resurrecting and reclaiming Grimal Grove tropical fruit farm on Big Pine Key and some reflections on my place on Little Torch Key and my harem


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Erika BiddleYesterday, amiga Erika Biddle of Key West dropped by my place out of the blue to tell me about something truly beautiful in the making, which you can see and learn far more and far better in the video at this website:, which you should be able to reach by clicking on that link.

I told Erika that the young visionary from Marathon,

Grimal Grove visionary

who is trying to bring this two-acre Eden restoration off on a shoestring, which is about all he has to bring it off with, needs financial help. Not a committee’s help. Not a board of directors’ help. Not a foundation’s help. But a direct private-donor cash infusion with no strings attached to buy the run down abandoned blood, sweat, tears and joy life work of the original farmer/visionary, and to bring it back to what it once was.

Based on what Erika told me, it sounded like $200,000 is needed to buy the property and pay off the liens. Based on the video, the young visionary will get heaps of volunteer farm hand work.

grimal grove helpers

I told Erika there are many people she knows in Key West, for whom $200,000 is chump change. If I had it, I would give it to the young visionary with no strings attached.

Erika agreed, no strings attached is far better. We ran off a list of endeavors in Key West which are plagued by strings, committees, etc., including Reef Relief about which much has appeared recently at, but not today. Today, there is an uplifting sequel to yesterday’s Vietnam vet remembrance in Key West post, which you should be able to reach by clicking on this link: America’s Vietnam war karma …

Kent State

Erika had not seen my place before yesterday and she seemed blown away by the land and the front porch and inside of the trailer. She said she could not imagine my giving it up. She seemed to really like my art collection, and my own aborigine mostly female form art, which she likened to Tarot cards which have not been made.

Erika sometimes comes in my dreams with messages for me. Lots of amigas do that. My seven former wives do that. Former girlfriends do that.

The other day I started putting together a photo gallery of some of my cyber harem …





cactus heart

dumbe blonde

surrender the booty

asteroid belt


down the rabbit hole 2

Seven Sisters


catch more flies

African female shaman

blow jobs 50c

lady lawyer


Spider Woman

wild queen conch

Pandora's box

yellow brick road

Devil Woman 1

great pair


Lucy and football 2


nature woman


Mother Nature enlarged

designer version

Sloan in dress

Sloan Bashinsky

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