dump the pumps, and the people who brought them to the lower Florida Keys

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Somebody asked about repercussions from refusing a grinder pump installation. If you do not “grant” an easement under the FKAA duress, then FKAA will simply leave a stub-out lateral at your property and the County will force you to connect a grinder at your own expense through Code Enforcement action. However, if you do “grant” the forced easement, FKAA is now claiming that means you are one of the perfectly happy victims having a grinder sewer system and your neighbors are just a bunch of whining hysterical know-nothings.
This system will fail dramatically. Probably not right away, but soon enough. In a nutshell, there are TOO MANY PUMPS pumping TOO FAR and TOO SLOWLY. Much smaller systems have failed and been replaced. We have asked the grinder manufacturer for the location of their biggest LPS grinder system and they claim they don’t know- but were unable to point to systems of more than a few hundred total as maybe being the biggest. It’s not a “robust design” like County doofus engineer Kevin Wilson says. It is an untried, experimental design that does not even follow accepted minimum engineering standards. Since grinders are the most costly, least reliable, least environmentally safe, and most obtrusive of alternative central sewer systems, one has to suspect the motive for selecting such a system.
You might fare best if you delay as long as possible granting an easement, if ever. I think you can safely ignore FKAA’s deadline to grant an easement. The grinder installation is highly profitable for the contractor. So long as the contract is open, he will be happy to return to make the installation. If you do grant the easement, you might be best advised to delay hooking up as long as possible. The entire system may become inoperable before you are forced to abandon your septic tank. In that event, at least you can still flush. Hopefully, the BOCC will allocate funding to install a sensible system. If not, the pending legal action may force a halt to construction and a redesign of the system, eliminating the E-1 grinder pump. If you do not want a grinder pump, be certain you are counted as opposing them by signing the newest petition at http://DumpThePumps.com
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