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This howler from a Key West lunaterrorist sailed into my Facebook life yesterday, the frolic was well underway before I chanced to see it and dive in.


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    • Barb Williams That don’t sound good, lot of free kitty kat going on there>
    • Jillian Oaks 3 fifths of Blue Chair Bay will do me in.
    • Drew Gaytan A gentleman doesn’t tell but FUUUUUUCCCCKKKK
    • Mike Halls over how much time?
    • Michael Lee Martin Dead too lmao
    • Randall Stoner overtime at the distillery !!
    • Jamie Harris I TAKE ” A FIFTH” GET IT? LOL
    • Marlene Dupler DeTienne Oh, drunk, close to dead…:o)
    • George Victory i’m not telling .lol
    • Doc Holladay Lord…well I’m short and skinny so no body fat to absorb the booze (lol)
    • Dave Stevens Dead!!!!!
    • Randy Emerick Dead, buried, dug up, killed dead, buried again, and grave robbers searching for me one more time…
    • Janet Hartwell Oh, I thought they meant “shot” like an injection, and I was going to say “pincushion”. Nevermind….
    • Ralph Sanders do the ones that you want to forget about count? or don’t seem to be the same person you left the party with ?
    • Janet Hartwell Those count double, Ralph Sanders!
    • Ralph Sanders Sober: I am a sweet innocent virgin. The 15 kids were immaculate conception.
    • Ralph Sanders Janet, I am taking u out of my will. You are not getting my comic book collection
    • Janet Hartwell The mother may have been immaculate, but I’m guessing YOU’RE not!! Keep your damned comic books. They’re probably all stained anyway…heh heh…
    • Janet Hartwell Sorry. MOTHERS!!
    • Ralph Sanders I represent that remark… I mean “resent” that remark… now where is that Angel icon… But I might be willing for the right women to deflower me and none of the “ladies” from the 801 club.
    • Doc R. Hogan Loaded …
    • Harry Henry Hann i am in show business. It’s a dirty business and you have no idea how many women I had to sleep with just to get this far.
    • Gina Maseratti come back from dead
    • Ralph Sanders Harry, you poor thing. just getting used for your body like that. Will you be appearing on Phil to tell your once upon a time story
    • Bob Norton A gentleman never tells
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    • Thomas Earnshaw Define “SEX”
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    • Iam Tomaz Dead !
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    • Larry Mckenzie Do corpse count ?
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    • Ron CatDaddy Clardy Well do I get to take that shot and the others space like when I couldn’t laid even in a Women Prison?
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    • Ralph Sanders Ron, I was in the Women’s prison for sex addicts with full pardons and the prisoners said that they would rather stay there than play with me. I even tried the death row one. She ran to the electric chair and pulled the switch herself.
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    • Ron CatDaddy Clardy I here old sparky is one hell of a vibrato !
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    • Sloan Bashinsky you guys and gals are hilarious! Maybe something in the wind, over breakfast at Harpoon Harry’s this a.m., I struck a conversation with an interesting fellow I didn’t know, a little younger than I, who said he used to be a hippie, and we talked quite a while, then he gave me his and his wife’s business cards, they are tantra teachers, specific tantric exploration. Said, no, they didn’t learn it from an eastern guru, but from a western fellow who modified it for western people. I spaced out asking if they just talk about how to do it, or do they provided hands on demonstrations. I recall once a married couple I knew well leaning on me about getting into tantric sex, they said it was great, would develop me faster, spiritually; I could see they were not entirely getting along all the time, but what I said was I had enough trouble doing sex okay the regular way, to get involved in tantric sex. Later, they told me she’d never had an orgasm the regular way, that was after they broke up and she was with someone a bit younger than she and she was having lots of orgasms and seemed to really like it. Been so long since I got laid I ain’t sure I didn’t imagine it.
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    • Gweko W. Phlocker I would LOVE for Sloan Bashinsky to run Craig Cates for Mayor position when it comes up…. Who started that Rumor?
    • Ralph Sanders Robert “the doll” Rumor started the rumor.
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    • Sloan Bashinsky Gweko, you gonna die, boy! Mud Dawg Mike at Daddy Bones BBQ, too. The dirty dog offered yesterday to manage my campaign. I told him he had two required credentials, he was not even slightly politically correct, and he was not churchified. I though we wuz taking about something fun, getting laid. Now you gone done and screwed that up. I done run 3 times already for mayor, and I did so well not making even the semi-finals, that I never got to worry about the recount I demanded saving me from having to be mayor of The State Mental. All along I felt it should be illegal, a capital offense, actually, for anyone to run for any office. Instead, it should be on the public to write in on the ballot who they wanted to be in office, and then it would be a capital offense for the unlucky winner to decline to serve. The pretty lady below kinda sums up my love live and political achievements. Maybe she is distant kin with the last lady who spun me around a bit, a biker chick on Cudjoe Key, she let me ride on her bitch seat, holding her natural handles, a decades long fantasy, then we went to my place and the rest of the fantasy occurred, and then the angels went to work on her and freaked her out, and then she said the angels had healed her, and she wrote about that on’s Coconut Telegraph, and some women who really liked me wrote in that learning some woman had sex with Sloan made her want to throw up, and the biker chick wrote into the Coconut Telegraph again, and then she rode off into the sunset, that was back in 2010 as my remaining brain cells recall. Last time any lady spun me around. Just the one time. 

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    • Sloan Bashinsky Besides, except for an occasional glass of red wine at special events, i can’t drink booze no more, it makes me sick about an hour after I imbibe … no booze, no sex, never smoked cigarettes, marijuana gives me bad morning after headache, I doin’t know any street drug dealers, and I’m allergic to the stuff any way – how could I cold stone sober survive city commission meetings, award ceremonyings, baby kissings, boat launchings, spade diggings for new schools, bars, churches, strip clubs, lap dance parlors, scrub clubs? This might help. 

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    • Gweko W. Phlocker I think YOU’RE Talking me into it!
    • Rick Schettino I’d be in the hospital that’s for sure. Dunno about dead.
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    • Paula Korth As one of my friends said “Dead and resurrected!”
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    • Ralph Sanders Sloan, is this something Gweko does to his friends, what does he do to his enemies?
    • Steve Clark do i have to pay for the shots ? can i wait until happy hour ?
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    • Sloan Bashinsky Actually, Ralph, Gweko provided me with a wonderful mountain of comic relief during a really no fun time of corresponding with Tim Gratz about Keys Coalition and child-sex trafficking, which really no fun time was included in yesterday’s State of the Mental report at 

      . It just might be the angels running me put Gweko up to the my running for mayor jibe/jive. They have their ways, and I suppose we down here must provide plenty of amusement to relieve the monotony of harps and choirs up there. I hope some day the angels do something so I can drink beer again, I really like good beer, not the major American brands. Would be nice to be able to get laid regularly again, too. And, to have someone to lie spoon with at night, or whenever. And to talk about stuff. The cats here are getting tired of being surrogate girlfriends. Maybe one of these bonnie lassies will materialize out of the ethers

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    • Ralph Sanders What is the demographics of KW assuming you eliminate the people whose address is Street of KW and get all of the women out of Gweko & Bucky harems
    • Sloan Bashinsky Nice try, Ralph you ain’t secretly Mayor Cates campaign manager by any chance? Hell, no way I can truffully answer that question without making heaps of politically incorrect remarks and insinuations about what would be left of Key West’s alleged one human family: homeless people, politicians, cruise ship passengers, country club sets, developers, conch train and trolley owners, drug dealers, ship wreckers, street performers, panhandlers, Navy brats, Harley-Davidsons, drunks, maybe the entire gay community, maybe the entire black, brown, yellow and international community, maybe most of Key West? I dunno, maybe Gweko’s kingdom is a lot bigger than all of that. Maybe his kingdom is everybody in Key West, even though they ain’t yet figured out they, and everyone else living here are part of that kingdom. 

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    • Diana Dodson boy gweko is good …. ya’ll think he has a kingdom? harem? …. BAHAHAHAHAHAHA
    • Sloan Bashinsky Aw come on, Diana, you know Gweko has a kingdom, you are in it, ain’t you? 

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    • Diana Dodson Yea Sloan kingdom of the mind…lol…
    • Sloan Bashinsky A kingdom, a kingdom, my kingdom for a horse? Or how ’bout a bird? 

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    • Sloan Bashinsky But if you really prefer a horse 

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    • Ralph Sanders Sloan, You missed the FF crowd and the swingers as part G&B kingdom … lol
    • Sloan Bashinsky patience, my boy, patience 

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      • Sloan Bashinsky To be fair to the tantra couple, the fellow half I mentioned yesterday in this thread, as Kali just above would say, real tantra is a far-reaching internal/external spiritual discipline couples engage together. A splinter off from it is tantric sex, but that is hardly the main course. I recall in 2003 meeting an American in Key West, who, like myself, was living in the Youth Hostel. He had just returned from India, where he mostly liked to hang out. He said he was a trantric sex master, and from time to time he told me of Key West women, no names or other description, he had met and was teaching tantric sex. Last count I recall, he had three of them going at the same time, not all in one big pile, separate sessions with each of them. They knew he was teaching other women and went along with it, and they were sorry to see him go back to India eventually, as he told it to me just before he was to leave. The longer he was in Key West, the darker he seemed to me to get, and not just sun tan darker. Perhaps that was my misperception, but it was my perception. I myself was taken by the angels into the same thing [tantra] with several different women, one at a time – totally monogamous. Something was done inside of me that left me totally uninterested in any woman other than the one I was with. We were told to call it “paradise mating.” It was seriously different from anything I had experienced before. We were in this world, engaging what it served up, all arranged by the angels, and we were in an entirely different world only we experienced. Nobody around us had a clue what was really going on with us. It was a hell of a ride each time, sometimes wonderful, sometimes terrible, the good, the bad, the beautiful and the ugly, no prisoners, no stones left unturned, the paradise energies, when we were allowed to be in them, were indescribable.


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