America, one Christian nation under God, would be hilarious, if it were not so hilarious :-), and other native and alien invader heroic and weenie tales from the old and new wild west bringing in the “new year” at, including a shitgrinding howler from Banks Prevatt, who’s sort of starting to remind me of Joan of Arc in a Florida Keysee sort of way :-)

about time

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Vicki Weeks scuba

Vicki Weeks, of Savannah, formerly of Key West, wrote yesterday:

“…will I get it right this time, or will I have another 2004? – a truly terrifying thought.”

This note is the bearer of wishes for a kinder, gentler 2014! One with no unwanted redux.:)


I wrote back:

Thanks, way things shaping up so far today, tomorrow might not be a kinder, gentler exposition, but there’s still time for the great speckled bird of paradise to swoop in with Mary Poppins astride its back with that spoonful of sugar … : – )

pelican pooping

Capt. Gulliver wrote yesterday:

Where have all the good vibes gone?

I replied:

My good vibes? Key West’s good vibes? Florida Keys’ good vibes? USA’s good vibes? Humanity’s good vibes?

Christine Russell, of Key West and Panama, wrote continued our dialogue reported in day before yesterday’s post at

Christine Russell 2

Sloan – my wishes for your peace of mind are very sincere.
I understand the unrest and frustration you experience in wanting a better Key West and a better world, and in participating however you can to facilitate change.

Sadly the problems are bigger than all of us, particularly in the US and a greater part of the world – things are not getting better, they just continue to deteriorate.

I admire you for your fortitude. Are we just gluttons for punishment!?

I understand you say your will is not your own, but rather a higher power directs you.

Some tell me not to take it all so seriously, to “let it go”. But what if no one paid any attention to city government, to projects – isn’t it a citizen’s duty to vote, know what’s going on, and contribute thoughts and ideas to ones local government? How else do they know how we feel and what we want?

As for the national government – that seems rather hopeless so I won’t even go into that, but a government of a small island this size should be able to manage itself in an efficient way and implement the desired projects the majority of its citizens want – in a timely fashion.

So Sloan, if anyone understands – I do.

Do I practice what I preach?

I try. Or maybe I should say I am working on it!


I replied:

Best description of my situation, I’m shanghaied, the angels conscripted me, I am their work mule.

work mule

Don’t matter how I feel about it, although sometimes it’s fun, and sometimes it’s hilarious, but there’s plenty of hard work, and plenty of heartache and disappointment. It seems to “entertain” me, keep me from being entirely a sloth; although there are those who certainly disagree, view me as a nothing with a big mouth, big ego, big delusions, etc. Hell, if I ever got a big following, I’d think I was screwing up; well, only the good die young.

honey attracts more flies

I always have admired your spunk, Christine, and willingness to say what is on your mind. In the past, I have felt I was more skeptical than you, more inclined to assume candidates for office and elected officials are guilty until proven innocent :-). Saves a lot of time, expense and effort, than indicting, trying and convicting them later :-), and pardons are quite easy to pass around, just ask any state governor and el presidente in the oval orifice. What can I say? SNAFU don’t seem to have much competition down here on this ravaged planet. Maybe something will happen to change that, draw humanity back together, perhaps to survive – Did you see “Ender’s Game”, or read that novel by Orson Scott Card? In some ways, by the end of it, I felt like I was on Elysium wishing I was back down on grubby planet Earth living not much better than homeless people live today in Key West.

Sancho Panza wrote yesterday:

Sancho Panza

Merry Christmas, Sloan!

Homelessness is a symptom of a much deeper spiritual problem in our World… we are not our brother’s keepers… I mean that literally, even families have no more sense of solidarity within its own members…

I wrote:

You think maybe humanity is sort of like a super nova, but don’t know it yet? – kaboom!!!, earth human DNA plastered all over space?

fool dolphin

I pedaled my bicycle over to Naja and Arnaud Girard’s home last night, to talk about what I earlier had submitted to, which I felt the angels didn’t like for today’s weekly blue edition. Indeed, Naja said what I had sent would not be published. I asked what she night want published? Something on homelessness she said, Arnaud agreed. I said I’d been hearing a poem trying to start in my thoughts for two days, and I would go home and see if something came and, if so, would send it to her. I said it would be on the “heard on the street” theme, each stanza starting with that. I said I did one like that many years ago in Key West, maybe it’s time for another. It will be hard-hitting. Naja said to go for it.

I pedaled home, got out my laptop, answered some emails, then wrote “Heard on the street … ” Something came, then more something came, then it was coming, and then it was finished coming, and I emailed it to Naja and pedaled my bike back over to her and Arnaud’s home, because Naja is not easy to reach by phone, especially on Thursday night before Friday publication – often Thursday is an all-nighter. I wanted to make sure she knew the poem had been sent, she might not even check her emails again before tomorrow.

Reaching their home, I asked Naja to read the poem, let me know if it would be published today. She read it, nope, they are trying to be factual and concentrate again on the Thanksgiving dead tourist whow as being served and protected by 14 Ke West cops. Naja said they do not want to needlessly agitate the police. Besides, why would I take the word of a stripper that KW cops are trafficking in narcotics in Duval Street strip joints? Naja and Arnaud are taking the word of the KWPD about what happpened to that dead Thanksgiving tourist?

Naja said I could publish the poem on my website, which I was going to do anyway. I said I would add to the saga that she declined after I told her what it would be and she said to go for it and I went for it and she said she didn’t want to piss off the Key West police needlessly. I said I would say she and Arnaud are weenies. Naja laughed, said do a weenie poem, too. Hell, she was the weenie poem.


Heard on the street …

it’s safer to be around homeless people than around Key West cops …

Heard on the street …

it’s safer to be around criminals than around Key West cops …

Heard on the street …

Key West cops are trafficking narcotics in Duval Street strip joints …

Heard on the street …

Key West cops are under orders from “above” to make homeless people’s lives as miserable as possible …

Heard on the street …

Key West cops spend most of their time looking for and harassing homeless people, than protecting everyone else from other criminals …

Heard on the street …

Bill Riley’s video featuring bizarre homeless people and bimbo mainstream people was karma for how Key West police treat homeless people …

Heard on the street …

The Thanksgiving tourist profiled for living in his PT cruiser dead and gone on South Beach was karma for how Key West police treat homeless people…

Heard on the street …

the reason no Key West cops could be found to star in Bill O’Reilly’s video was they were all off hunting and harassing homeless people …

Heard on the street …

God sends homeless people to Key West to enable God to see if homeless people are members of Key West’s One Human Family …

Heard on the street …

Jesus was homeless, and if he came to Key West homeless today, he would be apprehended by Key West cops for not having a place to lay down his head and be told to go to KOTS to sleep at night or be taken to the county jail …

Heard on the street …

A lovey Native American tango started with this heyoka from Dakotanomad yesterday:


Date: Thu, 26 Dec 2013 13:49:40 -0800
Subject: Christmas Song — the ‘ancients’ with a modest modern offering

A good ol’ timey Native song of Xmas

Heart warming song from the first Americans who brought you Thanxgiving just to get your Holiday season started…

…(each-one-teach-one aboriginal hospitality method)

Merry Christmas

I replied:

you sent this already, I didn’t feel moved yet to publish it

Dakotanomad replied with more Native American wisdom and holiday cheer:

Try to understand
We send you stuff being SHAREd WITH YOU….
imperfectly and mistakenly we have you on more than one eddress list/grouping ‘poetry’ and ‘keys’ etc.

We do not see you as a portal to the world nor the masses

unfortunately you see yourself that way and it makes you somewhat obsessed and deranged single minded, tunnel visioned… a one trick pony at the rodeo of blah blah blah

you have become so full of yourself in self publishing as self indulgence that it is tedious one sided heavy handed prejudiced and vapid….

…lacking in a modicum of yin/yang balance–objectivity NOT defined by you.

YOU need an EDITOR for your input/writing etc which leans toward yellow or jaundiced journalism at best exploiting the internet— the web

When you and others in your distribution are pleased or proud Then you are having FUN and compliment yourselves that you are a success

If others are offended or oppose your failures and drivel you again deem yourself ‘…effective’

There is no real objective bar for real failure and correction in your SLOANSWORLD PUBLISHING PROJECT

You conveniently believe if you like it. you are right and succeeding
and if others dont like it you are right and succeeding
so YOUR publishing is a vehicle for personal DENIAL and SLOAN PSYCHOLOGY ON PARADE or Sloans NEED on parade

That being said it dont make you a bad guy
just obsessive compulsive lacking an avenue and standard for improvement

The blinders emerging from this lack… lack of vision… awareness… perception fools you into believing ‘stuff’

‘Stuff’ like if you get email twice someone really wants their ‘stuff’ to be stood on your shoulders to see and be seen
You cant get further from the truth nor from a path to it

Merry Christmas Sloan from Indian Country
That would be the people that brought you Thanksgiving the real spiritual kind / occasion…
…the people who brought you your Best cultural anthropology definition of ‘magnanimous’

peoples publishing project

‘all are relations
all our relations’

I wrote back:

A good while ago I started receiving stuff from Dakotanomad unsolicited by me; from time to time I published some of it to my websites, to share it with others. That’s how you started receiving stuff I am moved to write and publish daily. I sent you this link below this morning. It contains discussion started by someone else of heyoka. Today atwww/, this link below should work anytime:

t’was only the day after Christ-mas I am reminded yet again of my never-ending courses in wemmins studies – Key West, Florida Keys, and beyond …

Wiley Coyote

I wondered if Dakotanomad got the joke? Heyoka struck again.

Not long before opening and reading Dakotanomad’s love letter, I was thinking the “all men are created with certain unalienable rights” propaganda in the US Declaration of Independence only applied to white men in the 13 Colonies, and women of any color didn’t have any unalienable rights either. And, much of the hell America is sliding into today is karma from the way it treated the people whose ancestors actually did discover America.

Later yesterday, I wrote to America was founded on Christian values advocate Tim Gratz:

Tim Gratz

“What American Christians who keep trying to make early USA out to be a Christian nation need to do, Tim, is forget about that and themselves do all possible to be just like Jesus in the Gospels, down to dotting the last i and crossing the last t. What you call a young nation founded on Christian values denied women the same rights as men, burned so-called witches at the stake, shunned their family, friends and neighbors, denied non-whites the same rights as whites, sanctioned slavery, practiced genocide on the native inhabitants … ”


One young nation under God, my ass – Ho!

Homeland Security

I’m reading Wade Davis’ book, One River, which has some North American Native America history/lore in it, but mostly, so far, it is about Columbia and Peruvian Native Americans, and their decimation, for the most part, by white men from Spain and Rome (Vatican). So far in Davis’s excellent book, the South American Native Americans back in that day were far more advanced in biology and spiritual matters than the white invaders. So far, nothing has changed, although there are far fewer natives who hold that honor.) Maybe Dakotanomad should head down there and try to find natives who not yet totally decimated by white people. Maybe Dakotnomad might also try on much the same thing I told Tim – get Native Americans to apply Native American wisdom to themselves, down to dotting the last i and crossing the last t.

Devil or Angel 2

Heart Throb


When it rains, it pours, in the original story, there is no happy briar patch get away.

tar baby

I’m simply unable, so far, to get out of the goo I got myself stuck in by replying to an email from born again Christian, all others die and go to hell and burn there forever, Tim Gratz, of Key West, the other day,

Tim Gratz

in which he extolled the Christian need and the Jesus mandate to get Fantasy Fest in Key West toned down.

Fantasy Fest feline 2Mustang Sally

The lead up to what follows below is in yesterday’s and the day before yesterday’s posts

Tim wrote yesterday:

My comments in italics.

Thanks, Sloan, as always.

Your stated reason for going after Fantasy Fest, Tim, as you wrote, was because of your religious beliefs. That’s what God is looking at, not a city ordinance. The Fantasy Fest case is being tried right now in a Court which is not of this world. Everything I am given to engage is tried in that Court.

Sloan, one does not have to be a Christian (or a Mormon or Muslim or even non-religious for that matter), to regret the extremes that FF has become and the bad image that it gives our city. Some of the people who first started the protest after this year’s event were not fundamentalist Christians. I think the majority of Americans would roll their eyes over a city that promotes an event that features people running around naked or semi-naked (and many if not most of them have bodies that no one want to see anyway). Good taste alone calls for reform. Moreover, I would not argue for restrictions severe enough to make FF resemble a Sunday School picnic. But I think the majority of Key West residents believe it has gone too far. I mean, look at the events promoting porn stars and the glorification of pimps (the “pimp and ho” party).

You really do need to stop preaching as true what you only believe to be true because of how you interpret the Bible.

It is not me It was Jesus who said: “You must be born again.” We may disagree with what that means but Christian scholars through the ages agree that it means that a person must accept Jesus’ sacrificial death on the cross and invite Jesus to indwell one’s life. This is not a doctrine of some small group of adherents It is widely accepted by Baptists, Methodists, Lutherans, Pentecostals. So when you say how I interprent the Bible you imply that it is just my interpretation. Your argument is not with me but with thousands of Christian theologians and down through the ages.

Now if one believes that as I do, it becomes I think a moral imperative to communicate it. Let’s take another example, that smoking causes cancer. That belief is widely accepted, as is the long and widely accepted Christian doctrine of salvation. Now if I believe that, and a friend of mine is a heavy smoker, don’t you think I should communicate my concern to my friend?

And I do not consider myself a preacher and I do not go around discussing this with strangers–although I really should.

I found myself wondering last night what it is like for people who have regular dealings with Tim, knowing he is convinced, because they are not “born-again Christians” by Tim’s definition, when they die, they will go to hell and burn there forever?

I have several friends who are agnostic or atheist, all of whom are “nice” and caring people–add “very”. They know what I believe and we will, on rare occasions, have theolpgical discussions. But I do not “nag” them about it because that would do no good. They respect the sincerity of my conviction and I accept the sincerity of their non-belief. That is called “religious tolerance.” Moreover, having several Jewish friends I do not want them to be offended by the predominance of Christianity. And I can regret, regret with every fiber of my being, the past religious intolerance some “Christians” practiced. I found it hard to believe that even in northern communities after WWII there were restrictive covenants that forbade the transfer of real estate to Jewish people.

There was a recent New York times magazine article about the persecution of Christians in some countries The article was written by a Jewish writer (or so I presume from his name).

As strong as one’s religious beliefs are, one must respect the convictions of others That is the Christian thing to do. That is the Jewsish thing to do!

I replied:

As strong as one’s religious beliefs are, one must respect the convictions of others That is the Christian thing to do. That is the Jewish thing to do!

Far as I know, that is pretty much the perspective of every religion, but Christianity and Islam, if you exclude the Sufi sects of Islam, who respect the convictions of people of other religions.

Islam proper views all non-Muslims, including Christians, as infidels, ungodly.

Christianity proper views all but Christians as destined to die and burn in hell for ever. That’s seriously respectful of other people’s different convictions.

You view only born-again Christians, by your definition of that state of being, as not dying and burning in hell for ever. That’s seriously respectful of Christians who simply view themselves as Christians, perhaps since they can remember.

Wiggle as you wish, Tim, but you yourself said your wanting Fantasy Fest toned down was because Jesus would not like it.

I wonder if Fantasy Fest will become the central issue in the upcoming city races. If so, Key West will have Harry Bethel, you, others like Harry and you, to thank for that. I hope it happens. It will be interesting to see how the candidates deal with it.

Tim wrote:

Puritans burn witch

This country was formed as a Christian nation and it instituted religious tolerance although as I mentioned earlier we did not always practice that as we should have. But tolerance really started in our Christian nation.

I wrote:

Agreed, religious tolerance started in America, however, when I read the Declaration of Independence, written by someone who was not a Christian, Thomas Jefferson,

Thomas Jefferson

I see no reference to Christianity anywhere in that document. I do see references, by different appellations, to what I call God, but no Biblical names for God were used in that document.

I read where Jefferson later led the charge in Virginia to keep the Virginia Constitution from making Christianity the state religion of Virginia. I read where Jefferson detested Christianity.

There is no tolerance whatsoever, Tim, in believing, even if you never say it, that all but born-again Christians, by your definition, will go to heaven when they die, and all others will go to hell and burn there forever.

For me, that is the rankest, most invidious form of intolerance, prejudice and bigotry, because it damns the souls of people who do not share your religious beliefs.

Am reminded of a conversation I had with two elders, a man maybe ten years older than I, and a woman maybe ten years older than him, who were elders in the Baptist church where I started out as a kid in Birmingham. My parents and their parents had attended there.

These were two very good people in my opinion. They were devout. They were devoted to God, Jesus, their church, their congregation. Their provided space for Asian Christian churches to meet in separate parts of their church buildings. They provided a food and clothing lockers for poor people. Behind the scenes, the man ran that church. I really liked these two people, a lot.

Their conversation was over whether Jews would die and burn in hell forever, or had God made special provision for Jews, since they were the chosen people in the Old Testament? This was a very serious discussion, which apparently was being had in the entire Southern Baptist Convention. As if Southern Baptists could decide the fate of Jews’ souls, they discussed this, circa 1996.

When I was 12, 1954, mother bolted that church, and a splinter off from it in the suburb where we lived, because she could not stand its intolerance, and her parents’ intolerance since she was a kid. She became Episcopalian. You’d have thought she had become a prostitute. The hell she caught from the Baptist ministers, her parents, my father’s parents.

That, of course, was decades before I went back to attending that church for a while, which by then had really become tolerant, even welcoming gays, whom I convinced to give that church a try. Gays, who were repelled by their earlier church experiences, but when I persuaded them St. Paul was gay, and that didn’t seem to bother God, they gave that church a try and they really liked it.

There was no talk I ever heard in that church of being a born-again Christian. There was talk of being Christian, of accepting Jesus, if you had not already done so, and of being baptized. The born-again talk I heard came from new churches, charismatic churches, evangelical churches, fundamentalist churches, backwoods churches, but not from mainstream old churches. Well, perhaps I digress.

Tell me, Tim. Will Jews who have not have been born again by your definition, upon their deaths burn in hell forever? A simple yes, no, I don’t know will suffice. No need to quote scriptures as you view them. Please just say yes, no, I don’t know, without explaining.

How about other faiths outside of Christendom? Will their members, who have not been born again again by your definition, upon their deaths burn in hell forever? Again, a simple yes, no, I don’t know will suffice.

How about born-again Christian, by your definition, homosexuals who still engage in homosexual practices? Do they die and burn in hell forever?

What about born-again Christians, by your definition, who eat pork and shell fish, which practices also are classified as abominations in Leviticus? Do they die and burn in hell forever?

What about people who never even heard of Jesus? Do they die and burn in hell forever?

When it comes to what happens to people’s souls in the afterlife, who are not born-again by your definition, I see no tolerance, Tim. I see the most severe possible eternal judgment and punishment.

Of course, not all Christians believe Christianity is the only way to get into heaven. In fact, many Christians do not believe that. You, however, do not appear to be among them. You appear to be like the Christians Thomas Jefferson would not have cared to have running America and Virginia.

Many Americans back then feared fundamentalist Christian sects, because of their extreme intolerance of other Christian sects, as well as of other faiths. Those Americans’ leaders signed a Declaration of Independence which made no allusion to Christianity.

If America was founded as a Christian nation, that would have been acknowledged in its Declaration of Independence. Christianity then would have been made the national religion in the US Constitution.

signing of the Declaration

Jefferson and the other signers of the Declaration of Independence believed in and worshiped what I call God. Some of them were Christians, some, like Jefferson, were not.


Although Tim had plenty more to say in later emails, he did not answer my simple straight-forward questions, but he did accuse me of being intolerant of his religious views, which I had sort of figured was how he would go about it. No need for anyone to die and to burn in hell; Christendom brought hell to earth,

witch burningSpanish Inquisition

and they made it part of their religion,

G.W. Strangelove

Obama drones

God, what a mess humanity has made on this world, in your name! What a mess!

ET view

Sloan Bashinsky

Oh, my pardon,

Bovine 2

Banks Prevatt sent a howler from the anti-shitgrinder pump war camp yesterday. The emails are in reverse time order. I protected Banks and another citizen’s email addresses, to save them getting SPAM.

From: (Sloan)
To: bgprevatt@________
Subject: RE: A Qestion
Date: Thu, 26 Dec 2013 21:13:26 -0500

Yahoo! Hot damn!

Joan of Arc

From: Bgprevatt@________
Date: Thu, 26 Dec 2013 21:05:16 -0500
Subject: A Qestion
CC:; Kolhage-Danny@MonroeCounty-FL.Gov;; BOCCDIS3@MonroeCounty-FL.Gov; BOCCDIS4@MonroeCounty-FL.Gov; BOCCDIS5@MonroeCounty-FL.Gov; Gastesi-Roman@MonroeCounty-FL.Gov;;;;;

You seem to have missed the question. I’ll repeat it. “… A common thread with some of the commissioners is that they listened to the experts, this technology is the solution for the Keys and they will go with the recommendations of the experts

The question: Why do you five commissioners not listen to the one expert you have chosen to accomplish the daunting task of installing and maintaining sewers in this area of the Keys?

The Florida Keys Aqueduct Authority.
1. Executive Director Kirk Zuelch publicly stated, “We Prefer gravity; it has no moving parts.”
2. Chairman of the Board, Robert Dean publicly stated, “…This company supports gravity systems…”

Are these not your final experts?

Instead of the question, you commented, and your comments sound a bit vicious and emotional. Let’s look at facts.

1. Mistakes? I apologized for a possible mistake. The more I look into the matter, the less convinced I am that I made a mistake.

2. Champions of disruption? We have not disrupted anything. All we have done is ask questions to which we have received condescending answers which go like this.

FKAA “We prefer gravity; go to the BOCC, get us the money and we will put in all gravity.”

BOCC: “FKAA designed the system, we believe the experts, go talk to them.”

Yet, while it seems there is a frenzy on behalf of FKAA and the contractor to get as much grinder paraphernalia in the ground as quickly as possible, the BOCC keeps postponing the agenda item which should address this issue – originally scheduled for December 12, rescheduled for January 16 and now rescheduled for January 31. Will you provide an audience to your constituents before the Cudjoe Regional is complete?

3. Misinformation? Interesting that you think we are putting out misinformation. We think you are putting out misinformation. Is it really that wrong for affected citizens to question the decisions of elected officials?

4. Personal attack? — with malicious intent to attack someone’s veracity? I assume you are referring to my earlier comments regarding Tom Walker, engineer, employed by FKAA. I did not make Tom a target. Kirk Zuelch, Executive Director, of the FKAA selected him as a target. At a meeting of the Lower Keys Property Owners Association on Big Pine Key in recent weeks, Kirk concluded the meeting with a statement that went something like this.

“Tom, I guess you will be going home to Sarasota. You have a grinder pump there and it works just fine doesn’t it?” Tom, grinning, acknowledged in the affirmative.

The message was that Tom Walker, FKKA’s engineer, had a home in Sarasota, on a grinder pump that worked wonderfully. Therefore, those in the Keys should be happy that they will be getting a grinder pump like Tom’s.

Skeptical people in the audience decided to locate Tom’s home on the grinder pump and thus far have not found it.

5. You and your cohorts, some, who hide in the shadows, with pitchforks and torches? I do not know about the pitchforks and torches, but we do have some folks hiding in the shadows. For the most part they are employees or contractors of Monroe County and FKAA, and they are afraid of reprisals. They fear for their employment.

These folks hiding in the shadows have a real fear of County pitchforks and torches.


Blind copy to 100+

In a message dated 12/23/2013 10:41:37 A.M. Eastern Standard Time, writes:


head up assafter

Mistakes are something all of us make, what you and your champion(s) of disruption through misinformation and personal attack is not a mistake and, for me, not forgivable. You and your cohorts, some, who hide in the shadows, with pitchforks and torches with malicious intent to attack someone’s veracity for just doing their job is not a mistake. It’s an irresponsible conscious action.

George Neugent

Sent from my iPad

On Dec 22, 2013, at 10:23 AM, “Bgprevatt@________” <Bgprevatt@___________> wrote:


When I make a mistake, I acknowledge it and apologize.

I have listened to you expound on your personal experience and first hand knowledge of pumps. You and other officials have pontificated extensively about the personal research you each have done. A common thread with some of the commissioners is that they listened to the experts, this technology is the solution for the Keys and they will go with the recommendations of the experts.

I would love to see a list of those experts.

A question: Why do you five commissioners not listen to the one expert you have chosen to accomplish the daunting task of installing and maintaining sewers in this area of the Keys?

The Florida Keys Aqueduct Authority.
1. Executive Director Kirk Zuelch publicly and privately stated, “We Prefer gravity; it has not moving parts.”
2. Chairman of the Board, Robert Dean publicly stated, “…This company supports gravity systems…”

Are these not your final experts?


Blind copied to 100+.

In a message dated 12/18/2013 3:08:16 P.M. Eastern Standard Time, writes:

ship of fools
It’s really a shame watching and listening to the the wild accusations and misinformation gathered from half truths, applying dated information to updated technology by hysteria driven individuals blasting good folks, agencies and local government over a good project. It’s really sad commentary. And after you sift through the debris it slowly gets back to “Those Were the Days.”

Sent from my iPad

On Dec 18, 2013, at 1:08 PM, “Bgprevatt@________” <Bgprevatt@________> wrote:


My most humble apologies to both you and Tom.


All originals are copied.

In a message dated 12/18/2013 9:10:07 A.M. Eastern Standard Time, writes:

This is the wrong property. Tom has built a new home in Sarasota County.

From: Bgprevatt@_________[mailto:Bgprevatt@________]
Sent: Wednesday, December 18, 2013 8:15 AM
To: Kirk Zuelch
Cc:;;;;;; Toni Appell; Brian Barroso; JR Dean; David Ritz; Melva Wagner
Subject: Fwd: Walkers grinder NOT!


Is this true, or does the researcher have the wrong property?


80+ blind copied.


From: halloween@__________
CC: bgprevatt@__________
Sent: 12/18/2013 7:31:07 A.M. Eastern Standard Time
Subj: Walkers grinder NOT!

We finally got word from Sarasota that Tom Walker’s residence is NOT served by an individual grinder pump as claimed in public meetings and videoed.

pants on fire

His unit is one of the original 1973 Pine Run Condos consisting of 147 units. What moron would ever consider using griders with that kind of densisty? It was confirmed also that the development’s sewer service is unaffected by power outages. Tom Walker does not even HAVE a yard to put a grinder pump station in! Hell, he doesn’t even have a water and sewer bill! Water and sewer is included in his monthly condo fee. “Tom has a grinder pump at his place in Sarsota, and it works fine, doesn’t it Tom?” says Zuelch with Walker grinning and nodding false witness.

the beatings will continuekeel hauling

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