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holy fire 2

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Welcome home, Kali

Kali, Hindu Goddess of destruction and resurrection, kinda a female version of Jesus, kinda

In my last dream this morning, I was headed somewhere about something having to do with tantric practices, which are found in Yoga and Buddhism. I have my own view of what tantric practices mean, which simply is:

The people I engage in this or that earthly dance, we each have our respective roles to play, and if we each do our own parts, then there is spiritual advancement for each of us, and perhaps something occurs in the earthly dance, which otherwise would not have occurred. If we don’t each all do our respective parts, then those of us who did our parts still advance spiritually, but those who did not do their parts regress spiritually, and the earthly dance may be altered away from the outcome which could have happened if all had done their respective parts.

pelican pooping

With that in mind, today’s features start with my observation in Banks Prevatt’s Dump the Pumps camp, who oppose use of grinder pump sewer systems in the lower Keys anywhere gravity sewer systems can be used. In that camp are two men who are very knowledgeable in that area of critical concern, who, so far, have refused to put their faces and names on any email correspondence on this topic, and who, so far, have said they will not be at this Friday’s special County Commission meeting on this topic, Harvey Government Center, Key West. The reason these two men are behaving in this way, they both told me, is because they work for either Monroe County or Florida Keys Aqueduct Authority and fear being fired or otherwise retaliated against if they go public with their opposition to grinder pump systems anywhere gravity systems can be used.

I told them both that I have a big problem with people who want help but wish to remain anonymous. I have not publicly identified them so far, and I may not identify them. However, their “testimony” before the county commissioners this Friday would be powerful because of how much they know about grinder pumps and gravity systems. Their testimony would be all the more powerful because they work for the public agencies which keep telling the Dump the Pumps camp that grinder pumps are as good as, cheaper than, and as environmentally safe as gravity systems, which, based on what these two men have shared privately with many people apparently, is a big fat lie. These two men’s testimony also would be all the more powerful because they would be putting themselves at risk by testifying in public and stating where they work, under whom, and their fear of retaliation, however the truth must be told.

Sometimes unexpected good things happen for people who put themselves at risk for the greater good. Sometimes not. Only by putting themselves at risk do they find out. Many times have I written in posts: there is no place in the Kingdom of God for cowards. I do not mean when cowards die, they go to hell and burn there forever. I mean, cowards do not enter the Kingdom of God in this life.

Here is a recent email from one of these two insiders, which Banks Prevatt shared with many people. I hid the email addresses only to prevent the recipients from receiving Spam.

From: bigepinefl@____________
To: Bgprevatt@____________
CC: wdrabinski@__________, dgeebee@_________
Sent: 1/24/2014 9:28:29 A.M. Eastern Standard Time
Subj: Fwd: Fw: posted to CT

Forwarded from Anon, a posting he submitted to Coconut Telegraph today.

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Anon Emus <halloween@___________>
Date: Fri, Jan 24, 2014 at 8:54 AM
Subject: Fw: posted to CT

It all started with the personal affront of a forced easement, heavy electrical cost burden, and unreliable service of individual grinder pumps in a forced central sewer system. If it was all about the money, the decision to go with grinders instead of cheaper, more reliable, and vastly more environmentally safe vacuum sewers as an alternative to gravity made no sense. As we looked deeper, we came to realize that the engineers responsible had virtually no experience in LPS sewer design or operation, and were being “educated” by the E-1 grinder pump salesman, who had no experience in LPS sewers of such size and complexity because none exist! Here was an obvious recipe for disaster, and it has come to near fruition. We focused first on the evils of grinder pumps in general and the E-1 brand in particular, which led us to discover that the pump is individually incapable of pumping fast enough to keep grease and solids from gumming up the top or settling out on the bottom of the sewer force main pipe. Because they only pump for less than a minute in normal operation, the very common short streets will seldom see more than one pump working at a time. The flow rate is also not fast enough to push the inevitable sewer gas pockets through the pipe which will result is air locks (air binding). As we looked deeper, we found that the same residential E-1 grinder pumps were being used in area lift stations! They are not explosion-proof and are entirely illegal and a public safety hazard in such an application. We looked deeper still and found that many of the trunk sewer force mains throughout the system are also in danger of catastrophic blockage due to lack of sufficient flow velocity! In intermittent operation, they need at least 3.5 ft/sec to re-suspend settlements which they will never see. The same applies to the forcemain under Niles Channel and others, which has no containment casing! In case of a blockage, what is the first thing the emergency service crew is going to do? Apply higher pressure! We checked and discovered that the force mains are not even tested to the maximum pressure developed by the little E-1 residential grinder pumps! The pipes are bedded in gravel, like a French drain or your septic tank drain field, and will accept an amazing amount of finely ground raw sewage slurry before distributing it into the shallow tidal water along the trench and hence to the nearshore waters. This environmental disaster sewer system must be stopped. Visit http://dumpthepumps.comto sign the petition and learn more. If you can, donate something there to further the legal action.


To the above, I add that it was said at a Dump the Pumps steering committee meeting I attended a couple of weeks ago, by someone I figured ought to have standing to say it, that the next paragraph below is how County Commissioners George Neugent and David Rice are making decisions on Dump the Pumps’ plea for gravity sewer systems wherever feasible:

George and David estimate how many votes they will lose in the lower Keys, if they stick to the current sewer plan for the lower Keys, and they estimate how many votes they will gain in Marathon and the upper Keys, if they stick to the current sewer plan for the lower Keys, and if they guess they will lose 1,000 votes in the lower Keys, but gain 2,000 votes in Marathon and the upper Keys, that decides how they vote at this Friday’s County Commission meeting. It has nothing whatsoever to do with what is best for the lower Keys, or for the Keys. It has only to do with votes.

When I shared that perspective with a Key West person yesterday, who knows George Neugent and David Rice, that person said that is how George and David operate. I am not naming that person, nor who said it at the Dump the Pumps meeting. They are receiving copies of this post today, and they can name themselves, or not. Suffice to say, they are movers and shakers in the lower Keys. They have clout. And they really do not like grinder pumps.


Truman Waterfront

moving westerly from the lower Keys, an email from Christine Russell prompted by my publishing her and my earlier email correspondence in yesterday morning’s  Key West’s Truman Waterfront: crown jewel or rubble? post at www.goodmorningkeywest.com:

Christine Russell
Sloan –
Recall your question to me on the park:
What do you want on Truman Waterfront, Christine? Leave everyone else out of it. What do you want it to be?
And that was my response to you – my ‘dreamy’ response – leaving everyone else out of it. I of course would want to consider the Navy because they gave us the land and leaving them out would be disrespectful – sort of biting the hand that feeds you. This is why I did not include any boats or some other features – this was my dream park – just as you requested.
But we may as well live in Neverland … 13 years and counting….not the park most ‘dreamed’ of.
And a restaurant in Building 103!!! where the h— did that come from? Oh I remember – that was part of the mega-yacht marina with the 5 star pool the public was not going to be allowed to use, and a restaurant possibly also a ship store to support the mega yachts – so they did not have to mingle with the underlings in town (I will dig out my docs for that project).
A discussion of Building 103 needs to take place! TWAB needs to bring that topic to light – out in the SUNSHINE. Never was a restaurant suggested at ANY of the charettes OR the meeting in the Douglas gym
over the past 10 years.

I replied:
Hi, Christine,

I wanted you to leave everyone else out of it, and was glad you did. I replied to yours, and then you came back with this which I feel qualifies, if not rejects, what you wrote from your heart. You did the same thing the other day.

I wish you would stop doing that. You usually do it at city commission and other public meetings, too, during citizen comments. You speak from your heart, then you backfill it with sugar, cya, qualifications. It’s not becoming, fetching, and it sends double messages.

Bob Kelly replied to my post today, which included your dream Truman Waterfront and my response to yours. His is down below, followed by reply to his.

Love and kisses,


New comment on your post “Key West’s Truman Waterfront: crown jewel or rubble?”
Author : kwshoes (IP: , c-76-108-231-248.hsd1.fl.comcast.net)
E-mail : kwshoes@___________
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Bob Kelly
I ran into Christine last night on the sidewalk outside of Aqua. She and Brian were heading downtown. Janet and I were at Aqua to help Tom Luna celebrate his 60th birthday.

I met Christine ten or more years ago at a meeting at someone’s home set up to discuss organizing what was to become the Hometown PAC. She was already an activist and I was a relatively new arrival to Key West seeking to find out more about what went on and was then going and what might be going on in the future. I had enrolled in the Ambassador’s program in 2004 after recently returning to our fair city following a two year sojourn back in the frozen north.

Over the years we have remained in touch, and particularly so when I was briefly a member of the Truman Waterfront Advisory Board for about six months during 2012. Christine and several others, including Richard Tallmadge, had formed the Key West Commoners in the hope of organizing some things that could be done quickly at the waterfront with very little expense, things like an outdoor market, impromptu musical events, kids games, and the like. They had also contacted Project for Public Spaces and gotten a quote from PPS to conduct a quick study that would engage the entire community in a park-building exercise that would lead to a Lighter-Quicker-Cheaper plan that could be realized while the more formal planning and building process went forward.

Christine’s latest missive to you demonstrates her passion for this park. I share it and hope to be able to enjoy the park in the years that I have remaining at 74 years old.

You asked Christine what she would want at the waterfront. It’s everything that I would want and more than I’d even thought about. I would add to her vision tables for chess, checkers and dominoes, a croquet lawn, bocce courts.

The city is moving very rapidly to demolish the Navy Mess Hall, even though it is part of the 6.6 acres that Clayton Lopez has recently come to realize is being taken away from the citizens of Bahama Village. During my time at TWAB I could see that happening and tried to alert Clayton and the City Commission to that fact. My warnings received only shrugs and fell on deaf ears.

Now the Waterfront Advisory Board and the Bahama Village Redevelopment Advisory Committee are being primed to hold a joint meeting to hash out what to do with the 6.6 acres. The BCCLT plan died with the demise of that organization, but reservation Architect Bert Bender redesigned a scaled-back plan that would have achieved some of the objectives that were incorporated in the BCCLT plan, including a community center and other community spaces. Right now, though, that plan is impeded by the “temporary” soccer field which is about to get $170,000 worth of rehabilitation; the Waterfront Advisory Board unanimously recommended that the rehab <strong>not </strong>be carried out. It has often been the case that the TWAB recommendations are over-ridden by the CC. It was and is a frustration to me that the Commission uses the TWAB for cover and then goes ahead and does what it wants.

On a different note, if anyone thinks for a minute that Ron Deems is out there pitching warnings on his own, they clearly don’t understand how things work in the military. Ron is the senior civilian official at NAS Key West. He reports to the NAS Commander and so far has had the Commander’s backing and that of other Navy officials up the chain of command. It is naive of the City Attorney to advise the City Commissioners that they can ignore Deems’ advice about what needs to happen to ensure that the Navy command staff will continue to support the City’s plans. He (Smith) may have some sort of legal justification to say what he did on Wednesday, but following his advice and twisting the tiger’s tail is done at some risk, nay at GREAT risk, to the City and the hoped-for park.

With an election coming in the Fall, citizens may have to take action to change the makeup of the Commission by electing candidates who will right the sinking ship that is our dream park and set it on a safe course.

All the best,
Bob Kelly

I wrote back:

Hi, Bob – thanks for your thoughts and comments on what I know is, and has been, a painful journey for you.

I, too, like Christine’s dream design for Truman Waterfront. And, I like adding chess, checkers and dominoes tables and benches, a croquet lawn and bocce courts. Perhaps also shuffle board, horseshoes and badmitton (spelling?).

I imagine with just the 2 of you running this show, it could be settled and put in place rather quickly. Too bad we don’t have a 2-person city commission deciding how to do Truman Waterfront, and you 2 are it. I would not wish the rest of the crapola the city commission deals with on you 2, though, although maybe I should. Maybe you 2 would cut right through all of that, too, like a pair of barracuda cut through a school of mullet.

I also agree that it was not terrifically smart to blow off Ron Deems. I told someone sitting beside me, after it became clear that he was going to be blown off and he did not then go quietly by any stretch of the imagination, that he represented the 800 pound gorilla and that should not be ignored.

Whether or not the voters view themselves at an 800 pound gorilla when it comes to the fortunes or misfortunes of the city’s current elected officials, remains to be seen. If citizens who are steamed up about Truman Waterfront return to office this year any of the incumbents standing for reelection, that might indicate that the voters are not an 800 pound gorilla, or they are not really steamed up about Truman Waterfront.

I could say the same for the city voters and their sentiments about the dirtiest worst possible cruise ships calling on Key West since long before I arrived in Key West, which was late 2000. I suppose what I’m getting down to saying is, action speaks louder than words.


Also yesterday, Mike Tolbert of Daddy Bones’ yummy BBQ, located behind Checker’s on North Roosevelt Blvd

Daddy Bones

is throwing a fund raiser today for Frank Decker, a former Daddy Bones employee who was sideswiped on his motorcycle in Key West by a motorist. The impact ripped off part of Frank’s left leg and injured his heart and other body parts. He was literally saved by local paramedics and kept alive until reaching, via helicopter, a Miami hospital, where he hovered between life and death for some time before starting to come around. The fundraiser begins at 2 p.m. today and runs until. There will be food, drink, music and perhaps other entertainment which might be interesting. Mike don’t always do things by the Mary Poppins book :-).

mud dog

As for the jabber, Mike wrote yesterday:
OK your friend christines idea for a park is just great. I can only imagine how many more jack booted thugs Donnie Lee [Key West’s police chief] will need to enforce a dress code that excludes any body deemed undesirables! As for the powerboats! LEAVE THEM ALONE they are the nost fun and profitable event in key west. I wish they still ran 2 events a year! The arrogant whiney yachtys can go. sure would make a lot of people happy to replace quantum with another REAL race by superboats!

I replied:
I, too, wonder how many police will be required to harass homeless people in the new park, if such ever comes to life at Truman Waterfront. Personally, I still like the RV campground idea, which is not mine, I can’t recall now who suggested it. They have a lovely park right next door, Fort Zach, which is homeless person free because of the small entrance fee.

As for the power boats, given what all kinda horsepower you have working at Daddy Bones, I can’t imagine you needed any more excitement in your life :-). Even so, I don’t see even the slightest snowball chance in hell that the power boats will be ousted by park lovers, although the way the power boat magnate acted recently, apparently making up that he was being courted and wooed by other Florida coastal cities, might have been a harpoon shot up his own ass and out his mouth.

Love and kisses,


Mike wrote:
yea when Al Copeland died a lot of the class in powerboatracing died with him. He is surely. missed around here. STILL drive to mainland every now and then for POPEYES FRIED CHICKEN.

Also today, an article from Key West the Newspaper – www.theblueppaer.com – with several readers’ comments, including some from moi:





President Obama says that he wants to make income inequality– the growing gap between the richest and poorest Americans– the defining issue during 2014. He points with alarm to the fact that distribution of economic gain is increasingly favoring a small percentage of the population– those who are already well off. Duh! Why would anyone find that surprising, much less somehow illogical? But to Obama, it is simply unfair for a corporate CEO to be paid hundreds of thousands of dollars a year, while a high school dropout working at a fast food restaurant makes minimum wage. And in the president’s mind, that can be fixed by simply taking money from those in our society who have figured out how to be successful and giving it to those who haven’t figured it out– in essence, redistribution of wealth.

The fact is, however– except maybe in Sherwood Forest– taking from the rich and giving to the poor is not going to have much impact on the problem of income inequality. What would make an impact is somehow helping the dropout in the fast food restaurant simply “figure it out.” I have lived for a number of years and I have concluded that “figuring it out” is what life is all about. How hard is it for young people to figure out that they will do much better in life if they at least finish high school and don’t start having babies in their teens? Those who can figure it out up to that point should also be able to figure out how to go to college or trade school. Granted, it’s easier to figure it out if you have parents and/or others to coach and encourage you.

Yeah, yeah, I’ve heard all the crap about how, if you are born poor, you will almost certainly stay poor. Bull! My father died when I was five and my mother struggled for years just to provide the basic necessities for her two kids. But despite our situation, she told us over and over again that we could be anything we wanted to be in life and that the first step was education. She always assumed that my sister and I would go to college– and my sister and I also assumed that– although we never discussed how we were were going to pay for that.

From junior high on, I figured out how to use part-time jobs to pay some of my own expenses– important stuff like ball gloves and bicycles. My very first job was as a soft drink vendor at Tiger Stadium in Baton Rouge. My mother helped me get my social security card. I also worked at an ice house, bagged groceries, delivered flowers and shelved books at the county library. And I had several paper routes. When I graduated from high school, I had to figure out how to finance college. I was able to do that for a year with part-time jobs, but I soon figured out that this was not going to be sustainable. There was a draft back then and I figured out that I could volunteer for the draft, serve my two years and the GI Bill would then pay for my college. Once I had a college degree, corporations actually recruited me to come work for them! What a concept! Later, when I pursued advanced degrees, I found that scholarships and grants were readily available.

Does what I did mean that I am inherently smarter than the guy who dropped out of high school and went to work at the fast food restaurant? I don’t think so. I just made different decisions. I figured it out. And it wasn’t particularly hard. The decisions I made just seemed logical to me. But having said that, the dropout must bear some responsibility for his own decisions. But Obama wants to reward him by providing more government entitlements and by forcing his employer to increase the minimum wage. That may or may not happen and, even if it does happen, I do not share the notion that it will mean the economic end of the world. But the notion I do share is that those few additional dollars will not make much difference in the life of the dropout working at the fast food restaurant. He will still always be poor– unless he figures it out.

Having said all of this, I am hardly a role model for young people who want to become rich. I took too many “sabbaticals” to pursue adventures like spending six months in London and Paris, sailing in the Bahamas for three years and running a weekly newspaper in a small town for 18 years. But my education and experience– which resulted from the decisions I made in high school– made it possible for me to do that.

Dennis Reeves Cooper, Ph.D

Dennis Reeves Cooper, Ph.D

Dennis Reeves Cooper founded Key West The Newspaper (the Blue Paper) in 1994 and was editor and publisher until he retired in 2012. He says he has at least one more adventure left in him. He has applied to serve in the Peace Corps.


  1. Well Mr. Cooper, I do not know what your Ph.D is in, but it is a safe guess that it is not economics. For if it were, you would know that one of the constructs of a market economy is class stratification. It is a necessary component of the system. It doesn’t matter the level of your education, skill set, or talent. There is a always going to be a need to fill those “low Level” positions to which you ascribe as poor decisions leading to a life of economic depravity. So what difference does it make if you struggle to educate yourself? There is always going to be a need for workers at Burger King. Do you know that the average age of a fast food worker today is almost 30? How many of them do you suppose have college degrees? The game is rigged Mr. Cooper. Jobs and opportunity are determined by demand. Demand is determined by the amount of money consumers have to spend. The amount of money in the economy is determined by the people who make it (central and retail banks). They determine who has money and who does not. It has nothing to do with peoples ambitions or lack there of.

  2. To me, this sets a pretty scary precedent. Don’t want to work? It’s ok, cause we’re gonna take money from all those big bad rich people and give it to you anyway.
    My dad, born poor in rural Oklahoma, worked his butt off for 50 years and saved enough to retire. Not any fancy retirement, but comfortable. Their insurance company dropped them once Obamacare was implemented. They attempted to sign up for Obamacare but the cost to them would have been $1000/month with a $10,000 deductible. So basically, my dad worked and saved and now gets to spend his retirement money subsidizing health care for the people who dropped out of high school.

    It doesn’t seem like this system encourages people to make more of themselves, only to become fully dependent on government handouts.

  3. Aw, Daves, I know people who did not get college degrees and ended up millionaires, by the sweat of their own brow and wits, and they did not run drugs or guns to do it. Maybe if our grade, middle and high schools taught kids a trade, required fluency in a foreign language, ability to touch type, fluency in computers, maybe they would not go to work for Burger King, run drugs, rob banks, become addicts, end up living on the street. Or under the care of a psychiatrist. Or dead. BTA, I majored in Economics at Vanderbilt, minored in Business Administration, then I went to law school, then I went to tax law school. I proved for a fact that such education is no guarantee to being rich or happy or successful. The US Government and American corporations proved that all the economic theories I learned at Vanderbilt where futile in a country which prints more new money whenever it runs out of money, to pay for stupid wars on drugs, poverty, other countries … and to pay for anything else it wants but cannot afford …

    • Sloan… and I bet that at no time during your impressive education did they teach you the FED is a private, for profit corporation that creates money out of thin air. Or, that the commercial banks do the same thing with fractional reserve banking. And that the owners of these banks, yes, they are one and the same, control the money supply, and hence commerce, governments, and the world. He who controls the gold controls it all, wouldn’t you say? So all the booms and bust, recessions, depressions, bubbles, et al., are all manufactured events, for the express purpose of accumulation wealth and power; a simple but oh so reliable paradigm. You just read that 85 people are wealthier than half of the worlds population. In what universe is that result of hard work or education? 45 million Americans are on food stamps. In what universe is that indicative of the American Dream? The system is rigged, manipulated, and corrupt. For every rag-to-riches story you bring forth, there are millions of broken dreams and lives to counter.
      B.S Michigan State, M.A. Michigan, Ph.D Florida, all in economics. B.S Florida (finance) for good measure.

      • Yes, I know about those things, too; and I know there is no such thing as a free market where the economic theories I learned at Vanderbilt have a chance of trying to prove those theories are true. I also know G.W. Bush financed his 2 wars by lowering taxes on the rich and printing more money in one or more devious ways, and it looks to me that his hope/change Democratic successor followed suit overseas and at home is printing money for what he wants to buy. Of course, when the President or Congress or the Fed counterfeit US greenbacks, in the various ways they can do that, it’s legal. If you or I do it, and if we get caught, we go to prison. I sometimes wonder what Bill Gates, for example, will do with all his money? I sometimes wonder why he joined up with IBM instead of with Apple which had the better product? Maybe if Gates had “partnered” with Apple, instead of IBM, we’d have cold fusion today, star drive. I bet I can tell as many personal broken dreams stores as just about anyone. I have never blamed it on the US Government, though; nor on any government. Nor have I ever begrudged anyone who make a fortune though hard work and wits. I don’t care for greed. I don’t care for employers not paying a fair wage. I don’t care for beating up on poor and/or down and out people. I still believe it is more blessed to give than to receive, which is not an economic theory I learned at Vanderbilt.

    • It is like trying to teach quantum physics to a five year old.Liberals don’t want to understand. How many Mc D’s of Burger King flippers went on to become $ 500,000 per year managers ?? Many. My friend is a area manager of a Mc Donalds in Connecticut. He started on the grill when he was 16 and now makes $ 500,000. per year. No he does not work 40 hours a week ( more like 60- 80). Also my friend Don Smith started flipping burgers behind the counter back in the 60?s. He then went on to become the president of Burger King. He is on the front cover of a 1980 Fortune Magazine cover.

  4. In my experience and observation, liberals and conservatives don’t understand that you don’t print money to pay for things you want but cannot afford. Liberals have one wish list, mostly not shared by conservatives, conservatives have a wish list, mostly not shared by liberals. I get all sorts of political forwards, mostly from conservatives, bashing liberals for their economic wish lists/spending policies, but never do the conservatives fess up to what they have done to bankrupt America fiscally. If America were a corporation, it would have been put into receivership years ago, and would be overseen by a US Bankruptcy Court. I have a dear, ultra conservative friend, M.I.T. grad, PhD, inventor, engineer in private sector after he stopped teaching at M.I.T. and working at Oak Ridge. He and I, of course, disagree about plenty, but we agree, the wheels are going to come off Train USA and we both hope we are not still here when it leaves the tracks.

  5. Sloan, Fred… what both of you don’t understand is that affordability has nothing to do with money. Affordability should be put in terms of resources. Money has been turned into a commodity unto itself. Rather than a representation of value, it has become value. Money is used as an instrument to ration. It has nothing to do with need or necessity; it has everything to do with greed and oppression. What do politicians say for example when they make cuts to education: we can’t afford it. Really? Is there a shortage of teachers? books? school buildings? land on which to build? the resources required to make all those things? No, there is not. there is just no money. But money is created out of thin air. it is unlimited. So how can we not afford something due to lack of money? Affordability should never be discussed in terms of money. So next time you hear that the government is screaming poverty and has to cut food stamps, health care, infrastructure repair, etc., ask yourself why? If the resources are there, it is affordable. If the money is not, it is willful greed and cruelty that is responsible. Money as debt is a shameful paradigm, and is in fact a Ponzi scheme. Why do we pay for our own money? Should not the government supply the money, interest free, as the Constitution requires? If they did that, guess what, no national debt. no booms and busts. no depression, recession. resources would be made available on the basis of need. opportunity for those that want it. what a concept, huh?

  6. Earth to Daves, Earth to Daves. If you don’t have money, you can’t afford, hmmm. to pay rent; therefore, hmmm, you live with friends or relatives, or in a homeless shelter, or on the street, or, hmmm, in a jail, or prison, or, hmm, in a cemetery or heaven or hell, or wherever. You’d know this, Daves, if you’d ever not had money, and were unable to make money, and had lived on the street. If you don’t have money, you can’t afford, hmmm, health insurance, either. The list goes on. I suppose we could discuss this subject a few thousand years and nothing would change other than we might die and be reincarnated a few or more times. What’s going on in USA goes on everywhere on this planet. It has gone on for a very long time. Even before there was money, it was going on. Poor Americans today can only print as much money as they can borrow or get from their credit cards, if they have such, or steal. Pretty much the same applies to less poor people, middle class people, upper class people, corporations and local and state governments. And also to Uncle Sam, except he don’t ever have to pay any of it back; he gets to keep it all and print (borrow) more money, and that great big fat chicken is gonna come home to roost some day, and, as I wrote yesterday, I hope I ain’t here for it. Meanwhile, all I can do is deal with what is dead in front of me, sometimes it’s pretty fun, some times it’s not fun at all. It’s all a play with different actors playing their different parts. Dennis Cooper sure did set off a commotion in the hen house when he dropped his latest egg. Journalism indeed can be a contact sport, and for old farts like me, who can’t play football or rugby anymore, it can get pretty interesting sometimes.

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