all probability.

They planted some small replacement tropical trees in the new playground, which will be past my departure from this planet, perhaps past yours too, perhaps perhaps Behmke’s, before there is the shade under them that the R.I.P. Aussie pines had provided. The remaining nearby Aussie pines, with the same carpenter ant bore holes in their cores, are still standing, but there is always time for the human carpenter ants led by Behmke to get them mowed down, too.

As for the booze fund raiser, yeah, that’s about as two-faced as it gets. They could have had a key lime pie booth instead, or if they really wanted to be absurd extreme, a conch fritter booth, or a green turtle burger booth at the finish line for all the carbo-ed out runners needing to refill their calorie tanks.

However, regardless of how two-faced it is, I am not going to get dragged into trying to get the city open container ordinance rubbed out, and the reason is, I am not going to do anything that might make it easier for homeless people to continue to drink themselves into oblivion. When they do that, they don’t do themselves or God any good; in fact, they are useless to God when they are drunk. Ditto for their mainstream booze-loving counterparts.

As for,

“At this time we are looking for 5-6 volunteers and will be offering those individuals a $250.00 portion of the proceeds to be designated/donated to the amenity of their choice at Higgs Beach. This means a dog park, pickle ball, volley ball, garden club, playground, etc. volunteer can earn a $250.00 donation and direct it to future enhancements in the park area of their choice.”

maybe you and I should volunteer and get to pick etc. and fill in that blank, which for me is a shotgun loaded with bird shot to blast this flying squirrel clean out of the sky :-)


A vicious van dweller criminal threat to Key West residents and tourists’ safety and health took this photo yesterday at Higgs Beach,

parrot pic 2

after I, worried that the birds were a threat to the safety and welfare of Key West citizens and tourist. asked the vicious criminal if he thought the woman carried liability insurance in case one of the birds bit off a tourist or kid’s finger. The bird to the left, a cockatoo, is a known biter and delights in breaking the city’s sound ordinance at every opportunity, which I learned when his keeper had him out there day before yesterday. That bird did not disappoint yesterday, either.

When, I asked its keeper if it had pecked its own chest bare of feathers, she said yes. I asked what would happen if the bird was allowed to regrow its wing feathers and then was released into the wild, say on Little Torch Key? It’s keeper said Cockatoos are from Australia, they mate for life, fly in flocks of 500. If she released the bird, it would be terribly lonely and would quickly be killed by a predator. I said I wondered if that would not make the bird happy, maybe it didn’t like being in captivity. Its keeper said that would not make her happy. I said I knew that, but I wondered if it would make the bird happy? Its peeper said there are millions of this bird in captivity in America, and I felt all of them should be killed by their keepers? i said I only wondered how the birds feel about it, I’d been locked up and I hated it and would rather be dead than locked up again.

About then, the bird started breaking the sound ordinance and strutting and expanding its feathers, and I said it seemed to agree with me, and I didn’t say earlier that I speak several parrot languages.

The bird keeper told me about a similar cockatoo which had pecked out all of its chest feathers and was pecking out its breast meat and threatening to damage its own heart, and a leather vest was made for it to stop it from pecking out its own heart. I was thinking of the obvious intent of the bird to kill itself because its heart was broken in captivity and loneliness for its mate. The bird keeper bragged how that Cockatoo was placed with a bird keeper in Pennsylvania and was happy as a clam learning to do all sorts of tricks with bird toys and learning to speak.

I asked if Cockatoos can speak people words? Oh, yes. Many words, hundreds. They are really smart. The bird in question with the pecked-out breast feathers broke the city sound ordinance a few more times, really loud screeching, no pretty song, nor smart people words – just annoying noise. I pedaled off on my bicycle darn glad I am not that tormented bird.

At the upper end of Higgs Beach is a city wild bird rescue center, which, every time I went in there had lots of rescued birds which had been injured so badly they could not be returned to the wild. The center does return rescued birds to the wild, who make full recovery. However, it is my opinion that nearly all of the birds which cannot be rewilded are being tortured by being held in captivity. Don’t take my world for it, go to the wild bird rescue center and see and hear for yourself, and as you see and hear, ask yourself how much you would like being one of those birds? Also ask yourself how much fecal pollution in the water at Higgs Beach is caused by rain runoff from that wild bird rescue center?

What a beating I got in dream time last night

cracked egg

over  my not having yet added the latest installments to the seemingly never ending

page showing in the header of I will make the new additions to the tail of that tale shortly. Meanwhile, to folks who say they love and want to get to know God better, I say maybe you should check yourself into the nearest insane asylum.

cuckoo's nest

My pardon, if you live in Key West – you already checked yourself in.

ship of fools

Sloan Bashinsky

the beatings will continue

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