Kappa Alpha Order Knights and their Ladies challenged to view last Saturday’s Iron Bowl like Grail Knights view it; Key West invaded again by vicious marijuana lover criminals and their defense lawyers; another review and more snapshots of HEAVY WAIT, A Strange Tale; homeless man with no music training brings mainstream people to tears with his piano playing; KWPD Officer Steve Mitchel apprehends and jails vicious female homeless criminal sitting in a panhandling-allowed zone; comparison of Mitchel to the great persecutor of homeless Christians, Saul of Tarsus; startling revelations about Key West’s vicious van dweller criminals; Peggy Butler reads from AND THEN THERE WAS ONE of the state mental hospital where she did her nurse psychiatric internship being far worse than the mental hospital in “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest”; candid advice from a lunatic to a poet about the Key West Poetry Guild and her own inability to discern; second review of Key West Got Talent’s smash hit at Kelly’s Caribbean MUSE; a nice, sweet, safe Key West Sloan who succeeded where many others failed

ship of foolsship of fools

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Iron Bowl finale

More Iron Bowl lore from an old Vanderbilt fraternity brother:

Coach Malzahn asked Saban after the game, “Nick, you got a second? I want to run something by you.”

I replied:

Were I Auburn, or one of its fans, I would be down on my knees thanking God for that win, and I would not be rubbing it in, which could produce awful boomerang karma, and I would be getting my ass ready for Missouri, which don’t look like a pushover. Won’t surprise me if Missouri beats Auburn, and then Auburn has two losses, Alabama only one, and Alabama ends up ranked above Auburn. What else seems totally up in the air, who’s going to play whom in the bowls? Ohio State vs. Florida State, if Ohio States beats Michigan State this weekend, and Florida State beats Duke for the ACC Championship. If Missouri beats Auburn and Ohio State or Florida State get beat, then I suppose Missouri is in the BSC championship against the one which did not get beat. Same if Auburn beats Missouri. I bet the bookies are in hawg heaven. Sloan

Then, I noticed Paul had sent the joke to a large email list, including another old Vanderbilt fraternity brother Brad and his wife Katie, who met and courted at Vanderbilt. Prompted by a nap dream, I then wrote this to Paul and the entire list:

Kappa AlphaKappa Alpha crest

I wonder if it ever occurred to any Kappa Alpha Knight Alabama fans, I suppose it did occur to their ladies, that God didn’t want Alabama to play Florida State with that un-Dieu et le dames [God and the women, Kappa Alpha’s creed] cloud hanging above the FSU superstar frosh quarterback, and thus over the entire FSU football program and over all of FSU; and since Coach Saban and Alabama officials didn’t have the good knightly sense to announce Alabama would not play FSU with that cloud hanging, and since FSU’s coach and officials didn’t have the good knightly sense to bench FSU’s superstar frosh quarterback until that cloud was removed or confirmed as more than a cloud by the legal system, God did the knightly thing for Alabama by handing Auburn two-straight miracle-wins.

Surely, Kappa Alpha Knight’s ladies saw some sort of hex was put on the Alabama placekicker, who’d had a stellar season, when he missed two shortish field goals in the Iron Bowl, but he made the third field goal, which was called back because the Alabama right tackle had very slightly twitched his left buttock before the snap, and then the slightly longer field goal attempt was slightly blocked by an Auburn back; and then later the Alabama star running back ran out of bounds as the clock ran out, ending the game, putting it into overtime, but no, Coach Saban asked for a press box review and, lo, Alabama had one more second to play, and, lo, Alabama tried a field goal with a new placekicker, who actually made a darn good kick, but the distance was just slightly beyond the kid’s range and, lo, an Auburn defensive back just happened to be standing there ready to catch the pigskin and, lo, the Alabama team and just happened to be sound asleep, and, lo, that was all she rote for Alabama having a chance to play Florida State.

Now ponder what happens if Auburn beats Missouri and then somehow Auburn is in the BSC championship game against FSU. Will Auburn then rise to do the knightly thing and decline to play FSU, or will God have to get involved yet again?

I don’t suppose we Kappa Alpha Knights were initiated into the mystic goodies all for nothing, were we?

Wheat, barley

[the first two words in a Vanderbilt KA cheer, “Wheat, barley, alfalfa, give ’em hell Kappa Alpha! Wheat, barley, hay, give ’em hell KA!!!]

Paul replied to me, copied to ALL:

I think the Alabama game was mostly chance (and good coaching) because on Saturday, God was focused on the VU–Wake Forest game, so that Jordan Mathews jumped up and caught that last minute pass. Not that there isn’t, well, sort of a rape scandal at Vanderbilt, too.

At any rate, I am happy Vanderbilt won and a lot of my friends in Alabama are happy.

Look forward to more football analysis coming up at breakfast soon, Sloan!

I replied to Paul, copied to ALL:

My previous was addressed to ladies of KA Knights, because I figured with their feminine intuition they have a slightly different handle on the totally bizarre way Alabama lost the Auburn game. Weren’t the Vandy football players in that rape scandal kicked off the team?

An old Wisconsin Badger friend wrote two days ago:

Sloan –
Can there be any other explanation than divine intervention for the Bama kicker to have missed 3x from 33-49 yards, a distance he has hit on 6/7 times this season? And then, for the 109 yard return? No doubt, a marionette was pulling the strings!!!

This guy is an engineer, and he historically has believed only what he can hold in his hand.

Whatever, I’m kinda looking forward to how it all plays out from here.

Brad and Katie, in the summer of 2001, near Helen, Georgia, I gave you a floppy disk containing a manuscript of a novel I only had just finished writing. In 2006, the novel was published as a trade paperback by www.PubishAmerica.com, which prints to order. Recently, PA added an ebook edition, which is available at Amazon. Maybe by the first of the year, it will be available in Spanish.

If interested, you, others, can preview it at Amazon into the 4th chapter at no charge. That’s the tame part of the tale about a very good Birmingham trial lawyer who was converted into a Grail Knight without him having a whole lot of say in it. An Apalachicola woman who just happened along went through a parallel conversion. Nothing I would have come anywhere close to believing when I was initiated as a KA Knight at Vanderbilt, which, of course, is why none of the tale is true :-) .

Wheat, barley

Product Details

Heavy Wait: A Strange Tale  by Sloan Bashinsky (Oct 28, 2013)

From PublishAmerica today:

Sloan Bashinsky’s Heavy Wait: A Strange Tale resists the standard genre designations and expands on the artistic form of the novel. The novel contains elements of mystery, romance, and the spiritual, all coalescing together to create a unique and intriguing read. Writing in the first person can be tricky, but Bashinsky handles it like a professional. The author uses the first person viewpoint to craft an interesting main character and offer an intimate look into that life to readers. Throughout the book, it feels as though the main character is speaking directly to readers, showing them his story, rather than having readers experience the events at a distance. For this uniquely different kind of novel, the narration viewpoint works beautifully well.

A parallel line of conversation continued with Paul related to his arrival Key West yesterday for a marijuana conference held here every year,


this is maybe the fifth MJ conference I have known him to attend here. He told me some years ago that he became interested in marijuana when his wife, whom he met and courted at Vanderbilt, eventually contracted cancer. She found MJ helped her cope with the disease, treatments and pain until she passed from this life.

Paul wrote:

… I spoke on marijuana to the Anniston, Alabam Rotary Club last month. Made it out alive!

I replied:

I imagine a lot of weed is grown around Anniston, sort of like Baptists toting a bottle of whiskey around in the trunk of their cars, they don’t talk much about it.

Paul wrote:


Received a voicemail this afternoon from the friend who invited me to speak to the Rotary Club. Today’s speaker was a no-show so they invited the local DA to comment on my presentation which he attended, sitting next to the guy who yelled out about the dangers of getting “high.”

The DA reported that he fact-checked everything I said and could not find a single inaccurate statement. Most shocking to him, he could not find that marijuana ever caused a death. (You’d think he’d know this.) My friend said, “You made a convert.” Separately, the DA said his life would be a lot easier if marijuana were legal.

The DA also suggested his yell-out friend shut-up and gather the factual evidence (if any) to rebut my point of view.

He asked the 60 folks at lunch to raise their hand if they had ever tried an illegal substance. Twenty-one hands went up. The DA chuckled and said the others were lying!


I replied:

I burst into laughter reading your last sentence. We missed MJ by a year, or so, at Vandy, I heard from Commodore grapevine after I was dearly departed from Nashville. We also missed co-ed dorms. As if that mattered, being married already, me anyway.

Distant in-law Ron of North Carolina sent yesterday:

Article: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/12/03/david-welsh-piano_n_4378425.html

Click on that link to get to the video of the homeless man playing a piano and the effect on other people and the man’s comments about all of it.

Homeless Man’s Masterful Piano Playing Moves Listeners To Tears

A homeless man from Vancouver, Wash., says he’s never taken a music lesson and that he can’t read music — but his impromptu piano playing has moved people to tears.

David Allen Welsh, 50, has been visiting Second Hand Solutions, a thrift store and coffee shop, two times a month for the past year, according to KATU. When he’s there, he captivates customers with his music.

Last Friday, KATU filmed Welsh’s playing and the emotional reaction of one listener, James Maynard.

“He started to play, and I choked on my coffee and it started coming out of my nose,” Maynard later told ABC News. “I had tears coming to my eyes when I saw his fingers go down one end of the piano to the other.”

Welsh, who told KATU he’s been homeless since he was six years old, sometimes uploads his music to YouTube. He credits God with his ability to play by ear.

“I can’t be selfish because anything that I get, God’s given,” he told the station.

And he’s not looking for anything in return; he just likes connecting with people. “When someone is genuinely here and genuinely moved and they reach out and give you a hug,” Welsh told KATU, “I weep, too.”

H/T The Daily Mail

Clarification: This post has been updated to indicate that David Allen Welsh lives in Washington state.

I replied:


Put the vicious criminal in jail; surely he is faking that he never had a music lesson, he’s a plant, or an impostor, or a devil.

Meanwhile, a few hours ago now, I witnessed three Key West cops, one bicycle, two in cruisers, bust two homeless people, man and woman, sitting in panhandling allowed zone near Harpoon Harry’s. Best I can figure, the couple were drinking beer in closed plastic containers, like you see people drink coffee or soft drinks from, with just a spout you suck the fluid out of into your mouth. Well, that’s what maybe the woman was drinking. They searched her, cuffed her, took her to jail in a cruiser, let the man go after searching him. One of the officers, Steve Mitchel, told a passerby homeless man he knew that the woman had Class IV narcotics in her purse. Her fellow said she had told him it was Klonopin and she had a prescription for it. Mitchell said it was not Klonopin, which I am pretty sure is a Class IV narcotic doctors prescribe to calm people down, help them get to sleep, perhaps for other reasons. The homeless man told me Mitchell bragged to him that he drinks his beer in bars. I wondered if Mitchel then gets in a vehicle and drives somewhere?

Three cops, two cruisers, one bicycle, one homeless woman looking maybe 30 years old, how much did jailing her cost the sheriff and the county taxpayers? Plus a horde of vicious criminal marijuana advocates easing into Key West, some of whom are lawyers.

Key Weird, indeed.

Let me back up.

As I walked out of Harpoon Harry’s, I said to no one that I felt a huge amount of energy and I needed to be level, not get revved up. As I pedaled my bike away from Harpoon Harry’s, I said to the angels that something huge was in play, but what? I turned the corner onto Caroline Street, and there it was dead in front of me. I pedaled on by, turned around and parked myself at a distance across the street, not wanting to give the officers any reason to challenge my looking on. I watched for about 15 minutes, until they hauled the homeless woman away in a cruiser and let the man go; then I eased over and talked with the homeless man, and that’s when I saw Mitchell’s name on his uniform. I was not sure I knew what he looked like.

Not long after Officer Mitchell and I left the scene, it occurred to me that this was why I had taken a copy of HEAVY WAIT with me to breakfast this morning: I was to give it to Mitchell and tell him there are some people in it he might wish to meet. I’ve been tracking Mitchell from a distance for about ten years, and there he was dead in front of me. And there I was feeling like some awful poison had been dumped into me. I went home, ingested two ibuprofen and took a nap, and awoke thinking I will deliver a copy of HEAVY WAIT to the Police Station for Officer Mitchell this afternoon; it’s only a few minutes bike ride from where I stay.

Then something else interesting sailed in, but not on this precise topic, although certainly for sure God is involved. Might mention it, too, in tomorrow’s ravings. [the Paul and KA Knight emails]

Ron replied:

A lot of smarts and talent out there on the streets in the form of homeless people. Most of us are afraid to engage with homeless people because we recognize how little it would take to put us out there among them. I think people may feel that it is a contagious condition. I suspect that officer Mitchell may share that fear. His defense is to be unrelenting and unfair in his harassment of the street people. He thinks this attitude will protect him from his worst nightmare. I am thinking it may not. Ron K.

I replied:

I agree. Found myself thinking as I pedaled Mitchell’s copy of HEAVY WAIT over to the police station, that what I’ve heard of him reminds me of the great persecutor of Christians Saul of Tarsus before he had his prayer meeting with Jesus on the Road to Damascus, which set Saul off on a different road to becoming Paul the Apostle. I thought to myself, wouldn’t it be interesting for Officer Mitchell to have a prayer meeting with the homeless man Jesus and end up going down a road sort of like Saul of Tarsus went down?

Vicious criminal van dweller amigo Bob wrote yesterday:


The photo you show of key west criminals at Michael Angelo’s van is Michael Angelo and the girl I do not know but you know her and the guy you don!t know in the blue t shirt standing on mikes right is John Kozler of New York City at first ave upper east side Manhattan. I have stayed in his brown stone resident in Manhattan.

Retired marine and high rise building engineer he has a lovely daughter residing in Manhattan and California. He has property in penn also and wanted to buy a place here in K W but the corruption seemed to be too much for him to handle so he just bought a place outside the Keys and he seems to be happy with it but he is now in California visiting his daughter.

I replied:

Thanks for the background on the vicious criminals, that should make it easier for the KWPD to track them down and extradite them back to Key West, if they get away before being apprehended locally :-)

At Kelly’s Caribbean MUSE last night,

Kelley's Caribbean

Peggy Butler read from the part of her memoirs AND THEN THERE WAS ONE about her psychiatry internship in an Ohio state mental hospital, which she said was considerably worse than the hospital in “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest”. Lobotomy’s were common fare until Thorazine came along, which effected a chemical lobotomy. The doctor who perfected surgical lobotomy received the Nobel Peace Prize for Medicine. Just that chapter alone ought to get some journalist or documentary film maker’s interest.

Reminded of my own fun time with Nurse Rachet types, fortunately for me, perhaps not for humanity, the angels arranged my escape directly into their clutches, which turned out not seeming fortunate to me, but at least Nurse Rachet and her ilk were gone.

I told the audience at MUSE how HEAVY WAIT came into being, and read some from the third chapter, which is how the hero, before he is the hero, ends up on a psych ward; then I read from the previous chapter about what caused him to end up on a psych ward. I told the audience that was the tame part of the book. They looked out of oxygen.

Of course, the hero had to be rescued from the psych ward for the tale to go where it needed to go.

A woman in the audience asked if the tale getting less tame was about sex I had not read to the audience? I said no, it’s about something else, but since she asked, when she reads the sex in the tale, she will want to hump the nearest thing available.

She said my personal story sounds as interesting as the novel, and I said my personal story is interesting and the novel tracts it by being not of this world but in this world, just like how the novel came about, which is the first chapter, or, the introduction, which has nothing to do with the tale other than to indicate where the author is coming from, thus where the tale is going.

There is no way to imagine where the tale is going as you read it. How could there be? I had no idea where it was going when it came though me, other than I knew where it was going to finally end up because I had the story line given to me at the very beginning. I said at MUSe that I didn’t like the ending and kept trying to change it because I knew it was where I was going to end up, but the Editorial Board (the angels) wouldn’t let me change it, and I ended up where I didn’t want to end up and am still there hoping for a full pardon soon.

Continuation of the Key West Poetry Guild discussion with Connie Gilbert reported in yesterday’s post at goodmorningkeywest.com:

Connie Gilbert 2

Connie wrote:

FYI Poetry Guild never collected dues, paid for anything (to my knowledge) or accepted any donations except of free space for meetings from various bookstores, galleries and restaurants over the years. Wanting to be registered/incorporated as a non-profit had more to seeking name-recognition via the CFFK and honoring Allen (and down the line others who have kept the group alive over the years). I couldn’t tell from what you wrote whether you supported one view or the other. Have you an opinion?

Sorry you don’t enjoy the Featured/Emerging Poet concept. We don’t do it every month, and there’s still at least one lightening round, sometimes more. We (Jeanne, Nance, Vicki and I, who are pretty informally coordinating things and doing the work of set-up and publicity these days) have found the Featured Poets bring in a lot of new people from their individual circles and some do come back, so it’s a way of growing.

Sorry I missed the meeting; there were umpteen other things going on, and it was my houseguest’s last night in town. He loves history, galleries and libraries, performing arts/lit. not so much.

Back to work.

PS Since when does “dangerous” translate into “hot”??? I meant that since you clean up so well, it becomes very difficult to imagine you a lunatic :-D

I wrote:

Hi, Connie, given what you now write, I see no substantive reason for the Guild to go through the ordeal of becoming a tax exempt organization, which will require it to incorporate as a Florida non-profit, pass IRS scrutiny, and then do annual non-profit tax accounting and tax returns. Your earlier email, forwarded by Vicki, seemed to me to be critical of Allen for letting that slide by. I would have told him not to do it, if he had asked me.

Perhaps you should poll the Guild members re how they feel about featured poets. Perhaps the Guild needs to try new things, like spontaneous lightning rounds, like monthly Green Parrot poetry to order, like attending other poetry events and participating even though not Guild related. I wish you had been there Sunday evening. It was really jumping, which you could take as a very loud message from the Muse to continue just having lightning rounds. That’s how I took it, and I don’t see how anyone could take it otherwise.

No comprende since when does “dangerous turn into “hot”. You said, all cleaned up, no beard, short hair, I looked nice, sweet, safe … terrifying.

Since when does someone wearing a beard and a ponytail, or longish hair, especially in Key West, translate into viewing him as a lunatic? The host and male judge at last night’s smash hit talent show at the MUSE both wear beards, and they riddled the audience and performers and nobody there translated that into them being lunatics.

You actually thought I would be different “all cleaned up?” Such thinking would be lunacy. I’m the same fellow either way, and, frankly, I wish I had not gotten rid of my beard and had my hair cut short. I hate shaving because I’m always cutting my face and bleeding, and I used to cut my own hair for a very long time, and now I use a barber. What, I’m trying to win a beauty contest?

For some reason the angels wanted me to get “all cleaned up,” so I did it. Maybe some day they will show or tell me why.


Connie wrote:

Thx for comment–I surely did not mean to be critical of Allen–he reminded me of what I should have remembered.

I wrote:

Glad you made it to Peggy’s book signing at MUSE last night. If you ever are able to get a copy of HEAVY WAIT and read it, I gave several copies to the county library system, you will see in it what Willa Sue remembered after the angels used Riley to help them heal her of the same thing that has plagued and scattered you since you were young, which left you unable to see what you really need to see and generally prone to being seduced by what you should decline.

Did you notice the coversation I had with Abbie last night about my time at the mike the night before in the talent show at MUSE? She said she had a hard time hearing me from where she was working a bar toward the back. I said I was yelling into the mike and that made it impossible for me to tell the story the way I wanted to tell it, because I was focused on yelling. I said the mike needed to be turned up so the audience could hear me. I said where I was sitting toward the back, it was hard to hear the young violinists because the mike was not loud enough. Abbie said she had tried to help the woman handling the sound system for Key West Got Talent, but the woman was an indiot. I said a performer should not have to be worrying about the mike, that’s the job of who puts on the event, and in the future I will not try to perform if the audience can’t hear me because the sound system is not turned up loud enough. Nor will I try to perform if the audience is talking all the time. As I said last night, what were those people doing there, if they did not want to hear the performers? They should not have been there.

The MUSE has made it very clear it does not care for featured poets at Guild first Sunday of the month meetings, Connie. Ignore that and you tell the MUSE to take a hike. I doubt she will go quietly, but I doubt you, and perhaps no Guild member, will connet the dots. This advice, and what ails you, and many people, and leaves you scattered and unable to discern, is just as sound as the 501(c)(3) advice you received from an ex-tax lawyer. You did mean to be critical of Allen. There is no other way to read what you wrote about him.


When am I not working?

Meanwhile, here’s a nice, sweet, safe story about another Key West Sloanwho actually succeeded where many others failed:


Author Sloan founded a publishing company, Phantom Press, with Christopher Schultz.


The team has released 10 quirky reads including the collaborative “Quit Your Job and Move to Key West,” showing just how the lighter, more fun side of life is attainable.



“Sloan’s Ghost Hunt,” expected to be unveiled over the next few months, is to give participants the chance to use devices to detect the supernatural at various haunted stops around Key West.



Sloan and fellow creative spirit Marky Pierson staged the reborn Key Lime Festival in Key West in the summer of 2013, spurring the creation of what is believed to be the world’s largest Key lime pie.


When David Sloan was being kicked out of Key West bars in his early 20s, he never imagined that a few years later he would start businesses, write and publish books and make record-breaking Key lime pies on that very same island.

Sloan moved from Pennsylvania to Texas at age 11, spending his youth in the Lone Star State. When the time came for college, it didn’t seem like the right fit.

“I didn’t want to go to college — I wanted to open a bar,” Sloan said.

To motivate him on a related career path, his parents enrolled him in Florida International University’s Hospitality Program where he took several cooking classes. Through his college years, he worked in areas of the hotel industry from fine dining to front desk and managerial positions.

After several years, he made a career switch to Premier Cruise Lines, where he was named general manger even before graduating from his program. His position was so impressive that the dean let him skip his final semester’s classes to pursue his career.

Despite his rapid success, Sloan subsequently found himself growing tired of the corporate world. When he left it all behind, life in Key West beckoned.

“I first visited Key West in college, and even though I spent most of the night sobering up in a jail cell, I loved it,” he said.

It wasn’t until he took his first ghost tour in Scotland, however, that the pieces fell into place.

“I took the tour and was fascinated by it,” he reported. “I got back to the U.S., quit my job and moved to Key West.”

After a few months, endless nights of research and some help from historian Tom Hambright of the Key West Public Library, Sloan unveiled Ghost Tours of Key West — one of the first tours of its kind in the United States. He also released his first book, “Ghosts of Key West.”

Almost immediately, the ghost tour and supernatural culture became the rage, gaining massive popularity with visitors and locals alike.

There’s a lot more to Sloan, than an interest the supernatural, however. He mixes his lively personality and witty humor with his love for Key West in Phantom Press, a publishing company he co-founded with Christopher Schultz.

The team has released 10 quirky hits including the collaborative “Quit Your Job and Move to Key West,” and Sloan’s “The Key West Bucket List.” Their most recent offering is Sloan’s “The Key Lime Pie Cookbook,” featuring recipes for 20 crusts, 20 fillings, 20 sauces and 20 toppings that the author swears can be mixed and matched to create more than 150,000 varieties of Key lime pie.

Sloan’s connection with Key lime pie, the Florida Keys’ signature dessert, didn’t end with the cookbook. When he stumbled upon reports of a Key Lime Festival that took place in Key Largo in the 1950s, he was intrigued.

“I just thought to myself, Key limes are such an important of our culture, wouldn’t it be great to bring it back?” he said.

With characteristic enthusiasm, Sloan and fellow creative spirit Marky Pierson staged the reborn Key Lime Festival in Key West in the summer of 2013. Events included a “Miss Key Lime” pageant, a Key lime pie-eating competition and the creation of what is believed to be the world’s largest Key lime pie.

To make the record-breaking confection, which measured just over eight feet in diameter, Sloan teamed up with Pierson, chef Paul Menta and the Key West Key Lime Company’s Jim Brush. Prepared July 4 in a specially made pan nearly the size of a pickup truck, the gargantuan pie was documented for submission to the Guinness Book of World Records.

With the second annual Key Lime Festival scheduled for summer 2014, Sloan shows no signs of slowing down.

In the next few months, he plans to unveil his new take on ghost tours. Designed as an interactive experience, “Sloan’s Ghost Hunt” is to give participants the chance to use devices to detect the supernatural at various haunted stops around Key West.

“Haunted stories start to lose a lot over the years and become more legends,” Sloan stated. “I want to go back to the roots.”

More than ghosts and Key limes, he attributes his success to his love for Key West and the never-ending support of the close-knit island community.

“I love Key West because it has that small town feel with big city benefits,” Sloan said. “It really is easy to succeed here if you put yourself out there and get to know the kind of person you are.

“This community rallies around you and helps you to succeed, and that’s why I’m here today,” he added. “There really is no place in the United States like it.”

Posted On: November 26, 2013

As for the other nice, sweet, safe Sloan,


Sloan at Coco'sSloan in collarSloan with troll


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