lower Florida Keys grinder pump war – time’s a wasting, Florida Keys State Rep Holly Raschien, get the lead out, girl, tell Governor Scott what is going on down here before the deep doo doo hits the fan down here and where you and Governor Scott live, too

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Re the lower Florida Keys grinder pump war:


From: holly@hollyraschein.com
[Holly lives on Key Largo and is Monroe County’s elected member of the Florida House of Representatives; Monroe County stretches from South Miami-Dade County through the Florida Keys.]

Holly Raschein 2
To: keysmyhome@hotmail.com [that’s me, Sloan]
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From: sloan bashinsky <keysmyhome@hotmail.com>
Date: Sat, December 28, 2013 8:38 pm
To: Holly Raschein Campaign <holly@hollyraschein.com>

Hi, Holly –

Don’t know what this is about; I never unsubscribed.

I do hope, however, that you are banging Governor Scott’s door down about the screwing his appointed Florida Keys Aqueduct Authority Board members are doing to lower Keys residents in the Cudjoe Regional Sewer District, about which I have now published maybe a dozen and a half times at www.goodmorningfloridakeys.com, and about which I see a great deal of jabbering on www.bigpinekey.com’s popular Coconut Telegraph.

If you want votes from the lower Keys this year, Holly, it will be a good idea for you to get Governor Scott to tell the jaybirds he appointed to the FKAA Board to straighten up and fly right. They shoot buzzards down here, too. :-)

blow gun

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year :-)


From: Holly@hollyraschein.com
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Dear Sloan,
We looked into the unsubscribe situation, please see the details below. Feel like subscribing again? Hope you had a Happy New Year and yes, it will be a busy year on many different issues. Woohoo!

Holly Raschein

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From: Erin Muir <erin@hollyraschein.com>
Date: Thu, January 02, 2014 7:47 pm
To: “<Holly@hollyraschein.com>” <Holly@hollyraschein.com>

Hi Holly,

Mail Chimp is telling me that the user unsubscribed on December 28th. Sometimes I believe if someone forwards the email and the person they email it to clicks “unsubscribe” in the original email, it will unsubscribe the first user. Kind of a screwy glitch. Unfortunately, once someone unsubscribes, it won’t allow me to manually resubscribe them, they have to resubscribe for themselves. There is a subscribe link in the email that was forwarded to you below. Let me know if you need anything else.


Sloan with troll

From: keysmyhome@hotmail.com
To: holly@hollyraschein.com [of Key Largo, Monroe County’s elected Florida House of Represenatives member]
Subject: RE: [FWD: Re: [FWD: RE: Holly Raschein 2012 Campaign: You are now unsubscribed]]
Date: Fri, 3 Jan 2014 21:55:04 -0500

Hi, Holly –


Did you just totally dodge what I wrote to you about the grinder pump war down here in the lower Keys?

Do you understand I will publish your reply to mine, tomorrow morning?

That’s a hell of a way to kick off a reelection campaign down here in the lower Keys, Holly. I gave you a chance to be Super Woman, a real heroine, in a super time critical situation, and look what you did with it.

Why would I want to resubscribe in the face of that?



From: Holly@hollyraschein.com
To: keysmyhome@hotmail.com
Subject: RE: [FWD: Re: [FWD: RE: Holly Raschein 2012 Campaign: You are now unsubscribed]]
Date: Fri, 3 Jan 2014 21:26:18 -0700

The Aqueduct has said they can install more gravity systems if the County can fund it, so I’m knocking down doors trying to get additional state funding.  Additionally, I appreciate the advice.  Good night.
Holly Raschein

From: keysmyhome@hotmail.com

To: holly@hollyraschein.com

Subject: RE: [FWD: Re: [FWD: RE: Holly Raschein 2012 Campaign: You are now unsubscribed]]
Date: Sat, 4 Jan 2014 06:30:14 -0500

Hi, Holly –

As I and others have written to you, this is a time critical situation, because FKAA is moving forward as I write to you with installing grinder pump systems where FKAA prefers to install gravity systems.

In remote and low-lying areas, grinder pump systems are the only alternative, but elsewhere they are the worst alternative, environmentally and maintenance-wise, and in the long run will cost more than gravity or vacuum systems.

Key Largo, where you live, Holly, is going with vacuum pump systems wherever feasible, and grinder pump systems only where there is no other alternative.

FKAA knows grinder pump systems are the least desirable environmentally and down the road cost-wise.

FKAA’s Board was appointed by Governor Scott and serve at his leisure. At any point along this way, FKAA could have declined to do the County Commission’s penny wise pound foolish bidding. Even now, FKAA could tell its crews to stop laying grinder pump lines and installing grinder pumps wherever gravity systems are preferred and feasible. Or wherever vacuum systems could be installed, as is happening on Key Largo.

It is my observation that prying money out of Tallahassee for anything down here in the Keys can take months, or years. In months, it will be too late, Holly, to turn it around down here. You would know this, if you were keeping up with this situation.

What needs to happen, Holly, as I wrote to you already, is you should personally apprise Governor Scott of what his FKAA Board is doing down here, knowing it is not the best sewer system for the lower Keys. The FKAA Board are his stewards. They are supposed to put in the best designated area of critical concern sewer systems for the Keys environment, and for the Keys taxpayer (property owner) pocket book.

The Governor, Holly, can turn this situation around by picking up the telephone and calling the FDAA Board members and telling them stop doing the County Commission’s bidding, if they wish to remain on the FKAA Board. It’s that simple, Holly. And you know it is that simple. And you know that will give FKAA and the lower Keys the breathing room for this to get worked out by new funding from Tallahassee, or by a realignment of the County Commission’s spending priorities, which never should trump sewering the Keys in the best way possible for the environment and the taxpayer pocket book.

Imagine, Holly, another Hurricane Wilma situation. 3 feet of salt water over the lower Keys. Power goes out for days, a week, two weeks. Grinder pumps stop working as soon as the power goes out. FKAA cannot respond to 1,000, for example, grinder pumps going out. People cannot use their toilets. Shit backs up in their bath tubs and kitchen sinks. Shit spills out in their yards. Hazmat crews have to come in and clean it up, like what happened to a grinder pump subdivision in New Jersey during the Hurricane Sandy flood of that neighborhood.

It’s all over the news, what Governor Scott let happen down here in the beautiful fabulous Florida Keys. It’s over the news what you let happen down here, Holly, after you were told what would happen down here and you did not bang down Governor Scott’s door about it, when he could have done something to prevent it.

Wake up, girl! Get the lead out! Time’s a wasting!


My post on this topic two days ago at www.goodmorningfloridakeys.com:

Was a major monkey wrench just thrown into the lower Florida Keys sewer commotion?

Posted on January 2, 2014 by Sloan

pelican poopingmonkey wrench

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This arrived today:


From: Bgprevatt@________
Date: Thu, 2 Jan 2014 07:58:53 -0500
Subject: Gravity people also cannot flush!
To: bgprevatt@aol.com
CC: boccdis1@monroecounty-fl.gov; boccdis2@monroecounty-fl.gov; boccdis3@monroecounty-fl.gov; boccdis4@monroecounty-fl.gov; boccdis5@monroecounty-fl.gov

FYI — this comes to me from someone with knowledge of the local design.

Blind copy 100+

From: To: Bgprevatt@_______
Sent: 12/31/2013 6:12:49 P.M. Eastern Standard Time
Subj: Gravity people also cannot flush!
We really need to get the word out to people that think all is well because they have gravity. They actually have LESS time flushing normally than individual grinders.when the power is out! Everyone in the CRWS should be fighting this design!

When you have more than 40 houses on a lift station wetwell, each home has about 1/4 the reserve capacity of a grinder pit, on average, before overflow. There is some extra capacity in the pipes, but over 40 homes are filling them, too. When the pipes are full, it’s on the ground or on your floor, maybe both.

Because the lift stations are using the same slow-pumping E-1 grinders as the individual pump stations, they will need nearly continuous pumping when the power is out and people are awake. Because the CRWS uses dozens of lift stations, there will need to be too many generators and too many workers mobilized to keep lift stations pumped 24/7 in a widespread outage. Meanwhile, 1700+ individual grinders will also need pumping. It will not happen. Overflows will be everywhere. Channel 7 will be on the scene, in hazmat gear to stifle the smell.

What is the solution? A redesign is imperative.

Vacuum sewers come with backup generators at the vacuum pump station to provide power for uninterrupted service, so that is one solution and possibly the best for this situation- not that they are perfect. The good news is that you connect by gravity to a vacuum pit in the road maintained by FKAA, and you have uninterrupted service in a power outage.

A STEP system (septic tank effluent pumping) would allow use of the forcemains already in the ground, and the existing drainfield can be used as it is now if power goes out. The power demand is low and and the pumps are relatively cheap, so if you don’t feel like giving an easement, it is not a big expense to put your own pump in. The County would not like you keeping your septic tank, but DEP actually encourages that. Under normal circumstances, the effluent is not discharged, it is pumped away for further treatment. Charlotte County rejected grinders in favor of STEP. (http://www.fwrj.com/techarticles/1208%20FWRJ_tech2.pdf )

The gravity lift stations should be using faster pumps and backup generators as well if that’s what it takes to realistically maintain service. It is a big mistake to be using residential grinders in a lift station- especially progressive cavity grinders. I wonder if the manufacturer approves, or is it just the grinder salesman’s company that is happy?
Another possibility is that the lift stations could perhaps be converted to vacuum buffer tanks if a vacuum station is in the vicinity to serve a less densely populated neighborhood.

How do we alert the gravity people that the design is still a mess and they will also be without service when the power is out?
To me, E-One seems to me to be the biggest problem in the whole CRWS design. It is limiting the entire system to its special characteristics.


Maybe you blow up a Florida Keys Aqueduct Authority work crew and get arrested and jailed and tried and convicted? Just joking. You might post the above, if you didn’t already, on www.bigpinekeycom‘s Coconut Telegraph, and send it to all local journalists, and to State Representative Holly Raschein,

Holly Raschein 2

and to Governor Scott,

Rick Scott

if you know a way to get through his mail screening guards.

Sloan at Coco's

P.S. Holly,

Tell Governor Scott that you know the lunatic down here in the Florida Keys who wrote this to you, told you that angels of the Lord keep telling him that they aren’t too terribly impressed with how Governor Scott’s servants at Florida Keys Aqueduct Authority are looking out for what God gave to Governor Scott to be the good steward of for a while – the fabulous Florida Keys.

Sloan Bashinsky


There is a different post today at www.goodmorningkeywest.com, which you should be able to reach by clicking on that link today, and by clicking on this link at anytime:

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