stories and more stories – more lower Florida Keys sewer grinder pump intrigue and how I really was gotten involved; Key West’s Little Room Jazz Club storytelling contest reveals my 2000 Key West Christmas present; college football bowl pairings intrigue

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pelican diving

This flew in from a Big Pine Key anti-grinder pump camp resident:

Sloan , Would you please take me off your daily mailing list? I read you almost every day anyway and it’s confusing to keep getting notices as well. Thanks! ( Keep the faith )

BTW & FYI , I got a book from the MC Library months ago which said that about 30 % of people hear voices, although most will not admit it. Do not remember the title. Maybe you can search for it.

I replied:

Sure, will remove you from the daily missives starting today.

I seldom hear from other people that they hear voices, although in the past I have run with people, usually the woman I was with, who heard voices. There was one male friend who heard voices ongoing, perhaps because he seldom recalled dreams.

I told a story last night at Little Room Jazz Club, which involved me hearing a voice in early December 2000, when I was on Maui, and then later being told something in a dream, which heralded my getting into Keys politics. I will include it in today’s post at the good morning websites.

In early January 1995, when I lived in Colorado, I was seized to write in my journal, “Go to Big Pine Key, go as soon as possible, this is important.” I went to Big Pine and on the seventh day of that trip had a life-changing experience on No Name Key Bridge, about which I wrote quite a few times on the good morning websites, and once, perhaps twice, on’s Coconut Telegraph before I had the websites.

Short version, when I walked out to the middle of the hump of the bridge [and was surrounded by pelicans in the air and sitting on the bridge railing] and turned and looked toward the Atlantic, something huge seized me, my heart felt like it was pulled out of my body, I burst into sobbing tears, my body heaved out of control, I grabbed the railing to keep from falling down, and I heard, “Because you love this place so much, you will be used to try to protect it.”

That was the herald of my later spirit and worldly work in that locale, which was welcomed by some people and despised by others.

You told me not long ago that you awoke one morning with “estopped” in your thoughts and it sent cold chills up and down your spine, and you told me that you receive ‘guidance’. Not long after you had the “estopped” experience, I was brought into the grinder pump war by one of your camp, and I right away wrote that I feared your camp was estopped from taking court action because your camp had waited too long to do that.

I know a few people in the Keys who have reported similar “phenomena”, and sometimes I have published what they told me. I can’t prove it, of course, but I suspect before humanity became “civilized”, people routinely heard voices and received information in dreams. Probably a good thing I live in the Keys. Anywhere else, I might have been locked up for my own good.

Tim O’Hara’s grinder pump article on the front page of today’s Key West Citizen suggests the county commissioners are at least hearing the complaints about grinder pumps and they are looking at perhaps using more gravity sewer systems in the lower Keys. No mention in the article of County Commissioner Sylvia Murphy alleged dating County Project Management Division Director Keven Wilson, who is in charge of implementing sewering the lower Keys.

Capt Jeff Shelnut – Marine Biologist’s email yesterday to the Governor, which was forwarded to me, is interesting. I wonder if it was copied to the local news media?

I intend to be at the meeting up there this afternoon, to listen and observe. I will be happy to answer any questions anyone wishes to pose to me. Looks like I’m still very deeply involved in that area’s issues. I should not be surprised after what happened on No Name Key Bridge in early January 1995.


Same correspondent also copied me with this sent to numerous anti-grinder pump camp recipients:

fraud investigation

Correction: That is Wednesday for the BOCC meeting, not Tuesday.

I received inside information that the BOCC may shift the time schedule to try to have the grinder/gravity item K1 finished in the morning so that anti-grinder people will arrive too late to have public input!

I was told that if you want to speak to the issue, you had better arrive very early, and put in a speaker request immediately, even though it may happen that you sit all morning. I suspected that might happen even before I was warned.

It has been suggested that it would be good to alert people who are out of the lop but still opposed to grinders about the BOCC Agenda item, perhaps through a radio announcement. Maybe someone can call that in to BizBaz over the next three mornings, if nothing else. (I can’t call it in, but will post to if nobody beats me to it, which is fine if they do )

Capt. Shelnutt’s email to Gov. Scott:

Rick ScottScott

Dear Governor Scott,

I am writing to you to bring to your attention an injustice that is being inflicted on your constituents as you govern this great state. As you know we have made great strides in cleaning up the Florida Keys sensitive Reef Ecosystems, by implementing a long overdue sewage system to the Lower Keys and relieve the impact on septic seepage to the biological ecosystem. A very big accomplishment for your term in office. However, there are certain things that are being implemented that will compromise the intended outcome of this initiative. It appears that the preferred designs (Gravity systems) are being modified to cut costs and allow those funds already stated for the sewage systems to be allocated to other pet projects that the Monroe County BOCC have been touting for some time. The good citizens of the Florida Keys approved a $.01 sales tax increase for 15 years to pay for all costs associated with installing a state of the art reliable sewage system and clean up the adjacent waters. It is estimated this $.01 increase will bring in over $200 million over it’s lifetime, more than ample to protect all of the Lower Keys with a Low maintenance reliable Gravity Sewage system. However, our representatives have abandoned us and seemingly willing to deceive their constituents in order to push their personal agendas. This smells similar to the Florida Senate Bill 550 of 2010 mandating Septic Tank inspections in the State in which the complacent Charlie Crist felt the brunt of in the subsequent election. I implore you to look into the decision of the BOCC and FKAA to install over 25% Grinder Pumps on personal property, as well as shift the costs for these sub-standard systems to the property owners on a selective manner. These systems have been proven over and over again to create major refuge incidents and, therefore, will cause more raw sewage issues in the Keys than we are experiencing with the septic systems currently being used. Sure, if we never have a hurricane or Power outage or homes sitting dormant for more than 2 weeks, then they may have merit in certain isolated circumstances. However, as pragmatists and realist we know those things are inevitable and a way of life. Therefore why. in the Commissioners infinite wisdom. that they would abandon the only truly reliable system alternative there is. We, in the Florida Keys, Demand a reliable efficient sewage system to process our wastes and create a minimal impact on the ecosystem and we have voted in a tax increase to pay for such. I’m ashamed to say the present Federal administration would be proud with the “shovel ready jobs” as they are 2 months ahead of schedule and digging up citizens yards under protest. They say, if we prevent them implementing their will, the Department of Health will declare our property uninhabitable and we will have to leave. They are ahead of schedule because they do not want to have anyone stop their agenda. Please take on our cause. It has taken on a life of it’s own and is uniting all neighbors in the Lower Keys, Republican and Democrat alike. With the upcoming 2014 elections approaching, it could never hurt to have a block of voters in the Keys that back you because you stood up against Political irresponsibility, irrespective of your party affiliation, only because it was the right thing to do for your constituents and the environment. We need your help NOW, because the county is accelerating their implementation and installation as they resonate, it is “mandated by the Governors office, it be carried out right away.”
Thank you for your kind attention to this important and time critical matter,

May the tide always pull you back,
Capt Jeff Shelnut – Marine Biologist
Little Torch Key, FL

another email to Governor Scott, his reply, and a reply to him from someone else:

Snoopy Detective

From: Sue Marburger
Sent: Saturday, November 09, 2013 8:42 AM
To: Governor Rick Scott
Subject: Cudjoe Key Wastewater

I am on Ramrod Key. The FKAA says they can only put the system in. It is not an adequate system. Nobody wants it. We want all gravity except if a property is too far away and must have a pump or aerobic system. The FKAA says orders must come from our County Commissioners since they are in charge of the money. We voted in a sales tax that will bring in 200 million by 2033 to be used for our sewer project before anything else. Commissioners are already spending that money on Hickory House and entertaining buying Rowells marina in the upper keys for 2 million more than its appraisel. Mayor Nuegent is our district representative. He does not attend major meeting for the people about this issue and says he will not talk to his constituents or allow them to make an appointment to see him. I thought that was his job. We need help down here.

Scott’s reply:

pelican pooping

Subject: RE: Cudjoe Key Wastewater
Date: Fri, 15 Nov 2013 13:32:26 -0500

Dear Ms. Marburger:

Thank you for contacting Governor Rick Scott. The Governor appreciates your concerns and asked me to respond on his behalf.

Although we appreciate your concerns, the Governor’s ability to intervene in local government issues is limited. Our government is structured on the principle that communities can best assess the needs of their residents. Voters elect their county officials to manage local government business. Those dissatisfied with the performance of local officials can always make their views known directly to those officials. Your best source of assistance with your concerns is contacting your county commissioners.

Thank you again for taking the time to contact Governor Scott. We are sorry we could not be of further assistance. Please know this is due to a lack of jurisdiction, not a lack of concern. Governor Scott hopes your concerns can be resolved to your satisfaction.


Kelly Pacchioli
Office of Citizen Services
Executive Office of the Governor

A neighbor of Marburger’s comment:

Snoopy Detective

Date: Mon, 9 Dec 2013 08:04:26 -0500
Subject: Re: FW: Cudjoe Key Wastewater
CC: numerous lower Keys recipients

Dear Ms Paccchioli,

Governor Scott authorized a state expenditure of $50,000,000 — tax payer money — to the sewer system in the Florida Keys. That is a lot of money. As I read your email, It appears he does not care whether the money is spent appropriately or not. Or, am I missing something?

Banks Prevatt,
a neighbor to Ms Marburger

No, Banks, it’s in plain view. Sloan

politicianforked tongue 2


Below is a fair retelling of the story I told last night at Little Room Jazz Club,

Little Room 2

after the preceding storyteller had recounted how he’d figured out a way to preach Jesus in a comical way to someone who was behaving like a toad. The theme for last night’s stories was “Holidaze”.


I am dedicating this story to Andy Griffiths, a member of the School Board (sitting in the back of the audience).

Andy Griffiths

It is about my Key West Christmas present in 2000, and perhaps about me being Key West’s Christmas present, I leave that for Andy to determine. (I picked on Andy because I had picked on him and the School Board and School District a lot in posts at the good morning websites, and I figured he ought to know how that came about and where to file complaints.)

This, also, is a Jesus story.

Leading up to Christmas 2000, I was on Maui. Penniless. Waking one morning, I heard spoken to me, “Go to Big Pine Key.” I was penniless. I was on Maui. I replied, “I like Big Pine Key, but I have no money.” I had been to Big Pine Key before. I had been to the Keys a lot before. In three day’s time, I was resurrected from Maui and was in the air headed for Los Angeles. I had done nothing but accept what came my way.

I spent a few days in Los Angeles with a friend (the same friend I mentioned to the Big Pine Key fellow, who heard forces but did not remember many dreams), who was part of my escape from Maui. He gave me a bus ticket to Key West and $75 dollars.

When I reached the state capitol of Florida, Tallahassee, on the bus, I fell asleep. The federal judge for whom I clerked after graduating from law school at Alabama, the judge was in Birmingham, came to me in a dream and said he was thinking about getting into politics. I told him I didn’t think that was a good idea, but knowing him, he was going to do it. I awoke in shock, I hated politics. The judge had run the Democratic Party in Alabama, which was the only party back then. Nobody in Alamama ran for national or state office without getting his blessing. I knew I was going into politics.

When I reached Big Pine Key on the bus, I heard “Go on down to Key West.” I had been there a few times, knew what it was about. I arrived with about $60 in my pocket. I ate lunch that day at the St. Mary’s soup kitchen, and spent that night on the sidewalk next to the Pegas Hotel on Southard Street. That was my Key West Christmas present that year, and perhaps Key West’s Christmas present was me. That’s how I got into politics down here.


My story took maybe a minute and a half to tell. There were 9 storytellers, I was last. Judging from the audience applause during the voting, I came in tied for last with a person who talked for five minutes and told no story. Pedaling my bicycle back to where I stay, I told the angels that I didn’t imagine my story made anyone happy, but maybe it got some people in the audience to thinking differently.

Yeah, I dreamed last night about the two go to Big Pine Key stories, and when I woke up, I found the latest grinder pump emails in my inbox. Until shortly before the story telling last night, I felt like a grinder pump was chewing up my guts. Then, it seemed a gravity system took over and I felt much better. For the first time in months, I slept through the night.


more Iron Bowl fallout from this final play, which Auburn fans will fondly remember until their dying days:

Iron Bowl finale

I see in the Citizen sports section today that 12-1 number 3-ranked Alabama will play 2-loss Oklahoma in the Sugar Bowl. That’s a far tumble from being undefeated No. 1 going into the Iron Bowl against Auburn, now 12-1, going against No. 1-ranked 13-0 Florida State for all the marbles in the BSC championship. 12-1 Michigan State, which polished off undefeated Ohio State last Saturday, will play 2-loss Stanford in the Rose Bowl. Ohio State will play 2-loss Clemson in the Orange Bowl. 12-1 Baylor, which polished off Texas last Saturday, but earlier was beaten by Oklahoma, will play 11-1 Central Florida in the Fiesta Bowl. 2-loss South Carolina, which beat Clemson and Missouri, which got roughed by by Auburn in the SEC Championship, did not get a major bowl bid. I wonder why Michigan State is playing Stanford instead of Alabama? Three years ago, 11-1 Alabama beat up on Michigan State in a BSC consolation bowl. Alabama’s head coach, Nick Saban, had once been Michigan State’s head coach. Last year, 12-1 Alabama murdered No. 1 undefeated Notre Dame in the BSC championship game. Doesn’t look to me the Big Ten wants anything to do with the SEC in bowl games this year. I never knew Oklahoma, nor any Big 12 Conference team, to duck a tough team in a bowl game. Atlantic Coast Conference Florida State didn’t have any choice after Auburn beat Georgia, Alabama and Missouri in the home stretch, all SEC teams. If Auburn plays Florida State the way it played Alabama and Missouri, the BSC championship game should live up to its billing, which it hardly did last year when Alabama murdered Notre Dame.

I saw a news commentary online yesterday alleging, if Jameis Winston played quarterback for Ohio State instead of for Florida State, Ohio State would have been crucified by the news media and Winston would have been benched by Ohio’s head coach, Urban Meyer, when the rape allegations against Winston became known. Meyer had benched one of his star players this year over far less serious legal allegations. The commentary also mentioned that when Meyers’ was Florida’s head coach, he routinely turned a blind eye to misdeeds committed in that program.

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photos taken by Rose Dell at Coco’s kitchen, Big Pine Key, 2011, middle photo is left photo doctored by the pirate running’s Coconut Telegraph bitch and praise blog

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