Mother Nature writes to the Florida Keys Board of County Commissioners about the Key Largo wastewater district using grinder pumps in remote locations, in hope that will encourage the commissioners to use grinder pumps only in remote locations in the Cudjoe Key regional wastewater district

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Dear County Commissioners –

Please compare what the Key West Citizen – – reports today on how grinder pumps are being deployed on Key Largo, an entirely different wastewater district from the Cudjoe Keys wastewater district, to yesterday’s and previous grinder pump vs. gravity sewage system posts at this website –

Thank you,

Mother Nature

Mother Nature

Grinder pump agreement signed by district
BY JOSH GORE Free Press Staff
KEY LARGO — Homeowners and wastewater officials appear to have come to an agreement on installing grinder pumps on so-called unique properties.

For months, the issue of providing service to homes not able to tie into the regular sewer line has spawned staff meetings, hearings and discussions among attorneys from the Key Largo Wastewater Treatment District and the upscale neighborhood Coral Coast at mile marker 97, bayside.

At a Dec. 10 hearing, about 20 residents came to hear the resolution, about triple the normal attendance for a Key Largo Wastewater Board meeting.

The agreement outlines the responsibilities and rights of both the homeowner and the district, which will install and maintain the pump for one year. The district may terminate the agreement and turn the maintenance of the grinder pump over to the homeowner with 30 days of notice. This can be done if the homeowner is found to be tampering with the grinder pump or if wastewater technicians cannot access the system, or for other compelling reasons. The homeowner has the right to appeal to the district’s five-person board.

The homeowner may terminate the agreement at any point without cause. If the grinder pump system is removed, it will be at the owner’s expense.

Under the agreement, the homeowner will take over maintenance of the system after one year. The board unanimously passed the agreement.

Other than customer service complaints, there was little criticism directed at the document itself. Complaints from one resident were that the system was being installed in a place not to her liking. Another questioned why he needed two systems because he had a bathroom in his garage.

In addition to affecting the vocal Coral Coast neighborhood, the grinder pump agreement also covers about 30 homes on County Road 905 in North Key Largo. In fact, about 144 residences are in the grinder pump program. These properties must pay an additional $3,200 to connect to the sewer system.

Key Largo and the rest of the island chain are under a state mandate to connect to centralized sewer systems by the end of 2015.

The grinder pump program is geared toward homes either too far from the mile marker 101.5 treatment plant or homes that sit too low and wouldn’t qualify for a gravity system.


Based on emails I received yesterday, Florida Keys Aqueduct Authority, which is putting in and will run the Cudjoe regional wastewaster district, might have a few lower Keys citizens drop in for FKAA’s Board meeting at 11 a.m. today on Kennedy Drive in Key West.

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Sloan Bashinsky

This was looking like a sweet little post today, until this came in from Anon Emus about 7:30 this morning. I bet it will go down wonderfully well if it is printed out and handed to the FKAA officials later today. Wonderfully well.

pants on fire

We finally got word from Sarasota that Tom Walker’s residence is NOT served by an individual grinder pump as claimed in public meetings and videoed. His unit is one of the original 1973 Pine Run Condos consisting of 147 units. What moron would ever consider using griders with that kind of densisty? It was confirmed also that the development’s sewer service is unaffected by power outages. Tom Walker does not even HAVE a yard to put a grinder pump station in! Hell, he doesn’t even have a water and sewer bill! Water and sewer is included in his monthly condo fee. “Tom has a grinder pump at his place in Sarsota, and it works fine, doesn’t it Tom?” says Zuelch with Walker grinning and nodding false witness.

I only CC’d Banks on this. He can distribute it.

There is a different post today at, which you should be able to reach by clicking on that link today, or by clicking on this link at any time:

being batshitcrazy ain’t all bad, but it probably works better in Key West than just about anywhere else on this planet …

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