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Both my Outlook Express MSN email accounts, and my seldom used Yahoo email account, would not let me copy and past a new, shortened email hit list into emails. As a result, no one on that new hit list received the daily bombing runs for the past few days, since Hotmail upgraded me to Outlook Express. I told a few people about it, and they said they would pass the word that people could simply open my websites and see the daily bombing run, which comes up first.

I readily confess, in matters mechanical, computer, I am dumb as a rock. Finally, however, I may have figured out before dawn today how to use the email contacts in my new Outlook Express email accounts. How I figured it out was I noticed an x beside the email addresses, which allowed me to delete them. So, I deleted all email addresses which had not responded to my previous inquiries re whether they wished to continue to receive the daily bombing runs, and a few personal contacts I needed to save in any event.

I say I may have figured it out. This is post will be a test run when I send it to the remaining hit list. Maybe a few of them will reply to let me know they received it and the test worked. Maybe, if they feel other people might wish to read what I publish, which is different from what other blogs and the newspapers publish, they will forward this post to those people.

All anyone has to do, to see the latest bombing run, is go to/click on www.goodmorningfloridakeys.com . The latest bombing run will come up. Older bombing runs can be see by scrolling down. If there is another bombing run the same day, say at www.goodmorningkeywest.com, or at www.goodmorningbirmingham.com. the links to those bombing runs are provided at the beginning of the post at www.goodmorningfloridakeys.com, and vice versa at the other two sites.

For example, there were three bombing runs yesterday, at these links:


Calamity Jane visits No Name Key


Pearl Harbor lookout naval battles continue in Key West


Yes, the early humans were genetically altered by ancient astronauts, but don’t get sidetracked by that lore



Today’s bombing run begins with an email from Deb Curlee, a member of Last Stand, re yesterday’s Calamity Jane visits No Name Key bombing run, re something maybe on the agenda for tomorrow’s special County Commission meeting on No Name Key, Marathon Government Center, starting at 9 a.m.

Excellent post Sloan.

See you Tuesday. I am thinking about asking about the “notebook/binder” at the meeting. The other issue is the two radio interviews with George and with Danny where they both referred to “three commissioners” being in favor of allowing electricity to NNK. We know the 3 “gang of three” memories are George, David , and Danny.


Apparently, County Commissioner/Mayor David Rice and/or his Aide have put together a Coastal Barrier Resources presentation, which Deb and others have seen, which was delivered to all the county commissioners and to Christine Hurley, Director of Growth Management. Deb told me yesterday that the presentation is designed to persuade the county commissioners to vote to let No Name Key go on to the electric grid. Deb said she wondered if the real author of the presentation is Brad Vickrey, mentioned at the end of yesterday’s Calamity Jane visits No Name Key post as having bought a home on No Name Key, to give him standing to lobby for public utlities be brought out there, so he could use his wife’s family’s political clout to bring more development out there.

crazy like a fox

I told Deb that David Rice giving the binder, or having it delivered, to the other county commissioners was not a violation of the Sunshine Law, but if the other county commissioners responded to it outside of a county commission meeting, that would be a violation. I said even one-way communication from a county commissioner to other county commissioners is not advised, though. I said if Rice should disclose at the commission meeting who all had input into the presentation, and failure by Rice to provide that information would be unethical, at the very least, and perhaps more than unethical. I said, however, I didn’t think there was anyway to force Rice to disclose at the commission meeting, who all had input into the presentation. I said that information could be gotten through a Public Records Request.

As for David Rice and Commissioners Neugent and Kohlage each being on US 1, and each saying there were three votes for putting No Name Key on the electricity grid, I told Deb they could not know that for sure, unless they had spoken with each other, which would be a violation of the Sunshine Law. However, the way those three have spoken about No Name Key in previous commission meetings, it is clear they will vote to let No Name Key go on the electricity grid. How they will go about doing it, though, is not yet clear. It looks to me the County’s Comprehensive Plan needs to be changed, but the way Rice, Neugent and Kolhlage have been talking, maybe they will just bull ahead and ignore the Comp Plan.

Tomorrow’s county commission meeting should shed some light on all of that, but perhaps not as much light as needs to be shed. I wager the meeting will be interesting, in any event. I will be there, all ears, and perhaps some lip.

Stay tuned.

Craig CatesKey West Mayor Craig Cates

Meanwhile, back to Key Weird and Mayor Cates, Nashville J responded to parts of yesterday’s Pearl Harbor lookout naval battles continue in Key West post:



We repeatedly have used this space to criticize the city’s lack of progress in developing this park. Unfortunately, it now appears the city’s inaction can be expressed by the old idiom, “If you snooze, you lose.”


“It’s not losing us because it’s not costing us,”said Mayor Craig Cates, who helped lead the vote to deny. “It’s been sitting there vacant; that one building has gone into disrepair. That falls back on the funky look of Key West. Not everything is perfect and modern — it’s historic and people enjoy coming.”

So, the new restaurant would have paid $300,000 a year to the city, the old building paid the city $7,000 a month when it was rented. Appears to me Cates doesn’t have an inkling as to what the hell he is talking about! (It takes 17 “inklings” to make a Clue). It’s costing the taxpayers between $100,000 and $300,000 a year in lost income dumbass.


I replied:

Cates knows exactly what is going on, he is protecting the Westin’s restaurant (wealthy Walsh family) and the restaurant of Key West Conch Fred Salinero’s family. What is astounding is the gobblygook that came out of Cates’ mouth about it, and, apparently, he believed people would swallow the gobblygook, and, apparently, he was right.

This comment in The Citizen Blog summed it up:

Battle of the two Walshes. Which side are you on?

Submitted on Sun, 02/24/2013 – 8:41am by Chi Chi

The battleof the two walshes. In this corner the walsh that manages his restaurants, mops the floors and flips burgers when neccessary. The Walsh who’s kids are in our schools and hires our friends to work in his businesses. And in that corner we have the Billionaire Walshes who fly into town in their LEER jet to confirm the hiring of foreign nationals who are hotracked in the old Banana Bay. The Walshes who own the largest estate on sunset key and refuse to donate a childrens park equipment. Who’s your daddy Craig, Clayton, Terri, Jimmy, Billy?

Also down Key West way today, in The Key West Citizen:

City, SHAL settle claim

Ex-caseworker agrees to $10K

BY GWEN FILOSA Citizen Staff

The city of Key West and the nonprofit it chose to run the island’s homeless shelter will pay $10,000 to settle a worker’s compensation claim filed in December.

Todd Lovejoy signed off on the settlement after a mediation conference Feb. 7 over his claim against the city and the Southernmost Homeless Assistance League (SHAL), which hired him as a caseworker last year.

Assistant City Attorney Ron Ramsingh confirmed that the worker’s comp case has been settled, with the city paying $5,000 and SHAL paying the rest.

Lovejoy, 47, fell Oct. 12 while working on the recreational vehicle that SHAL sends out to serve homeless men and women, a project called Mobile Outreach that the city helps fund.

The injury required hand surgery and left one pinkie finger permanently damaged, Lovejoy said.

The case was closed Feb. 15 by the state Division of Administrative Hearings.

The $10,000 check ends a case that included an allegation that Wendy Coles, former executive director of SHAL, advised Lovejoy to lie about the injury to help the nonprofit avoid trouble.

SHAL had let its worker’s compensation insurance lapse between Sept. 30 and Oct. 24, according to the state’s compliance database, a fact that Lovejoy said the nonprofit feared would cause problems.

“‘The board wants you to go to a different doctor and tell them you fell at home and put it through your own insurance,'” Lovejoy recalled Coles saying during a meeting. “I advised you that was insurance fraud.”

Coles, who retired Jan. 31, never responded to the allegation, and the nonprofit has changed dramatically regarding its leaders and mission statement since last fall.

SHAL’s board, which has a new chairman, hired a new executive director at a far lower salary than Coles’ $52,000 a year.

Lovejoy will net $8,000 after attorney costs and other fees, according to the settlement agreement.

The article does not report that only a few weeks ago, on nomination from Mayor Cates, Wendy Coles was honored for her service to Key West’s homeless people, and Wendy Coles Day was declared to honor Wendy for that service. News of the workmen’s comp earthquake arrived before the award ceremony, and Mayor Cates went ahead with it anyway.

Mayor Cates told me last year that his police were not out hunting down and harassing and arresting and jailing homeless people his police found sleeping outside at night, even when the city’s homeless shelter was full. I said he should not insult himself, it was widely known his police were doing just that. He said, well, only when homeless people were sleeping where they were not supposed to be sleeping. I asked him to tell me, then, where it was okay for homeless people to sleep at night, when the shelter was full? So I could get that word out. No reply.


I have come to see that there is a Mayor Cates who does not tell the truth, and it does not faze him.

Sloan Bashinsky


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