There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy – Frederick Douglass Gymnasium symposium on slavery and child sex trafficking, and various other Key West, USA, world-wide and other-world evolution and devolution education attractions

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Alex Symington

This might be my last contribution for a while. I’m going on a retreat, a literal and figurative dropping out. Don Quixote, I’m not. I enjoy posting my thoughts and some are well received, others, not so much. What I gather from research about government, politics, extreme climate, economy, corporate finance/banking, etc. mostly turns my stomach and I simply cannot continue looking at the big picture of our proverbial hand basket to hell, state of the state without experiencing spiritual and psychic damage. As my wife points out frequently, I am a delicate flower.

I am convinced that the majority of people in this country as well as the global community naturally want what is best for their families and their communities at large. The devil is in the details and that is where we lose sight of our commonalities and get intentionally side-tracked by those in power that want and must stay in power. An example of this loss of sight of our common interests was demonstrated by a reader’s response to my last essay on the marketing of America. My take is the current Pathocracy that is our governance is most assuredly a well financed corporatist right, in the literal sense of corporatism. Conversely the reader is convinced it is leftist caused, muttering something about collectivism, but not disagreeing with my description of the deterioration of our Republic, just the perpetrators of said deterioration. So I would conclude we are essentially on the same side in the sense we are both very unhappy with the current paradigm.

The reader’s pronouncement was as baffling to me as when I watched the Gore/Bush debates back in 2000. After one such debate, my neighbor came over and we were going on about how, “Yeah, he got his ass kicked” sort of high-fiving-chest-bumping guy behavior, but then there was that awkward moment when we realized we were rooting for opposite teams. We had a good laugh and then proceeded to have our own debate, both of us quite sure the other guy was well intentioned but nuts.

In just fourteen short years that scenario of two opposite views being tolerated with friendly debate has vanished. All moderates in the Senate and House have vanished. The noose of intolerance has tightened to such a degree that Washington DC itself has become our latest intractable quagmire. I know everyone recognizes the symptoms of decline, yet we refuse to agree on a cure, to the delight of the power elite.

So put a fork in me, I’m done. (At least for awhile) I will leave you with this poem by W. B. Yeats 1865-1939. I hold with the first stanza, but the entire poem is deliciously old school prophetic.

The Second Coming

Turning and turning in the widening gyre

The falcon cannot hear the falconer;

Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;

Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,

The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere

The ceremony of innocence is drowned;

The best lack all conviction, while the worst

Are full of passionate intensity.

Surely some revelation is at hand;

Surely the Second Coming is at hand.

The Second Coming! Hardly are those words out

When a vast image out of Spiritus Mundi

Troubles my sight: somewhere in sands of the desert

A shape with lion body and the head of a man,

A gaze blank and pitiless as the sun,

Is moving its slow thighs, while all about it

Reel shadows of the indignant desert birds.

The darkness drops again; but now I know

That twenty centuries of stony sleep

Were vexed to nightmare by a rocking cradle,

And what rough beast, its hour come round at last,

Slouches towards Bethlehem to be born?


  1. mr symington i assume it was me you refer to and i truly am sorry to see you go for now and yes i did agree with you in all you said except for the one view of ‘right wing’. i too use the view of corporatisim meaning the same as fascism which is leftist or better understood as collectivism.
    i have viewed in this 68 years of life two types of personality one being collectivist the other libertarian and a defining differance between them.
    collectivism being a body of thought and action which designates the group superior to the individual and libertarianism designating the individual as superior to the group.
    our founders were and our constitution is quite libertarian by thier natures of holding ‘individual rights’ in the highest of esteem while creating a ‘republic’ as in rule of law.
    contarary is collectivism holding the individual inferior to the group as in corporatism or fascism a joining of state and corporation being the ruling elite as in rule of man which is so very noticable today in all details of our lives.
    when i was a child there was a thousand main stream media news organisations for example and now but 6 or so. same applies to manufacturing and retail and services etc. consolidation it is called collectivising is what it is where all the power resides in a handfull of people.
    the right and left paradigm is so blurred in these days and made to be so by design of the globalists. there is but a singular societal trend and that is more and more power formation at the top with less and less individual rights at the bottom. a far cry from true right wing libertarianism indeed.
    again sorry to see you leaving for now and i do wish you well.

  2. Dang, Alex, tell me it ain’t so? I have some extra Kevlar, if you want it. You can have some of my extra angel dust, too, if you wish. They seem to have way more than enough to dump on me.

    Alas, it does often seem like shooting peas at a sperm whale’s head, or butt. The folks who think they are in charge, despite their ongoing in God we trust one nations under preachings, who are turning USA and t his world into an ever growing bigger mess, cannot see beyond end of their noses, and when they look in the mirror, often perhaps, all they see is they are the fairest in the land, no matter what stands there staring back at them; oh for that evil queen’s mirror, which must have got grabbed by the CIA, or by some Christian group, and stuck in a vault buried under the Pentagon, sort of looks like Pentagram, or simply broken into shards to shut it the F**K up! As I recall, that’s pretty much what they did with that wonderful mirror 2000 or so years ago, which they had prayed for to come to them to deliver them from their enemies, whom they knew not were themselves. So the spinning wheel keeps turning, it all keeps getting more screwed up, and, well, darn, sometimes it’s actually fun to take pot shots at the whole mess of it, even if it don’t change anything; the perps’ reactions sometimes are entertaining, the more they protest, the more it’s too much. Hope you like your retirement, but I figure you will need to move to some place like, hmmm, darn if I can think of a place, perhaps the middle of a barren part of the Australian outback, nobody seems to want much to do with parts of that, you will find is still pretty much as it was before white people found Australia. Although I hear Mongolia has some real drop out getaways to offer, and there’s always northern Siberia and t he north and south poles, did you ever consider the Mariana Trench? :-)

I saw Alex yesterday afternoon at the Frederick Douglas Gymnasium in Bahama Village, where I went to hear Kenneth Morris, the great, great, great grandson of Frederick Douglas, former African slave, adviser to Abraham Lincoln, speak.  Alex told me that his article actually was a joke, just to see what it might attract. He said he has something he is working on, which I might find interesting after he gets finished with and written about, and he needs time off from his regular “duties” to take care of it. I said I couldn’t wait to see what it is.
As for the ancestors of Kenneth Morris, here are two links:
turned out Morris also is the great, great grandson of Booker T. Washington, descendant of African slaves, noted educator and advisor to presidents.
I very much enjoyed Morris’ recount of Douglass and Washington’s lives, and his attempt, futile it would turn out, to chart his own independent course, only to be dragged, by Divine Providence, back into the legacy of those truly remarkable ancestors, which translated into Morris becoming an advocate for against modern slavery, most particularly child sex slavery. His focus is on educating school children about the trade and its horror, by speaking in schools and providing safe rescue and rehabilitation opportunities for girls and women already caught in the trade. He seemed focused on what is going on in America, although he spoke of the world-wide deeply-established sex trade. He also acknowledged the world-wide work slave trade. He seemed sincere, focused and grounded.
I rough-counted maybe 60 people in the audience, perhaps half white, half African-American descent. What first had tipped me off to be there was Key West City Commissioner Clayton Lopez came to me in a dream early yesterday morning and was wanting me to be involved in something. Clayton is of Cuban and African descent. Waking, I thought of several things that might be. I then found something in the blue paper on Truman Waterfront, and felt that might be it, since Clayton and Bahama Village have had, and still have a deep stake in how Truman Waterfront is developed. I responded to the blue paper article. As did Alex Symington. (I’m coming back later in this post to a good bit more about the Frederick Douglass Gymnasium event last night.)


We need to be nicer to the Super Boat International race organizer, John Carbonell:  Give him special privileges over at the Truman Waterfront, a 5 year agreement, free hotel rooms, etc or else he will just move his whole operation to Sarasota or Clearwater.

Everyone in Key West knows about the infamous Sarasota bid to hijack the world championship powerboat races.  Everybody in Key West – but strangely enough, it seems no one in Sarasota has ever heard about it.  According to City of Sarasota Public Information Officer, Jan Thornburg, who responded to a Blue Paper request for information, “The City of Sarasota did not put in a bid or enter into talks with race organizers to host the 2014 Super Boat International World Championship Powerboat Races.”

Now that’s interesting because Carbonell had announced intense negotiations with Sarasota and Clearwater, “I don’t just want something that is going to tie me to Key West for five years,” Carbonell told the Key West Citizen on October 22, 2013.  “I need to know what all three cities have to offer.  I want something that is conducive to myself and the racers as well.”

Pretty strange considering that the City of Sarasota clearly informed us that they had never made a bid nor spoken to anyone about it.  It get’s better.  On November 25, 2013, Carbonell announced, again via a Key West Citizen article, ”The City of Sarasota has withdrawn its request to take over the annual powerboat world championships … but on Sunday it still remained uncertain if the races will stay here.”

Carbonell explained that he was still in negotiations with the City of Clearwater.  As of press time, the City of Clearwater has not yet sent us a definitive response to our inquiry, which was forwarded to Brian Craig, Events Coordinator for Clearwater’s Parks and Recreation Department.  Craig has so far responded with, “no correspondence or records matching the request from the Events & Athletic section of the P&R.”  One would think the “events coordinator” for the City of Clearwater would be in the loop regarding a powerboat championship event being negotiated for Clearwater.

So, what’s going on?  Was all the hype about the powerboat races leaving town all made up?  Who knows, but it certainly got the attention of the City.

By October 31, 2013 Commissioner Mark Rossi was telling the Citizen, “We’re in negotiations with John [Carbonell] now.  This is an ongoing endeavor.  John’s going to entertain other invitations from other venues.  He has given me his word he will bring the offers back to the City of Key West.”  Rossi added, “this would be a tremendous economic blow to the City of Key West.” And to that Carbonell added,  “we won’t take it away from Key West unless we have to,” said Carbonell,  “I am weighing several different options.”

Commissioner Rossi was chosen to be the special liaison and has been negotiating a “secret deal” with SBI race organizers.  The TDC is pressed to pay more than the $100,000 grant offered to Carbonell for 2014 and hotel owners have been castigated publicly for not offering more free rooms for powerboat race participants. Amazingly enough, the City has even considered redesigning its plans for the Truman Waterfront again, this time to accommodate Mr. Carbonell’s boat races.

A confidential source told The Blue Paper that he believes Carbonell is trying to sell his powerboat racing company (Super Boats International).  Might he also be trying to extract an advantageous 5-year deal at the Truman Waterfront to boost the value of his business?

The history of the Truman Waterfront Park is made up of a succession of uncertain business deals:  the assisted living facility, the exclusive marina, the amphitheater, and now the powerboat races.

Fortunately some commissioners seem to have run out of patience when it comes to redesigning Truman Waterfront.  Last November Commissioner Mark Rossi said he was fed up with talk about “grandiose crapola” with no action. “All we do is talk, talk, talk about this.  Put a field down there so kids can play, and a couple of benches.  Seriously, we can grow our own palm trees. Go down there and plant that park and get it done.”

We spoke to Naval Air Station Key West business manager, Ron Demes, who has long been involved in all aspects of the Navy’s transfer of the Truman Waterfront Park to the City.

“It bothers me,” he said, “that 13 years from the transfer we still have a dust bowl out there… I would enjoy a world-class park, a place to truly enjoy being warm in the Florida Keys, a peaceful place to go to great events.  Anything that involves food.  I’m in.”

Amen to that.


  1. So, are you saying, Arnaud and Naja, that the the reason nothing has happened on Truman Waterfront, other than the Navy saying no to a city-private developer marina, due to national security needs/concerns, other than the senior citizen retirement facility never getting off the ground, other than Bahama Conch Community Land Trust deep sixing, that the reason nothing else happened on Truman Waterfront was it would threaten the annual testosterone boat races, which I recall Todd German saying last year bring in more money than Fantasy Fest, which I found hard to believe, but then I don’t count the pennies, I just gander the number of people on Duval Street during Fantasy Fest and compare that to the number of people I see on Duval Street during the power boat races, and I see hordes and legions of people on Duval Street during Fantasy Fest, and I see about the same number of people on Duval Street during the boat races as I see during any non-event week. From what I’ve seen, bike week is the next biggest Duval Street packer with people, but maybe I lost some brain cells from all that power boat noise and the Harleys, and I just don’t remember it all. The city commission fumes over its noise ordinance, while power boat and Harleys kill my brain cells. I still think the best idea, which was not mine, for Truman Waterfront is to put a city paid parking deck there, and turn most of the rest of it into a city-run RV campground sort of like the one at Bahia Honda, which is run by the Florida Parks Service. Hard to imagine those two ops would not be money makers. The city already has a lovely park right next door, Fort Zachary Taylor, which, in case the city never noticed, is not used by homeless people, perhaps because of the small entry fee. Put a city park right next door to Ft. Zach and then how do you keep homeless people out of it, unless you charge a small entrance fee? And then, would you not have to fence it in, to make sure no homeless people snuck in around the side? Or at night? Fix up the soccer fields already out there. Get the lead out. I bet a parking deck and RV camp ground would bring plenty of money into the city coffers, but maybe the local lodging industry would not care for the competition, you think?

  2. Once again, The Key West Citizen, shows it’s contempt for true journalism. “Whatever you say Messrs. Carbonell and Rossi…” Sheesh, that is pathetic. Thanks for the truth, Blue!

After making the comments to the two blue paper articles, I pedaled my bicycle to Harpoon Harry’s to have breakfast. Cathy, one of the waitresses, introduced me to a young man sitting beside me at the counter. Turned out he was just moved to Key West. After graduating from high school, instead of going to college like all his friends had done, he joined the US Coast Guard. He looked like he had Hispanic roots, and he said he did, and he is bilingual in English and Spanish. He said he also speaks some French, but not all that well. He said he saw no reason to go to college, felt the military would educate him and prepare him for life a lot better. I said I agreed, but was glad he had joined the Coast Guard and not the Navy, Army, etc., where he might end up getting maimed or killed, or doing something to someone else he might live to regret. He said he saves lives. I said, and he tries to stop drugs and guns from coming into the US. A great way to serve his country, I said.
I told him the poet laureate of Key West, Robert Frost, long deceased, once wrote:
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.
I said it is really important to leave the herd, or you just end up being another cow. The young man, his name is Jean, pronounced Gene and not John, had said he was 18 and had realized that early on. He said he learned through experience what worked for him and did not work, and he didn’t have to learn it but once; and he also learned from observing other people, what worked for them, and what didn’t. I said I was a very long time getting to where he was, and I was really glad to get to meet him. Later, I thanked Cathy for introducing me to Jean. I gave him a card, reading which I said might explain what I do better than my trying to explain it over breakfast.
From Harpoon Harry’s, I pedaled my bicycle over to the post office on Whitehead Street to drop my payment to Verison for my cell phone into the outgoing mail drop. From there, I pedaled down Whitehead and when I reached Angela Street and Centennial Bank, I saw Todd German’s SUV parked beside the bank. That branch is open Sunday mornings, and I went to the door and knocked and Todd came out.
Todd German
I told him about dreaming about Clayton
and Todd said maybe that was about the Frederick Douglass thing happening yesterday.
I said I had seen something about that in the Key West Citizen, but had not paid it much attention. Todd said it was being sponsored by Keys Coalition, Douglass’ great grandson was to speak. Todd said Tim Gratz had tried to get him to have Centennial give Keys Coalition money to help pay for Douglass’ great grandson being brought down to Key West to speak. Todd said he asked Tim what was the money to go for, it seemed like they were trying to raise a good bit of money? Tim said, expenses. Todd said what expenses? This and that. Todd asked if the great grandson was being paid? A per deim, Tim said. How much per deim, Todd asked? $500 dollars a day, Tim said. Todd said he told Tim that was a lot of money for a day, and he declined for Centennial to participate. I said I agreed, that was a lot of money for one day, for pushing a cause, and I wish I got paid that much a day. Todd had had other dealings with Tim, as had other people. So there was some history between them involving Keys Coalition, which I will not rehash here, other than to say it left Todd, and other people, leery of Keys Coalition fund raising and other aspects of Keys Coalition’s mission, all of which, and a great deal more, I covered in numerous posts at
Todd did not know where the great grandson would speak, so I pedaled over to the Martin Luther King Center on Thomas Street in Bahama Village to see if anyone there knew. Yes, it was at the Frederick Douglas Gymnasium on Emma Street in Bahama Village, but they didn’t know the time. I pedaled around Bahama Village looking for someone who might know the time, but had no luck. I called Erika Biddle, but she did not know of the event. I called Naja Girard, but missed her. Finally, I called Rick Boettger, and lo and behold, he said the great grandson was staying with him and his wife, and he would speak at 5 p.m.After Morris later spoke, I asked Rick if he knew anything about Morris being paid, and I reported what Todd had told me. Rick said he knew nothing about that, but people who work for charitable organizations don’t get paid well. I said I know that, but I need to know if Morris was paid, and if so, how much? I preferred not to report just what Todd had told me. Rick said he would ask Morris and get back to me. So far, nothing back from Rick.
Keys Coalition is a local organization which was established, as I understand it, by Connie Gilbert, Tim Gratz,
Connie GilbertTim Gratz
and others, to combat child sex trafficking in the Keys, and then changed to combating child sex trafficking on the Florida mainland, and then in the US, and then across the globe; and then changed to combating all forms of human slavery, including work slavery, across the globe. I had quite a few conversations with Connie and Tim about exaggerating the extent of child sex trafficking in the Keys, and about focusing their mission on the very real child sex trafficking magnet in Key West, which is Duval Street mainly. I kept telling them that magnet is known to every kid in the Keys, and it attracts kids to Key West at night, on weekends, and it attracts Key West kids. Duval Street, the sex magnet.
A city commissioner, Mark Rossi, owns businesses on Duval Street, which feature strippers, some or more than some of whom are more than strippers. Prostitutes, drug addicts. I kept pushing Connie and Tim to go after all of that, and stop bugging me and other people with what was going on beyond Key West and the Keys. I said there was nothing they could do about what was going on in Mami, Washington, D.C., New York, or overseas. Only in Key West and the Keys did they have any hope of having an effect. They needed to stop talking and put their boots on the ground. Go into the clubs, go to city commission meetings and raise hell. Put their social lives at risk, but their physical lives at risk.
One person working in Keys Coaliton, Gvyel Berkley, wrote to me that she already was going into Duval Street clubs and trying to persuade the girls to get out of the trade. Gvyel said she was getting kicked out of clubs. In Key West, on the Florida mainland and up the east coast of the US. I applauded her and told Connie and Tim they needed to follow suit. No dice. What Connie and Tim did, which I felt was helpful, was they started lobbying the school district to allow for people to come in and speak to students about the sex trade and its horrors and what to be on the lookout for and where to get help if they were already in trouble.
So, after Kenneth Morris finished his very nice presentation yesterday evening, he took a few questions from the audience. I asked him if Connie and Tim had told him about sex trafficking down here? Morris said yes, and he started into it going on down here like on the mainland. I said, I meant right here in Key West, on Duval Street. Morris said he did not know about that, had only just arrived the night before. Yet he had talked with Connie and Tim before he arrived, and he was staying with Rick Boettger and his wife, and they certainly knew about the sex trade on Duval Street. I told Morris that he ought to spend last night in the Duval strip joints, lap dance parlors and whore houses, so he could encourage Keys Coalition to go after that, which they might be able to do something about, instead of focusing on the mainland and overseas, about which they could do nothing. Morris said, yes, local is better for Keys Coalition, especially with education in the schools.
After that, was when I spoke with Rick Boettger about what Morris was being paid, if anything. I don’t have a problem with him being paid, I wish I was paid for what I do. But if Morris was paid, that’s part of this story, too.
From Frederick Douglass Gymnasium, I pedaled over to Jack Flats to see how Denver and San Diego were doing. Looked like Denver had the play off game pretty well sowed up, so got a big ice cream cone just a few doors down, something I do about once a month, and after I polished that off, I got on my bicycle and headed to Naja and Arnaud’s home, to see if they were there. Yep.
I told them that it looked to me that Keys Coalition had brought Morris down here to bolster Keys Coalition’s image and I wondered if Morris realized that, or if he knew anything about Keys Coalition’s history down here? After a lot of talk about many things, including Kenneth Morris and Keys Coalition, Arnaud asked what did I think is driving Connie Gilbert and Tim Gratz to try to stop child sex trafficking and all forms of slavery world wide?
I said, since he had asked, Connie and Tim both suffered serious sex molestation in childhood. Connie remembers it, she told me it had happened to her; Tim does not remember it, half of people molested in childhood do not remember, that is well known in psychiatry and psychology and recovery circles. Because of what happened to them, Connie and Tim are driven to try to save everyone having the same experience; in trying to save other people like themselves, they are trying to save themselves.
How did I know all of this, Arnaud asked? I did not then go into the details of how I was trained, but one detail was I was sexually molested in childhood, and the angels waited over 50 years to heal me of it, and it was awful, the healing. I was given other people to try to help, who had been molested. I saw the angels work on them. I told Arnaud that child molestation happens in about half of all American families. This is known in psychiatry and psychology. I said I had been given psychiatrists, psychologists, clinical social workers, addiction counselors, minsters, gurus, spiritual healers, lawyers, architects, and regular people to try to help. I knew the terrain well.
Whether or not Arnaud believed any of that is not relevant. What is relevant is he said, if child molestation is that pervasive, then it is far more important to try to do something about that, than to try to stop child sex trafficking, many of whose “victims” were molested in childhood. I said I agreed, and that was the first thing I went after when Connie and Tim came into my life with Keys Coalition. I told them they were going after a molecule compared to child molestation, and the best way for them to attack the child sex trade was to do all they could to prevent and rescue children being molested in their own homes.
Then, Arnaud turned on “The Island”, a Russian movie, one of his favorite movies, Arnaud said, which Netflix provided. It is about a fellow who did something awful when he was a young man, who later became a monk in an Russian Orthodox monastery, and slowly was taken over by angels and reborn in the spirit. He started hearing all sorts of stuff from beyond, which he needed to hear to help people coming to him as a last resort, after all else had failed. His prayers were initiating miracle healings. Finally, the person he had so wronged decades before showed up with his what turned out to be demon-possessed daughter, and the father was not dead as the monk had feared for so long, and he healed, via prayer, the daughter of the possession, and then, having already told his brethren that he was going to die, he passed from this world, reborn in spirit in the way Jesus meant it in the Gospels. Perhaps a Russian “coal into diamond” version of Francis of Assisi or Anthony of the Desert, both of whom can be googled by anyone interested in that alchemical field of interest.I told Arnaud and Naja it was a wonderful movie, one of my favorites now, too. I asked if they had seen “Man Facing Southeast”, an Argentine movie? Arnaud said yes, that was one of his favorite movies, too. I asked if they had seen “Brother Son Sister Moon”, about Francis of Assisi? Arnaud said no. I said it also is one of my favorites, in the league with “The Island” and “Man Facing Southeast”, a serious bad turn psychiatry’s world upside movie, featuring a self-proclaimed ET who said he was beamed down into an insane asylum because that was where he was going to end up anyway :-).
Two other things happened yesterday, which my dreams last night encouraged me to cover today. 
One came via Facebook from an old amiga in Forgottenville (Quincy), Illinois:
Mustang Sally
  • Awesome idea for kids or grandkids! I'm going to start doing this!
    Awesome idea for kids or grandkids! I’m going to start doing this!
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    • Sloan Bashinsky perhaps centuries from now, subterranean earthlings emerging from a nuclear winter of several thousands of years emerge into the sunlight and find that stepping stone path and wonder if it is a evolutionary tree of some kind, but they are puzzled, since they are monkeys and the tree looks like is might be going backward?
    • Gloria Reiser LOL! Sloan, I think there’s an outline for a dystopian sci fi novel in your comment!
    • Sloan Bashinsky Looks to me the dystopian novel is the seriously messed up world that kid’s little feet first started trying to walk on at about 11 months, which world looks to me will, absent an Act of God, to use my lingo, will get seriously more messed up as that kid grows older, and his/her kids are born and grow older, and so forth and so on. It just now occurs to me, must be something contagious about dystopia, that the sci-fi dystopian worlds, future earths, etc., are an Illuminati conspiracy to cause Earthlings to see that things on this planet are not nearly as bad as they might be somewhere else, so, everything on this world is actually peachy and going toward more peachy – zzzzzzzzz
    • Gloria Reiser Actually not quite so peachy. Folks need to wake up and work the magic of turning things around…. creating a better world.
    • Sloan Bashinsky Not peachy at all, actually, will have to work more on my jokes. I still say the people from this planet, who still live on it, are far beyond the point of no return in so far as turning things around, without or with magic. And, if the spirit world, or more advanced non-Earth races, or even more advanced races living on this planet, today, even though they have not yet been discovered or recognized by Earthlings don’t intervene, then the dystopian novels and movies just might more or less play out, and my first scenario of subterranean Earthlings emerging from underground thousands or years from now might not be any more far-fetched than any other theory, religious, scientific, or otherwise I have read or heard about.
      • Gloria Reiser The powers that be in this country apparently have subterranean quarters set up for in event of catastrophe. Not that they care a flying fig what happens to the rest of man and animal kind in such event, even if that event might be caused by those powers that be and their warmongering. And then there are the Hopi legends of ascending through/from the underground of earth coming above ground. Anything is possible.
      • Sloan Bashinsky I included this FB “thread” in the Web of whatever holds this place together, if only just barely, in today’s “There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy – Frederick Douglass Gymnasium symposium on slavery and child sex trafficking, and various other Key West, USA, world-wide and other-world evolution and devolution education attractions” post at
The other came from John Guerra of Key West:
 John Guerra
John Guerra blog is up!
Human beings may be accepting a gigantic truth but aren’t weighing what it truly means …
(Open that link to see John’s article, it’s long-ish, but should be read by any Earthling who still thinks this planet is the center of God’s Creation.)
I replied:
Hi, John –
I’ve seen one. It was disk-shaped. About 2 mile up. It hovered stationary, then it maneuvered in ways and speed a human aircraft cannot as far as I know. Then, it dragged a cloud about 200 times its size across the sky, leaving what looked like a vapor trail, but much wider than what human airplanes leave flying at high altitude.
Three people I was with at the time, my wife and an adult friend, and my wife’s 10-year-old son, refused to look up as I kept trying to get them to look up and see what I was seeing. The two adults didn’t want to see it, the boy was afraid they would laugh at him if he looked up, he told me later that day. I told him the ship was there as a demonstration for him, and I bet he would look up the next time I said to look up. He agreed. There was no next time while I was still with his mother, who knew I was seeing angels, and hearing from them, and she was also, but not anywhere close to the frequency I was. The other adult was not having any phenomenal experiences, never had. Both adults were licensed clinical social workers.
I have had other, more subtle ET contacts.
I had countless angel contacts.
I don’t know what they are up to, but I doubt they are hanging around this planet just for their own amusement.
John wrote:
Sloan! Great to hear from you! Have you done more poetry readings? That’s where I saw you last. You,me, Richard Hatch and all.
Anyway, I conclude that enough hyper-credible people–that is, scientists, astronauts, high-level officials such as commanders of U.S. nuclear facilities and air traffic radar and tracking stations–have stepped forward specifically to report to the public that they believe aircraft (fact) performing maneuvers earth-based aircraft can’t (fact) have been visible to large groups of people (fact) for as long as 45 minutes or longer (fact).
Skylab, 150-feet long or so, orbited the Earth at low orbit. Scientists with instruments on board noticed they were being shadowed by an object that floated to the side and slightly behind them at a distance of about say, 30 miles. It was shaped like a big Y or so the photo they took shows. By using distance and speed measurements they DETERMINED that it was 800 feet long. There remains no ability by anyone to put something that big in space. This is loooong before the International Space Station was assembled piece by piece.
This was witnessed by trained experts, right? Anyone doubt rocket scientists or other scientists actively studying, and in position to, capture events like this?
I’m sold on what has become fact for me: We are of interest to a group of … fill in the blank.
Beyond that, I know not what else to say.
Something’s going on and the public deserves full disclosure. I know that hundreds of scientists and other experts have urged the govt. to open any documents or material related to the phenomenon for public scientific study.
France’s version of NASA released decades of UFO testimony, interviews with witnesses to events, and recordings, photos, and other UFO artifacts it has collected.
Take care, Sloan.
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“There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy,” comes to mind yet again, yet again, yet again …
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