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There is a post today at, which you should be able to see by clicking on this link: stars fell on Key West deux, death of paradise – I’m being redundant, again



Amiga Ginger of Jupiter Beach, Florida wrote:

Dear Sloan,
Sending one of my cheap cruises that I take as cheaper than flying and paying for hotels. Actually only did this once. explored real estate possibilities in Nassau. Don’t have the cash available now to buy. I prefer the cruise to Belize to trek out and climb the Mayan pyramids that can be as low as $360 just “after” hurricane season at end of November. I am concerned this year that we might get hurricane hits as rainy season began this month, not July!

I replied:

Maybe I will die and to to heaven, or to hell, and end up on a cruise ship to somewhere?

I can’t say I look forward to a hurricane this summer, but this is a hurricane zone.


Ginger wrote:

Sloan, getting concerned about hurricanes this summer, fall as the rainy season seems to have started in April. And we get powerful squalls. I don’t ever remember getting continual daily rain storms like this in May and April. Actually, it used to be a little dry for 2 or 3 months before the rainy seasons. I think the cloud pattern has changed. If I drive down to visit you, and the Keys, it should be before Hurricane season. just looking at that “one road out of town” scares the hell out of me. You need more than two days warning to avoid everyone on the road a day before, and nothing moving. You r right! Anything hitting Key West will most likely also hit Miami as hurricanes have a 60 mile to 120 miles plus diameter. And everyone in key Largo will head for Miami. Then if it doesn’t go across the Keys but still hits the Keys but goes up the East Coast of Florida as it frequently does, then every place u might stay along I 95 could get hit, and the Motels aren’t always that we’ll built. So if a hurricane is scheduled to hit Key West, come on up but it takes about 8 hours driving time. However, I would advise u to go to the light house that Hemingway could see from his house and the Bar, as that is close by and convenient and well built. Or build a Block House, square, with concrete blocks, and get inside that. The sides will protect you from being pulled out to sea in a tidal surge, but you will need a sturdy roof also as most will blow off if not attached tightly. We have had 3 hurricanes where there was very little rain, but high winds…when it comes over land.
Cheers, Ginger

And this

Sloan, do you live near The Key West Deer Reserve? Saw a PBS TV show and the deer were so tame but stupid when it came to cars and crossing the highways and streets. Are these the deer that try to eat your vegetables in the garden. You might try growing cucumbers as they will go for,them first and fill up. However , I love cukes and they have become very expensive.  CUKES need a lot of water. Are u getting all these rainstorms everyday or is it just us up here in Palm Beach County?
Ginger, Jupiter, fl

I replied:

Same deer, different, much smaller herd. Most of the deer on Big Pine Key and adjacent No Name Key, just up the way from here. No way to keep them out of garden without fencing it or elevating it above their reach. They mowed an entire patch of sweet potato vine in one shift. Could not grow enough cucumbers to keep them away from other crops, and, land here is not good for growing crops, and lots of irrigation necessary in cooler months. I grow enough for salad and cooking greens in raise containers, but that doesn’t stop the iguanas, nor the peacocks, which can fly up and nibble, gobble, depending on their mood. I grow enough for the iguanas and peacocks and me. No way to grow enough for the deer and the iguanas and peacocks and me. I like having the deer around, and the raccoon, and even the rats, as long as the rat cat keeps them out of the trailer. Lots of lizards, tree frogs, black racers and corn snakes, rattle snakes on some keys; scorpions, centipedes, birds, mosquitoes (fresh and saltwater breeders), roaches, noseeums. I’ve heard possum here, too, but haven’t seen one. Wonderful trees and shrubs. A one-acre wildlife sanctuary. Walden. The land is sacred, I can feel it.

It’s rained pretty good here lately. Saw a waterspout today maybe a mile away. Second one in a month, the first one was above Key West. The Keys are not like any other place in America. Key West not representative any more. This area closest now to the old Keys.

Uncle Sam diapers

On another topic, Ginger wrote:

Dear Sloan,
The Kuwait Govt in exile approached one of the big PR firms to represent them to get support to get their country back and it worked. Daddy Bush was smart and went to the Iraq border, got the Irawis out of Kuwait and then left. He knew it could be a protracted ground war if he invaded Iraq. Saddam behaved himself somewhat. But Baby Bush invading Iraq was insane. We all knew it and knew that the invasion wasn’t needed. There was no uranium build up. Look at what they did to female CIA agent Flamme [forgot spelling] and her husband an Ambassador and well respected. They wrecked their careers when they didn’t agree with the forged letters. So we have a 16 Trillion debt from fighting wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan. Why are we giving Foreign aid to Pakistan when they accept the Taliban and were hiding Bin Laden for years. Why did we invade Iraq when it was obvious that the terrorists on the planes were all Saudis? And we knew the family connections.The only planes allowed to fly that day were the planes picking up the Bin Laden family in California, Washington, Boston etc and flying them to England and Switzerland. The father of Osama Bin Laden as you know was one of the wealthiest men in the world and a partner and friend of George Bush Senior in the CARLISLE GROUP company that had a $12 billion worth at the time and invested in armaments, oil, construction and some shipping. Look at the Board of Directors; made up of the top economists and wealthy Americans–Bill Simon, Treasury Secretary, etc. Same thing with the Libyan situation. Obvious terrorist, they showed up with hand held missile launchers. And it was on 9/11, how could it be more obvious. I couldn’t figure out why they were saying it was a demonstration. Its a big deal now because they didn’t let the news media report it like it was. The WH didn’t have to comment, just let it unfold. Its a big country, I am amazed they could figure out who was involved one way or the other. We haven’t had GUNS AND BUTTER TAXES yet but we will as we have a 16 or 17 Trillion dollar deficit. Do we get hyper inflation or inflation or will bread cost $10 a loaf or 10000 deutch marks a loaf? Better grow a little corn [for the carbs], plant sweet potatoes [good for you and the leaves poisonous so not nibbling by rodents], and prepare to live off the land in 5 to 10 years.
Ginger in Florida May 13, 2013

I replied:

My recollection, Daddy Bush wanted to go all the way to Baghdad, but the Saudis and other Muslim allies would not stand for it. My recollection, Daddy Bush’s ambassador to Iraq told Saddam the US would not intervene if Saddam invaded Kuwait. My impression was, Daddy Bush set Saddam up. They had known each other a while, back when Daddy Bush was CIA Director and was beefing Saddam up to fight Iran. I remember Daddy Bush saying on US national TV that he could not let the American way of life be threatened; his justification for the US pushing for saving Kuwait from Saddam. On Larry King’s TV show, Ross Perot begged Daddy Bush not to do it. Perot said it didn’t matter who controlled the Kuwait oil fields, the oil would be sold to America.

I heard Daddy Bush asked Baby Bush if he had an exit strategy for Iraq after that invasion. Some exit strategy. I saw in TV news last night, 22 US vets a day kill themselves; there are 600,000 US vets with post traumatic shock syndrome due to combat overseas. 9/11 was so clearly bait, a trap. Baby Bush and his confederates, and most Americans swallowed the bait hook, line and sinker. What you describe of the financial aftermath was precisely what Osama bin Laden hoped to achieve; he won, Baby Bush and his confederates and America lost, which multiplied geometrically the insanity that was Vietnam, and there will be no recovering. Osama let it be known pretty quick that he was behind 911.

This not a good place to grow corn, as I wrote elsewhere, key deer love sweet potato vines. I grow them in a pot on my screened porch facing morning sun, where deer, iguana and peacocks cannot get to them. I use the leaves in salad, raw. They are not poisonous. White potato leaves are poisonous. Sweet potato leaves more nutritious than spinach, and like hot humid Keys weather, unlike spinach. Collards, mustards, chard like this weather, too, as do critters mentioned above.

To live in old way down here, I’d need to catch fish, harvest crabs, conch. No grains grow well down here, but could grow enough sweet potatoes and white potatoes in containers to provide starch. Edible wild fruit and berry trees and shrubs on this land. With a rifle, or bow and arrow, I could provide venison, iguana, peacock. With bird traps, I could harvest the different varieties of doves. My hope is, I won’t be on this planet when it gets to that. Alas, I was told in a dream last night, I will be here a good while longer.

Don’t have the deuch marks to build a block house, or any house. Maybe that will change. Maybe I will be abducted by aliens. Sorry, couldn’t resist.


Today’s P.S.

Vietnam memorialBefore dawn, my dream maker told me to write about Vietnam, so …

I was spared going over there by the conception of my first daughter and the secret conniving by a woman at the draft board, who told me I had signed the wrong form for a student deferment, which had guaranteed my being drafted as soon as I completed law school. Fathers were never drafted to fight in that horrible war in Asia, where I had watched President Lyndon Johnson promise Americans on national television he would never send American boys to die. Then, he did just that. Thus was born the drug culture in the US Military, which is how American troops coped in Vietnam. They brought that culture home with them, and thus was born a national drug culture. Back then, alcohol was not viewed as a drug by mainstream Americans. Today, it still isn’t, evidenced by the so-called war on drugs not being on alcohol. Nor on tobacco, but that’s another nation deception.

I knew God had saved me from Vietnam, and, years later, I knew my being saved was God’s way of telling me what God felt about Vietnam. Then, God arranged some more things for me to know about Vietnam, which American kids today also are not taught in American history courses.

In 1988, at a Downtown Birmingham Rotary Club meeting my father, a WW II Army Air Corps combat veteran had invited me to attend with him, I heard the President of the National Geographic explain that the Geographic had war correspondents in Saigon when a huge street demonstration occurred. Thousands of Vietnamese carrying posters begging America to save them from the communists. The Geographic correspondents were fluent in Vietnamese and interviewed many of the demonstrators. The correspondents learned that the demonstrators did not live in Saigon, but were from the countryside. They had been paid money by the Saigon government to get on buses and be driven into Saigon to carry the posters and demonstrate. The posters were in English. The demonstrators did not speak English, and did not know why they were demonstrating. That demonstration was widely aired on US TV news programs, and it turned the American public’s sentiment to favor US intervention in that civil war. The Geographic did some digging, and learned that the money paid to the demonstrators was had been supplied to the Saigon government by US corporations and the US government. You could have heard a pin drop in that Rotary meeting. My father looked like he wanted to throw up. He never had liked that war, but he’d had no clue what his own government had done.

In 1999, I met and married a woman who was one of the Kent State students on whom the Ohio National Guard opened fire when they would not stop demonstrating against US bombings in Laos/Cambodia. She was so disturbed that she started transporting explosives for the Weathermen in her backpack from one part of the Kent State campus and nearby, to another part. Her backpack like backpacks many students used to carry their school books and notebooks. She blended right in. Later, she decided that was not the right way to go about it, and she stopped carrying explosives for the Weathermen. The way she decided to go about it was to avoid American government and politics and police altogether.

Maybe in 2002, in the Unitarian Church in Key West, I heard a man somewhat older than me nonchalantly tell a group that met once a week in the evening that he once had worked for the CIA. He was stationed in Vietnam back when the French were trying to take back in that country what the Japanese had taken from the French there during WW II. He said, while publicly the US was backing Charles de Gualle in his effort for France to regain its holdings in Vietnam, covertly he, the former CIA man and his co-CIA operatives were doing all they could to help Ho Chi Mihn defeat the French. The subtext, he said, was America wanted Vietnam’s rubber trees. I was amazed, not so much over what he had told the group, for by then very little amazed me. I was amazed, because no one else in the group seemed to get the significance of what the man had told us. I even said that, didn’t you hear what the just told us? Didn’t that affect you? It was as if they were not there, had not heard it. Were unable to hear it. Or, did not want to hear it. The former CIA man did not say anything about the CIA’s drug trade in Vietnam and neighboring countries, the profits from which were used to fund CIA ops in that region. I think maybe it was this same fellow who said Ho Chi Mihn wanted to ally with America, but the US Government wanted too much in return, so he allied with the Soviets. Not because he was a communist, but because he got a better deal from the communists.

In 2004, I met a fellow who ran the coffee bar at Anchors Away in Key West. That’s the local AA house. I got to know him because he was a great chess player. Eventually, he told me he was put in a federal prison when he was 18, because he refused to be inducted and fight in Vietnam. He served his full sentence, 3 years. He has been screwed up ever since. When I was homeless in Key West, I met a number of homeless men who were Vietnam vets. They were seriously screwed up from being in Vietnam. I used to know quite a few mainstream Vietnam vets who were seriously screwed up from being in Vietnam. Yet, today, there are Vietnam vets, who along with Veterans of Foreign Wars and other Americans proudly wave their stars and stripes over Vietnam. They still blame the US Government and Americans for losing a war they never should have fought in. The same goes on today with Iraq vets, and Afghanistan vets. It’s all madness. It’s all the work of the Devil. There was nothing good, or Godly, about those wars. They were travesties.

The Vietnam war fractured America’s soul. Every American foreign war thereafter was a subconscious attempt to atone for losing in Vietnam, by winning a foreign war. America lost every foreign war after Vietnam. Daddy Bush’s liberation of Kuwait gave America the Persian Gulf disease. Baby Bush’s invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan destroyed America financially, and created an entirely new Vietnam drug culture and post traumatic stress vet corps. Barack Obama was supposed to stop both wars after he was sworn in, but he continued both wars, and then he did the unconscionable; he accepted the Nobel Peace Prize. Now look at Iraq. It’s in far worse shape internally, than when Saddam Hussein was in power. Now look at Afghanistan, another Vietnam, after the Iraq Vietnam. And, yes, look at America’s so-called ally, Pakistan, which obviously knew it was lending comfort to Osama bin Laden. And, alas, look in America; look at how so many Americans still wave their stars and stripes and “support the troops”. True American patriots would support the troops by demanding they be brought out of those hell holes immediately. True Americans would be demanding for Baby Bush and his confederates’ heads, as war criminals, mass murderers and traitors. True American patriots would have nothing to do with Barack Obama after he accepted the Nobel Peace Prize.

Quite simply, America is insane. Quite simply, America is not a nation under God, in the sense that it represents God. Au contraire, America’s foreign war policy, starting in Vietnam, is indisputable evidence that America’s foreign war policy, and its huge military arsenal, which dwarfs all other nations’ military arsenal combined, is the work of the Devil. Against all of which, America was fairly warned by a President who well knew war, Dwight D. Eisenhower who commanded the allied forces in Europe during WW II. Who later was elected President. Who, as he ended his second term, warned Americans about the US military-industrial complex.

America’s foreign war karma alone is astronomical. That is layered on top of America’s slavery karma, and on top of American’s Native American karma, both of which karmas also are astronomical. As I wrote to you yesterday, I hope I’m not still on this planet when all of those chickens come home to roost in USA. And come home to roost, they will. All we are seeing now are the lead winds. The actual storm is still brewing. On my front porch is a placard made by a fellow who does the handy and yard work that needs doing around Walden. He is part Native American, it’s clearly visible in his features. On the placard is something from “Spartacus,” I  think he said. REMEMBER, WHAT WE DO IN LIFE ECHOS IN ETERNITY. He, too, was spared Vietnam. He was spared by having poor eyesight and a felony conviction on his record. Amazing, the felon President Johnson would not send convicted felons to fight in Vietnam.


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