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rainbow on duval

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homeless bust

First today, reports from me to the mother of a young woman presently residing in the county jail on Stock Island, the next island up US 1 from Key West. The first two emails were written last night. The third, this morning.

Hi, Debbie –

I visited with Alyssa tonight. Maybe we talked half an hour and seemed to run out of things to say. I said I might be back next Tuesday night, and maybe I will be able to make her court hearing this Friday morning at 8:30 before Judge Miller, which is the second trespass case. Perhaps Judge Miller will give Alyssa time served, which she said is what happened with the first trespass cases. The trespass cases sound trumped up to me, as Alyssa described it, but that’s how some KW police are behaving.

The stolen cell phone case is what concerns me. Alyssa said she was with the boy who did it and she told the cops that and they arrested her. She said the boy already has been sent to prison. That seems quick. I know Alyssa’s lawyer, Maggie Guterriez (spelling?) somewhat, she used to work for the Public Defender. Alyssa said Maggie wants out of the cell phone case because of the second trespass case, and Maggie threatened you and your husband with a restraining order for calling her on the telephone to much.

I told Alyssa that I think she needs a different lawyer, and I would tell you to contact Robert Cintron in Key West, don’t have a phone number, he should be able to find via Google. I know him personally. He might not be able to take Alyssa’s case, because he represents the Key West Citizen Review Board, which is the public watchdog over the KWPD. However, he is well-known and liked in Key West and he might steer you to a lawyer he feels is best for Alyssa. Perhaps his law associate, Hugh Morgan, who used to be a U.S. Magistrate. Perhaps another KW lawyer.

I like Alyssa, she seems genuine to me, did not seem to dodge any questions I asked. She said you and your husband have money, so I hope you can get her a lawyer who will see this through, and that you can transport her out of here when the legal system down here allows her to leave this jurisdiction. I told Alyssa, if she gets out on bond again, she said she doesn’t want that, it’s too easy to get arrested if she has no place to stay, that she needs to stay away from Duval Street entirely. There is a youth hostel here where people can stay for up to 14 days, and it’s relatively inexpensive, perhaps $35-40 a night, if you bunk in the dormitory rooms. Seashell Motel is the name of the parent company. You can Google it.

I told Alyssa, once she is cut free down here, she needs to get out of here no matter what is going on with her boyfriend; they can link up elsewhere. She said that was her plan. I guessed she was a Rainbow kid, and said it, and she said yes. I said I knew rainbows before she was born, when I lived in Boulder, Colorado. She said she loves Boulder. KW likes rainbows less than regular homeless people, due to some rainbows, or they called themselves rainbows, coming down here over the years and behaving rudely, arrogantly, demandingly, etc. I had my fill of those “rainbows”.

Doesn’t sound like Alyssa or her friends are like that. She said the word was out that KW was a great place to be homeless, so that’s why they came down here, only to learn it is a terrible place to be homeless. She said she skateboarded all the way down here from Clearwater, not counting getting rides over a couple of bridges, including the Sunshine Parkway outside of Tampa. From the Sunshine Parkway, they went down to Naples, then across the Tamiami Trail, then down to the Keys, the down to KW on skateboards. I suppose there were some places they had to walk. Even so, that has to be a story to tell on TV talk shows, as well as what happened after they got to Key West.

Apparently, one cop down here is on a crusade to bust as many homeless people as possible. Frank Betz, a new cop, Alyssa told me. She said Steve Mitchell busted her for the first trespass, but she has gotten to know him and likes him and vice versa. I’ve heard rough reports about Mitchell harassing homeless people, busting them, jailing them, but apparently Betz is in a league all by himself, as Alyssa described it.

The first trespass case was for sleeping on a beach, after they had been turned away from KOTS, because it was full. That was Mitchell’s case, I think. The second trespass was for standing two feet into private property next to the sidewalk on Duval Street. I imagine several hundred such trespass cases could be made any day and night just off the Duval Street sidewalk. No trespass warning given, arrested and jailed. Alyssa said there were related charges of open container. Bets believed open containers had contained booze. Maybe they smelled that way. Alyssa said she does not drink alcohol, maybe that will stand up.

Well, that’s not the serious case. The theft case, which Alyssa said has been reduced to a misdemeanor, is the serious case. Whether or not is has been so reduced, I don’t know. I hope you and your husband will see to it that she has a lawyer who will stick with that case and get Alyssa squared away with the legal system down here and out of here.

I questioned her re how she is being treated in the jail. She said she is okay in there, other girls, women are not hitting on her. She really did seem not to want to be out of jail until all the legal stuff is cleared up and she is free to leave the area.

I told her there is a reason she and I met, but I don’t know what it is yet. We talked some about what the angels running me might do about this. I said it would be nice if said angels put the fear of God into the KWPD and the city officials, like, cause them to hope they are homeless, instead of what the angels suggested they might experience instead, was my suggestion, coupled with I don’t have any say so over what the angels do; they tell me what to do, not the other way around. They had me meet Alyssa tonight, and I’m glad I did.

I rode my bicycle up to the jail tonight, and before I went into the jail, I dropped by KOTS. It’s full tonight. They turned a few homeless people away. It’s chilly down here tonight, it rained several times today. The homeless people are wet and cold, their belongings are wet. That drives more of them to KOTs at night.

Anyway, pedaling back to where I stay, I found myself wondering what sent Alyssa on the road? She’s been traveling a lot, hitchhiked back and for across US twice, she said. Rainbows travel a lot, they are kind of like Gypsies, kinda like. They are today’s hippies, sort of. I knew many rainbows when I lived in Boulder. I was not drawn to it. I was far weirder, and moving considerably beyond there.

Rainbows I knew were disenfranchised, disillusioned with America, society, humanity. So, they started their own tribe, or tribes. Alyssa said she and her friends have had good experiences, mostly, in their travels, in places they stayed. Key West, however, is different. Bad different. Unbelievably different. I said she and her friends need to get that word out on the rainbow grapevine.

There are better places for kids like Alyssa to be, than here. Key West is not nearly sophisticated enough to appreciate real rainbow kids. And, rainbow kids like Alyssa are not nearly sophisticated enough to appreciate the kind of people running this city.

The movie “Easy Rider” comes to mind. Two bikers make a killing on a drug deal in southern California and set out for south Florida, perhaps for the Keys. Along the way, they picked up an unhappy lawyer who was being transformed until he was beaten to death by rednecks with baseball bats. Reaching Florida, the two bikers were gunned down by rednecks in a pickup truck.

That’s sort of how it goes for rainbows who come to Key West.

I told Alyssa that I used to tell young rainbow kids in Boulder, who were using various psychotropic drugs/chemicals to take trips, to escape what they didn’t like going on their lives and in the world, that there are lots of creatures out there in the spirit realms just itching to hitch a ride on those kids backs and come back with them with those kids being none the wiser.

I told Alyssa that I told those kids the only safe way to trip using psychotropics is under the wing of an adept shaman. They did not believe me, but I had been there, I had seen some of those creatures, and I told those kids the truth, and that was something else Alyssa needed to get the word about to the rainbow tribes.

I know some interior spirit technology I could share with Alyssa, which I shared with a number of kids in Boulder, which they could use to have non-drug assisted experiences with the beyond, without getting latched onto by something they didn’t want riding their backs. These internal exercise produce external effects, as well as internal effects. However, there is no way to predict or control the effects which the internal exercises provoke.

Maybe I am to share that spirit technology with Alyssa, for her to use and share with other rainbows. If enough of them got into doing the internal work, that might make things a bit more interesting in America, perhaps elsewhere. At the very least, it might make things a bit more interesting for the kids who use the internal spirit technology. I will have to see what the angels have to say about that.

Alyssa said tonight that she wanted to see what I wrote about her and my visit tomorrow. I said I would send you a copy, to mail to her. I also gave her my street address and phone number. Maybe this email will be in my report tomorrow.



Re what I told the rainbow kids in Boulder about my having been out there and seen some of the creatures – I told those kids, and Alyssa, that I never used psychotropics. It just happened. Alyssa said the Boulder rainbows did not believe me. I said that was true, they did not believe me.

Here’s a poem which came to me when I lived in Boulder, in September 1993, not long after the heavens had opened to me, not long before I started meeting rainbow kids:

Rainbows know no master,
Fueled by Father Sun
they touch Misty Earth
only Heaven knows where.

Rainbows are more shiny than silver
and more brilliant than gold,
more valuable than diamonds
and more precious than pearls.

Rainbows paint heavens beautiful,
make angels sing.

Rainbows are you, and me,
full spectrums of Infinity
blazing across Eternity.

Rainbows are now.
Another poem came a little while later:

Black is white,
White is black,
When they fuse,
Rainbows bloom.

Then things started getting really interesting …


Morning, Debbie –

Several items …

In my dreams, the “Board of Adjustment” nixed my teaching Alyssa the interior technology. She and I talked some about God, she seemed okay with that “theory”, and best she simply ask God to help when she needs help, and best she simply asks God to lead her, correct her, etc., which is how I do it now, and for a long time.

The youth hostel might not be the best place for Alyssa to stay, if she has to stick around KW for a while after she is released. I have stayed there. Many of the residents are on something, or somethings. Heavy drinking, marijuana, other substances. Alyssa said she does not use drugs. She had gotten into Florida Keys Outreach Coalition’s program after being released for time served on the first trespass charge. FKOC does urine screens on new clients, and random urine screens once they get into that program. So, that suggests Alyssa is high on life and not on chemicals.

She said the fellow who stole the cell phone out on the beach was a drug addict. I asked what she was doing with him? Then, I said, she was trying to help him. It was not a question. She said yes, she is always trying to help those types. I said she needed to stop doing that; she will not be able to help them, only God can do that. I said in the old days, AA and NA knew that, it was in their 12 Steps, but as time passed, God was taken out of the 12 Steps because so many people didn’t like the word God. Alyssa agreed. She said her boyfriend was in jail, and that was why she was hanging out with the drug addict.

She’s going to have to give who she hangs out with serious thought. Back when I conversed with rainbows, many of them were using lots of beer, marijuana, psychotropics. Many used tobacco. They viewed it all as coming from Mother Nature, and their natural right to use, some even quoted the Bible and God giving Adam and Eves the herbs to use. But that’s not something I, or you and your husband, are going to be able to bring off. It’s going to be up to Alyssa, how she goes in life. If she let’s the “Board of Adjustment” lead her, she will go okay. Her rainbow friends might wonder what’s happened to her, some of them might be inclined to follow suit, probably most will not.

Probably the best place for Alyssa to reside, if she has to hang down here a while after she gets out, is FKOC or Samuel’s House. However, she was in FKOC when she got charged for the second trespass and jailed, and I don’t know if they will let her back in. That would be up to them. Samuel’s house might let her in there, as she has not been in that program yet. It’s similar to FKOC, but only for women, and women with children. FKOC has programs for men and women, but I don’t think they include parents with children.

I do not recommend KOTS for Alyssa. If you had been out there last night and seen how many people were there, how crowded it was, the pathetic way most of them looked, their lives are hard, they are not having much fun, you would not want Alyssa staying there nights. Then, out wandering around Key West days, waiting for KOTS to reopen in the evening. Alyssa might be tempted to try to start saving them; it won’t work. She might be tempted to run with them during the days; it won’t work.

What got Alyssa arrested for trespass the second time was she was leaving FKOC as soon as they unlocked the doors in the morning, 5 a.m., and heading to Duval Street to hang out with other kids. They were busted for trespassing probably before sunrise.

This really is not a nice place for kids like Alyssa.

One place Alyssa could hang out during the day and be okay is Lighthouse Ministries, run by Jai Sommers (spelling?), whom I know somewhat. Yet, ongoing, Alyssa needs to be making ready to leave here and not come back, is my best advice. There is too much here that could get her, and kids like her, in serious trouble.

One Human Family down here means you have a regular job, or you have money some other way, and you pay rent or a mortgage. If you fit into that, then you are okay. Otherwise, you are vermin to be exterminated.

It is my sincere hope that the “Board of Adjustment” deal with the powers that be down here, but what they do, or don’t do, is beyond my ken and control.



I noticed at KOTS last night, that the monitor was picking and choosing who he let in for the night, from the line of mostly homeless men hoping to already get into the crowded facility. First come, first serve was not being used. I asked some of the people in line if it went that way usually, and they said often it did when KOTS is crowded; people with jobs get preference. I said I saw the monitor let in a couple of men I know who do not have jobs, who were not at the front of the line. KOTs regulars. Shrugs.

From KOTS, I pedaled back to Key West and stopped off at Daddy Bones BBQ just behind Checkers on North Roosevelt Blvd.

Daddy Bones

“Mud Dawg” Mike was there, so I reined in my trusty, not yet too rusty blue steed, to chew the fat with Mike and his staff. One of the new girls working there last night had seen me at the jail and asked if that was me? Yep, that was me. She was visiting a friend residing there.

I wondered how much money it is costing the taxpayers to prosecute and jail people like Alyssa? But I wanted to have some fun, so I didn’t say it out loud at Daddy Bones.

mud dog

Mike is a really interesting fellow. Born in Key West, he grew up elsewhere. Then, he came back to Key West. Once, he and his lady Pat, or PJ, just up and “quit” and rode bicycles from Key West to California. Then back to Arizona. Then, they’d had enough of that, and got back into mainstream. PJ runs the counter at Daddy Bones, when she’s working. She was not there last night.

Mike brought up the noise ordinance commotion, which is going on in city commission meetings. I said the redneck way to fix the problem is to pass an ordinance giving Code Enforcement and the cops the power to simply shut down any establishment making too much noise, even a church. Make everyone leave. No prosecution. No lawyers. No judges. No trials. Just shut down for the rest of that day and night. They can come back the next day and open for business again. Mike said one shut down and after that any establishment would have its windows and doors closed.

As for bass, that is simply outlawed. It penetrates, travels for blocks. Vehicles playing bass are stopped. Driver and passengers gotten out. Towing company called. Vehicle hauled off to wherever. Driver has to deal with the rest of it.

Harleys and other motorcycles revving their enginges, drivers are stopped, gotten off their bikes. Towing company called. Same procedure.

I suspect I might say that at tonight’s city commission meeting, during citizen comments on that agenda item.

Last night, Mike again said I need to run for mayor. I said tell me about how he will manage my campaign without me participating. He said he manages Daddy Bones without his partner participating. It will be much the same. I said that sounds hilarous, plausible denialibity for me, Mike just takes it upon himself to try to get me elected, him and his crazy friends. They have no control over my campaign bank account, which never in the past received a single campaign donation other than from me. I never asked for donations. I didn’t want donations. I didn’t want anyone to be able to ask for a favor because they have donated to my campaign.

Mike wrote to me later last night:

oh yea


This is all Mike’s idea. I did not egg him own.

He said last night that he would love to see the look on my terrified face the morning after the election, and I had won. With friends like Mike, I need no enemies.

I still think it should be a capital offense to run for any public office. I still think the voters should write in on their ballot the person they want to be elected for any given office, and it should be a capital offiense for a person elected in that way not to serve the office.

Write-ins don’t have bank accounts.

Meanwhile, some Mike Facebook madness yesterday:

I thought to myself last night, as I pedaled here and there, that everywhere I go on my bicycle, I’m bumping into somebody, or something is happening, which I would miss if I were in my car. I wonder if any of the city commissioners or the mayor even have a bicycle?

Sloan at Coco's

Sloan Bashinsky

Just after this post was published, this below came in from Christine Hunter, who, with her husband Charles, and their dog Chaos got top billing in yesterday’s God’s One Human Family vs. Key West’s one inhumane family – I keep hearing on the street that the Devil loves to vacation in Key West, where his disciples do the really hard work for him post at this website. Our planed meeting yesterday afternoon had to be put back because Charles had to work yesterday afternoon.

Date: Wed, 22 Jan 2014 06:06:31 -0800
Subject: Ideas for improvement
From: mrshunter102011@gmail.com
To: ccates@keywestcity.com
CC: mrhunter102011@gmail.com; keysmyhome@hotmail.com

Dear Mr. Cates,

I am contacting you in reguards to the cities no lodging ordinance.
I am sure there has been many emails sent to you about this subject but I know I have many ideas that would greatly help solve these issues.
If you can take the time to read my thoughts you may find a positive out come too.

First, I would like to explain that the no lodging ordinance infringes on the American peoples civil rights.

If you go to my source: www.fbi.gov. You will see what the federal laws are.

Title 18, u.s.c, Section 241
Conspiracy Against Rights

This statue makes it unlawful for two or more persons to conspire to injure, OPPRESS, threaten, or intimidate any person of any state, territory or district in the free exercise or enjoyment of any right or privilege secured to him/her by the constitution or the laws of the united states, or because of his/her exercised the same.
It further makes it unlawful for two or more persons to go in disguise on the high way or on the premises of another with the intent to prevent or hinder his/her free exercise or enjoyment of any rights so secured.
Punishment varies from a fine or imprisonment of up to ten years, or both, and if death results, or if such acts include kidnapping or an attempt to kidnap, aggravated sexual abuse or an attempt to kill, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned for any term of years, or for life, or may be sentenced to death.

Deprivation of Rights Under Color of Law

Section 242 of Title 18 makes it a crime for a person acting under color of any law to willfully deprive a person of a right or privilege protected by the constitution or laws of the United States.

Title 18, u.s.c., Section 242

Whoever, under color of any law, statue, ordinance, regulation, or custom, willfully subjects any person in any state, territory, common wealth, possession, or district to the deprivation of any rigjts, privileges, or immunities secured or protected by the constitution or laws of the United States, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than one year, or both, and if bodily injury results from acts commited in violation of this section or if such acts include the use, attempted use, or threatened use of a dangerous weapon, explosives, or fire, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than ten years, or both, and if death results from the acts commited in violation of this section or if such acts include kidnapping or an attempt to kidnap, aggravated sexual abuse, or an attempt to kill, shall be fined under this title, or imprisoned for any term of year or life, or both, or may be sentenced to death.

These are federal laws and this city is in violation of both in many areas.

I have already been threatened by the city of key west police department for acting within my legal rights. Which there is video footage that can be presented to you if you require this evidence.

Also, according to the Bill of Rights, Amendment VIII, excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted.

Your city is also in violation of this law.

I have heard from sources that this city claims that people who are dwelling in their vehicles are a hazard to the eco sytem and public. If human waste is a concern then would it not make more sense to provide port-potties and garbage cans?
There is nothing on A1A, and even tourist are affected by this.
The only bathrooms available to people is Smathers beach.
But it is amazing to me that when there is a marathon there are tons of portable bathrooms. But not for the locals and tourist. I personally have used this walkway and needed to throw dog poop away and there was not a garabage anywhere for miles.
To top that off there are not reststops for travelers all up and down the keys which is a long ride.

This is a hazard in its self because if one becomes sleep deprived, then they would be a dangerous hazard to all persons. And your city laws and police enforement are guilty of endangering the public on more than one count.In my opinion, there are easy and cost affective ways to solve these issues without harm to tourism. These ideas are great for the city and visitors.

1) Overnight parking programs
churches can open parking lots at night. And no hassle to anyone who is peaceful and following rules. And no violation from police infringing on rights to privacy.

2) Vacant parking lots can be used for overnight parking programs.

3) Use eco friendly porto potties all a long A1A and garbage cans and recycle.

4) Have volunteer programs for homeless and vehicle dwellers. Such as help with public gardens, clean streets, and waste.

5) desiginate a free camp ground for homeless on foot where they can safely use tents and have small camp fires. Of course I would reccomend that it be equiped with rules of the norm. No alchol, drugs, liter, ect. And regular police checks without infringing on rights to privacy. You could use solor shower bags and train and educate the people about being eco friendly.
There are plenty of people who would love volunteer their time.
Just these few things would be cost effective and great for the city in every way.
I know that humane efforts can bring in positive results to any city.
One more thing is food, clothing and othe sanitary needs that charities have a hard time with can be resolved. Have donation boxes around the city from clothing to food to sanitation. The public will love you for thid and it cuts down on cost for donated money so that it can be used else where.

Anyway that is all for now and sorry for goofy spelling errors using my phone to type all this.
Thank you again and blessed be.

A1A and garbage cans and recycle. Also

Sloan note:

The Sheriff will not let vans park overnight at KOTS. No Key West neighborhood will stand for a homeless tent camp nearby. I lived in a homeless tent camp in Key West, in the wetlands across from Smathers Beach, back when that was allowed. I was the only sober camper. Some of the stuff I witnessed at night in those camps was horrible. There are public bathrooms at Higgs Beach, in Bayview Park, in the Martin Luther King Center, at Mallory Pier. They are open from around 7 a.m. until 11 p.m. I think the public bathroom at Simonton Beach is locked up. There is a privately-owned public bathroom at Key West Bite, across the parking lot from Half Shell Raw Bar.

Then, this came in from a fellow also featured in yesterday’s post:

From: kccwoodworks@msn.com
To: keysmyhome@hotmail.com; kwhatman@hotmail.com; dlee@keywestcity.com; tyaniz@keywestcity.com; ccates@keywestcity.com
Subject: G M Key West
Date: Wed, 22 Jan 2014 08:14:49 -0600

Interesting reading in “Good Morning Key West” today! [yesterday, actually] The story and video of Christine and Charles Hunter truly explains the plight of the homeless/”home on wheels” in Key West. It seems to me the obvious solution would be to let those of us who sleep in our vehicles would be to let us park at KOTS.

After watching the video, at least these three “Key West Finest” were polite. I’ve never witnessed that before! But as usual they were not helpful. “I’m only doing my job” I ran across a video on you tube this morning that should be shown to all Key West police. From JosieOutlaw.com ” Cops Watch Out” www.youtube.com/watch?v=v-w9QuYRVE4

Then, this came in from Alyssa’s mother:

Thank you for visiting Alyssa and for all of the good advice you gave her.

It didn’t take you long to figure out her downfall…her need to help people. It has happened so many times, the exact situation. She sees the good and potential in these people and wants to try to help them, but, the result is always the same.. they end up bringing her down instead of her lifting them up. She is a great girl, really great, but she has always “taken the road less travelled”, which is not necessarily a bad thing. She is so intelligent, fun, creative, empathetic, and capable. She loves science and was all set to go to Eckerd College in St Petersburg, FL to study marine science. She even got a nice sized scholarship. Then, in her senior year, things started to fall apart. She was hanging out with really bad people. And, she was not truthful with you about her use of drugs. She began using drugs heaving in her senior year of hs and would have gotten kicked out, but for the fact that she went to private Catholic school, that was more willing to let her get help, rather than punish her. After graduation, we moved our family down to FL for the summer (we have a house by Clearwater) to get her away from the dirtball drug dealer she was hanging out with in NJ, so that she could actually make it to college in the fall. Well, the plan didn’t work out, as she found a new dirtball drug dealer in Clearwater, began to use drugs even heavier, went through her whole life savings ($4000 which she had made working as a lifeguard), he had her working as a stripper, and she never made it to college. We left Florida brokenhearted, she stayed. A month or so later, we got a call from a friend of hers telling us how dire her situation had become, that he was afraid for her life. My husband and I drove down immediately and found her and told her she needed help, and she agreed to go to rehab. I took her to a rehab in Utah, where she stayed for 45 days. She then stayed out there, lived in a sober living house and attended outpatient treatment. She came home last Christmas to NJ to visit, then went back on 1/1/13, then overdosed on heroin on 1/3. She is lucky to be alive. Again, she was hanging out with this homeless heroin addict (I think he was gay) and sneaking him into her room because he had nowhere to stay. He introduced her to heroin. She was taken from the hospital back to the rehab where she stayed for 60 days. We went there and got her last March and brought her home to NJ. She did well for around two months, attending outpatient treatment, got a job, going to the gym daily, attending NA mtgs, hanging out with “sober friends”, then she got back with the town dirtballs and began using again. We asked her to leave our home, she made her way back to Florida with a good friend who owned a moving company with his family. She worked with them for a few months, travelling all over the country. She liked it, seeing new places and being with her friend. Then, one day, she told him…I need to go “find myself” and left to go live as a homeless person on Clearwater beach. Told him to give her stuff away to goodwill. There she hooked up with some hippie guy who she travelled to KW with. We last saw her in August.. she looked terrible, dirty, hair not brushed, same clothes everyday. That is not the Alyssa we know. She was always very concerned with her appearance.

I agree that she has to “find herself” , her true self. She “is” whatever the people she is currently hanging out with are. She certainly is unable to stay content in one place for too long. It’s sad, because she has so much potential and had so many hopes and dreams for her life, but she has gone severely astray. I would love nothing more than to have her come home, but …we’ve been there, done that..and it didn’t work out. There are too many very bad influences for her here. And she will not be able to stay away from them, despite her desire to do so. We hired Maggie Gutierrez for her, because she had been accepted into a program through the jail called Care 4 U, it was (no longer exists), 4 month program included free psychiatrist, therapists, group counseling, drug testing, and she would live at FKOC and have to get a job. It seemed like the perfect thing to help her did herself out of this hole she has dug herself into. And the public defender who was representing her was not responsive at all and she was going to lose her spot in the program. Maggie was mad that Alyssa was rearrested and now is trying to withdraw as her attorney. However, we paid her a lot of money, so I am not sure if the judge will let her out of it. Anyway, she has an attorney for the trespassing case named Anthony Barrows. I believe he is in private practice, but was assigned her case by the court because Alyssa’s codefendant in the theft case is represented by the public defender’s office, so she can’t be. I spoke to him yesterday, he seemed ok. If Maggie is withdrawn from the theft case, he will also represent her in that case. I would like Alyssa to be sentenced to some kind of rehab program in jail, but its not really up to me. I wrote a letter to the judge in the theft case, Judge Jones, telling him about Alyssa and my opinion that she needs treatment, not jail. We are not going to hire her another attorney. Nor are we going to do anything that would enable her to continue to live the life she has been living. If she really wants to get her self together, we will be there to support her. However, she seems to me to want to continue this life after she gets out. very sad, indeed.

So, that’s the true story.

Thanks again,

I replied:

Hi, Debbie – thanks for filling in the details I needed to know before I went to see Alyssa last night. What were you thinking, holding all of that back from me?


Debbie replied:

I certainly did not think Alyssa would not tell you the truth about herself. Now that I see that she did, I felt the need to tell you. I apologize, but I really was going to leave it to her. I would have thought that, someone in her situation, who has someone willing to listen to her and impart advice to her, would be honest. I guess she is embarrassed about it. Again, I am sorry. I guess it would have been better if I told you her story beforehand.


I replied:

I get to the bottom of whatever I get involved in. If the people involved don’t tell me, the angels arrange for somebody else to tell me, who knows; or the angels tell me.

Question: Are you and your husband religious? Was that an issue for Alyssa in your home?

If not religion, was there a “theological” conflict – politics, for example?

Debbie replied:

Yes, we are very devout Catholics. Alyssa attended Catholic school. Our family, including her when she lived with us, go to church every Sunday.

I wrote back:

Perhaps therein lies the root of Alyssa’s difficulties. She wants you to send her my post today. You may not want to do it. She may not like what she reads. I hope she has read it if, before, I see her again. I may be able to steer her a little, but it’s going to take a major intervention from the angels to make a difference, based on what you told me today. I have a great deal of experience in this area, going back to the late 1980s. I will do what the angels tell me to do, whatever that is. Wait a bit before you look at www.goodmorningkeywest.com. I am still working on it.

My trailing thoughts …

Based on Debbie’s revelations, Alyssa looks like yet another example of my long-held view that only God can help homeless people, addicts, seriously soul-wounded people. I suppose I will go into that with Alyssa, if I see her again at the jail. I thought maybe last night it might end up going that way. I don’t think I ever met anyone who dropped out, who was not seriously soul-injured. I have worked therapeutically with many people of various ages. They all were seriously soul-wounded. Most of them had already tried anything mainstream had to offer. Many had gone east, to those religions; gurus. Others had fled into the New Age, Arcane, Pagan religions. Others became rainbows. Others became addicts. Others became rescuers. Some became “born-agains”. Others went nuts. Others became homeless. The list goes on …

Rigid childhood religious instruction, childhood sex molestation, mental and other physical child abuse were the most common causes of severe soul wounding in people I worked with, early loss of a parent or sibling also were causes. Also, conflict between parents, addict parents. Parents living vicariously through their children. Lots of causes.

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