Capt. Eco Ed charm offensive – Florida Keys (grab your best hold)

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There is a post today at, which you should be able to reach by clicking on this link: Key We$t Chamber of Commerce charm school, and other southernmost truth twisting (business as usual)


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Nashville J responded to yesterday’s posts:


terminally dysfunctionally insane – Florida Keys school administration; interactive investigative journalism

Very interesting and full of information. I look forward to the continuing saga as it plays out and thanks for providing it to everyone.

Why is Sandy Downs carrying water for Costal Construction??? That info from out of the blue (not the Blue Paper as they will not cover it yet) does not really fit in. Kinda like a rock falling out of the sky and hitting a person on the head – what are the odds? Does Sandy’s company do lots of work with Costal projects? Is she trying to do lots of work with Costal projects. I don’t know, just everything she said was contrary to what I have had the chane to read here or other places. Oh well, we will know in the fullness of time.

As to another subject, how is it possible that it appears that the MCSB just fails to follow any of the laws it is suppose to follow? No one can call the hot line to complain now since they also screwed that up so bad that it never worked.

Thanks for both blogs today – enjoyed reading them.


I replied:


Sandy has a hidden agenda, which I left out of today’s post. I don’t think it has to do with doing tree work for Coastal. It has to do with she hates Ed Davidson because of something he did several years ago, which I only learned from her last night. Way things are shaping up, I will go into that, and more about Ed Davidson, in tomorrow’s post. Won’t be pretty for either of them, if I get to tell it like it really went down back then, and when I spoke with Sandy last night on the telephone.

What the heck, FYI for now, here’s what I have written so far, tentative draft for tomorrow’s barn burner. It also addresses school board and district responsibility to abide by law, do their duties diligently.


This came into my Facebook account today:

Capt. EdCapt. Eco Ed

Ed Davidson
The 40 Million-dollar HOB school project CONTRACTOR is conducting a CHARM OFFENSIVE — BUT SHORT ON THE CHARM,Aa AND LONG ON THE OFFENSIVE — apparently intended to deflect blame for their repeated failures to produce a weath of documentation specifically required by the detailed terms of the school construction contract that they themselves negotiated and willingly signed.
One of their chief tactics has been to blame School District officials for not insisting strongly enough or often enough that the Contractor obey the plain English terms of that contract and stop violating Florida Law and School Board policies (and the terms of the $36,000,000 federal bond/loan) with respect to Change Order processing and documentation.
But neither the former Interim Superintendents Burke and Jara, nor any other member of the Administration or the construction oversight committee, ever had the authority to over-ride Florida law, School Board policy, or contract requirements. Thus the blame for the many irregularities in, or outright lack of, back-up documentation — plus some highly questionable claims of credits and savings — fall directly on the Contractor who surely knew (or should have known, as the lawyers say) what the rules were after many decades of experience with other public construction projects. Not to mention that ignorance of the law has never been an adequate excuse in any courtroom in America.
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Sloan Bashinsky
Are you saying, Ed, that the school board, the superintendent and his administration do bear any responsibility? Aren’t they, as lawyers say, charged with the same knowledge of the law and duties, from their side of it? Ex-lawyer me.


When I posted my comment, I immediately was notified that it had been removed by the administrator. Not very neighborly, after I had patted Ed on the back in today’s “terminally dysfunctionally insane – Florida Keys school administration” post for his efforts to try to straighten out the school district.

sandy-downs.jpgSandy Downs

I also reported in today’s post what Sandy Downs told me a high-up Coastal Construction Co. employee had told her about the school district re the building of Horace O’Bryant K-8 School in Key West.

I did not report today, how much Sandy said she detests Ed Davidson, dating back to when she ran for sheriff in 2008, and she learned the Navy was seeding clouds with some kind of aluminium concoction to try to control the weather. Sandy said she was interviewed by someone making a documentary film on the subject, and when she saw Ed and his girlfriend, I think she said at a candidate forum, she told him about what the Navy was doing and about the documentary. Ed laughed at her, said she was way behind the curve; the Navy had been doing that for 20 years. Sandy said she asked Ed if he would get involved, use his influence with the Navy to try to get it stopped? Ed and his girlfriend turned and walked away. Sandy said, since that day, she has had no use for Ed. She said he has an ulterior motive for being on the school board; there is something in it for him nobody is seeing.

Believe me, I did my darndest to change Sandy’s mind about Ed’s work on the school board, and why he wanted to be on it after attending school board meetings religiously for 10 years, and trying as a citizen advocate to bring about change, but to no effect. So, he ran for the school board, and he has been the only voice of sanity on the school board since he was elected last November.

I gave Sandy bloody hell for not telling me before last night about what had turned her against Ed. I said, had I known of it last year, I would have beaten Ed up with it during his campaign. I would have beaten him up with it, because (a) aluminum is highly toxic, causes all sorts of medical problems; and (b) for a very long time Ed has held himself out as a staunch environmentalist. He has brought lawsuits in federal court to protect the Keys environment. He conducts eco tours and eco classes. He teaches children the importance of protecting the environment. He calls himself Capt. Eco Ed, and he dresses accordingly, even at school board meetings and school board training and politicking seminars and functions on the mainland.

If what Sandy reported is true, Ed was the best person in the Keys to jump on the Navy seeding clouds with aluminum whatever. He was the best person, not only because of what you read above, but also because Ed was a decorated Vietnam combat carrier pilot, who survived many missions and finally served out his tour of duty. Ed was flying on John McCain’s wing, when John was shot down over North Vietnam.

On coming back to the States, Ed moved to the Keys and dedicated rest of his life to trying to do something good, in return for his surviving Vietnam. On top of that, Ed became a flight instructor in the Navy’s Top Gun program at Boca Chica, Naval Air Station Key West.

Yes, indeed, Ed was the perfect person to try to stop the Navy from seeding clouds over the Keys with aluminum. And if, as Sandy told me, Ed laughed about it going on for 20 years, and then he turned and walked away from her, in answer to her plea for his intervention with the Navy, yes, I fully understand Sandy’s feelings about Ed. However, and I told Sandy this, she needs to separate those sentiments from Ed’s work on the school board, unless she has concrete proof he is a worthless human being with an ulterior motive, as she described Ed.

I asked Sandy, what kind of human being would not tell me what she waited until last night to tell me, when so many people’s health was at risk? Where was her concern for so many people’s health, when she did not tell me about it? She said maybe she told me, and I told her I didn’t want to hear about it, like I sometimes do after she has told me more than I can take in.

Sandy will talk and talk and talk, and not give her audience a chance to breath. She jokes that she “waterboards” people, and I tell her that turns people off; it turns me off. Maybe she “waterboarded” Ed and his girlfriend; maybe that’s why they turned and walked away.

Even so, if Sandy had told me about that event before last night, I darn sure would have written about it during last year’s school board races. And, I would have tied it into cooking food in aluminium cookware.

I would have inquired last year, if school lunches are prepared in aluminum cookware, on or off campus?

I asked Sandy last night if she knew cooking food in aluminum cookware is toxic to people, because the aluminum in the cookware gets into the food? She said she did not know that.

I said using aluminum cookware to cook food is the same as seeding clouds with aluminum concoction. As is putting aluminum in underarm deoderant. Disregard of human welfare.

I would have had a field day with what Sandy told me last night, if she had told it to me last year. Or even before that.

Better late is not always better than never. Late sometimes is too late.

J replied:

Interesting indeed!


Larry Murray responded to yesterday’s “interactive investigative journalism” and “terminally dysfunctionally insane – Florida Keys school administration” posts:

Larry Murray

Date: Sat, 18 May 2013 13:17:13 -0700


The School District hired Ken East to represent its interests in the construction of Coral Shores High School and the working relationship between he and John Padget was extremely volatile. Subsequent to that, East went to work for Coastal Construction, though, to my knowledge, he has no involvement with the HOB project.

East was/is a personal friend and longtime fishing buddy of Fred Sims, former head of construction for the School District. I know of their close personal relationship because of a conversation I had a couple of years ago with Fred. His contract was not renewed by Jesus Jara in the middle of the whole HOB project.

I went to a Catholic High School, Central Catholic in Pittsburgh, best known as the alma mater of Dan Marino. In my day, typing was not available in the college prep curriculum and I never learned to do it. To this day, I have “keyboardophobia”.

That has not stopped me from publishing several books, numerous professional articles, countless papers for professional associations etc. ad nauseum. I guess it would be more convenient if I did type, but I am comfortable with my system. I have the world’s best IT Director.

I would do more with the Coconut Telegraph, but my “missives” are generally much too long for them. As for the Blue Paper, their once a week publishing would rob a lot of my stuff of its timeliness. I have always appreciated your willingness to publish my “missives”. While your readership may not be as large as some others, feedback tells me that our message gets out.


Dr. Larry Murray
Fiscal Watchdog and Citizen Advocate

I replied:

Hi, Larry, thanks.

Maybe this below tweaks you?


This came into my Facebook account today:

(Same thing I had sent to Nashville J, which Ed Davidson had posted, along with my reply and explanation that my reply had been deleted immediately by the administrator. I did not include what I had written to Nashville J about Sandy Downs and Ed.)

Larry replied:

As Arte Johnson used to say: “Very interesting!”

What “administrator” removed your comment?

I replied:

Ed would be the administrator of his Facebook account. As fast as the comment was removed, immediately, I wondered if Ed had blocked me out of his Facebook account. If so, he never saw what I wrote in reply to his. What I wondered, mostly, do you wish to write to me what you think about what he wrote? I found it a bit weird, him blaming everything on Coastal, after all the blame he had heaped on the school district.

Larry replied:

Both Ed Davidson and Keith Sockaloski are flailing like a couple of wounded bull dolphins on the deck of a boat and I think it best that I stay out of it. Let’s wait for the results of Pribramsky’s attestation before we conclude who was wrong about what.


I agree, hopefully Pribramsky will get to the bottom of it. Meanwhile, though, is sure looks to me like the Ed Davidson who wrote that Facebook page comment is a different Ed Davidson from who has been beating the school administration black and blue about its record keeping and cost accounting on HOB. Like the Ed Davidson Sandy Downs told me she encountered about the Navy seeding clouds with aluminum is a different Ed Davidson who has been holding himself out as Capt. Eco Ed.

Back where I come from, that would be called multiple personality disorder. In the Florida Keys, though, it’s politics as usual.

Sloan Bashinsky


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