Will the Monroe County Commissioners, Florida Keys Aqueduct Authority, Florida Department of Environmental Protection and Governor Rick Scott be remembered as The Gang of Shit for covering maybe as many as 1,000 lower Florida Keys property owners with human excrement?

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Banks Prevatt, of Little Torch Key, forwarded (boccdis is Board of County Commissioners District and FKAA is Florida Keys Aqueduct Authority):

From: Bgprevatt@aol.com
Date: Fri, 17 Jan 2014 22:12:21 -0500
Subject: Fwd: A CT posting for today
To: boccdis1@monroecounty-fl.gov; boccdis2@monroecounty-fl.gov; boccdis3@monroecounty-fl.gov; boccdis4@monroecounty-fl.gov; boccdis5@monroecounty-fl.gov
CC: tappell@fkaa.com; bbarroso@fkaa.com; jrdean@fkaa.com; dritz@fkaa.com; mwagner@fkaa.com; kzuelch@fkaa.com

This seems so unbelieveable that I hestitated to post it on BigPineKey.com, but did. Feel free to distribute.

The grinder pump station in the CRWS is not the same as previously used. I believe this is the first HDPE plastic pit that FKAA has used. It is modified to seal the normal venting around the lid and thread in a mushroom-looking vent with a ball that plugs the vent if water rises around the pit. The drawing showing the pit modifications is dated 8/13/13. That shows how recent and untested this is. FKAA only saw a drawing of the pit that was delivered and some stated it was not what they expected.

If I was taking responsibility for the purchase and use of these, I would be burying one, building a berm around it and flooding it. I would also be soaking the pump in a full pit with some laundry or dish washing detergent with the power off for a few days to simulate an extended power failure. I would make it try to pump with the outlet blocked to see how long it tried before cutting out on thermal overload, to simulate what happens after power is restored and they all attempt to pump at once but can’t, or if a forcemain plugs. I would have a gauge connected to see how high the pressure would go when the outlet is plugged- can it burst the pipe? How long between thermal resets and how many cycles can it pump without damage on a plugged outlet? Zoeller pump says that the E-1 is not fully submersible. That is an extremely large issue if true, and I have it in writing. The quoted text below is what I posted on the CT.

“The E-One grinder pump station model being used for LPS sewer areas of the Cudjoe Regional is not even shown on E-One’s website (model WR171-84). It is also not E-One’s “flood-proof” model, the WH101F. I therefore surmise that this pump station may be an experimental version and we are the “beta-testers”. Before you buy a new car you usually test drive it. You would especially want to test drive it if you could not find anyone else who had one like it and you had never read a review. Knowing that “all sales are final”, would you buy a new model car without driving it enough to know it performed satisfactorily? Well, FKAA decided to make a 10 million dollar non-returnable purchase of a pump station with no track record, and modified by plastic welding the lid seam, gluing a small reinforcement patch on top and direct threading in another manufacturer’s ball stop vent without actually taking one and simulating a flood condition, or totally submerging the pump for a couple of days (a competitor says they drown), or even SEEING one before accepting the first delivery! Would you call that due diligence in expending $10 million in public funds? They can still cancel most of the order and terminate the contract. We need to Dump the Pumps now! Sign support on the petition at http://dumpthepumps.com”

I replied to Banks, copied to ALL:

Aw, Banks, you really do need to stop beating up people smaller than you, it ain’t becoming 🙂

Note: FKAA are the “experts” County Commissioner George Neugent,

George Neugent

in whose voting district this entire sewer miscarriage of common sense and justice lies, keeps saying he trusts to come up with the right sewer plan for the lower Keys (his voting district).

In which regard, Banks also forwarded:

To All:

Attached it the first shot our of the cannon. This was mailed today via USPS to DEP [Department of Environmental Protection] Tallahassee and to FKAA [Florida Keys Aqueduct Authority] in KW. It was sent today via email to the BOCC [Board of County Commissioners], the directors of FKAA and DEP offices in Fort Myers and Marathon. Several local new outlets are copied here.

This is a large file and some may have trouble downloading. It is available on line at our web site www.dumpthepumps.com where you can view it in its entirety or in pieces as you choose.

This step moves to exhaust our administrative remedies. If action does not come from DEP within 30 day we can file [t]he complaint as a suit.

If you have questions, feel free. I will try to get the answer or a source that may have the answer.

Best Wishes,

And this:

From: Bgprevatt@aol.com
Date: Thu, 16 Jan 2014 06:58:21 -0500
Subject: Fwd: Grinder pumps and the wisdom of a second opinion
To: boccdis1@monroecounty-fl.gov; boccdis2@monroecounty-fl.gov; boccdis3@monroecounty-fl.gov; boccdis4@monroecounty-fl.gov; boccdis5@monroecounty-fl.gov
CC: tappell@fkaa.com; bbarroso@fkaa.com; jrdean@fkaa.com; dritz@fkaa.com; mwagner@fkaa.com; kzuelch@fkaa.com; Rick.Scott@eog.myflorida.com; bop@eog.myfl.com; christian.weiss@laspbs.state.fl


Please forward this letter without any reference to my name, and without my e-mail address, to the group, all available media and commissioners. Thanks.


Those of us in our 6th decade of life know first hand the wisdom of seeking a second opinion on medical treatment. That same principle would seem to be a prudent action regarding grinder pumps, rather than place blind faith in your “expert engineers.”
Facts be damned, like Mizaru and Kikaruzu (“see no evil and hear no evil,” respectively), and the old Gang of Three, full speed ahead with the grinder pumps.

To gain perspective, have any of you or anyone in the FKAA spoken with officials in the many areas where grinder pumps have failed miserably, such as High Springs, FL where :
“The commission said that the system’s grinder pumps are failing at a rate of four a month to as many as four a week.”


My question is this: were it your dad or mom, would you want to subject them to known woes of grinder pumps in their golden years? I think not, and yet that is exactly what you are doing to those of us in our golden years who have worked hard all our lives and deserve more than a callous dismissal by our representatives. Not even Mario would do that!

Grinder pump issues aside, do know that I respect each of you, despite the negative tone of this letter.


A concerned senior citizen

BCC 100+

Just me grousing.

I heard during yesterday’s Dump the Pumps steering committee meeting at Sandbar Cafe on Little Torch Key that about 1,000 property owners in George Neugent’s voting district will receive grinder pumps. A few of those property owners are remote and grinder pumps, or nothing, is how it should go for them. The rest should be on gravity systems.

I also heard at the meeting that Mario Di Gennaro,


a former county commissioner, one of the infamous Gang of Three, is talking about running this year against County Commissioner David Rice, who beat Mario decisively in 2010. I felt Mario was out of control and way off the reservation after he was “elected” in 2006, because he was the only person who filed to run for David Rice’s vacated seat after David resigned to run for the Florida House of Representatives, which turned out not in David’s favor. However, during his 4th year in office, I saw Mario start to change and move toward what I felt was a far more centered and grounded position. I supported and voted for him in 2010, despite really rough earlier clashes with him, when he was out of control.

I have not spoken with Mario in maybe a year, so I don’t know where he stands on grinder pumps, or where he stands on anything else. I believe, though, if he were a county commissioner today, I would be able to sit down with him and convince him that grinder pumps only should be used down here in the Keys where gravity, or even vacuum, sewer systems cannot be used. I believe I could do that in about an hour. I believe Mario would trust me because (a) I have no dog in this fight, I live in Key West, and (b) he came to see that I am a straight-shooter, I do not go off on personal or political tangents; if I take a position on something, it is for the greater good.

I do not believe I can do that with George Neugent, or with David Rice. George is so forted up and defended, that it will take someone far different from me to reach him. There is no way to know where David stands, he plays so close to the vest. One can only hope David has figured out by now that there is  something seriously fishy going on in FKAA and in county staff, that they would push for grinder pumps where they are not absolutely necessary because a property elevation is below the road, or a property is remote and it simply is not sensible to run gravity lines into it.

From all I have heard and read, I see no way grinder pump systems will survive a Hurricane Wilma event, where a super high tide (called a tidal surge, not the same as tidal wave/tsunami) covers Little Torch Key, for example, with 3 feet of water, like what happened in the fall of 2005. Wilma knocked out power for 2 weeks. Grinder pumps run on electricity. FKAA will be useless, until power is restored. Homes and businesses will be backed up in human shit. Grinder pump pits will back up and cover yards with human shit. Hazmat teams will have to be sent in to clean it up, like what happened in a New Jersey subdivision right after Hurricane Sandy flooded that subdivision and power was lost.

This is not far-fetched; it is as real a threat as a hurricane. Yet, FKAA and George Neugent and David Rice and Sylvia Murphy, and perhaps Danny Kolhage and Heather Carruthers, the five county commissioners, have ignored this very real threat. As has Governor Rick Scott ignored it, after being repeatedly advised in emails of the threat. He appointed the five FKAA board members, who serve at his leisure. Therefore, what they do, or don’t do, falls squarely on Governor Scott’s shouldera. DEP also has been advised of the threat. I believe it’s head might also be a Governor Scott appointee.

For a fact, if those public officials do not turn this shit around, or if court does not intervene and straighten this shit out, when the Hurricane Wilma event comes, and it will come, that shit tidal surge will be etched in their reputations. For the rest of their natural lives, they will be remembered as the Gang of Shit, who covered the lower Keys in human excrement, and Mario Di Gennaro will be elevated to sainthood.

Meanwhile, perhaps Mario, who developed excellent relations with Tallahassee when he was county commissioner, something the people who hated him and voted him out of office seemed to have ignored, might make a few phone calls to Tallahassee and try to get somebody up there who has say so, influence, clout, to get involved in this shit down there, before it swims all the way up to Tallahassee after the next Wilma event.

WilmaWilma shark

Wilma comes to the Keys, shark in Wilma’s tidal surge


Wilma’s tidal surge over North Roosevelt Blvd Key West – if Key West residences and businesses had had grinder pumps instead of gravity sewer systems, Key West would have become known as Shit City.

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