I played hooky yesterday, and other Key West blackboard jungle criminal activity

From my oldest Bashinsky first cousin Leo, yesterday:

“Tomorrow is the most important thing in life. Comes into us at midnight very clean. It’s perfect when it arrives and it puts itself into our hands. It hopes we’ve learned something from yesterday.” John Wayne
on the lighter side
On the eighth day God said, “Okay, Murphy, you’re in charge!”
I was a bad boy yesterday, I played hooky. Instead of attending the School Board meeting in Key West, I went to Regal Cinema and watched “The Last Stand,” which I think is Arnold Schwarzenegger’s first full-time appearance/lead since he became Governor of California. I didn’t keep up with Arnold’s political career, but he still seems to be doing pretty well as an actor. I liked “The Last Stand” a lot better than I liked “Gangster Squad”, which was, at best, a B movie, maybe a C.
I suppose School Board member Robin Smith-Martin, who was quoted in The Key West Citizen not all that long ago as saying the cause of Matthew Gilleran’s suicide was too free access to a gun in his home, now will add shoot ‘em up movies and Matthew being in the ROTC as causes for him going home from Key West High School Friday before last and posting a farewell to his Facebook friends and shooting himself in the head with a .22 caliber pistol.
When I called Larry Murray last night about other school stuff, he said they missed me at the School Board meeting. I replied that I sure didn’t miss them! I was so angry over how they were dealing with what happened Friday before last at Key West High School, they were not dealing with it, that there was no  telling what I might do if I had attended that meeting!
Larry said maybe it was better that I wasn’t there, since they probably were expecting me to be there, and instead they got an earful from Elmira Leto, who runs Samuel’s House, a shelter for women and women with children, and from the boyfriend of Carol King, whose gay son was harassed at Key West High School a while back, to the point that he was suicidal, and King got blown off by Principal Amber Bosco and her staff, who blamed it on her son bringing it on himself, and said he was lying about being gay.
When I later shared my sentiments with Sandy Downs and Erika Biddle, they said the same thing Larry had said. It was probably good I wasn’t there, because they would not have paid me any heed. Better that they were blindsided by two people they could not pretend were crazy lunatics. You would not know that, though, from reading the report of the School Board meeting in The Key West Citizen today. No mention of Emira Leto or Carol King’s boyfriend being there.
Here’s what I wrote to Larry, which the angels told me not to publish yesterday, because they wanted me to be sweet yesterday.
Hi, Larry – In a nap dream earlier, I was told to bring something from Big Pine Key down to Little Torch Key. So, curious me, I go to my laptop and find this email from you. While I am glad Ed Davidson is on top of that consent agenda item, I wish he was on top of what happened at Key West High School Friday a week ago, around which it sure looks to me, the angels, and other people I know that the Trumbo bureaucrats are seriously being sneaky devils. I figured Ed being a Navy Phantom aircraft carrier pilot Vietnam combat veteran, swooping into Key West High School and getting to the bottom of that carnage would be right up his alley. But it don’t appear that is the case, based on all that I’ve seen and heard. Sorry, Larry, right now I’m about a billion times more concerned about what happened Friday before last than I am about the consent agenda.
By the way, both the school district and the county government servers bounced today’s white men can’t jump and other criminally and/or otherwisely insane inbreedings in Key West of Weird, mostly back to me, so I simply resent the link without the pics and text, and the link went though. Some seriously tight-ass (anal retentive) Puritans spent a hell of a lot more time and effort into defending those two servers, than sneaky devils in the school district/board put into protecting students while they are at school. What’s wrong with that picture? Nothing. The Asteroid Belt is The State Mental Hospital for the Criminally Insane.
Yesterday’s cutting to the chase: school bullying, prejudice against gays, child sex trafficking – Key West and beyond post also was bounced back by the school district’s server. As was the link, when I sent only it. Maybe this post will be bounced back, too. However, I hear some of what I’m writing is getting out. Sandy Downs told me last night that she was talking to a baseball coach for one of the Key West leagues last night, and he said he’d heard that Key West High School had swept 33 crimes under the rug and he wasn’t going to let his son go to school there. I never published anything about 33 crimes, but I did publish this from our former State Attorney Dennis Ward:
Subject: Re: bullying and hazing – KWHS student takes own life
From: dennisward@aol.com
Date: Tue, 15 Jan 2013 23:21:27 -0500
To: keysmyhome@hotmail.com
So many criminal acts occur at KWHS that the general community is unaware of. We would find out sometimes weeks or months after a criminal incident. I was told on a number of occasions that the principal was instrumental in covering up these acts. It is time for a change in leadership at that particular school. There needs to be complete transparency in the day to day operation of our schools. When crimes are committed, law enforcement should be notified, and proper reporting procedures need to be followed. School Resource Officers have a sworn duty to investigate and enforce the law. They should not be influenced or intimidated by School Principals. Until this stops we will constantly face these issues.
Sent from my iPad
I sent Dennis Ward’s email to Tom Tuell, Editor of The Key West Citizen, Wayne Markam, Publisher of the Keynoter, Larry Kahn, Editor of the Keynoter, and Bill Becker, News Coordinator of US 1 Radio.
After I put up this post this morning, saying they had not run with Dennis’ email, Bill Becker sent:
From: news@us1radio.com
To: keysmyhome@hotmail.com
Subject: Ward email
Date: Wed, 23 Jan 2013 09:54:03 -0500
I read Dennis Ward’s email in full as  part of a news story on Matthew Gilleran’s suicide that included quotes from  Amber Archer Bosco and Mark Porter.  I indicated that you had forwarded the  email to us.
Bill Becker News Director US 1  Radio News Network 30336 Overseas Highway Big Pine Key,  FL   33043 Phone:  305 872-9100 Fax:        305 872-1603
Live, on-line:  www.us1radio.com
I replied:
Thanks for letting me know, will publish your email today. Are you going to interview Dennis on the air?
So far, I have not seen any follow up on Dennis’ email by The Key West Citizen or the Keynoter. Nor by The Key West Citizen Editorial Board.
Some folks complained over breakfast yesterday at Coco’s Kitchen on Big Pine Key about the idiots who run our local governments. They wanted to know why they behaved like idiots? I said because they are idiots who were elected by idiots.
Larry Murray ended up backing Ed Davidson last year in the District 3 School Board race. I voted for myself because I was the only candidate in either school board race whom I felt should be in office, even though I was the only candidate who didn’t want the job. I knew only a crazy lunatic or a criminal would want the job.
Meanwhile, to any Key West High School students who know what happened in school Friday before last, which had to do with Matthew Gilleran … Several Key West people told me they heard from Key West High School students that Matthew was bullied that terrible day, and before that … It’s on you to come forward and tell what you know … Yes, I know you fear retaliation, and there may well be retaliation if it gets out that you came forward … But if you don’t come forward with what you know, it’s going to eat you up inside, and you know that because it’s already eating you up inside … And it’s going to eat you up inside even more when something else awful happens at Key West High School, and you think to yourself that it would not have happened if you had come forward with what you knew had happened in school before Matthew went home and killed himself …
Sloan Bashinsky
After I put this post this morning, Nashville J wrote:
” No mention of Emira Leto or Carol King’s boyfriend being there.”!
That is not surprising – IF – they don’t publish it – then it didn’t happen  OR  at least that is what they think.  Failing to deal with the problem is only going to end with more of our young people’s blood on their hands. How can there be no action – How can there be no investigation – How can there be NOTHING from the School Board, the Prinicipal, the Police, the Sheriff, the County [State] Attorney, the Mayor, the City Commission,  the County Commission?
I replied:
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