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There is a post today at goodmorningkeywest.com, which you should be able to reach by clicking on this link: healthy press and commentary vs. government, political, social and religious infringement – Key West variations


Meanwhile, today’s post at this website moves from warm to hot to searing to hot to warm …

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Nashville J responded to yesterday’s posts at goodmorningfloridakeys.com and goodmorningkeywest.com:


Two more good ones today – keep it up! Tell the citizens the truth – if the politicans ever do that they will be run out of town on a rail and they know it! 🙂

I understand that there are several programs in the market that work very well with voice typing. A person speaks and the program types it out. This might be of interest to Larry – maybe not if he has the greatest IT person ever. 🙂

Dragon Naturally Speaking Premium12 apparently has had a nice boost in accuracy and guesswork algorithms but is like US$160 or so. The latest Dragon NaturallySpeaking Premium 11, [Old Version] , 11, is more affordable at US$64. This one still does file transcription (record from somewhere, take home and transcribe on your computer). they claim 99% recognition out of the box!

Just passing along – I found the above by google.


I replied:

I might have still being tinkering with the Key West post when you read it.

Actually, the old Flagler rail road was removed quite a few years ago from Key West, but there still are rumors of walking the plank and keel-hauling in shark-infested waters; fat chance Key West politicians telling the truth even when they are staring down from those devices over shark-infested waters.

Will pass your Dragon Naturally suggestion on to Larry, although I wonder if it might make his world’s best IT specialist jealous, him sidling up to a lady dragon; it is a lady dragon, isn’t she?

I received a beauty a little whilst ago, below, trailed by my reply.



Changes in construction requirements after award of contract.—The school board may, at its option and by written policy duly adopted and entered in its official minutes, authorize the superintendent or president or other designated individual to approve change orders in the name of the board for preestablished amounts. Approvals shall be for the purpose of expediting the work in progress and shall be reported to the board and entered in its official minutes. For accountability, the school district shall monitor and report the impact of change orders on its district educational facilities plan pursuant to s.1013.35.A

after reading the letter sent to fish andy, and reading the response from the capt, the real question (one of many) that was posed but not answered is that if they had a super team consisting of kessler, murray (ok, he was not approved by the board, but is there with the others) and the capt, after months of being involved in the change orders, why have they not brought the noted deductive change orders as stated at over nine million dollars to the board. with two meetings a month, you could not list them or it was not part of the rant. if you say it has to be done, then why i ask you has it not been done, are they waiting for the contractor, the attorney, porter…………..some of those change orders go back to 2010

when you read the above, the last sentence speaks for itself, the school district shall monitor and report……

please leave me out of this, your sniffer is starting to work in the right way and see that this has been all bullshit…..after reading in your blog that kessler was a Certified auditor, well that is something you could make the phone call on, because when i did it, he registered, but was never certified because he needed to have on the job experience as an auditor, so the capt pitches him for an 18 month engagement. is that sniffer working. better yet, ask for a copy of it, maybe i am wrong, but don’t think i am. again i ask don’t list my email, look it over and maybe see it from another prospective

I replied:

Thanks, no problem keeping your sniffer out of public view. Larry Murray not the problem, other than he is so charming. Will sniff some on my own, what your sniffer suggested.


Nashville J replied:

Interesting, I do know that in Tennessee, change orders mean more money for the contractor as they are not bid out. They are done at cost plus 10% or 15%. One of the tricks is that COST included EVERYTHING from copies, staff time, executives time, and anything bought for the change order – they make an automatic 10 or 15% on top of the cost. $9 million in change orders would mean a minimum of an extra $900.000 for the contractor. If you decide you want a light switch in a different place than the orginal plans – that is a change order and costs you.

I still don’t get how MCSB can get away with not folling the law and regulations on reporting and putting into the minutes as required. In particular, since it was stimulus money from the feds, I would expect them to require each and every “i” dotted and “t” crossed before they would pay a penny. JMO

Keep the fire lited under their ass – sooner or later you will smell ass burining!


I sent the sniffer email to Stuart Kessler (photo), with this note:

Stuart Kessler

Hi Suart –

From someone today; please respond to part about your certified auditor credentials, thanks. And, if you wish, to other parts of it.



Stuart replied:

Stuart Kessler11:44 AM
To: sloan bashinsky

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Certified Internal Auditor history.pdfView online
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1. The “deductive change orders” are nothing more than a method to avoid sales tax. If the contractor buys materials for the project, they have to pay sales tax, if the District buys the materials directly than the purchases are sales tax exempt. In the HOB project, the sub-contractors were asked to identify materials they needed that the District could buy directly – the cost of those materials were deducted from the construction contract though a “deductive change order.” While avoiding sales tax this way is great (and legal according to the FDOR) I don’t like the accounting method used at all since it mixes the “real change orders” and “deductive change orders” (which are really nothing more than accounting entries) together and makes it hard for the average person to understand what is really happening. Any suggestion that someone should get credit or praise for these “deductive change orders” is nonsense, since nothing was actually saved except for the sales tax, and this process was always contemplated as part of the construction project plan. Most, if not all, of these deductive change orders have already been approved by the School Board as routine accounting (no cost) change orders.

2. Attached is the transcript reflecting the fact that I passed 12 hours of Certified Internal Auditor testing, which, along with my Accounting degree and M.B.A. makes me eligible for that designation upon obtaining employment experience as a CIA. Your “sniffer” is correct, that until I am employed as a CIA, I won’t receive that official designation, and have never stated otherwise. Kind of a chicken and egg problem.

Stuart Kessler
P.O. Box 2730
Key West, Fl 33045
305-295-7670 (home)
305-393-5066 (cell)

I looked over the attachment Stuart sent. It is as he says it is.

Having read yesterday’s Capt. Eco Ed charm offensive – Florida Keys (grab your best hold) post will help you track what follows.

Capt. Ed Capt. Ed Davidson

Ed Davidson wrote:

Capt. Ed Davidson 1:40 PM
To: keysmyhome@hotmail.com
Cc: citizenlarry007@yahoo.com

My “contractor’s charm offensive” posting was taken down for a few minutes while I corrected a couple of typos I noticed, and was then re-posted in its entirety — and was read by more than 200 people in the first 24 hours afterwards. I never saw your comment on the original posting, so unbeknownst to me it must have gotten flushed with the temporary take down. This is probably insufficient reason to assail my consistent and decadal critique of Bubba funny business with taxpayer dollars.

I have never excused the multiple failures of past and recent senior School Administration officials to exercise proper oversight, both of HOB and other matters; but the far greater fault is the wholesale failure, and occasional outright refusal, of Coastal Construction to provide the extensive documentation plainly required by the terms of the contract they signed in order to acquire roughly 40 Million dollars-worth of taxpayer’s money. It is absurdly naive for Sandy Downs to take any inevitably self-serving assertions of Coastal officials as gospel, when there are voluminous, widely available, and publicly attested facts to the contrary.

As for Ms Downs, her diatribe toward me in your post continues to incorporate her usual laxity about both truth and factuality: I have never had any factual knowledge about the alleged Navy seeding of clouds with aluminum compounds, and the conversation she claims she had with me about that imaginary issue therefore never occurred. Because she heard it and repeated it doesn’t make it the least bit true; and all I could possibly have said was that Navy fighter planes routinely jettisoned excess jet fuel in those days upon approach to landing, as Naval combat aircraft have the strictest maximum fuel weight limits in order to reduce the heavy impact forces sustained while landing on the decks of aircraft carriers — the sink rates and impact forces of which are practiced in every terrestrial field landing as well: “every landing is a carrier landing” ( I have 297 of those, mostly in combat ) for Navy pilots, who do not flare and float just before touchdown like Air Force and civilian pilots do.


I replied:

sloan bashinsky 2:16 PM
To: Capt. Ed Davidson

I forwarded yours to Sandy and asked her to reply.

I told her I was not persuaded the person she knows at Coastal is entirely reliable. I recall, I wrote that in yesterday’s post.

For example, he said the HOB architect had been sued by either the City or the School District, according to Sandy. I told her I did not think that was correct. She insisted he was correct.

I look forward to her reply to yours re the Navy seeding clouds with aluminum conversation you say did not happen. She and I had quite a long conversation about that, after she brought it up.

Sandy wrote:


Sandy Riddle 4:36 PM
To: sloan bashinsky, sloan bashinsky

I am looking at a photo of Capt. Ed with his blue ball cap on. This is the man I had the conversation with outside a candidate forum in the Upper Keys in 2008 about the “chemtrails.” I figured because he was ex-navy he might talk to me about them. And because I had seen him at many public events and he seemed “interested” in doing the “right thing”. He told me that the Navy had been spraying for a decade or more and this was “nothing new.” He refused to continue the conversation when I told him how dangerous I was told this was, and tried to ask more in depth questions. He was with a woman who appeared to be around his same age.

I was told of the toxicity of chemtrails by a man who did documentaries for PBS, and was down here photographing the sprayings, and trying to get a warning system implemented to alert people when the chemicals were being sprayed, so people would stay inside. Dennis Cooper of KWTN told me about him and set up a meeting with him and me about another subject. When I met “Gary”, he went out on the boat with us and talked non-stop about the dangers of the chemicals. He was adamant about the need for a warning system to alert the people every time a spraying was taking place so they could stay inside and avoid being poisoned. He told me to google it. I did that and learned alot. There was a photograph online taken from Marathon FL of the chemtrails. A lot of concerned people were posting stuff online about the chemtrails and trying to document when they were being “sprayed.” Lots of people in the Keys were participating in the “postings.” I was not one of them. But I did not forget about “Gary’s” passion for the environment and his concern for us down here who might be victims of the spraying. Gary had lots of trouble trying to get information from the Navy, so I thought maybe an ex-navy man might talk about it. If Capt. Ed would have shown more interest and willingness to talk, I would have given him Gary’s number.

Whether or not Capt. Ed remembers our “run in”, it happened in the parking lot outside a forum in the Upper Keys in 2008 when I was running for Sheriff. Ed accussed me of lying in your post today. And accused me of having done it previously. Please Ed, explain when.

Capt. Ed reported also to you that the Navy USED to dump excess fuel before landing in Key West. That practice still occurs. Ed must know that. So why did he say, “the Navy” used to do it? The pilots still dump “enormous” amounts of fuel before landing.

A currently Navy pilot told my son approximately how much fuel they dumped on each and every landing. I believe he said it was for safety so if the plane did not land properly, the plane would not cause a giant explosion and fireball. The pilots “HAVE” to dump all excess fuel before landing each and EVERY time they fly according to what the pilot told my son. Ask Capt. Ed about that.

I have a strong dislike for people who get into public service positions, and do not fulfill them with complete honesty. Ed says I lied? I have no hidden agenda. I tried to get to the bottom of the chemtrail problem, but only the Navy knows the answers to that. It was a dead end path for me to dig any further if even the retired Navy would not talk about it.

One of your readers, J, questioned why out of the blue I reported what had been told to me by a Coastal employee. I reported it “out of the blue” because I got the information out of the blue. And no,….I have no motive to do work for Coastal, nor have I ever worked for Coastal, nor do I do any work with the school district. I merely reported what I had been told to allow the school board to respond to it to you, where the response would not be “skewed” or “spun” as the stories are in the Citizen. After reading the response about the soil samples, I will add what I was told about that.

The soil samples were the responsibility of the school district as the school district would not trust the soil report from the contractor, because the contractor could “skew” it so as to save money and time. Coastal worker said the “soil” report was inaccurate because the soil is tested in various areas and not every single inch of soil is tested.

When Coastal found out after the construction had started that there was a problem with some of the soil, they built accordingly. I was told that instead of the whole school having to be built on pilings, only part of the school did. And that the faulty soil survey actually saved the school district a lot of money. Otherwise the entire school would have been built “up” on pilings. So did the faulty “soil” survey benefit the school district who hired the surveyors? According to the Coastal employee, it did. So was the survey skewed to leave out information about faulty soil to save the school district money? What profit was in it for whom? I don’t know. But I believe Coastal is taking the blame for anything and everything the school district failed to do, or failed to do properly.

My interest in this is the same as in everything. I just think the spin should be taken off, and citizens have a right to know the truth. All of the Keys media is controlled. Only one independent radio station exists, Pirate Radio. The newspapers are controlled. The independent ones are often afraid to print “real” stuff, for fear of retaliation. Sloan, you try to publish what everyone else is afraid of. And I know you depend on accuracy in your reports from people. I have tried to be accurate every time I write to you. Sometimes it is about events from years ago.

These things I am sure of.

1. I had the conversation with Capt. Ed about chemtrails in 2008 outside a forum, in the parking lot, on my way in.

2. A Navy pilot told my son that fuel is dumped by every plane before it lands.

3. If Ed knew the fuel was still being dumped, he attempted to defraud you and your readers.

Sandy Downs


When I spoke with Sandy on the telephone last night, she was still deep in Coastal’s camp. She blames the school district for all of the problems between the school district and Coastal, which, she said again, has a great reputation building schools in Dade County and elsewhere in Florida. Poor Coastal, having to put up with the insanity this school district is. I replied, yes, the school district is insane, but surely word of that had gotten out of the Keys and into Coastal’s ears before it undertook to build Horace O’Bryant K-8 School in Key West. Beyond that, I said, the school board and district are required by law to reconcile the books for HOB; people could go to prison if that is not done, because this in not a private corporation, it is a school district, and the school board members and the superintendent have a fiduciary duty to get to the bottom of it, whatever the bottom of it is.

I again said, I hope former school board member and accountant Steve Pribramsky can do that for the school district. I again said, it might turn out that Coastal is squeaky clean and the school district is covered in shit. And, I again said, Ed Davidson, after being apprised by Stuart Kessler of the total disarray in the school district’s HOB records, demanded that the school district get its HOB house in order, and he got his way as a result of speaking freely to the news media, which seemed glad to give him a lot of air time. I told Sandy, no doubt Coastal hates Ed, but this is not about Coastal; this is about the school district getting its HOB house in order, as required by state law, and probably by federal law, given a US Government stimulus package loan, with, it is said, a $20 million +- penalty for not completing the construction on time, was used to finance the construction of the school.

Sandy continued to tell me I have been duped by Ed Davidson; that he is not what he appears to be, he is a sorry, useless person. I continued to tell Sandy she is mistaken with respect to Ed’s work as a school board member on very serious HOB accounting problems, which were brewing before he was elected last November. Very serious problems the school board did not know existed. I told Sandy I was at a school board meeting when Coastal’s claims for large cost savings bonuses were discussed, and it looked to me Coastal’s claims might not be valid. I told Sandy, again, that she could not automatically trust what someone high up in Coastal, who has an axe to grind, tells her about Coastal’s side of this fracas. I told her she has to take sides with the truth, not with one side or the other. I also told Sandy, again, that Ed has been a staunch defender of the Key environment.

Here is a googled photo of Ed teaching children and adults about the environment.

Capt EcoEd

I myself would like to know if Ed is interested in speaking with Sandy about what she wrote about that the Navy is doing? I can think of no better person in the Keys than Ed, decorated Vietnam aircraft carrier combat pilot, former teacher in the Navy’s Top Gun pilot training program at Naval Air Station Key West, well-known environmentalist, to look into that. If the Navy is seeding the air with aluminum compound, it is falling on children and adults alike, and on wildlife, and on the ocean, and on the land. Aluminum is toxic. If ingested, it causes serious problems. As, I imagine, does jet fuel.

I told Sandy, it was God who arranged for her to meet that high-up Coastal employee, all that followed was part of God’s plan, and if she had a problem with how it was going with Ed, with me, then she should file her complaint with God. Such a sense of humor God has, dumping on us what we don’t want dumped on us.

Moving back to school district reporting,

Sylvia Murphy

County Commissioner Sylvia Murphy (photo) recently asked me what did I think of the new online Key West the Newspaper? (www.thebluepaper.com) I said I thought it is doing great, except it has sold out to School Board member Andy Griffiths, and is presently useless for reporting on school district woes. I said The Blue Paper’s owners, Naja and Arnaud Girard, have children at Key West High School, which is notorious for retaliation and bullying. And, Andy Griffiths is advertising his school board position on the front page of Key West the Newspaper, and when Andy puts up something on Facebook about him, the school board and district, Naja clicks that she likes it.

Sylvia is a straight-shooter. I agree with her most of the time on county issues. She seemed taken aback by what I told her about Key West the Newspaper and Andy Griffiths, but we agreed, on other hot areas, Naja and Arnaud are doing great. Sylvia said maybe something will change, and The Blue Paper will start going after school district issues the way it goes after other hot Keys issues. Meanwhile, she said, I am giving the school district good coverage. I said, yes, but I do not have the readership Naja and Arnaud have. Sylvia said my writing is known throughout the Keys. What do I know, maybe it gets around better than I know. The great thing about publishing news and commentary online, it is easy for other people to open and read, and, if they like it, it is easy for them to copy the link, or an entire daily post, and drop it into an email to someone else, or eleses. Nothing I publish to my websites is copyrighted; it goes into the public domain every day. All I ask is that it not be altered or used out of context. I treat written feedback and contributions the same way, as this post demonstrates.

By the way, several of Sandy Downs’ older children attended Florida Keys schools, and her youngest son is a freshman at Key West High School.

Sloan Bashinsky




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