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To this part of what I sent to my email contacts yesterday,

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maybe you should start a blog which cuts through the smog in the Florida Keys, or somewhere!

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Jerry Weinstock, M.D., Psychiatry, retired, replied:

Formats wonderfully well—Jerry


I wrote back:

Thanks, Jerry.

I keep wondering why the Florida Public Service Commission is so interested in exercising its dominion over federal environmental law and Monroe County’s comprehensive plan and a tiny amount of Keys Energy Services electricity being available to 45 or so homes on No Name Key, but the PSC seems not in the least interested in exercising its dominion over Key Energy Services and Key West for not trimming trees back away from power lines, as required by federal and state law, and even Key West city ordinance, according to  Sandy Downs, and as required by just plain common decency and respect for human life?
You have any thoughts on that, as a human being and as a psychiatrist?
Jerry replied:
Sloan:  I think I would have to talk to Sandy about that
I have a few questions and need more info.


I wrote back:

Please do that. You may, or may not, know Sandy’s son, Preston, was electrocuted on a tree trimming job in Key West, by lines running through trees.

I’m pretty sure Keys Energy trims trees back from powerlines everywhere in its lower Keys domain, except in Old Town and other tourist areas of Key West. Just across the street from Keys Energy HQ kiddie corner across from Finegan’s Wake is a large old tree with powerlines running through it.
A big storm, limbs snapping and breaking, hot powerlines would be down all over Key West. Meanwhile, powerlines are electrifying trees in Key West, which is what Sandy says killed Preston.


Jerry replied:

Sloan —–so very sad about Preston and the negligence
that killed him !   Jerry


I wrote back:

Negligence? I doubt Sandy would say it was negligence. I imagine she would say it was murder. I hope you talk with her and satisfy yourselfabout Key West, Keys Energy Services and powerlines in city trees.

Sandy’s adventures in so-called paradise convinced me trees are far more important to the city government than human life. The Tree Commission (Nazis) and its rottweiler, Assistant City Attorney Ron Ramsingh, have “jurisdiction” over trees in the city. The mayor appoints tree commissioners with advice from the city commissioners. The City Commission can remove tree commissioners by a majority vote. The current mayor and city commissioners and city attorney all know what I have told you today, and far more. They are where the buck stops.
I hope to hear your human and psychiatric opinion of these people, the city government and Keys Energy, after you have spoken to Sandy. If you need her phone number and email address, I can supply same. 


Jerry replied:

Sloan: thanks I have both numbers and e mail. Jerry

Jerry wrote this morning:

Sloan:  Multiple levels of complexity, facets of special interests,
“possible” layers of corruption;  not something a professional
would find appropriate to enter into —-both city and county
commissioners and their interactions.  —-I am retired from
my medical specialty and only ex-patients are seen on an
urgent basis —one person face to face.—–Jerry


If powerlines in trees are not urgent business, I don’t suppose urgent business exists.


I wish the angels would let me not enter into the various grubby, dirty, shameful goings on in the Keys because I am retired from the practice of law. Arrrrgh! The angels have me trying one lawsuit after another in a court most human beings I know seem not to know exists. One lawsuit after another in the Florida Keys, and elsewhere. Two such lawsuits elsewhere received attention yesterday at goodmorningbirmingham.com, which you should be able to reach by clicking on these links:



Such trials, in the Florida Keys and beyond, usually require the testimony of witnesses, lay and sometimes experts, just like in trials in human courts. I testify ongoing in those trials, in both lay and professional capacity, as the Key West City Commission and the Monroe County Commission both know; as do my readers know. In testifying, I myself am on trial in that court most people I know do not know exists. Same for anyone I am told to call to testify in that court, which I call God’s Court, or, The High Court, which, as far as I know, is not recognized by the legal or the medical profession.


Maybe I instead should consider asking Jerry for his professional opinion about his old client for several decades, the Monroe County School District? In The High Court, professional-client confidentiality is trumped by the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. In that vein, consider this testimony yesterday in that court yesterday by former school board candidate and former school board Audit & Finance Committee member Larry Murray, and my responses thereto.


Larry Murray
To: Sloan Bashinsky
Picture of Larry Murray

I rarely have the opportunity to report good news from a School Board meeting, but Tuesday’s workshop presents a unique opportunity.

Superintendent Mark Porter brought with him three more Change Orders for the HOB project to discuss with the Board and, hopefully, attain their approval.  These Change Orders included two ugly words, “savings” and “parking lot”.   In fact, there was a possibility, at least according to Coastal Construction, that the “savings” might pay for the “parking lot”, now estimated around $700,000 or double the original.

Fortunately, the School Board declined to approve these Change Orders.  I understand that they took the position that they will not approve any Change Orders until Steve Pribramsky has completed his investigation.  Good news for all, particularly the taxpayers of Monroe County.  For a change, the Board’s innate propensity to do nothing proved to be the right action.

I also understand that John Dick expressed his consternation at the failure of the District’s legal representatives to forewarn the Board of all the problems associated with now over 80 Change Orders.  The District’s legal bills are always a bane to John, but in this instance, quality legal work would have been a good investment.    Had the legal staff been out ahead of the numerous financial problems associated with the HOB project, at least the Change Orders, Steve Pribramsky might not be working for the District.

Let’s hope that the Board continues its policy of not approving Change Orders pending the results of Pribramsky’s investigation.  The scary thing is that Superintendent Porter was willing to go forward with these Change Orders and all of the bovine feces contained therein.  Some people never learn.


Dr. Larry Murray
Fiscal Watchdog and Citizen Advocate


I wrote back:

School district legal staff was involved in the various change orders of which the school board knew nothing until Stuart Kessler started digging and complaining and Ed Davidson then started digging and complaining? I ask, because it has been my impression that Coastal sent bills, the school district paid the bills without involving anyone other than the department which paid Coastal’s bills.


Larry replied:

We are miscommunicating.  I was trying to say that John was complaining that the legal department was not involved with the Change Orders et. al. when perhaps they should have been.  Dirk Smits’ defense was that no one in the District asked him to look at the Change Orders or any other financial documents.


I wrote back:

Dang, the places to point the finger are shrinking down to where the buck stops, the finger pointers; what a terrible thing.
I saw on Facebook today another Naja Girard likes Andy Griffiths promo. Is Naja working on a HOB article?


I sent that late last night and had not heard back, so I called Larry this morning. He said he and Naja had some email exchanges, she asked him some questions, but he does not know if an HOB article will be published. I busted Naja a few days ago in a post, for not writing the article after telling Larry and me she was going to do it. The bust came the day after I had seen the first Naja likes Andy Griffiths Facebook promo.

This was up on Facebook yesterday. 
Friends when I reach every 100th “Like” on my school board page I buy dinner at Tavern and Town! So be “Like” number 300 on this page!

First elected in 1992. Please feel free to ask me historical questions about our school system. There is more good news to report than bad news! 


Larry Murray, Stuart Kessler, new School Board member Ed Davidson and former school board candidate moi are asking, and have been asking, heaps of historical questions about the school district, and as far as I know, Andy hasn’t bought any of us a meal at Tavern & Town. Maybe we didn’t ask the right kind of historical questions.


If HOB change orders and payments to Coastal are not urgent business, there isn’t urgent business in the school district. The financing for HOB came from President Obama’s stimulus package. A $36 million loan, $20 million or maybe a little more in interest waived, IF the school was completed on time. I think the school has to be completed during next month, as per the stimulus package loan. That kind of penalty, and Andy Griffiths, John Dick, etc. have no clue what was, is, going on about HOB change orders and payments to Coastal.

Human opinion: insane, based on my many life experiences

Legal opinion: insane, based on my legal training and experiences

Psychiatric opinion: insane, based on my field residency in psychiatry, which included my being treated by a few psychiatrists and my treating a few psychiatrists, psychologists, clinical social workers and lawyers, and many non-professionals, for their psychiatric (spiritual) woes.

On Key West elected officials, its tree commission and Keys Energy Services not trimming trees back from powerlines in Old Town and other tourist areas:

Human opinion: criminally insane

Legal opinion: criminally insane

Psychiatric opinion: criminally insane


Comic relief forward from a snowbird duplicate bridge amigo:

Coincidence? Just wondering………………
Alabama beat Arkansas,
and Arkansas fired their coach.
Alabama beat Tennessee,
and Tennessee fired their coach.
Alabama beat Auburn,
and Auburn fired their coach.
Then Alabama beat Notre Dame, and the Pope resigned…….
Dang, I wish the White House had a team!

Sloan Bashinsky


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