reality checks, reporting in the bright sunshine, water for elephants, unexpected past life regression, and other common uncommon occurences in The Asteroid Belt, aka Florida Keys

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down the rabbit hole

So, on CNN News last night, reports that the Sandy Hook School shooter had attended Sandy Hook School, where he had suffered severe bullying, and it’s maybe looking like he copycatted and was in competition with a shooter in Norway, who had gone into a state park and killed lots of campers, the gruesome report of which I saw on CNN maybe a year or two ago.

Of no interest to our school system, however, since we don’t have any bullying Keys schools, nor any crazy people or guns.

Daffy Duck

Replies to the loss of email contacts in one of my email accounts part of yesterday’s mission impossible – the Florida Keys, aka The State Mengel, er, Mental post:

Larry Murray of Big Pine Key:

Keep me on the list!!  A day without Sloan is like a day without Sunshine (laws, that is…..)*:)) laughing

Key Largo lawyer:

Thanks for your perceptions, Sloan-

I replied:

Thanks. Down here below Seven Mile Bridge my perceptions often are accused of being hallucinations, or just downright made up stories. Once a lawyer, it’s terminal, I suppose. :-) Sloan

Lower Keys amiga:


I feel for you. At least if you hate Outlook Plus as much as I did. I did not want to be “upgraded,” but they went ahead and did me anyway. What I did figure out is if on the top-right-hand side of your screen there is an “Options” tab, which clicking on that will bring up a drop-down menu. From there, on the left-hand side should be an option to resort back to hotmail. They upgraded me twice and I’ve been able to resort back to hotmail each time. I wasn’t happy with Outlook, funky steps to have to do, ie: could not even sign out without using a drop-down menu, which I had a hell of a time even finding to sign out the first time. Hope it works for you if you wish to use it.

I replied:

I used to have that go back to hotmail option, and used it dozens of times after that email account converted itself over to Outlook Express, but now that option no longer is there, and when I dig into the Options and Help files, it says I can’t to back to Hotmail any more, although I still have that option in my other email account. For that reason, I am letting the contacts in that account know, and will do so again tomorrow, that if they want to keep receiving the daily bombing runs, ravings, etc., all they need to is reply to that email, they don’t need to say anything, just reply, and I will be able to copy their email address and put it in a separate file with other email addresses who have responded. I have received a number of keep me on the list replies, but a lot more no replies so far. Maybe my hit list will shrink considerably.



casting a spell

I finally did find out where all of my email contacts were in the Outlook Express account, but it’s a serious chore to lump them into a bulk email blast, which I did yesterday to let them all know what had happened, and for them to simply reply to that blast, no words necessary, if they wanted to keep receiving my daily bombing runs. A few replies came back, so far. Now I’m not living totally in the dark about how many of those email contacts were reading the daily ravings.

Am giving serious thought to shifting over to Yahoo. I already have a Yahoo email account, which I don’t use, and, we got plenty of yahoos down here in the Keys.

solar boobs

Michael Shields, of Key West, replied to the Howard Thurston/No Name Key part of yesterday’s mission impossible – the Florida Keys, aka The State Mengel, er, Mental  post:

Sloan – RE: NNK – I think Howard Thurston is certainly a nom de plume. In “Gilligan’s Island” (the merry TV show of the 7 castaways on a “three-hour tour” who can never find their way back to…wherever they came from – and for syndication purposes they certainly were in no hurry – Jim Backus plays none other than Thurston Howell III, and I would guess this writer is having sport of some kind.

Keep it moving… Michael Shields

rabbit out of hat

From No Name Key, not Alicia Putney, on Howard Thurston:

Strangely, there are NO Howard Thurston’s listed in all of Florida. A search brings up your reference to him in your post today and then more strangely, this: (Check out the name of the book in the first reference.) “Howard Thurston (1869-1936)”. “Howard Thurston, the master magician who produced living things from nowhere and made them disappear again in thin air, passed through the curtain of death today at his Miami Beach, Florida home.”

^ Steinmeyer, Jim (2004). Hiding the Elephant. Da Capo Press.


elephant humor

Once upon a time, maybe when I was nine or ten, my mother and I were arguing back and forth about something she said I had done, which I ought not to have done, and I said I didn’t do it. Finally, in exasperation, she said, “I have the memory of a camel; I never forget!” I laughed, said, “Momma, camels go for a long time without water, it’s elephants that never forget.” Case closed. Over the years, she told that story many times. Maybe it was in the stars that I was going to be a lawyer.


Last night, I read the seemingly never-ending ballad (legal brief) of the mythical Howard Thurston, and I labored for quite a while on a reply, which seemed in a dream last night, actually, it’s still last night, thank you angels for the great night’s sleep, to be dispensed, as if the delete button had been pressed. Not entirely trusting the angels, I will keep a copy of all of that disgusting hard night’s work, which essentially boiled down to, if the chicken shit son of a bitch ain’t willing to put his real name on it, or if that is his real name, if he ain’t willing to put his real home address on it, so it can be determined if that really is his real name and his real home address, then I don’t see why he should get to run his jihad against Alicia Putney, Steve Estes, and the Monroe County Government though my websites.

From out of nowhere yesterday, sprang a Facebook past life regression:

Wiley Coyote

Peter Cunningham

Are you the same Sloan Bashinsky that used to live on Briarcliff Rd. and was in a riding group with Beck Wilson, Dick Pharoh, Norman Clay and myself? (Peter Cunningham)

Sloan Bashinsky

Hi, Peter, long time passing – I used to live on East Briarcliff, and I remember you and all of those guys, but only barely Dick Pharoh, but I do not remember being in a riding group with you and them. Maybe Ageheimers got those brain cells. How are you holding up under gravity and other life adventures? Sloan

Peter Cunningham

Yeah a very long time. As usual gravity is winning but overall doing well. Live in Fairhope, retired and married to Layla Folsom. (Big Jim’s daughter). We travel a good bit and try to stay healthy. Mom and Dad r gone but lived to 93 and 99 respectively. Am I wrong but wasn’t. Your family involved or owned Golden Flake? I am happy u r well and thanks For responding. Later

[Big Jim Folsom, former Governor of Alabama]

Sloan Bashinsky

Yes, although my father passed away in 2006, a trust he left behind still owns a slight majority interest in Golden Enterprises stock, that is the holding company in which the main subsidiary by large margin is Golden Flake. You sure married into a prominent Alabama family . I sort of always wanted to live in Fairhope, but I heard recently from someone down here in the Florida Keys, who lived many years in Mobile and was up there recently, that Fairhope, Daphene, etc. all grow’d up and crowded now. I’m maybe fuzzy, but you had a younger brother, or was it you, who bought my grandparent’s home at the top of Fairway Drive near Crestline Heights School, my alma mater? I closed the loan and sale on that transaction, in the City Federal Building, as I recall. When I practiced law.

Peter Cunningham

Yeah you probably wouldn’t like it now as it is crowded. I’ve been here since 67 on and off but came back in 79 for good. The Folsom’s are a hoot and have welcomed me as one of their own. Big Jim had nine children – two have passed – and Layla is the second youngest. They are all characters in their own right. Unfortunately Jamelle their mother passed last November, but it was good to meet the ENTIRE family. There are about fifty of them and being called an “Outlaw” I understand is an honor.

I had a younger sister named Susan but she never brough any property on Fairway. It might have been George Cunningham or his little brother. George worked for George Barber- so that might fit. I knew several lawyers of your era in B’ham: Charles Dunn and RG Robison in particular. (Both gone) WE used to hang at Dugan’s in the seventies.

I get back to B’ham every now and then for personal business and can’t say I would live there again either. Also get to Key West, but I think they have pretty well ruined it as well. My lastest hideaway is St. George Island off Appalatchacola. They have kept it fairly pristine. No red lights and One stop sign. Take care! Peter

Sloan Bashinsky

I love the stretch from Port St. Joe/Cape San Blas and the park out at the end of it, to St. Vincent’s Island, Apalachicola, St. George’s Island, Carabelle, Panacea and beyond, all the way to Steinhatchee, Suwanee, Chiefland, Cedar Key, but especially between Cape San Blass and St. George’s Island. I know right where that stop sign is, or used to be, in Appalach, and I once spent a night in the Gibson Hotel, when it was really old, and I propped a straightback chair up against the doorknob to lock the door while I my then wife and I were sleeping. I wrote a pretty wild novel once, maybe almost half of which is set in Port St. Joe, Cape San Blas and Appalach. Wilder even than Key West, if you use the lunatic standard of measure . Have some Bham friends who took a shine to the St Vincent area. I knew them two lawyers, sorry to hear they left us behind, but hope they are happy where they landed on the other side. You ever eat at the Bluegill on the old causeway, or at Wentzels in Mobile? I showed my ass in both places a few times. And I played a few rounds at Lakewood CC, and showed my ass many times there. And once, in Fairhope, I sat in the bay and watched the sun rise, after drinking tequila and beer all night. Hoped to die all the next day, feared I wouldn’t. Several different lifetimes ago.

Peter Cunningham

Sounds like you are quite the character! -A good thing! I know the stop sign to which you refer. BUT they now have a RED LIGHT just coming into town on the north side on 98. Yuk! The entire area you refer to is great and I know it fairly well but not as intimate as you. The Bluegill has moved next door and is not the same as when the Wallaces owned it. They now have a Wintzell’s in Fairhope, where we hang about once a week. I’ve done the same w/ the Tequila is various places but not anymore. Scotch and beer are my only poisons these days. Also still a bit of wacky Tabacky when available. I did live in Aspen fm 1971 – 1975. Hunter Thompson was running for Sheriff – and won but was disqualified for some legal technicality. Life there there was a hoot. Free love and all the drugs you wanted. Also skiing was the best! I took the liberty of Googleing you and seems you have had quite the life. Proud for you son! I’m not too far behind but too late to catch you. Great getting reacquainted! Peter

Sloan Bashinsky

I can’t tolerate booze anymore, drink a beer and two hours later I feel awful in my liver and G.I. tract, and I wuz told quite a few times in dreams not to partake. I spent a week in Aspen in Sept 1986, when I was living in Santa Fe. Moved to Boulder the next year, lived there until 1995. By then, had lost interest in skiing. Once in Wintzel’s, the old man himself was shucking at the oyster bar and I told him I bet I could eat ‘em faster than he could shuck ‘em, and he said he’d take that bet, and after 3 dozen and all the beer I could slosh down, I was running outta steam and, besides, I was intending to order a big seafood platter, and I hollered uncle. And I did order a big seafood platter, and I ate it. As I said, one of the past lives. My life’s been a bit too exciting at times to suit me, but it don’t seem like there’s anything I can do about it but grin and bear it. A far reach from when I was a kid living on E. Briarcliff, barely able to wait for the next spring break and the family going back down to the Florida Keys, so he could do more bonefishing on the flats, which was his die and go to heaven for back then, and now I could care less, but sometimes I do hope that it ain’t entirely over that some lady will take a shine to do some bone fishing with me, so to speak, but meanwhile, it’s the monastical life cause chasing after women never was much my style, and I got caught by one of them enough times to wonder if I should even be thinking like that anymore …

surrender the booty, for now

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