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act of God

A Key West writer approached me the other day about his first novel, which will be an ebook, available online:
“Because I read your column every day and know you’ve got the heartbeat of your readers, would it be OK to mention the book in your blog? …
“I know I’m asking for free publicity, but hey, I have no shame! If you want to give me an ad rate, that would be cool, too!”
The rest of what he sent was essentially a Press Release, describing the novel and the Key West publisher, with links to his and the publisher’s websites.
I replied:
Hi, ____.
Given how little I hear from my “readers”, I ain’t too sure I know what most of their heartbeats is. Maybe they don’t want their heartbeats to appear in print. But it’s always good to hear from you …
I never have charged money for anything I published or touted by or about someone else. I have touted books by other authors, which I have read, but not any unread books, as far as I recall. It might be that I will need to read the book, maybe do a review. The general idea of ebook publishing has some appeal to me, given my own trials with mainstream publishing.
I suppose people pay your publisher a fee to get a key that enables them to download your and other ebooks he represents? And I suppose your publisher’s authors get a royalty per ebook sold? … I will snooze on it.
The next day, I wrote again to the writer:
Morning ________,
My sense from dreams yesterday in naps and before dawn today, to allow promotion of commercial enterprises on my websites, I should charge a fee. $100 comes to mind for publishing your email …
If you wish for me to read your novel and review it in a post, that will cost $500 for my time and dreaming and writing sweat :-) , and will include publishing your email.
Some time last night my dream makers put their stamp of approval on my publishing all of that today. The bulk of the dreams, however, were about my explaining to three women who had cancer, and to a number of men and women at some sort of cancer treatment convention/workshop, that the way to treat cancer is to be brave. People with cancer need to examine their own lives, look at what they are afraid of saying or doing, and say or do it, no matter how scary it is. They take care of that, and God will take care of their cancer. (That is much the same treatment I published for MRSA a few times recently.)
I believe that probably is a very good prescription for treating cancer, which the medical profession treats not all that well in my opinion, especially when it uses radiation and chemo therapy – surgery is more kind.
In 2011, I had a cancer growth on my left arm removed by surgery, but only after I had realized the cancer was karma for sexually molesting my younger sister, and I was not going to be allowed a miracle sure, such as had twice happened when I had MRSA.
In 2012, I had what I feared was a cancer growth removed from my larynx by surgery, but only after I had realized the growth, which was determined to be virus-induced, was karma for promises I had made to a high school girlfriend, which I knew I did not intend to keep when I made the promises.
Furthermore, in my dreams cancer represents Evil. So the cancer workshop dream last night might also be about dealing with evil human social and political behavior, such as I often address in posts at my websites.
Another thing that causes me to feel that also might be a meaning of the cancer workshop dream is my last dream around dawn today was about Naja Girard, who, with her husband Arnaud, are taking over Key West the Newspaper and will publish it online only. It will be their own brand of investigative journalism on cancerous social and political issues in Key West and the Florida Keys.
Cancerous social and political issues such as the one slammed in The Key West Editorial today –, wherein the Fury tour boat was given a federal lease to anchor up in US Wild Life Sanctuary waters near Key West. Bet that has Naja and Arnaud in a froth.
Cancerous situations such as this in the beginning of a letter to the Editor in The Key West Citizen today:
“Mayor Cates’ recent quote in The Citizen, saying that widening  of the main channel did not matter because people he talks to in coffee shops do not go downtown, was one of the saddest comments I have read in a while. His statement confirms the damage the cruise ship industry has inflicted on Key West and its downtown. His implication is that residents believe the damage is not important because some do not go downtown.”
Here’s the pic worth a thousand words, of a “small” cruise ship tearing up the channel bottom, for which I have yet to get a rise out of The West Citizen, the Keynoter or the Blue Paper (Key West the Newspaper):
cruise ship mud
Naja and Arnaud will operate the new Blue Paper for profit, and will take ads, which also might be a signal that my online publishing is moving in a more commercial direction. Perhaps I have been afraid to try to operate my websites commercially. Perhaps that has been a cancer in my soul. Perhaps it’s now being treated. Time will tell.
gangster squad
I did drive down to Key West yesterday afternoon to see “Gangster Squad”. A B-grade vigilante shoot-em-up in my opinion. But then, perhaps the only way to deal with really bad guys is for cops to lay down their badges and become bad guy vigilantes. Sometimes I wonder if that is the only way to stop Key West police from arresting and jailing homeless people for the felony of sleeping outside at night.
I wonder how much it costs Sheriff Rick Ramsay and the county taxpayers to accommodate Key West’s homeless policy? If I were Sheriff Ramsay, I would make Mayor Cates pay for every homeless person its police put in the county jail for the felonies of open container and sleeping outside. If I were God, I would make those police officers and Mayor Cates and the city commissioners and the city manager be homeless for so long as the city jails homeless people for sleeping outside.
I don’t imagine Naja and Arnaud will give that particular cancerous situation any air time in the new Blue Paper.
I wonder how much zeal Mike Mongo, whom I ran into yesterday at Publix in Key West, will give to that particular cancerous situation during his mayor campaign this year. Mike became a homeless advocate last year, but he knows Key West would like to see all of its homeless people deported to the mainland, and I just don’t see Mike letting it be known that he thinks One Human Family’s God should make Mayor Cates, the city commissioners, the city manager and the city’s police homeless for jailing the city’s sleeping homeless people.
But then, perhaps being homeless would help Mayor Cates, the city commissioners, the city manager and the city police discover the cancers in themselves and in their relations with other people.
Somewhere in the Gospels, Jesus told his disciples, if what was inside of them remained in them, it would destroy them; but if what was inside of them was brought forth out of them, it would save them. Elsewhere in the Gospels, Jesus told his disciples, if they abided in him they would come to know the truth and the truth would make them free.
I wonder how many people in Key West would care to have their paid ads appear in a post such as this one? What do I know, maybe there are such people. Maybe the new novelist is such a person. I haven’t heard back from him yet on my agreeing to his suggestion that he pay me to run his Press Release.

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