honestly is always the best policy, even when hidden in plain view – Florida Keys and Key West scenarios, mostly


holy fire

I was told in a dream at dawn this morning, that I needed to be dead honest today, in all my relations, some of which you will read below, some of which you may never read.

Saw this on yesterday’s Coconut Telegraph at bigpinekey.com.

Insanity in individuals is something rare – but in groups, parties, nations and epochs, it is the rule. ~Nietzsche

I thought to myself that I could not agree more. Then, I thought to myself that I bet it wasn’t submitted to the CT by one of the Sloan-haters. Then, I thought to myself that it takes individuals to make groups, and the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. All the while, I thought that Nietzsche was reported to have gone insane. And, then I recalled having written many times, that the Florida Keys are The State Mental. And then I recalled having written many more times, that in God’s eyes, we all are insane.


In a nap dream yesterday, my first cousin Charles “Bubba” Major came to me and said “seven days of cleansing”. I have written fondly of Bubba a few times before, and will not rehash that now, other than to say he is very dear to me, and I understood the cleansing has to do with me, internally and what I have been engaging in my waking life, some but not all of which I share in posts to my websites.

In that vein, here is the text of an email from me to the correspondent who recently sent me an embellished email written by someone else to County Commissioner Danny Kolhage, as reported in the Bullying in Florida Keys schools carries over into bullying in later life, No Name Key, for example, sez Nashville J and the angels post:


I don’t see NNK as being so much about solar as it is about people simply telling the truth about themselves and about others.

Solar technology is what it is, not as far along as I would like. Batteries and generators are problematic, but putting power out there opens the door for more development out there, which will open the door for more development in other parts of the Keys where development is not allowed.

I still feel the County Commission is going to give the pro-gridders what they want, and the way there already is in plain view: amend the Comprehensive Plan.

I still feel the “solar community” has dropped the ball sometimes, and that has undermined their efforts.

Alicia [Putney], certainly, had to be a full-time resident on No Name Key to represent keeping the island off the grid. She lost her standing to do that when she started going to Canada for a couple or more months in the summer, when it is hottest and buggiest in the Keys, and when people really want air-conditioning running all the time.

That’s why I did not run my AC once last year; I wanted to see what it was like to live in a trailer, with a metal roof, with the doors and windows all open, and so-so screens to keep the bugs out, and yellow bug lights instead of white lights. I got through it, but I sweated plenty, and the bugs were worse, but not as rough as the heat and sweat.

Alicia further seriously screwed up when she did not get Judge David Auldin recused from the Declaratory Judgment lawsuit the County stupidly filed allegedly because the County Commissioners didn’t want to get sued by the pro-gridders, who cheered when the County Commissioners voted to file the Dec lawsuit. Alicia knew from the earlier lawsuit Judge Payne had presided over and ruled against the pro-gridders, and against then mediator/arbitrator Audlin’s recommendation that he rule for the pro-gridders, that Audlin had a colossal conflict of interest. Yet Alicia did nothing about Audlin, and the nonsense result, Audlin ruling he had no jurisdiction and it was for the Public Service Commission to decide, was hardly surprising.

You, and others who live on No Name Key, who were in Alicia’s camp but were afraid to go public, also seriously screwed up. Better for you not to have taken a side, than to take a side and then not go into the bright sunshine with it. Your various reasons for not doing that are irrelevant to the island being on or off the grid.

This all may seem like hocus pocus gobblygook to you, but it is not. There are metaphysical principals, spirit physics, which operate along side human goings on. To say it most simply, if you engage something you feel strongly about, you need to engage it whole hog, holding nothing back; otherwise, what you hold back sabotages the outcome. And, you need to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, every step of the way, no matter what the truth is.

Sending me what you represented as Kandy’s email to County Commissioner Danny Kolhage, but was your embellishment of Kandy’s email, caused a metaphysical earthquake in the spirit when I published it not knowing what I really had published because you had not told me what it really was. It was absolutely necessary that I do all I could to rectify what you had done, to put the “case” back where it was before you sent the embellishment to me.

I could have said more than I did in today’s post, I could have outed you by name, but Kandy had asked me not to do that, and the angels did not tell me to do it. I imagine the reason you got the free pass was because you are not a public figure, like Alicia is, like some of the pro-gridders are. Public figures by their own doing. Had you been a public figure, I would have had to out you despite the personal difficulty that would cause you.

I hope you learned something from this. I hope you learned the absolute importance of being honest in all of your affairs. For not being honest sets up a metaphysical vibration in spirit, which undermines and eats away at you and at others in your life, with whom you are not being honest. Dishonesty is spiritual poison, it destroys.

Your dishonesty is causing me severe difficulty internally, which I dealt with somewhat in today’s post, and now in this email, which I imagine will be published tomorrow, to further deal with what you caused, and to further deal with the goings on, or not, on No Name Key, which also are causing me severe difficulty internally. I am a living example of what is created when people in my life are not honest and do not go whole hog in what we engage together.



My dream maker told me not to publish the above the next day, which was yesterday. I was told in dreams last night to publish it today, as part of the cleansing, I took it.

Nashville J and I had some back and forth about yesterday’s  some birds and the bees and related Sunday school stories – Florida Keys and beyond  post:


I hate to tell you this, but I think the picture of the young lady on the motorcycle will keep you today’s post from making it thru the school board system. Oh well, it made it thru mine just fine! :-)


I replied:

public sex

I pulled the attached photo from the first draft of the post, mainly because I was concerned that the Puritans who host my web feed might chance to check out my website today and shut it down. The gal on the back of the motorcycle might be too much for them. I don’t know if the SD server screens photos, but if it doesn’t, maybe that’s something they need to add to their fortress wall defenses.


In fact, the SD server did bounce back today’s frolic. I also noticed the Adam and Eve story pics weren’t going through at all, so I designed this teaser and sent it to the SB members, and it went through:

Some of the pics in today’s post seem to show up okay on my websites but not in an email to myself. You should be able to get there today by clicking on either link: some birds and the bees and related Sunday school stories – Florida Keys and beyond at www.goodmorningfloridakeys.com, or by clicking on the first link at any time. The whole schmele was set up by a recent dream featuring Superintendent of Schools Mark Porter, which dream is somewhat described at the end of today’s Bible and life study. When I sent the entire post to Mark and the School Board members, the School District bounded it back as violating content policy.

J replied:


Should not be long before anything sent with your name on it will be blocked by the school board system – whether it uses the dreaded “SEX” word or not. Porter is going to wish that he stayed in Minn unless he gets off his butt and starts fixing some things!


I replied:

If I had to hazard a wild ass guess, I’m the least of Mark Porter’s, the School District’s and the School Board’s troubles, past, present, and to come.


As if to second that, a (strangely?) unauthored article in The Key West Citizen today, total credit for which should have been to Larry Murray for his persistence in making Public Records Requests to the School District about its so-called “Fraud Hotline”.

Gentile aware of complaints sent to former assistant

Embattled School District Director of Finance and Performance Ken Gentile sent instructions to former school district employee Amy Reno about how to access complaints sent to a whistleblower hotline called EthicsPoint, The Citizen has learned.

Gentile claimed last week that he did not know how complaints about his conduct found their way to Reno, a subordinate, after she left her employment at the district.

Gentile forwarded an email to Reno on April 21, 2011, while Reno was still employed with the district but before the hotline was in operation. The forwarded email reads, in part, “You have been assigned as a system user in the EthicsPoint application. Please take a moment to review the information provided below and follow-up with your administrator should you have questions.”

The email is a smoking gun of sorts, as Gentile, who is tasked with investigating complaints made to the district’s whistleblower hotline, has claimed no knowledge of how or why the emails reached Reno’s school district email account months after she left her job with the district.

The complaints allege that, among other things, Gentile pressured his staff to pray with him, that he split a contract into three parts to avoid School Board scrutiny, and that he hired a family member.


Erika BiddleErika Biddle

Yesterday afternoon, a friend of Erika Biddle’s, who lives on Little Torch Key, left a present from Erika to me on my front porch while I was up on Big Pine Key having lunch at Good Food Conspiracy, a health food store I first patroned in December 1985. Some of what was in the box, which contained the various parts of the present, brought me to tears.

This note, especially:

Dear Sloan

There isn’t enough space on any “Thank you” note to express my gratitude for your contribution and all around participation in the project [Hidden in Plain View].

You helped on so many levels without your adivse and expertise as a formerly homeless person, but also your input as our artist and sponsor. You kept promoting the exhibition for its duration and beyond. Thank you also for bringing your friends to the who and leaving meaningful words in the guest book.

I also appreciate your help with networking for storage. Rev. Braddock made room in the FKOC storage and I feel very relieved.

Wishing you the very best for a pain free 2013

XO Erika

What brought me to burst my sides laughing, was the salutation on a sheet of goldish art paper at the top of the “pile” of different parts of the present:

To the awesome

Sloan & crew of Angels

1031 Grand St

Little Torture Key/Fl


Little Torture Key indeed. Hilarious!!!

Alas, when I lived in Key West, I just as easily could have called it Key Torture. So far, since the crew of angles grabbed me in early 1987, it mostly has seemed like torture. Wherever they sent me, they went along. I keep hoping they will ease up on me, but I know what I hope doesn’t seem to matter to them. I offered my life to human service, without reservation, and the work they give me to do is full of spiritual toxic waste which runs through me and it makes me feel awful, and that’s just how it is. And that is on top of karma I am living with, which was my own making.

I have known a few people who more or less understood my weird transit, but none of them live in the Keys and I have no human contact with them now. I have encountered a few shamen with whom I shared my experience, one, Jonathan Horwitz, is a friend of Erika Biddle. It was my experience with those shamen that they did not understand my experience. If shamen do not understand my experience, then I suppose I can take that to mean the trip I am being taken on will remain a very lonely one, despite my knowing quite a few people, in the Florida Keys and elsewhere, people such as Erika, of whom I am quite fond. But, we don’t seem to be from the same spaceship.

Interestingly, Erika’s shaman friend, Jonathan Horwitz, asked me in a dream around dawn this morning, if I had reprogrammed his computer yet? In my dealings with Jonathan and some of his followers on Facebook, it didn’t seem to me they understood, perhaps had never heard of, surrendering their will to the will of God, the Spirit, their Higher Power, etc. It seemed they all were trying to impose their will on what was around them, as if they were God, the Spirit, their Higher Power.

Hidden In Plain View

That aside, from my perspective, my main contribution to Hidden In Plain view was the shaman work I did for the project, the internal torture, all of which symbolically manifested in the shaman drawing and poems under my name in the middle of the lobster trap art, photos and poetry book, which lay on a platform in the middle of the Hidden in Plain View exhibition. Erika gave me credit for sponsoring the lobster trap book, made out of old lobster traps, the cost of which, she told me, my $dollar donation to the exhibition had paid.

On the shaman drawing, which the Muse drew through me, was written by the Muse, “The road to hell is paved with good intentions, but there are far worse things than being homeless.” From that day, the Muse has had me writing and publishing far worse things than being homeless, by the mainstream definition of being homeless. Far worse things.

As for the mainstream definition of being homeless, Erika asked in a note, what I thought about the printed homeless survey questions she had included in the gift, which questions were being used to gather information about homeless people. When Erika and I spoke on the phone last night, I said the survey meant nothing to me, I would never use such a thing. I said it looked to me like it was being used by people who needed to raise money for their work in the homeless field, and the results of the survey would help them get money grants.

Erika said she would have included on the survey a question asking homeless people why they did not use shelters? Erika said when she had spoken about that with Father Stephen Braddock, CEO of Florida Keys Outreach Coalition, he agreed, that would have been a good question to ask. But what would come from asking it? The powers that be in Key West don’t care why some homeless people don’t want to use shelters. The powers that be in Key West don’t want to listen to what I tell them about homeless people. They only want to listen to people who tell them what they want to hear, and I don’t see that changing.

The great thing about Hidden in Plain View was it jumped the mainstream homeless view/system altogether. The exhibtion was not for profit. It had nothing to do with changing, or saving, or hiding, or jailing, or running off homeless people. It had nothing to do with any mainstream agenda for homeless people. It had to do with demonstrating homeless people’s humanity, their pain, their suffering, their beauty, their lovingness, their ugliness, their meanness, their drug addictedness, all of which they reflect back to their mainstream counterparts from whom they descended. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree is why so many mainstream people abhor homeless people even in the city of One Human Family not hardly.

Erika Biddle, inspired by the Holy Spirit, penetrated that lie and laid it bare. Erika Biddle, inspired by the Holy Spirit, drew to her the people needed to make Hidden in Plain View what it was intended to be, instead of what selfish people would have made it to be if they had been given even half a chance. Hidden in Plain view was exponentially the most important art, music and poetry exhibition in the history of Key West. Yet, and incredibly, it received only bare mention in Solares Hill, which is Key West’s art, poetry and music review magazine, appearing Sundays in The Key West Citizen.

Erika included in her present to me, a rave letter from Jed Dobbs, Executive Director of The Studios of Key West, where the exhibition opened and showed for a month last fall. A rave of the exhibition, which rave, Eriaka wrote to me “can be used for grant applications with Anne McKee Foundation or the Arts Council, so we can either publish the “Art/Heart Connections” book [the lobster trap book], or/and bring the exhibit into other venues as originally planned.”

Sheelman’s riveting, gripping, penetrating black and white photos hung on the walls at TSKW captured visitors to the exhibition. The personal stories on the walls ripped open their hearts even further. The homeless people who attended and mingled and conversed with the rest of the visitors at the opening, brought it down to their own very real blood, sweat and tears. And, probably not so in plain view, the book made from lobster traps was the heart and soul of the exhibition, around which all else constellated.

I was told late in the exhibition by a curator at TSKW, that they’d never had an exhibition draw so much interest, both at the opening and afterward. As the curator described it, Hidden in Plain View dwarfed any prior exhibition at TSKW, in number of visitors. I was glad to be a part of it, which is far more than I can say for most of what the angels get someone else to lure me into doing.

Meanwhile, in God’s eyes, we all are homeless.

Sloan Bashinsky


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