Merry Chistmas lower Florida Keys residents from your friendly shitgrinder pump salesman :-) and your county commissioners :-(

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Shitgrinder pump praise reports keep sludging in:

karma police

Nashville J wrote:


Anyone, who votes for anyone who insisted on installing the grinder pumps, should be REQUIRED to install a grinder pump at their own home. I sure hope that all of them are voted OUT and any business that they might run be boycotted in the future. In fact, people should start boycotting any businesses the Commissioners work for or own immediately – no reason to support anyone who wants to cost you a bunch of money in the future and fill you house with POOP!

Merry Christmas tree

Merry Christmas!


Banks Prevatt copied to me:


Thanks for all your energy. This Facebook capability along with our web site that you developed is phenomenal. I am sending to our group. — banks

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For Facebook… Copy and send this to the blind list.

” Facebook is now up and running at

dump the pumps

dump the pumps 2

and add whatever else you want to that. is website link.pollution warning

100+ blind copies

Banks Prevatt forwarded:

This is another letter to the commissioners. This one is from Rene and Amy Fernandez. I believe the more of these you guys can put together the more attention we will get. They are probably tired of my address. These coming in from all directions speak well.

Thanks Rene and Amy.


From: porthos@__________
Sent: 12/21/2013 12:36:46 P.M. Eastern Standard Time
Subj: Grinder pumps

Dear commissioners,

We own a home on Little Torch Key and have closely followed and carefully reviewed the available information on the “Grinder Pump” issue in the Keys. Importantly, we find it very telling that while there is now a substantial amount of persuasive information from reputable sources against using grinder pumps in our areas, we have found a near complete lack of persuasive information supporting the use of these pumps in our areas. If any of you can put together a persuasive argument for the installation of well over 2000 grinder pumps in the Keys, we are eager to listen to you. If you can provide direction (or hyperlinks) to where such supporting information exists (from reputable sources and not those related to grinder pump sales), again we are ready to review it.

Because of the preceding, on the grinder pump issue, the BOCC so far gives the strong appearance of poorly representing its citizens on this issue. If you do not respond adequately to these widespread and growing concerns about the LPS, you will all end up shackled to this issue as an anchor in future elections – and deservedly so.

It certainly appears that for numerous reasons LPS is an inferior system compared to most all others except perhaps septic tanks. It also appears that LPS is one of the least reliable and most costly over the long term. Thus, those that are making the decisions and trying to maintain the status-quo LPS plan appear at best to be very short term thinkers. Again, if LPS goes thru as planned and it turns out that it was the wrong thing to do – which certainly seems to be the case, the current BOCC will carry the blame in the public eye and this will likely be a very “public” issue when these pumps begin to fail in mass, require much more maintenance than is currently anticipated, or is found to be the cause of environmental damage from pressurized leaks that are very hard to find. LPS seems to be a high risk bet for whomever is attached to the purchase and deployment decision.

Many believe that the sewer project in the Keys is the single most important issue that you have had to deal with in a number of years and a growing number of people are thinking that you are shortchanging your constituents – if not in the short term, then certainly in the intermediate to long term. As homeowners, we are seeing much more potential downside to LPS than upside and we want our tax dollars used to create the best (lowest risk and lowest maintenance) system possible. Homeowners have long-term commitments here – they are not interested in short term fixes but in appropriate long-term investments.

We strongly advise you to take a fresh look at the current sewer plan and consider that the current plan may not be in anyone’s best interest – nor in the best interest of the environment. It may not even be in your own best interest. If after careful consideration and reflection you conclude that the current plan is indeed the right one, then we very strongly advise that you put some real effort behind explaining why to your constituents (the public at large). Realize that regardless of what you do, you will own this plan – the public will look to you with either praise or contempt. Whether you see this as fair or not is irrelevant – the BOCC has the power to guide/change this plan and the public knows that.

Wishing you much wisdom in your decision making,

Rene & Amy Fernandez

Banks Prevatt forwarded:

This gentleman is not the only one raising this question. How one ferrets it out, I am not sure. — banks

100+ blind copies.

From: bigpinefl@__________
To: gettheleadout@___________
CC: Bgprevatt@___________
Sent: 12/21/2013 10:02:04 A.M. Eastern Standard Time
Subj: Re: Your decision now impacts us all later

Nice letter, Paula.

It is not really about the money.

They could have put multiple houses on a duplex grinder pit in the right of way and saved plenty, but chose not to.

They could have installed vacuum for less but chose not to.

There are areas that have been shown cheaper on gravity than grinders, but were designed with grinders.

They have maximized the use of grinders. No sane person would do that unless they were personally benefiting. I think it is reasonable to assume that anyone who rigidly supports the wholesale use of grinders is probably on the take..

Another letter to the commissioners. I have permission to publish. — banks

100+ blind copied

In a message dated 12/20/2013 3:36:35 P.M. Eastern Standard Time, gettheleadout@_______ writes:

Dear Commissioners,

I live on Big Pine Key and received notice we are going to go on a Grinder Pump instead of the Gravity System. We attended the FKAA meeting but to our surprise, none of you were present, nor were you present at the North region meeting at the Vinyard. It was clear from the crowds reaction that the vast marjority did not want to be on grinder pumps and anger escalated because part of Port Pine Heights was switched to gravity while all other areas were not. The Florida Keys are unique in many ways from other locations where Grinder Pumps are used. This must be taken into consideration.

As you know, all of the keys and their waterways are areas of critical concern and most of Big Pine Key is a Federal Refuge. This is why the sewer plan was put in place to begin with, to treat sewage so that it would stop polluting our fragile islands and leach into waters, degrading our reefs, sea life and water quality. Nobody is disputing this. What we do take issue with is this completely short sighted plan to install hundreds of Grinder Pumps that will likely escalate these environmntal problems rather then correct them. Why remove septic tanks then switch to a system that will do just as much damage and cost everyone far more. Gravity is the only long term solution, grinder pumps are a temporary patch with long term implications that will continue to cost everyone money.

Grinder pumps have been a miserable failure in other parts of Florida where they backed up onto the land, waterways as well as homes during hurricanes and ultimately had to be replaced with a better system such as gravity or vacuum. We are at a far greater risk of that happening here and impacts will greatly outweigh those of the mainland due to our unique geography. We are on fragile islands at sea level, on rock and surrounded by water. Pipes break and leak and are not detectable on grinder pump systems and when we have another storm surge and the power is out for weeks, raw sewage will float right into the sea, from every direction. This is basically what happens now, with septic tanks. So why I ask you, would you choose to put so many neighborhoods on grinder pumps rather then gravity or even a vacuum system? The maintenance at so many hundreds of individual sites alone will be impractical if not impossible for the small FKAA staff. I can understand using a grinder pump when there is one home miles out from a neighborhood or a driveway several hundred feet long, then yes, it is appropriate, but we are talking about developed neighborhoods which are just like Port Pine Heights, that you chose to put on an inferior system, when we should ALL be on gravity.

Aside from the main and most important Environmental reason, there are far more reasons why these grinder pumps won’t work in the Keys.

*A great majority of residents are seasonal, grinder pumps fail more frequently when not in use for long periods, what will this cost the tax payers and homeowners? Will our sewer bills keep going up as these pumps constantly fail?

*Many homes are rented both short and long term, there is no way to control who will flush what.

*Children flush everything, do we now need childproof bathrooms?

*Many lock their gates for security reasons while away. How will FKAA get into the many locked gates when the grinder pump alarms start going off and the owners are up north or their electric gate won’t open due to a power outage?

*We had no power for three weeks during Wilma but we could still flush with a bucket of water, try that with a grinder pump and you will need rubber boots. Fill your bathtub so you have water during a hurricane? Not anymore, drain it and it’s a backup right into your tub and shower! Insurance won’t pay for damages or cleanup.

*We were told at the meeting FKAA would send out trucks with generators in the event of a long term outage! LOL! This is not possible and you and FKAA know it. There is not enough staff or trucks to come close to addressing so many hundreds of grinder pumps during a power outage, this is pure insanity!

*Then there is the issue of having to pay an electrician to put in 220 so I can install “county equipment” on my property and lose use of 100 sq. foot minimum not counting the trench length, where I can no longer have trees. Who will ultimately pay for maintenance, repairs etc. long term? We were told FKAA would, is that what the folks in Key Largo were told too? Will this all fall on the proud new grinder pump owners in the future after the warranty expires or will it show up on everyones sewer bill?

The list goes on.

You keep telling us grinder pumps are a good system that you fully support, but much evidence to the contrary raises too many questions to be ignored and makes me wonder how you came to that conclusion. Just what is good about them? Money seems to be at the forefront as always, yet their seems to be plenty of it from the recent list of projects and purchases that you all have approved and put ahead of what should be priority number one, a valid GRAVITY SEWER STSTEM to protect our environment, waters and reefs so tourists will actually still have reason to come.

FKAA said they support Gravity in the Keys but need YOU to approve the funding which we have all been paying in taxes for many years. Our money is in your hands and it should be used for the number one priority issue in the Keys, a Gravity Sewer System to insure future land, water and reef quality. This is the whole point of a sewer project!

I ask that you please choose Gravity Systems for ALL neighborhoods. It is by far, the best and only choice for the people and our Florida Keys.

Paula Cannon

Banks Prevatt forwarded:

100+ blind copies

In a message dated 12/22/2013 7:48:15 A.M. Eastern Standard Time, halloween@__________ writes:

In an interview with Bill Becker on US1 radio recently, FKAA Executive Director Kirk Zuelch claimed that “millions” of E-One grinders are in use in the US.

In a letter dated March 21, 2013, E-One’s Director of Engineering Clark Henry stated that E-One has been making grinders for 40 years and has manufactured “over 400,000” and that their pumps are used worldwide. Without doubt, many of those 400,000 in 40 years were replacements, and the originals melted for scrap or rusting in landfills..

How does one get from 400,000 manufactured over 40 years to millions in use today in the US?


My own two cents worth …

fishy smell

I wonder why Kirk Zeulch is defending grinder pumps, when the Chairman of Florida Keys Aqueduct Authority’s Governor-appointed Board, Bob Dean, told the anti-grinder pump camp last Wednesday at FKAA’s HQ in Key West that FKAA wants gravity systems in the lower Keys and will install them wherever feasible, if the County Commission provides the funding?

I wonder why Bill Becker is not actively seeking and having anti-grinder pump guests on his US 1 Radio news program?

What’s going on around grinder pumps in the lower Keys simply does not pass the smell test. When something does not pass the smell test, something shady is going on. Hopefully, Santa will present us with a clear view of just what that shady is :-). After all, this is the Winter Solstice – the coming of the light.

Winter Solstice

Sloan Bashinsky

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may you have a bright Christmas and a shining new year, Key West and beyond …




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