Key West of Weird and Forgottenville, Illinois calling all ETs! – in search of 25 transformed world leaders to change Earthlings

ET wife

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In my dreams last night, there was terrific opposition to what I had put together in a draft for today’s frolic, and terrific support for it. Terrific support for it finally won out, leaving me feeling like I had been fed through a wood chipper, or of more recent interest, a sewer grinder pump. Part of what follows was in yesterday’s post at this website, the *** indicate where the new starts. If you wonder if John Guerra’s and my ET discussion is some kind of joke or intentional provocation, it’s the latter, and it gets more provocative, perhaps rhymes with irritating depending on personal beliefs and preferences, the more you read and see and read.

John Guerra

John Guerra of Key West wrote:

John Guerra blog is up!

Human beings may be accepting a gigantic truth but aren’t weighing what it truly means …

Sloan with troll

I wrote:

Hi, John –
I’ve seen one. It was disk-shaped. About 2 miles up. It hovered stationary, then it maneuvered in ways and speed a human aircraft cannot as far as I know. Then, it dragged a cloud about 200 times its size across the sky, leaving what looked like a vapor trail, but much wider than what human airplanes leave flying at high altitude.

Three people I was with at the time, my wife and an adult friend, and my wife’s 10-year-old son, refused to look up as I kept trying to get them to look up and see what I was seeing. The two adults didn’t want to see it, the boy was afraid they would laugh at him if he looked up, he told me later that day. I told him the ship was there as a demonstration for him, and I bet he would look up the next time I said to look up. He agreed. There was no next time while I was still with his mother, who knew I was seeing angels, and hearing from them, and she was also, but not anywhere close to the frequency I was. The other adult was not having any phenomenal experiences, never had. Both adults were licensed clinical social workers.

I have had other, more subtle ET contacts.

I had countless angel contacts.

I don’t know what they are up to, but I doubt they are hanging around this planet just for their own amusement.


John wrote:

Sloan! Great to hear from you! Have you done more poetry readings? That’s where I saw you last. You,me, Richard Hatch and all.
Anyway, I conclude that enough hyper-credible people–that is, scientists, astronauts, high-level officials such as commanders of U.S. nuclear facilities and air traffic radar and tracking stations–have stepped forward specifically to report to the public that they believe aircraft (fact) performing maneuvers earth-based aircraft can’t (fact) have been visible to large groups of people (fact) for as long as 45 minutes or longer (fact).
Skylab, 150-feet long or so, orbited the Earth at low orbit. Scientists with instruments on board noticed they were being shadowed by an object that floated to the side and slightly behind them at a distance of about say, 30 miles. It was shaped like a big Y or so the photo they took shows. By using distance and speed measurements they DETERMINED that it was 800 feet long. There remains no ability by anyone to put something that big in space. This is loooong before the International Space Station was assembled piece by piece.
This was witnessed by trained experts, right? Anyone doubt rocket scientists or other scientists actively studying, and in position to, capture events like this?
I’m sold on what has become fact for me: We are of interest to a group of … fill in the blank.
Beyond that, I know not what else to say.
Something’s going on and the public deserves full disclosure. I know that hundreds of scientists and other experts have urged the govt. to open any documents or material related to the phenomenon for public scientific study.
France’s version of NASA released decades of UFO testimony, interviews with witnesses to events, and recordings, photos, and other UFO artifacts it has collected.

Take care, Sloan.
John Guerra
Business Liaison
Restaurant Resources LLC

*** (new)

I wrote:

included yours and mine and link to your blog and article in today’s, teaser for which sent to already, thanks for stirring the pot a bit more than maybe it likes being stirred :-)

John wrote:

I love writing about provocative ideas. Too many people brush off the scientists and high-level military and aviation engineers who are now weighing in on UFO sightings. They are convinced.

I wrote:

Billions and billions of stars we are told, as yet unknown nebulae, galaxies and even universes, and many people on this planet still believe Earthlings are the only sentient beings in the entire Creation. That looks to me like religious indoctrination, not science. Real science is open-ended, ever learning, expanding. Religion is just the opposite, a tightly closed system, nothing else to add to or subtract from it. Imagine the commotion a fleet of flying saucers showing up, as in “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” – those ETs were friendly. Imagine the chaos such a benign event would create in Earthlings around the globe. Unimaginable. Imagine the chaos a fleet of colonizing or predatory ETs showing up would cause. Aiiiieeee!!! “Ender’s Game”, move over!!!

Ender's Game

P.S. I see I didn’t answer about attending poetry readings. I’ve attended first Sunday of the month Poetry Guild meetings at Blue Heaven since moving back down from Little Torch Key at the end of last August. Also, I’ve been attending second Sunday of the month story telling at Little Jazz Club, except this month is on the third Sunday.

Here’s an old poem for the ETs, which burst out of me in March 1994.

Only fools rush in
where angels fear to tread,
but if there were no fools,
who’d lead the angels?

To which I now add,

Time’s awastin’,
get the lead out
feathered friends,
we need all the help down here
we can get!

imagine some of my female soul drawings here :-)

followed by some fooling  around

the most famous ET known to Earthlings :-}

Fantasy Fest feline 2

Feather Talk



comme un loup drawing

about time



Mary Poppins


Lady Hawke



Heart Throb




the candidate

Mustang Sally

Welcome home, Kali

Devil or Angel

Higgs Beach party

Re the well known ET, Jesus,

laughing Jesus

Facebook thread started by Forgottenville (Quincy), Illinois amiga Gloria Reiser, a magician  (similar to sorceress) and professional psychic.

  • Is that thunder, I hear…. thunder and freezing rain! I need a winter home in the south.
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    • Sheila Mcgraw Hopefully not freezing rain because my phone says 36 out right now
    • Phyllis Mast Not freezing rain…just rain.
    • Vickie Miles I’m with you, winter home in the south!!!
    • Peggy Scarborough Even the south is cold now.
    • Vickie Miles I don’t wanna hear that, lol!!
    • Gloria Reiser What Vickie said!
    • Sloan Bashinsky Well, if freezes in New Orleans in the winter, been there done that, it snowed too. Didn’t see an snow or ice yet down here in the Asteroid Belt, except on TV.
    • Gloria Reiser I don’t think I can afford to winter in Key West until AFTER I win the lotto, Sloan. Wonderful fantasy though
    • Sloan Bashinsky people come down here all the time with insufficient funds, dance in titty bars, lap dance parlors, or, do the Jack Cerouac thing and wing it, we have a lovely overnight homeless shelter, which is free, and a soup kitchen which serves pretty good meal daily, with seconds and even thirds, and free beaches and parks, so far, although there is talk of further shifts to the right, think Swastika …

      Sloan Bashinsky's photo.
    • Gloria Reiser LOL! Now, Sloan, you know I’m not the titty bar, or lap dance parlor type…. even if I was young enough to not be laughed out of such places. Image the tips I would NOT get!?! I’m also missing the vagabond/homeless gene. I needs MONEY to enjoy life and have those things a girl needs to be happy. However, in some alternate universe where I’m a trust fund babe, I’m sure I winter in the Keys and summer in the Northwoods. and travel all over and about during spring and summer.
    • Gloria Reiser I’m more like the kind of gal Geo Harrison sang about:

      Single by George Harrison from the album Cloud Nine B-side “Lay His Head” Releas…See More
    • Gloria Reiser And:

      Song: Material Girl Artist: Madonna Album: The Immaculate Collection Full TrackListings 1. Holiday 2. Lucky Star 3. Borderline 4. Like A Virgin 5. Material …
    • Sloan Bashinsky I thought you wuz talking about changing the world, now you are talking about getting what you want, I ain’t to sure the two go hand in hand. Looking back on history, the people who actually did change the world to some degree mostly ended up getting killed for their effort. Getting you more money will change your world, although maybe not in the way you might have anticipated, but I doubt it will change the world in the sense I thought we wuz discussing [in the other FB thread Gloria started same day, reported in yesterday’s post at]
    • Gloria Reiser It takes $$$$ and time to change things. I do believe that having money can assist us in changing the world. We don’t have to become like politicians and corporate CEOs and money manipulators living the high life and piling up more and more $$$ mostly extracted from the masses, to selfish ends. Money CAN be used in positive fashion to make a difference in the lives of many and to possibly set in motion change that makes a difference on very large scale, Sloan.
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    • Sloan Bashinsky I may have inadvertently posted this below in your other current tread in which I am participating.
    • Sloan Bashinsky I have had money, and have had no money, and have had money again, and the soul alchemy proceeded internally whether I had money or not, and the external world responded, or not, to the internal soul alchemy, whether or not I had money. There remains about 99.9999999999 percent Earthling attention and effort to try to change the external in its many variations, which method never has worked, as history has proven, and never will work. The only method that ever did work, and will continue to work, albeit not necessarily to suit Earthling expectations, hopes, dreams, is internal change in Earthlings, which is a solitary journey independent of what all other Earthlings are doing – the journey of a mystic, or a soul alchemist, or a lama or a Taoist, or a Sufi or a yogi, to use a few familiar Earthling terms for transmutation of “lead” into “gold”. Imposition of Earthling will externally and directly, or covertly by magic or sorcery, does not create internal change in the Earthling, and while it might produce outward results at times, sooner or later it quits producing outward results, and the tide begins running the other way and the rebound is often more disagreeable than the Earthling’s original position and the external against which the Earthling’s will was applied. This view is difficult, if not impossible, for Earthlings to even comprehend, and even more difficult, if not impossible, for Earthlings to put into practice, absent a spirit world interdiction into them, which breaks up all their programming, thinking, beliefs, and they come out of it knowing there is nothing they, on their own, can do to change anything on this world, nor any other person, but only themselves can they change, but then only with a great deal of spirit world help. And, yes, external world events are used as grist for triggering the alchemy inside those Earthlings who are now in that program, and to the extent they go with it, instead of reacting in the old way, by trying to control and change the external, real change happens in them, which may or may not translate into the external in ways they can see and/or appreciate. It translates in all events, but the heart has its own reasons which reason knows not of.
    • Gloria Reiser Yes, I’m all for exploring Inner Space. Most folks don’t do enough of that. Have you seen the documentary “With One Voice”? Not certain if it is available online, but it’s on Netflix. A few years old (not many), but pretty much states what you have above… that it begins with the inner world and IF we could but transform the minds of approximately 25 world leaders, the whole world would transform for the better. On the other hand, however, external assistance is often invaluable…. having the funds and the philanthropy gene to propel one toward insuring that children have adequate food/nutrition, housing, and access to education and information that may assist them toward enjoying a quality life in which they have time, energy, stamina and space to contemplate exploring inner worlds…. is not to be discounted as worthless or meaningless.
    • Gloria Reiser There is also the issue of traditional religions that are a warmongering as are politicians and their controllers.
      Gloria Reiser also commented on her photo.
      Gloria wrote: “Hey, the soul drawing in your comment above is one I can like…. much better than one one you claim is of my soul, but ain’t.”
    • Sloan Bashinsky Imagine when children are born, and for a while afterward, their inner and outer words are merged, but as they grow older, are indoctrinated by parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents, siblings, churches, schools, they move more and more outward and more and more programmed, and forget who they are, or were, for the most part. I certainly forgot who I was, and have seen in my 71+ years that I have heaps of company. After the angels started in on me in early 1987, part of what they did was taking me though a restoration/reclamation of parts of me I had lost, thrown away, forgotten, or never even knew where there; some of those parts had fled because of soul trauma inflicted on me by other people, and horrible life unpheavals; some of those parts had left because of my own behavior and thinking; some of those parts were just repressed, dormant. Whatever, there was no way anything I did would turn that around and start the “soul retrieval”. It was done for and to me, and a lot of what I was given to engage in this world was designed to foster and nourish the retrieval. Basically, responding in new ways to what life serves fuels internal change, the soul alchemy; keep engaging life’s servings in the same old ways, nothing changes, or, the change is devolution, going backward. There is no point in talking about “If we could but transform the minds of 25 world leaders …” That’s still trying to change the external. You, Gloria, for example, anyone, actually, should focus on trying to transform our own minds, beliefs, behavior, which is a life-long work, The Work, as it is known in some spiritual traditions. As I wrote earlier, this way of living is very hard, if not impossible, for Earthlings to understand, and unless they are taken into it by the spirit world, it is not likely to happen for them, because of the fact that it is so very counter to nearly all Earthlings’ programming, thinking, beliefs. I watched a wonderful Russian film with friends last night, “The Island”, they got it off of Netflix, which is about one man in a Russian Orthodox monastery who was cut out of the herd and turned inward, even as he did his outward chores for the monastery, and by the end of the movie he was transmuted from coal into a diamond; the enormous pressure, heat and stress he experienced in his soul caused the transmutation. He was viewed for quite a long time as a wacko by his fellow monks, but by the end of his tenure on this planet, he was their leader, even though he was still a wacko, dirty, unkempt, didn’t bathe, disagreeable, yet he heard from angels and through prayers performed miracle healings on people who had gotten no help from medicine, science, etc. Whoever “invented” that story really new something.
    • Sloan Bashinsky Gloria, I sent you your soul drawing not long after you dreamt of my doing soul mandalas, circa early September 2002. It was done on a cardboard box top. I did not tell you it was your soul drawing, just that it was an example of the “mandalas” coming through me. Then, I did another drawing in 2010, along with quite a few other drawings, which I did not know who they were for. I hung them on walls in places where I lived, and when I was moved back to Key West early this past September, after having a few original soul drawings come through me, I was moved to go back to those older drawings and bring them up to speed, so to speak, which I did. I had no idea whose they were even then, but after they were done, it started coming to me whose they were. One was yours, and I sent to you after you raised howls of protest, and you wrote back that you really liked it “in person”, the colors were wonderful, vibrant. You want the world to change, Gloria, you have to be prepared to take a wild ride for you to be changed. That will change the world for you, you will see the world entirely differently, even if the world does not change one iota. Black, yellow, green and red are the colors of soul alchemy. The fish is what you ride though the alchemy. The fish is, yep, Jesus, Pices, whether you believe that or not, or want it to be that way or not. What you think about that is irrelevant. What people think about most things is irrelevant, because their thinking almost always is clouded, incomplete, skewed. You are very much on the back of that fish; just look at the commotions you have gotten into in which I was involved, since you came down to Key West in November of 2012? The fish trained me, along with others in his circle. You don’t want to play, that’s okay with him; he uses you anyway; there are others in his congregation, whether or not they know they are in his congregation, or whether or not they want to be in his congregation, who see the commotions he gets you involved in, into which you involve me, his indentured pack donkey. The soul drawing I sent you in late September or early October 2002 was sort of like Mustang Sally, but not as evolved artistically. I was still very new in doing saw drawings back then. The early ones were almost totally abstract. There was a fish, though, in that drawing,and there was something else riding on it.

      Sloan Bashinsky's photo.
      • Sloan Bashinsky The way to produce 25 transformed world leaders is for 25 people to be transformed; that makes them world leaders, regardless of what positions they hold on this planet.

        Sloan Bashinsky's photo.
      • Sloan Bashinsky After my next previous posting to this thread, I took a nap. 

        In a dream I was given a whole bunch of quarters in change for something I had bought. 25 cent pieces. 2 is my spirit code for Jesus, 5 for the feminine. Quarters are silver, the female metal. 7 (2 + 5) is the mark of God on an event or person.

        You wrote that you are a George Harrison/Madonna materialistic gal, need money to be happy; money is needed to turn this world around. 

        Jesus, in the Gospels, said take no thought for what you shall eat, or drink, or what you shall wear, or where you shall live, for each day has enough trouble of its own; but put your trust and God and what you need will be provided to you (abbreviated version of that passage).

        Jesus also harped on first taking the beam out of your own eye.

        He was a seriously wacked out fellow by that time’s measure; same today. 

        The monk in “The Island” was wacked out. Every Christian should have to see that movie, and also every person raised in Christianity, who left it for something else.

        There is Jesus, and there is Christianity, which men started long after Jesus was gone; men who never laid eyes on him, or heard him speak, or saw how he and Mary Magdalene were together.

        Christianity is Paul’s religion, the religion of a man who never laid eyes on Jesus. 

        Jesus’ church is not of this world, as is the Kingdom of God, which is a state of being, not a place; a state of being some people experience before they leave this planet, as Jesus said in the Gospels. All others have to wait to find out what ain’t much lot like what they thought it was when they lived on this planet.

        The thing about dealing with someone being run by Jesus and Mary Magdalene-Melchizedek and Archangel Michael from the spirit, and others in their circle they let have at me, is there really ain’t no telling what he is liable to say or do next. No telling at all, because he don’t know either.

Sloan Bashinsky's photo.

I wonder, John, if Gloria noticed the cross in the throat of the lady ET

she said she liked?



But then, perhaps these are transformed world leaders?

According to today’s Key West Citizen, Tennessee hillbillies Capt. Carter Quillen and First Mate Diane Eggers are inviting the public to see their solar -powered ketch at 11:30 a.m. today when it will be parked at the docks behind the Conch Republic Seafood Factory in Key West Bight.

Ya’ll come!!!

solar powered Archimedes

  1. Solar Boat (The Archimedes) – YouTube

    Oct 15, 2012 – Uploaded by Kevin Igar

    This is 50ft sail boat that is powered just by solar.  Solar Boat (The Archimedes). Kevin Igar·45 videos 

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