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Yet another shitbird of paradise praise report forward from Banks Prevatt:


Another happy resident.

Sent: 1/20/2014 11:53:35 A.M. Eastern Standard Time
Subj: Sewer

Good Morning.

Got your email gravity versus pump.

I own 1264 Rogers Lane Cudjoe and certainly would prefer gravity.

I have the misfortune to have a commercial property in north Florida with 2 X $2,000 grinder pumps that are always jamming with just toilet tissue. Sometimes I can clear the pump, sometimes they burn out.

The idea they will save money with pumps is ludicrous, they will need a man constantly driving round looking for sewage flowing onto the road.

Norman King

The Cudjoe regional sewer system being installed lies entirely within County Commissioner George Neugent’s voting district.

George Neugent

When George ran in 2010, under the campaign slogan, “Promises made, promises kept,” he said that was his last race, he would not seek another term as county commissioner. In that race, he faced political newcomer Danny Coll in the Republican primary,

Danny Coll

and beat Danny 55% to 45%, which was a lot closer than many people had expected. In the general election that year, George trounced me about 4-1. I ran as an independent.

Voter demographics on the Monroe County, Florida Supervisor of Elections website this morning. As you see with that many Others, neither the Republicans nor the Democrats have control in the Keys.

Voter Registration Statistics
As of 01/21/2014(Active Voters Only)

Republicans: 19,501
Democrats: 17,830
Others: 15,786

Total 53,117

After fending off more protests from Tim Gratz of Key West,

Tim Gratz

in the wake of yesterday’s  trolling the ocean depths: “Would you acknowledge the truth?” Tim Gratz of Key West asked me; in parallel universes, Pandora was aroused … post, ending with his charge that I had intentionally set out to damage Keys Coalition, I wrote to Tim:

… before you blunder into something else stupid, whether or not you are in on it, whether or not there is anything to it, I heard the other day that Danny Coll might run for the county commission this year, he’s been going to lots of meetings of different kinds, quietly getting himself in shape to run. This was told to me by a Big Pine Key resident. If that is so, I doubt Danny would care for you demanding that I list the ways you spun things as Danny’s campaign manager during that race, none of which would reflect well on him.

Tim replied:
It would not surprise me if DC should run again although he has not talked to me about it. We both know he would likely have won had you not closed the primary to only registered Reps. But that is water over the proverbial dam as they say. Looks to me like DC has built good relations within the GOP.
Not sure what you mean about having spun stuff freely in the Coll campaign.
I was proud that he did as well as he did.
But I like George Neugent and he has agreed to help the Coalition despite my involvement with the Coll campaign which in my book says a lot about him …

I would support vigorously your idea re very early training about sexual molestation. There is as you know a very strong link between early sexual molestation about later trafficking.

So perhaps we can reach a common accord on at least a few things. As I said I know you share the hatred of child sex trafficking as much as Connie and I do.

I wrote back:
I, too, think Danny would have won the Republican primary in 2010, but for my getting into that race, and I wrote that in at least two posts. George strongly disagreed with me. Perhaps that was why I was told by the angels to enter that race as an Independent, although entering as a Democrat would have had the same effect on the angels closing the Republican primary. You understand, don’t you, Tim, that the angels closed that primary, I was just following orders and didn’t even want to run in that race and said that in posts at my websites. However, I do not concede that Danny would have won the general election, if he had beaten George in the primary. Before you sound off again, Tim, you have no way of knowing what the angels might have come up with that would have caused Danny to lose to me.

For a fact, the angels were not happy with the Miami Cubans gaining a seat on the County Commission, and that was what Danny basically appeared to be, which I was shown in a dream, and through him having you, an Ileana worshipper, writing all those nice letters to the editor for Danny, which he signed as if they were his own own, which the Citizen published. I had to beat Tom Tuell up [the Citizen’s Editor] to get him to stop letting you publish letters to the editor banging me while you were Danny’s campaign manager, which you did not disclose in those letters to the editor, even while you were writing articles for Solares Hill.

In the first of those letters banging me, you published that I was racially prejudiced against Hispanic people; a total fabrication, for which you had zero evidence and you knew it. I knew then, Tim, just how capable you were of spinning, twisting the truth. I may never have known you were Danny’s campaign manager, if not for George Neugent telling me you were. I told Danny to have nothing further to do with you, for his own sake. I published that, too.

Not long after the general election that year, I saw Danny at some kind of music and cookout underneath Parrotdise. He said he had just sold his funeral business, or maybe it was an ambulance business, and was sitting on a pile of cash. I encouraged him to stay involved in Keys issues and to look ahead to running this year for George’s seat, since George had said he would not run again. Danny said he and his girlfriend had broken up, and I said it had been my experience that girlfriends sometimes made men really miserable, and Danny agreed. Later, I heard Danny got back together with and married her, and he sold his NAPA back to the fellow he originally had purchased it from. I’d heard from garage mechanics up that way, that when Danny owned that NAPA, it was not run well, and they traded with other automotive parts dealers mostly.

George Neugent is not doing well, he has cancer, his wife has cancer; he has behaved very badly over his lower Keys constituents complaining about grinder pumps. I hope George sticks with this 2010 campaign pledge not to run again, because I don’t want to beat him up about that, and other things, if he does run again. I don’t see me running against him this year. If Danny runs, and no other decent candidate enters that race, Danny might well win it. I doubt he would beat [former county commissioner] Kim Wigington, though, if she came out of retirement. She lives on Big Pine Key now.

I found myself telling you in my thoughts earlier today, as I was out and about on my bicycle, that when I am gotten involved in something, that is because something in it is wrong, it is headed in the wrong direction; or it is stuck and is going nowhere; or it needs more help than it has been getting. It is that way for me here in the Keys, it is that way for me elsewhere. It has been that way a very long time, and I don’t expect to see that change in my lifetime.

Whether you believe it or not is not relevant: Ken Morris has bigger fish to fry than the ones he has been frying. That was what I was sent in to tell him, and to do that I had to touch every last piece of that puzzle I could get my hands on. You, Tim, should be going after the same thing: USA trafficking War for the Devil. Perhaps the Kennedy assassination book will eventually move you in that direction, but not as long as you are an Lleana disciple. You have to be a Jesus disciple to go in that direction.


Ken Morris - 2Ken Morris was brought to Key West by Keys Coalition to speak about his ancestors, Frederick Douglass and Booker T. Washington, and his own efforts to stop child-sex trafficking and the work slave trade.

Danny Coll and Illeana are Cuban-Americans. Down below is a bit on Illena, who is part of the Cuban-American community who historically have run American foreign policy regarding Cuba. They are adamantly opposed to normalization of American-Cuban relations for so as long as the Castros are in control. Might be Illeana and her camp are adamantly opposed to normalization of relations with Cuba until they are in power in Cuba.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Ileana Ros-Lehtinen
Ileana Ros-Lehtinen.jpg
Member of the U.S. House of Representatives
from Florida’s 27th district
Assumed office
January 3, 2013
Preceded by District created
Member of the U.S. House of Representatives
from Florida’s 18th district
In office
August 29, 1989 – January 3, 2013
Preceded by Claude Pepper
Succeeded by Patrick Murphy
Chairman of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs
In office
January 3, 2011 – January 3, 2013
Preceded by Howard Berman
Succeeded by Ed Royce
Member of the Florida Senate
from the 34th district
In office
Preceded by Joe Gersten
Succeeded by Lincoln Díaz-Balart
Member of the Florida House of Representatives
from the 110th district
In office
Preceded by Roberta F. Fox
Succeeded by Lincoln Díaz-Balart
Personal details
Born Ileana Ros y Adato
July 15, 1952 (age 61)
Havana, Cuba
Political party Republican
Spouse(s) Dexter Lehtinen (m. June 9, 1984–present; 2 children; 2 stepchildren)
Residence Miami, Florida, U.S.
Alma mater Miami Dade College, Florida International University, University of Miami
Occupation Schoolteacher
Religion Episcopalian
Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (born Ileana Ros y Adato; July 15, 1952) is the U.S. Representative for Florida’s 27th congressional district, serving in Congress since 1989. She is a member of the Republican Party.
She is currently the most senior Republican woman in the U.S. House, and was the first Republican woman elected to the House of Representatives from Florida. She was also the first Hispanic woman, and the first Cuban American, to be elected to Congress.


Perhaps I’m mistaken, but my impression is most people in Key West and the Keys want to see normalization of US-Cuban relations. If Danny Coll runs for George Neugent’s seat this year, he needs to state, or journalists need to learn from him, where he stands on normalization of US-Cuban relations.

Perhaps I’m mistaken, but my impression for some time has been that Illeana and her camp and/or their parents and grandparents, were in tight with Bastista, the Cuban dictator who was an American puppet who was overthrown by Fidel Castro and his insurgents. Bastista allowed American corporations to pretty much rape Cuba by employing its people in low-paying jobs, almost like work slavery. Havana was an international whorehouse, the sex-trafficking capitol of the Caribbean, a favorite port of call for American sailors and any Americans who wanted to have a good time. Fidel Castro cleaned that up.

Ileana camp’s ancestors were behind the ill-fated Bay of Pigs invasion, which led to US attempts to kill Fidel and him letting the Soviet Union bring nuclear missiles into Cuba and the Cuban missile crisis during US President John Fitzgerald Kennedy’s administration.

Based on what Tim has shared with me, which I have published, his book on the Kennedy assassination, which is he co-writing with Mark Howell, former editor of Solares Hill, now dead and buried by the capitalist owners of the Key West Citizen, gives Fidel a pass in the Kennedy assassination.

Lyndon VietnamPresident Johnson

I tried to persuade Tim to include in the book a report on US Vice-President Lyndon Baines Johnson’s alleged role in the assassination of his boss, John Fitzgerald Kennedy, but Tim did not do that. The angels wanted Tim to do that. Kennedy was getting cold feet on America going to war in Vietnam.

After becoming President, Johnson promised Americans on national TV that he would never send American boys to die in a war in Asia, and then did just that. Then, Martin Luther King was assassinated because he came out against the rich white corporate America Vietnam war and USA using African-American soldiers to fight it, while rich white corporate America sons like George W. Bush got free passes.

G.W. Strangelove

G.W. Bush, decades after going A.W.O.L. from the Alabama National Guard, into which is father had gotten him to save him from going to Vietnam. God gave me a free pass from Vietnam, which was all I needed to know about that war which my father, a WW II combat veteran, didn’t like, which is why he got my younger brother into the Alabama National Guard.

Sloan at Coco's

me, at Coco’s Kitchen on Big Pine Key, not long after getting trounced by George Neugent

Sloan Bashinsky

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God’s One Human Family vs. Key West’s one inhumane family – I keep hearing on the street that the Devil loves to vacation in Key West, where his disciples do the really hard work for him



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