The ballad of Howard Thurston, a No Name Key habitant no one I ask seems to have ever heard of


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See new multi-tasking in the Florida Keys and beyond, might be similar to multiple personality disorder post today at, which you may like a little better than what follows below, but then, maybe you prefer reading about black witches weaving their spells around No Name Key.

This post is a sequel to the No Name Key part of yesterday’s mission impossible – the Florida Keys, aka The State Mengel, er, Mental post. This post is l-o-n-g. And rough.

Alicia Putney

Alicia Putney (photo) and another person on No Name Key resident received yesterday a copy of this post today, and I asked them to respond in the body of Thurston’s email below, in italics, as I had responded, and send their responses to me for publication, or forever hold their peace with me about No Name Key.

I was No Name Key and Big Pine Key’s angel-assigned shaman protector 11 years before I even knew Alicia Putney existed. 5 years before the angels moved me to the Keys, I was protecting those keys in the spirit realms, before I knew anything anything about their peculiar politics or the county government. I will protect those two keys, and any other key, for so long as the angels tell me to do it, as the angels tell me to do it, regardless of how Alicia Putney, Howard Thurston, or any one else feels about it.

No Name Key bridgeBridge from Big Pine Key over to No Name Key in the distance

No Name Key, especially, symbolizes something far bigger than Howard Thurston seems able to grasp.

No Name Key is Mother Nature’s core proxy in the Florida Keys.

Mother Nature

That is where the angels drew a line in the sand, in the middle of the hump on the bridge, in early January 1995, as I stood facing the Atlantic Ocean, holding onto the bridge railing for dear life, surrounded by pelicans (the Christ bird) sitting on the bridge railing and soaring and swooping and diving in the air, bawling my heart and guts out, and hearing, “Because you love this place so much, you will be used to try to protect it.”

From Boulder, Colorado, I was sent to that bridge to hear that, and to receive this poem.

pelican diving

Behold, the pelican!

slow, clumsy, ugly afoot,

but in the air

a great fisher indeed!

And in times of want

plucks out its own breast meat

to feed its young.

Then, and now, the pelican was spirit code for The Christ Bird.

I went back to Boulder wondering when and how that all would play out?

So, here we are Howard Thurston; here we are, County Commissioner George Neugent, in whose voting district No Name Key lies, who scolded me in a nap dream yesterday afternoon for not publishing this bombing run yesterday morning; here we are,  Alicia Putney. Read my replies between Howard Thurston’s allegations in his email. Read his ballad and my refrains in the bright sunshine.


shyster lawyermy imagined likeness of so-called Howard Thurston

From: Howard Thurston (
Sent: Sun 2/17/13 1:35 PM
To: sloan bashinsky (
Thank you for your thoughtful response and time.
Part of me wonders if writing a response wastes your time and mine and part wants to offer insight that is always, it seems, missed or, at the very lest, diluted as it does not serve your own perspective and passions nor those of the few on that island that don’t want commercial power.  In the hopes you are the fair, honest, man I think you are I will offer a few comments in response;
You supercilious, arrogant, stupid son of a bitch, I have told you, and you have read in my many published writings, where I am coming from, and that the angels who run me will not let me be anything but fair and honest.
1) Math 101
Let me start with the ‘math’ that you say someone sent you in an email recently related to supposedly who is for or against commercial power on No Name. Not that it matters, the law is on the side of power being installed and permissible but the numbers you mention are simply not correct. Using incorrect data, along with loud lies, threats, fiction and such are all the ploys of Ms. Putney. The fact is that if you took a vote today you’d find between 30 and 35 homeowners eagerly voting FOR power. Who paid for what, when or how matters not since it was paid for in full and did not cost the power company or its other customer’s a dime.
The vote was taken when the No Name Key homeowners ponied up their own money for Keys Energy Services to run power out to No Name Key against KEYS own lawyer’s advice. That’s when we all knew who really wanted the island on the grid. Howard, Thurston, Did you pay money to KEYS for power to be run out to No Name Key? Is Howard Thurston in their records?
Now, if you took a similar poll of No Namer’s against commercial power you’d have, liberally, 7 to 13 folks taking that position. How many of those that would actually, publicly, take that position is another question as some who are often counted in Ms. Putney’s group are simply trying to avoid Ms. Putney’s wrath in the form of a knock on their door and ‘chewing out’ should they mention that even they too might ‘connect’ so as to net solar meter. Thus a few that she counts stay silent.
Have you, Howard Thurston, stood in a Keys Energy Services public meeting, in a Florida Keys Aqueduct Authority public meeting, in a County Commission meeting, and identified yourself as Howard Thurston, and stated where you lived, which is required of all citizen speakers at such meetings, and stated your position on electricity and water being run out to No Name Key? Howard Thurston, there is no record of you having done that, is there? What’s wrong, Howard, are you afraid?
It might also help you to consider that two homes that she counts within ‘her’ total can’t be counted for either side as their homes are currently for sale; one left the island over a year ago and now owns an empty home there and the other is in ill health and actively has his home for sale. Both homes, by the way, are listed by Coco’s owner Rose Dell, someone friendly with Ms. Putney (and you) beyond serving her food at her restaurant.
Lots of people are friendly with Alica, she has a strong admiration in the Keys among people who feel the Keys already are way over-developed, which I don’t imagine can be said of you, Howard Thurston, who I am not even yet convinced are a real person. I suppose for me to be convinced you are a real person will take you looking me up and showing me your driver’s license and your US pass port and a certified copy of your original birth certificate, which Homeland Security requires these days for the issuance of new and even replacement driver’s licenses.
Another thing that is ‘interesting about Ms. Putney’s math is how she counted the number of homes here on No Name. About 10 years ago, before the current pro-fair treatment group started their efforts, I remember reading a newspaper quote where Ms. Putney commented about how small No Name was, how it had just 22 homes. At that time she would represent that at least a dozen homes were on ‘her’ side, thus about 1/2 of the total number of homes. The problem with having read those quotes is that there were not just 22 homes. There were, and are, 43. I can assure you that there has not, thankfully, been a ‘construction boom’ in the last decade here and thus the suggestion that, back then, there were only 22 homes is yet another lie.  At the very least it might be wise to suggest Ms. Putney might want to take some remedial math as her abilities in that important area are sorely lacking.
I cannot speak for what you say Alica was quoted in a newspaper as saying before I  even knew she existed.
And lastly, speaking of math and number and such, ask yourself why so few actual homeowner’s on No Name show up to speak against power and why most of those speaking in public, say at a BOCC meeting, don’t even live on No Name. Kinda strange, don’t you think Sloan? There are not many, in total, but those who do come and speak against the No Namers are from places such as Key West, Big Pine, Key Largo and so forth. Why? Because there simply are not that many actual No Name residents against power since the vast majority here support having commercial power here.
You damn well know why, Howard Thurston. Most of them are terrified of Brad Vickrey and his wife Beth, and Beth’s brother Rick Ramsay, who now is Sheriff of Monroe County, but then was the Undersheriff, and of his deputies, and of Beth’s father, Dick Ramsay, who sits on the Marathon City Council, and of his and that family’s  political allies. They have every reason to be afraid, because they have been harassed by deputies. Have you been harassed by deputies, Howard Thurston, because of you position on No Name Key? Is that why you don’t show up at public meetings and state your name is Howard Thurston, and you live at such and such address on No Name Key, or wherever?
2) Battery Operated Homes
As to your comments about batteries, or more to the point the fact that you just happened to run into Ms. Putney and that she was available to educate you about batteries, the entire conversation is patently ridiculous and absurd. Those are not solar powered homes, they are all, every single one of them, battery operated homes. My gosh, who lives like that unless they have no choice (or, as is the case on No Name, their choice was stolen by their government)?
Gosh, don’t you tell me tell me a little further along, Howard Thurston, that all the homes on No Name Key are solar powered homes? That the entire island is a solar powered community? Meanwhile, tell me who stole Brad and Beth Vickrey’s choice after they bought a home on No Name Key in 2006, wasn’t it, knowing the island was off the grid, knowing public utilities were prohibited out there under Monroe County’s Land Development Regulations enacted to carry out the County’s Comprehensive Plan? If you live on No Name Key, Howard  Thurston, when did you buy a home out there? I am looking a list of homes on No Name Key, who owns them, when purchased. I don’t see your name on the list.
Of the twenty-two NNKPOA members who paid a pro-rata share to KES, only SEVEN live on NNK.  Of those seven, FOUR bought after the 1996 highly publicized County Comprehensive Land Use Plan.  And, SIX of those seven live in the CBRS area, protected by Congressional law since 1982.Sale DateBut…HomesteadEaken                                      not on tax roll   built 1988                  NNKBrown                                      4-1-1989            built 1991                  NNKFletcher                                   6-1-1990            built 1994-1997         NNKNewton                                    10-1-1988          built 1996-1997         MOVED Edgewater, FLBakke                                      11-1-1997                                            NNKLentini                                     10-15-2001                                          NNKHochberg                                10-24-2003                                          NNKVickrey                                                11-1-2006                                            NNKPichel                                      4-1-1986            vacant lot 2006         Medley, FLonly vacant lot on recordBone                                        7-1-1990                                              Boynton Beach, FLColeman                                  7-1-1990            built 1991                  Coconut Creek, FLMorris                                     8-1-1989            built 1992                  Pompano Beach, FLDruckman-Jeanneret              3-1-1994                                              SwitzerlandEbner                                       7-1-1995                                              Broomfield, COKamm                                      6-1-1994             built 1996                 Oyster Bay, NYAppignani (Louja Realty)        5-21-2004                                            Boynton Beach, FLMcCurdy (Marginella LLC)     8-18-2005                                            Fairland, IN4 vacant lots/commercialReynolds                                  10-4-2005                                            Pinecrest, FLRaser                                       3-30-2006                                            Pottstown, PATurkel                                      8-2-2007                                              Pinecrest, FLLicht                                        12-1-2008                                            Boca Raton, FLPhillipp                                    4-1-2010                                              plus 3 vacant lots
This email  below accompanied that list:
This is the same list that has been around, showing when the members of the NNKPOA bought their homes on NNK.As the list shows, only SEVEN of the 22 live in the Florida Keys and more precisely, on No Name Key.
Six of those seven live in the Federally protected CBRS area.Most importantly of all, only THREE bought before the restrictions were implemented.  THREE!There is only ONE who can claim to go back 40 years.The two suing the County for TEN MILLION don’t even live on No Name.
Some of those homes have the largest, most costly, batteries you have likely ever seen and some have antique systems, yes even in several cases using golf cart batteries  but anyone who knows solar knows that the modern, intelligent way to leverage solar is by net solar metering. If one’s environmental goal is protecting the place, leading by example and so forth as you suggest then anyone who understands solar would advocate net solar metering as the future (and modern present), not battery operated homes.
Looks to me, Howard Thurston, that you are magically creating facts out of thin air.
By the way, we all know John [Hammerstrom] and his tales of the diminished benefit of net solar metering but we never read about the Morris family on No Name. The Morris’s own another home here in Florida that has been net solar metering for many years and both love the concept/benefit and are most eager to do exactly the same thing here on No Name to their home here. Odd, don’t you think, that no-one contacts that family for their views including their passion to do the same thing on No Name? If you want the truth you can ask the Morris family, they can talk for hours about net solar metering and how much they embrace it and want it for their No Name home.
The Morris family is welcome to write their truth to me, and I will publish it verbatim. They are welcome to go to the newspapers with their truth, and to the County Commission with their truth, but they will never convince me that buying electricity from a power company whose electricity is produced in coal-fired and/or nuclear power plants is the wave of the future.

3) ALL of No Name IS a Solar Community (there is no such thing as ‘The Solar Community of No Name Key’)

As a point of fact, currently, the entire island of No Name Key is a solar community. Every home. Furthermore, the ‘Solar Community of No Name’ or whatever Ms. Putney calls her ‘group’ whenever she speaks in public it is not even an actual, legal, organization. It’s yet another fabricated myth.  Curiously, her pretend organization has never had anyone else lead it but she, herself. I’ve heard her call herself its President many times. You know what Sloan, no one else but Alicia Putney has ever been President nor allowed to speak on behalf of that ‘organization’. It is a fake. A fraud. Just like her.
You got me there, Howard Thurston. Since her wonderful husband Mick died a few years ago, Alicia has done 99 percent of the work trying to keep No Name Key off the grid. It makes since to me that Alicia is the CEO and spokesperson for people out there who agree with her, some of whom actually do attend public meetings and speak out, despite the very real threat to their lives and property.
The No Name Key Property Owner’s Association is, as I understand it, is a live, legal, real entity that represents the vast majority of folks on that island. And, just to be clear, every home is solar powered and thus every home is part of No Name’s solar community. To suggest otherwise, as Ms. Putney attempts at every chance she gets, is yet another deception in her scheme.
So, Howard Thurston, the homes on No Name Key are solar powered after all. I never heard Alica say there are homes out there which are not solar powered. I have heard her say solar power is all anyone needs out there, and she puts herself in the lead by not even using a generator to produce electricity. We know she does not use a generator, because if she did, Brad and Beth Vickrey, and others in their camp, like you, Howard Thurston, would have proven it by now. For a fact, I have been at a number of public meetings where No Name Key pro-grid advocates had every chance to say Alicia is using a generator, and they never said it. She tells me she runs her AC, and others run their AC out there. Howard Thurston, are you telling Brad Vickrey that he was so big an idiot that he bought a home on No Name Key, which he knew could not run AC?
4) Development?
As to development, it is my understanding that our County has a ROGO and Tier System in place and that they are robust and that they limit development. The battle cry that commercial power will lead to development is yet another bedtime story, a scare tactic often used by Ms. Putney. For what it’s worth, I’ve never heard any of the No Namers speak about wanting more development on No Name of any type. Not once. In my experience, people who live here love the place due it’s nature and lack of density and do not want more development. They simply want to improve the environment by eliminating the need for generators and, when not here, being able to net solar meter. They would also like to clean up the island’s terrible history (all documented by none less than the EPA) of waste water pollution. Sure these things are also seen by some residents as improving their lives, like most people off No Name enjoy or in the years to come (sewer) will but that does not mean having them will lead to some sort of construction boom nor that anyone here desires more actual development.
With a straight face, Howard Thurston, you tell me that Brad Vickery, in the real estate business in California, purchased a home on No Name Key, which he knew was off the grid, and he knew the Comprehensive Plan didn’t allow utilities out there, and he bought a home out there because he wanted to live off the grid? Because he wanted to take on a crusade having nothing to do with him or with his wife, to get that island on the grid, just to have something to do? Howard, Thurston, do you think anyone but you, Brad and Beth, and their No Name Key and political confederates, believe that is why Brad bought a home on No Name Key in 2006? Actually, Howard Thurston, you damn well know why Brad bought that home. You damn well know he had developing more of that Key in mind, and owning that home gave him “de facto” legal standing to lobby for the key being put on the grid. You know Brad would have been an idiot to buy that home for any other reason. The truth is not entirely in you on that point,either, Howard Thurston.
Speaking of development, I’ve read your postings where you have often repeated the thoughts of the editor/owner of our local fish wrapper, the News Barometer, saying that years ago he saw an add by one No Namer, a commercial real estate broker, offering land on No Name. How about publishing that ad as proof? Does it not strike you as odd that that so called ‘journalist’ (that being a significant stretch) has never, ever, produced evidence of such an ad? Mr. Estes support of the few No Namer’s against commercial power is well known and is manifested by his utter lack of publishing the comments of those in favor of these improvements in addition to one sided writing. He is entitled to his own bias, and you yours, but if you want to pursue the facts then I would suggest he produce them. To date, that’s never been done and suggests it did not happen, especially so when combined with his rather open opposition. By telling that ‘story’ over and again it’s his way to do his part to support Ms. Putney but that does make it true.
You also read, Howard Thurston, that I wrote that Steve Estes told me he did not make a copy of that ad on the website of the California real estate firm where Brad Vickery worked, and that when he, Steve Estes, went back to that website, the ad was no longer on it. I have not seen or heard Steve tell that story over and over. My sense was, when he told me the story, he felt awful that he had not made a copy of the ad when he saw it on that California real estate firm’s website, and he asked me not to tell anyone what he had told me, but, darn, that was huge and it needed to be told, and, I have yet to hear or read where Brad Vickrey or Beth said Steve made it up.
Lastly, if I recall correctly, you were an attorney earlier in your life. As such, you very likely know, or should, that commercial electrical power is, by definition, not considered development. Let’s stop suggesting otherwise to try and scare the public.
Tell a developer that commercial electric power, and commercial water, and commercial sewage collection and treatment are not development they do not need to develop real estate in the Florida Keys. More and more, Howard Thurston, you are starting to remind me of two of my old friends, the braveheart Raven and wily Jim Hendrick.
5) Powering A/C With Batteries?
Please publish the details of the actual, real (not some tall fairy tale) home on No Name that has central air conditioning operating from a solar system. In hopes you are a fair and decent man let me simply say that such a home does not exist. Just because one says something is so, or you hear someone  repeat it over and over, does not make it so. For most of us we learned the ‘don’t believe everything you hear’ lesson at an early age ad I am here to tell you that it still applies.
There is no solar system on No Name that can power an air conditioning system capable of cooling your trailer much less a single family home. That is one of the key reasons why nearly every home (including nearly all of those Ms. Putney counts as ‘solar homes’) has a diesel generator. A solar systems can not handle the load when the a/c cycles on and if it could take the initial surge (again, it can’t) it would take just a few minutes before the batteries (remember, these are really battery operated homes) are empty (and to re-charge them would take days).
Don’t take my word for it, knock on enough doors to satisfy yourself. There are no homes on No Name running a/c to cool an entire home by powering it with solar energy. You have never seen one, nor will you, because solar power technology can not power a/c. Period.
Are you betting your life and your soul, Howard Thurston, that solar power technology in some of the homes on No Name Key cannot power a/c. Period? Alicia, it’s time for you, as CEO and spokesperson for your “tribe” on No Name Key, to weigh in, or forever hold your peace on this issue.
Oh, and if I recall what I read, you went without a/c last summer and came to conclude you hated it. Do I recall correctly? You left that part out of your answer but I do seem to recall your no a/c experiment and its conclusion.
Again, Howard Thurston, you twist facts. I didn’t hate it. It was not comfortable, it was more buggy, it was a lot more sweaty, and I’m probably going to do it again this year.
That said, if you or anyone else does not want a/c or some other such thing then please know that I fully support you. Let me say it again, I support you 100%. Do whatever you like and please be most happy. Knowing that you being happy with how you live your life will even make me happy in some small way.
I ain’t convinced anything will make you happy, Howard Thurston, but to see Alicia Putney dead. Well, she did tell me that she told Brad and Beth Vickrey that they would get their way with No Name Key over her dead body, which conversation I relayed during my citizen comments at a county commission meeting in Marathon about six weeks ago.
What I am also, however, saying is while I will not tell you how to live your life I will not tolerate you telling me how to live mine. The argument, long supplied by Ms. Putney, that one does not need air conditioning, a story typically attached to her telling tales about her rusty old generator that she no longer uses, is yet another fraud. And a vulgar one at that. Why should ( and who, my friend, has the audacity to dictate such a thing?) any of us be involved in such basic life decisions as these in the first place. Let her do what she wants, when and how, be happy just as long as she does not get in the way of me doing what deem best for my own home or family. How dare she do that much less do it by telling such complete lies.
I never told you, Howard Thurston, nor anyone on No Name Key, but Alicia Putney, how to live their lives. People told themselves how they would live their lives, when the moved onto No Name Key without any pressure from me, or even knowing me. I told Alicia she needs to live there full time, to have spiritual standing to argue her cause.
If she wants to leave in the summer months for Canada then that’s her business but since you bring it up I will simply say that I don’t blame her. I can’t understand why anyone would want to live in modern South Florida all summer without a/c if they were given a choice. Good for her I say for going north where it’s cool, something nearly all of her small number of ‘solar only’ followers, by the way,  do just as soon as the mercury starts to rise. They can cast stones from afar, say that dentist who scurries back to Massachusetts much less Putney and others, at those who live here year round but their argument has no substance since they do not live here in the summer time.
Face it Sloan, it’s easy to live on No Name in January. It’s quite, cool, just lovely. As I write this in mid February it’s paradise. So, you do live on No Name Key. Cue the summer heat and having a/c makes a good bit of sense for most. Unless you leave the place like she does. Her telling people how to live is pathetic but as you yourself have even pointed out she leaving in the midst of the heat while casting stones makes her a two faced hypocrite. And it certainly is yet more evidence of the tactics she uses to try and get what she wants. Resort to twisting facts, telling lies, etc to get her way. Those days have now officially ended and I commend you for calling her out on this very point some time ago.
And I call you out, if Howard Thurston is not your legal name, and for Howard Thurston not attending public meetings re No Name Key and identifying himself and stating his street address and key, and for not telling the same to my readers, whom you are trying to woo over to your not entirely Snow White position.
6) The Newton’s
As to the Newton’s, I suggested you search the County records to see if they had ‘left’ No Name as you seemed to suggest. If you do a search as I suggested then you will find they still own their home. Let’s try the truth for a change rather than publishing more of Ms. Putney’s twisted lies. If you did that then I am sure the conversation with Mr. Newton would have been much nicer. Keeping in mind that you saw him with your own eyes, and can be certain that what I am saying to you is a fact, he still owns and lives in his No Name home, just simply has bought a second home to spend time on occasion with his family up that way (perhaps like Ms. Putney likes to summer in Canada).
I told someone on No Name Key to go peek in the upstairs of the Newton’s home, to see how much furniture was still there, and to take a photo of it. But the Newtons live next door to the Vickrey’s, I was told, and criminal prosecution for trespass, and worse, was likely, I was told. Why don’t you and I go over to the Newton’s home and peek in the windows, and see how much furniture remains there? I ain’t afraid of Brad and Beth, nor of Rick Ramsay and his deputies, nor of Dick Ramsay. You set it up and let me know when to be there, with a digital camera, so I also can show my readers your photo.
Check the facts, please, and consider stopping saying otherwise or using lists or whatever you were given that is pure fiction, a waste of your time, fractures to your credibility and a dis-service to your readers (unless your goal is to produce fictional stories).
7) An Imperfect Government
No Name is a small, quite, place. A place where people live because they like the lack of density and nature. Not to attend every public meeting for fear their rights might be stolen, be on the radio or in the newspapers. Or to have elected officials humiliate them as they seek fair and equal treatment. The people here love life, nature and all of the wonders that are No Name Key. They surely don’t aspire to spend their lives, nor should anyone in this Country need to, watching what their government does at every turn in fear that its out to harm them.
You are starting to sound a wee bit like a John Bircher, Howard Thurston. That’s considerably right of the Tea Party, which is considerably right of the Republican Party, which is a communist outfit by comparison.
Ms. Putney has her own beliefs and biases like we all do and it has long been clear she enjoys the public lime-light, being seen as an expert, having people say and write, just as you said someone did recently, that she works to protect No Name day and night. She is an activist, for sure, and should be commended for her dedication but it’s a commitment based on her own biases and one that uses mis-information, lies and manipulation for her own gain. She’s taken whatever her passions might be far too far. She’s no savior. A savior, as you well know, does his or her good work supported by the truth. Not with manufactured facts, lies and fiction.
From all I have seen and heard, Alica gets no pleasure out of the stand she has taken and the work she does for it, and, to the contrary, she seems to be quite tormented by it all. My bet is, when her roll is called up yonder, she will be warmly received. I am unable to make the same bet on you, Howard Thurston.
The preacher who screams his sermon can only work real miracles when his prophecy is supported by the truth. No matter how many stacks of paper one produces as ‘evidence’, or how loudly one lies, that does not mean one is illustrating or speaking the truth. It is a dangerous thing to believe a zealot without checking the facts first. Those tactics, hers, have been exposed and now the law is showing all of he followers, those who care to be enlightened, that she has misled them about No Name for 20 years.
Howard Thurston, you must not have attended any public meetings where Beth Vikrey invented lots of facts out of thin air, and once even got a lawyer I know very well to invent facts for her at a Florida Keys Aqueduct Authority meeting on No Name Key, and they both seemed proud of it, and, to my disbelief, a majority of the Aqueduct Authority said they believed it. You are right, Howard Thurston, government is corrupt, and government officials are easily bought. I holler that plenty. You are preaching to the choir, John Thurston, and it ain’t just governments that are corrupt; the voters who put the cooks into office are just as corrupt.
You know this government well and have long written about its imperfections. It has many of those and someone who attends so many meetings, is so vocal, can and has easily been seen as both an expert and the voice of a community. No Name is so small and remote that it is easy to overlook it, to wonder who would want live there like that and why. Whether it has been her passion to fight Galleon Bay (and make no mistake that she, herself, has long been at the forefront of that fight, a fight that will soon again be costly to us all as taxpayers, a fight over the land that attaches to her own, is immediately next to her property. Should you investigate the County files on these matters you will see her fingerprints, blood, all over that fight. Same as with her fight to prohibit utilities. One would be stupid to suggest she’s not been the de-facto reason why No Name has its current plight.
As I have written several times in posts, including in the past few days, if I ever get the money to do it, I will built a off the grid home here on Little Torch Key, which will embarrass any solar powered home on No Name Key, and I will not have AC in it. It will be a model home for green living in the subtropics.
Review the truth Sloan and it will set you free. Decades before she showed up on No Name there was no prohibition of the sort that exist now. While she was a Monroe County Planning Commissioner, a role she obtained by way of her activist work, she directly helped author the Ordinance that today seeks to prohibit power on No Name.
She was also, at that exact time, of course, a resident and homeowner on No Name.
She also, again at that same exact time, an intervenor in a lawsuit against allowing power on the island.
And what did she do?
She not only helped directly, intimately, craft the Planning Commission’s Ordinance that seeks to prohibit power (and sewer and other things on No Name) she then voted for it. Now, as a professional, educated man, would you not hope that someone with a conflict of interest such as her home ownership, after all this issue directly impacted her own home, much less but one directly embroiled in litigation over one of the very items in the then proposed law, would recuse themselves from authoring the language, or debating it or, for god’s sake, voting for it?
Any childhood lesson in ethics and honesty would conclude that she should not have been involved in writing that law, a law that impacted her own home and community much less voting on it, all the while at the same time she was involved in litigation seeking to prevent power, one of the very items sought to be ‘prohibited’ by the law she authored. A child would know better but Alicia Putney did not care about ethical public service, or her neighbors, she only cared about stealing her neighbors rights to serve her own dark desires.
Your turn again, Alicia, to weigh in. This time frame is before my ken. You must truly be a witch, to have mesmerized the the county commissioners and county growth management into doing your wicked bidding. I want to know when you are going to offer classes in witchery. I have lots of people in mind, whom I want to do my bidding. I’d like t o use the witchery on the angels, too, to get their feet off my neck, and to give me what I want.
Did she recuse herself? Nope. She voted for it and then with all the passion should could muster and then she lobbied the Commissioners. Hard. She told them what the people in “her” community wanted. She told them that everyone there wanted what she wanted. Why else, should would ask, would anyone move to No Name if not to live off the grid? She lied.
My recollection is, Alicia was told by the Planning Commissions lawyer that she should not recuse herself, but, Alicia, you need to weigh in on that, and on why, if what Howard Thurston says is essentially true, why you did not recuse yourself anyway?
What did the County do? It believed her. So much so that the facts show that the County did not even go about properly advertising the then proposed Ordinance nor did it directly notice homeowners as it was legally required to do. In the event you want to consider the truth, and the facts, just ask the County to show you how (or if) they met their legal notification requirements before they stole the No Namer’s property rights. They can’t because they did not follow the law and when you learn this then ask yourself how you would feel to have such a thing done to you by your government. And your neighbor.
Well, Howard Thurston, you could have sued the bastards!  Starting with suing yourself, your moving yourself out to No Name Key? Did you do that? Or are you just a big cry baby?
They did, however, follow ‘one of their own’, the ‘esteemed’, then, Planning Commissioners, who told them her version of what everyone wanted. They listened to and believed her (lies) and for 20 years have perpetuated the heist of property rights she manipulated them into making. Evil and shameful. Just shameful one would use their appointed position, much less manipulate their community, their neighbors, in such a way as she did.  Sure you can say that others in the community should have been more involved, should have put a stop to it but in these ‘laid back’ Florida Keys, a place where many of us want to live in peace, enjoy nature, we want to see and trust mankind. As you smartly point out (thank you) that’s proven foolish in how the local educational system takes advantage of the children (and tax payers), or how the homeless are overlooked. Or how one fanatical woman could paint herself the voice of her very small community and be believed when, in fact, she wore the black mask of a bandit to accomplish what she wanted for her own reasons.
Yep, I agree, Alicia is a black witch, there’s no doubt of it. Burn her at the stake! I think I recall they did that to Joan of Arc, too.
In my earlier note I suggested you knock on the door of the Eaken’s. You so often seem to be at Ms. Putney’s home, theirs is just on the other side of the island. The father or son will tell you that they have sought power for 40+ years. Have wanted it very badly. Have been promised it by the power company on several occasions just as soon as a few more homes were built. Had the right, and no deed restriction, from the time they bought their land and built their home. Until Ms. Putney arrived to work her back magic.
I have heard the Eakens tell their story at several public meetings. The Eakens can knock on my door anytime they wish, and write to me anything they wish, and I will publish it, verbatim, like I publish your stuff verbatim, Howard Thurston, when the angels make me publish it. If I had my druthers, I would publish nothing you send me until you have proven to me, face to face, who you are.
The same Ms. Putney who wants to wrap herself in some Last Stand, save the planet, type flag, as if protecting the place. Interesting. No Name, as you might know, has been home to two rock mines, rock pits, quarries, if you will, for decades. They have been here and active the entire time this Ms. Putney has been here.
The Last Stand members I know pretty well seem to have wrapped themselves in Alicia Putney, and they are serious freedom fighters, who have made lots of developers and politicians moan and groan plenty. However, the mines and their timeline are beyond my ken, and again, Alicia, you need to weigh in. However, it was one of those mines, the one near Brad and Beth Vickrey’s home, which Steve Estes told me he saw advertised as having development potential, on the website of the California real estate company for which Brad worked.
Those mines comprise perhaps 50 acres of No Name’s sacred solid. Or once did. Instead of protecting No Name, the County, and surely Alicia Putney, did nothing about those rock mines. Instead they sat back and watched a large part of No Name destroyed by dynamite and deep dredging. Boulders would be excavated and broken into rubble and then hauled off truck by truck, day by day, year after year so the County could have fill for whatever road they were building or other such project. If anyone ever stopped to think about the decimation that was taking place over so many years they likely concluded it no big deal since it ‘only’ came from No Name Key. Those who say they protect No Name, or care, often lie and those two rock mines vividly prove my point. How else would they be allowed to operate, to destroy, if protecting the place was truly this Putney’s goal.
Until last year, for seven days a week, the loud sounds of those tractor trailers, the dredging and crushing equipment and the blasting took place. And with every truck a part of No Name was gone forever. Only last year did  another No Namer (Anne Press) fight to keep the mines from re-opening once their permits had expired. For Mrs. Press’s work we are grateful. But what did the revered supposed ‘savior’ and ‘protector’ of No Name Key’s ecology, Ms. Putney, do about those mines? Zip. Not a material thing. Ever.
Alicia? And, Howard Thurston, what did you do about those mines you blame Alicia for doing nothing about?
Those mines have been in operation the entire time she’s lived here but since they are not near her home or heart she did nothing.  Legend has it that she works hard but one must ask what is she really working on. If the goal was or remains about truly protecting the island then how could she not attempted to stop to those mines that destroyed so much for so long? The fact is that I can not ever recall her speaking about those mines and god knows she’s spoken publicly about No Name hundreds of time.
Perhaps the destruction never bothered her or perhaps she’s an advocate for it. Perhaps she plans to buy the lakes that have replaced the land that was once there and then open some sort of commercial enterprise or maybe she plans to buy and then sell it for profit. What her plan is I can’t say but even such speculation is how rumor starts and I don’t want to start one now. I just often wonder how one who is credited for being the protector of the deer and island in general did nothing to stop so much of it being lost forever. Not a word. Not a peep.  Shame on her.
Dispute those who seek to end the discrimination all you want. Any citizens should feel free to engage in a lawful process to enact change that a majority might want or need, even if, as is the case here, its to repaid damage caused by other people manipulating the process and their community.
Disagree with one’s way of life even but don’t perpetuate her lies and the damage they have done to good, decent, people.  You are better than that. Or should be.
I do what the angels tell me to do, Howard Thurston, and a long time ago now, I stopped worrying what other people thought about me. I worry heaps about what the angels think about me, though. Heaps.
Sloan Bashinsky

I sent the post to Howard, he replied:

Again, thank you for your thoughtful response. And from your response…

“Yep, I agree, Alicia is a black witch, there’s no doubt of it.”

You have never written a more true statement, whether by intention or not. Keep up the fine work.

I replied:

I love it when I am quoted out of context, it’s someting black witches do routinely, Howard.

Here’s what I wrote:

Yep, I agree, Alicia is a black witch, there’s no doubt of it. Burn her at the stake! I think I recall they did that to Joan of Arc, too.

Howard knew for a fact that I had likened Alicia to Joan of Arc, who later was canonized and made a saint by the same church which had determined she was a wtich and had her burned at the stake.

Jeanne d' Arc

Saints are not perfect. There never has been a perfect saint.

There are a number of Howard Thurstons in the No Name Key pro-grid tribe, I have seen and heard them up close and personal. Only the outer wrappers are different. And Howard indeed is a black witch. I knew that when he first wrote to me, and I wanted to have nothing to do with it, but the angels don’t give a shit what I want to have to do with.

Here’s a more accurate representation of Howard Thurston, whoever he, or she, is …

black witch

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2 Responses to The ballad of Howard Thurston, a No Name Key habitant no one I ask seems to have ever heard of

  1. Raven says:

    Nice job Howard Thurston; you are correct of course on every point made, and it is good that you have managed to have tricked Sloan into putting all of the correct information on his blog for any accidental thinkers to ponder, regardless of his infantile retorts. The problem lies not in the attempt at discussion, but in the fact that Sloan’s head is planted so very firmly up his ass that he will never neither see the light nor smell the daisies that the rest of us do. Remember this: arguing with a sociopath such as Sloan is like wrestling with a pig. Even after winning the argument, you both end up covered in shit, and the pig likes it…

  2. Sloan says:

    Funny, Raven, in my thoughts I found Howard Thurston reminding me of you, the braveheart who also hid behind a pen name. So-called Howard wrote to me again, and I wrote back that I would not reply to him again until he had supplied me with his name, street address and his photo. He did not write back, so far.

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