even as you do unto the least of these in Key West, you do also to Jesus … tide turn in lower Florida Keys grinder pump sewer war

Jesus with leper

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Tim Gratz

Tim Gratz, of Key West, replied to the exotic dancer part yesterday’s post at www.goodmorningkeywest.com:

Subject: The stripper you gave a ride on US 1

Wow I missed the part that she related to sex trafficking.

Can you tell me more there?

It of course substantiates what you have been telling us for years but this is “evidence” rather than reasoned speculation.

You did print some stuff that I had intended to be private, though.


Best as always


I replied:

I only published your lead re the stripper because I knew there was more to tell later in today’s post and because we have talked many times about Duval Street being involved in sex-trafficking.

I am reluctant to tell much as long as she is still in the Keys, but it was revolting as she told of her own experiences.

It’s a way of life I cannot fathom, but she seemed okay with it except for the mistreatment by one of the lower Duval club managers, and she did not like the Scrub Club, which expected her to figure out a way to get paid by the Scrub Club’s patrons when she was with them in a back room.

She is doing it by choice. She was doing it a long time before she came to Key West. There was no sense of her being coerced. She said some girls have pimps, she never had one. I saw there was nothing I could do about it, for her, for the other girls, but write about it.

She was far closer to Jesus, in my opinion, than most people I know. She had no pretense. She was dead honest about herself and other people. She judged herself in hindsight for letting herself get into the rough situation with her club’s manager. She did not care how other people viewed her. She did not judge the clubs. She did not judge the other strippers. She did not judge the pimps. She did not judge the young KW cops she said are trafficking in narcotics in the strip clubs in exchange for looking out for the clubs’ patrons and owners.

I figured when she was in my car that you and Connie Gilbert, among other people, would be hearing of it. I didn’t know yet how it would turn out, but I knew the angels caused me to turn around after I had passed by her and go back and ask her if she wanted a ride? The angels wanted me to hear what she had to say, so I could write about it. One of the angels, Tim, is Jesus. Ain’t that a hoot?!

Key West is a raunchy place, Tim; always has been since I’ve been coming to the Keys (almost 60 years). There are attractions here, which are not raunchy, but they are pasted over, veneer. It says something about Key West that it is said to have more bars per capita and more churches per capita than any other city.

But for the sea and reef, Key West would be a pit stop at the end of nowhere. I heard, back in the day, when the Walgreen’s on Duval was still a movie theater, The Strand I think, they ran daily afternoon matinees of “Deep Throat” for years, for the sailors.

Every girl, especially, in the Keys is at risk to getting sucked into the Key West sex trade. A fellow I know in Key West, a Conch, told me he was pretty sure Mario DiGennaro’s daughter, not the daughter who sings but the other daughter, bought one of the adult clubs on Duval Street. Why don’t you see if you can verify that through your Republican contacts?


Tim replied:

Wow! I agree with at least 99% per cent of what you wrote.

The bars per capita and churches per capita is an interesting perspective.

I do not drink myself but the problem not necessarily the bars but the strip clubs etc.

Key West has great forces of good, including so many people who are not church-goers, but also many forces of evil as you note.

I too heard the story about afternoon matinees of Deep Throat. Whether true or not I do not know. I think I read that Ms Lovelace was for all intents a sex slave.

You are incorrect that DiGennaro’s daughter owns an adult club on Duval Street. She does however own Living Dolls on Fleming Street.



I saw “Deep Throat around 1973 or 74. My entire law firm went to see it, ostensibly because one or more of our male clients might be caught seeing it by his wife. Linda Lovelace sure didn’t look like a hapless sex slave to me. She looked like she was loving every minute of it. XXX-rated.

A former county commissioner, Mario and his wife and their daughter who sings are friends of mine. I do not know the other daughter, but have been introduced to her a couple of times.

Living Dolls is a lap dance parlor about half a block off Duval Street, right across the street from the doorway where I slept many nights on flattened cardboard boxes. Today, it is a crime to sleep in doorways in Key West, but it is just fine to run Living Dolls. On pleasant evenings, one, two, three or four young ladies sit out front in chairs waiting on men to come calling.

Another half block down Fleming is Faustos, a local family owned grocery and deli, run by one of the family members, Jimmy Weekley, who has served several terms as a city commissioner and three terms, I think, as city mayor. He is a city commissioner now.

I replied:

Come on, Tim –

Booze is the most dangerous destructive drug in America, on this planet, as has been proven since it was invented. I think you really should spend a lot of time in Duval Street bars just watching and listening. I think you really do need to spend a lot of time in Duval Street strip clubs just watching and listening. I think you really do need to spend a lot of time walking up and down Duval Street starting about 10 p.m. for a few hours. Key West jails homeless people for drinking in public and encourages everyone else to drink until they drop where they sit or stand. If you don’t know that, Tim, you have not been paying attention. I long have wondered if there is a causative relationship between Key West having more churches than any other city, and it having more bars than any other city? Don’t misunderstand me, Tim. I am not advocating getting rid of Key West bars, nor its strip joints. They are part of Key West, which has been raunchy for longer than I have been alive. What is not part of Key West is cruise ships. That’s something soulless people fastened onto Key West. Something else they fastened onto Key West was high-end hotels and condo enclaves. Key West used to be quaint, mysterious, naughty, charming. Today, it’s mostly pretense pasted over raunchy.


Tim wrote:

Well you got me. You are correct about alcohol. Some Christians (and all Mormons) believe that one should NEVER drink even though Bible says a little wine is good for you (now mediacally established).

But drunkenness is certainly not.

I am sure you gather I am not a bar go-er. My parents did not even like to frequent restaurants that served alcohol.

But then as you know Jesus was condemned by religious hypocrites for socializing with sinners. But Jesus knew it did little good to simply preach to the choir.

I wrote:

If Jesus were to come back today and hitchhike down to Key West from wherever he started out, he would be put in jail for sleeping in public. He had no choir to preach to. Not even his disciples understood what he was telling them. Christianity today understands far less than his disciples understood. Christianity today is the Pharisees of Jesus’ time. In a modern way, Christianity would crucify Jesus if he came back and behaved like he did in the Gospels. Jesus and his mother seemed to like wine, as did his disciples. Maybe if your parents had been wine drinkers, you might have fared better growing up and would be more flexible in your religious beliefs and general outlook.

I picked up a hitchhiker at the top of Little Torch Key today. He was about my age, homeless, leaving the Keys. Right off he said he could not pay me anything. I asked where he was going? He said to the mainland. I said I was late for a meeting, but I could get him to the middle of Big Pine Key. He got in my car. He said he thanked me, even if I might be a Republican. I said I am a human, I don’t belong to or identify with any political party, nor with any religion. He said he felt he was messed up in his youth by being discriminated against in west Texas where he grew up. I said discriminated against by rednecks? No, by rich Republicans. I said by rich Republican rednecks like George Bush? He said, precisely. I said I meant the younger George Bush, his father was different and a lot smarter, although I didn’t care for some of the things he did. I let the traveler out at the stoplight and asked if he had any money? He said no. I gave him $20 and told him he could catch the Key West bus there up to the McDonald’s in Marathon, and from there he could catch a shuttle to the mainland, and that was more than enough to take care of the bus and the shuttle. He thanked me, I turned around and went back to the meeting at the old Parrotdise, another anti-grinder pump meeting, pretty darn interesting, too, will report it in tomorrow’s post at www,goodmorningfloridakeys.com.


A fellow at the grinder pump meeting yesterday, soon to reopen under new owners/management as the Sandbar Cafe, which it originally was called, told me he went back to 2007 and started reading what I was writing back then. He was blown away. He said he is a Christian, but he doesn’t feel entirely comfortable, he sometimes wants to be used by God. I asked if he had any clue what he was asking for? He said, well, he is 72 years old and he likes his life and comforts and wants to keep them. I said I am 71, I understand.

I told him of a Methodist minister friend who once told me that he wanted his church to be an Acts 2 church, the second chapter in the Book of Acts, which follows the Gospels in the New Testament. I asked him if he was sure about that? I said those people were communists. They put everything they had into a common pot and each person received back what he/she needed regardless of what he/she had originally put into the pot. That was Peter’s community after Jesus was gone away. Imagine just one church in Key West being an Acts 2 church. LOL. Imagine Key West being an Acts 2 city. LOL. Imagine Bill O’Reilly and his millions of fans being an Acts 2 branch of Christianity. LOL.

fishy smell

What most jumped out a me was how few of the anti-grinder pump camp want to be publicly seen leading the charge against much of the lower Keys receiving the least ecological of all all possible sewer systems, as reported in yesterday’s  interesting breaking news yesterday in lower Florida Keys sewer grinder pump war: apparently shallow-buried grinder pump high pressure sewage lines spring undetectable leaks which bleed raw sewage into the shallow salt water table, which raw sewage then migrates into the ocean; but deep-buried low pressure gravity sewage line leaks cannot get out of the line into the water table because the water table pressure is higher than the gravity line pressure, and gravity line leaks can be detected and repaired; the point of sewering the Keys was to eliminate septic systems and cess pits, but it appears grinder pump sewage systems, which may work okay on the mainland, are not what the Keys need  post at www.goodmorningfloridakeys.com

In fact, the threat grinder pumps post to the local ecology theme seems way down most of them’s worry list. What seems to bother most of them is having to deal with grinder pumps down the road. The repairs. The replacement. The power going out. The smell – yes, they smell, and that is why they are put as far from residences as the owner’s land allows came out in yesterday’s meeting. Grinder pumps also pose explosion threats, methane + spark = BOOM! All serious concerns.

However, the reason for sewering the Keys was to get rid of the septic systems and cess pits, which bleed into the ground and then into the water table and then into the sea, and grinder pump systems, as they get older, do the same thing. How that slipped unnoticed past FKAA, the County Commission and the Florida Department of Environmental Protection – remains  a mystery ;-). The wink means I’m joking. No way they didn’t know. They knew and ignored it, and the day before yesterday, as reported in yesterday’s post at www.goodmorningkeyest.com, County Commissioner David Rice graciously provided the smoking gun and the gun and the bullets at Brian La Pointe’s expense.

Moving laterally, a woman said yesterday that Florida Keys Aqueduct Authority people had come to her home and started giving her a hard time because she had not signed the FKAA agreement giving permission for FKAA to install a grinder pump on her property. The FKAA people insisted she sign the agreement. She said no way she signs the agreement. They said if she doesn’t sign, they will call the county health department and have them come out and condemn her home and she will have to move out. She told them good luck trying that.

I asked her to write that up and send it to me to publish today. She said she doesn’t want to appear in my blog. I said just write it up and send it to me and I will protect her identity. She did not reply. She did not write it up and send it to me. I wonder how she will give FKAA what for, if it turns her in to the county health department? Well, at least I was able to use her story to report what indicates the kind of people pushing for the least ecological sewer system in the lower Keys.



Another fellow reported yesterday how grinder pumps had fared in New Jersey during and after Hurricane Sandy. I asked him to write that up and send it to me, so I could publish it without his name on it. He would do that and it is down below. After the meeting was wrapping up, I greeted him, we shook hands. He only would tell me his first name. It was enough for me to know his last name because of emails I’d seen him write to the anti-grinder camp.

Later yesterday, he sent this to the anti-grinder pump camp, but expected me to send it to the county commissioners.


I blind copied this to Banks’ email list and a few more but I think not to any BOCC members. Sloan will probably do that!
As I sat having breakfast this morning at a local restaurant, the waitress said that the NJ guy who had told her his neighborhood’s grinder pump LPS system had been destroyed by hurricane-turned-tropical-storm Sandy was back again yesterday and elaborated.He told her that raw sewage was everywhere when the water receded. It had come into their homes destroying drywall, carpets, furniture and more.He said that technicians that were sent in to make repairs to the pumps were denied access by the public health authorities due to no hazmat training and attire. It is not clear who made the area safe or declared the area safe enough. Maybe officials just got releases and passed out latex gloves, who knows?. I am trying to make contact with the person so we can get a direct account. Maybe he would even agree to a radio interview.Needless to say, the customer hates grinder pumps and thinks FKAA is crazy to have even considered them here! His may be one of those areas where they condemned the LPS system and made them rebuild with gravity or vacuum. Where did the residents go? I have lots of questions for him if I can can get contact information..
I did find an article where funds were granted to replace 175 grinder pumps destroyed by Sandy. It seems that vulnerability to storms just makes for even more grinder pump sales!
I also discovered that Water Resource Technologies (WRT)- the same firm as is locally selling E-1 grinder pumps to FKAA- was the distributor in New Jersey, too. They brag about how they were right out there helping, and even made a $2,000 donation to the Red Cross to aid in the recovery effort! That’s right, folks- a tax deductible contribution equivalent to about one-half the cost of an uninstalled grinder station and bragging about their generosity. You can bet everything else they did was with time and materials charges with 4 hours/day at overtime rates.They stand to make a fortune here “helping” FKAA..Perhaps somebody with the time can get an electronic copy of the invoices WRT submitted for their work from the government agency that paid them. What did they charge to house out of town workers after a storm like that? How much per day for the generators, which I am sure were in short supply? What did they charge for a replacement pump or control panel? Was there price gouging? (easy because it is certainly sole source after the original installation) Link to the WRT site:


He also sent this the anti-grinder pump camp, for me to send to the county commissioners:


Anon reports that Brian Laponite was sent a text last night, but no reply yet. He often does not answer texts at night or he may be out of his service area if he is indeed in Eleuthera. It was reported that he has been in Maine visiting family the last couple of weeks.Anon also said that Brian’s good friend and sample assistant in the Keys confirmed that it was her understanding from Brian that the leaking LPS grinder pump system was indeed the suspected  cause of manatee and dolphin deaths in the Indian River Slough.  She is working a long day today but will talk to Brian about it as soon as she can. “What does Brian know about pipes? I find it really hard to believe he said that. Let me talk to him.”
[La Pointe, as quoted by County Commissioner David Rice, was fully reported in yesterday’s post at www.goodmorningfloridakeys.com]
I found an article in the NY Times about the Indian river deaths::


Somebody brought up at yesterday’s meeting that grinder pumps on Big Pine Key will contaminate the fresh water lenses on that island, on which key deer depend to survive; the Feds needed to be brought in over that. I said tell the head ranger in the Key Deer Refuge about that, ask her to tell her bosses.

After the meeting, I drove over to the Winn-Dixie Shopping Center to have lunch at Coco’s Kitchen. Before going in there, I walked across the parking lot to the Key Deer Center and told the ranger behind the counter about grinder pumps. He asked, grinder pumps will do to the lenses what septic systems and cess pits already are doing to the lenses? I said yes, grinder pumps will replace spetic systems and cess pits in that role. He said he will tell the head ranger, Kristie Killam, 305-872-0774. I gave him a card with my website, name and phone number, to give to Kristie so she could call me. The anti-grinder camp on Big Pine need to call her.

The lower Keys anti-grinder people, who have not yet signed FKAA’s agreement, will lose any legal right to resist if they sign that agreement. If they don’t sign it, they will be exposed to the mobsters, and to fight them, they will have to go public. This now comes into my thoughts.

fish or cut bait

Banks Prevatt, who has painted bull’s eyes on his own front and back sides, said yesterday that he is slated for a grinder pump, and even if he wins that battle on his street with FKAA and the County, he is in this to the end. He is doing most of the heavy lifting, so far. However, Anon Emus is carrying a lot of water, too. Anon is slated for a gravity system and really has no dog in this fight, but he is fighting because he knows grinder pumps are the worst choice for sewering the lower Keys. You can see how Annon and Banks challenged David Rice and Brian LaPointe in yesterday’s post atwww.goodmorningfloridakeys.com.

After yesterday’s meeting at Sandbar, Anus forwarded this to the county commissioners and State Representative Holly Raschein and numerous members of the anti-grinder pump camp.

CC: Bgprevatt@________; Kolhage-Danny@MonroeCounty-FL.Gov; boccdis2@monroecounty-fl.gov; BOCCDIS3@MonroeCounty-FL.Gov; BOCCDIS4@MonroeCounty-FL.Gov; BOCCDIS5@MonroeCounty-FL.Gov; ae4xd@yahoo.com; keysmyhome@hotmail.com [me] … wdrabinski@_______

Date: Sat, 14 Dec 2013 12:54:24 -0500
From: halloween@contractor.net
Subject: Re: Grinder pits – Hillsborough County, FL
To: Rice-David@MonroeCounty-FL.Gov

It was suggested that I send this information about Hillsborough County. The following quote was posted on the Coconut Telegraph ( www.bigpinekey.com ) some time ago and was verified. The Piranha 09 pump that they preferred over E-1  is a centrifugal grinder pump rather than a progressive cavity like E-1.

Notice that  Hillsborough only had 80 grinder pump stations and could not keep up with pumping them out. FKAA’s assurances that they will keep about 1700 (at last count) pumped out if power fails (or the force main plugs or is broken) is just more smoke blown up our tailpipes.

“Hillsborough County’s experience with sewer grinder pumps:
They started using grinders in 1988 and had 80 grinders in the system by 2006, comprised of Piranha 09 and E/One pumps. No pump outs were done for the commercial connections. They were unable to keep up with residential pump outs during power outages, so customers removed the sewer clean-out caps by the house and let the sewage flow out on the ground rather than let it backup into the house. (Are you taking notes for your future use?)They found that the pumps did not last and were especially troublesome after 6-8 years. The E/one pumps had manufacturer defects that allowed water into the electrical section and failed under warranty. They preferred the Piranha pumps over the E/One”


If you are new to this discussion, or if you did not yet read yesterday’s  interesting breaking news yesterday in lower Florida Keys sewer grinder pump war: apparently shallow-buried grinder pump high pressure sewage lines spring undetectable leaks which bleed raw sewage into the shallow salt water table, which raw sewage then migrates into the ocean; but deep-buried low pressure gravity sewage line leaks cannot get out of the line into the water table because the water table pressure is higher than the gravity line pressure, and gravity line leaks can be detected and repaired; the point of sewering the Keys was to eliminate septic systems and cess pits, but it appears grinder pump sewage systems, which may work okay on the mainland, are not what the Keys need post, please click on that link and read it, because that is where, in my opinion, the tide turned in this war, which, I told the 72 year-0ld-Christian yesterday, I am trying in God’s court and how it might end up in Caesar’s court is not decided. The more people who show their faces against grinder pumps, the more chance they will like how this all turns out.

I told a lower Keys member of Last Stand at Sandbar yesterday that Last Stand needs to be all over grinder pumps, Last Stand is the Keys agency for doing that. I said she needs to get me a little time to speak at next week’s Last Stand’s Board meeting in Key West, so I can explain grinder pumps to them. She hemmed and hawed, they already have speaker. I said I lost faith in Last Stand when I saw how they dealt with the bigger cruise ships referendum in Key West earlier this year. When you are in a war, you cannot worry about hurting other people’s feelings; you cannot worry about blowback. You cannot hold back. Jesus never held back.

the beatings will continue

Sloan Bashinsky


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