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Michael Shields of Key West replied to yesterday’s Homeless No More: Duval Street miracle, Key West post:
Sloan: I’ve read the heart rendering story about Larry, and was taken on a journey that was equally revealing and also cleansing. The couple who came into his life, Jim & Kathy, are certainly earth angels. I was likewise moved to tears, welling in me, feeling the extraordinary compassion that persevered, overcoming all obstacles, that a lesser caring person would have just given up with excuses, rationalizations, justifications on why “nothing can be done”. The journey was powerful, and these “unsung heroes” deserve all our appreciation for showing each of us and the community, that even the simplest  gestures, reaching out, caring, make all the difference in a person’s life. And it can happen in a moment. It helped to wash my own clouded eyes, and realize what is all around me, and within me. Thank you for sharing it…. Michael
Nashville J replied to yesterday’s post:
All I can say is  WOW !   Thanks for the posting of the story (email) about Larry and his safe return home.  Even brought a tear to my eye –  for every Larry, there are 100’s or 1000’s who will never make that trip – but at least one made it.
My Marathon friend and director of the duplicate bridge club where I play on Thursdays said she was really moved by yesterday’s post.
Also yesterday, I noticed a comment to an old MRSA remedy post, for which nothing changed in almost 5 years.
This article has kind of a whacky end to a serious issue. Although the beginning was very informative, some of the final words of advice could result in some serious consequences to your readers. I would like to share my MRSA nightmare and shed a serious light on the MRSA issue. I contracted MRSA in my local environment, possible local keys hospital but no way to know, could have been the water. Please read on. I am 49 yrs old with two young kids. Very active and fit. After a Snow Skiing accident in March 2012 I had a broken Tibia, Fibula had surgery in Colorado and returned to the Keys for follow up. The bones healed after 7 weeks but I had screws in my leg and I contracted MRSA through the wound and into the screws in my bone. I spent the next 8 months in and out of the hospital including 4 trips to the emergency room. Followed by five six week rounds of IV Antibiotics, Decompression Chamber for 20 days to improve circulation and six surgeries. Risked losing my life and or my leg. Total fianancial disaster and on and on. My last suregery was one year ago next week January 15, 2012. I am really greatful and happy to say I am 100% today, I actually played basketball with my 13 yr old last night. It could have turned out so much different and prayers definately had a lot to do with it. But it is a heavy duty bad trip and I am a world of knowledge if anyone has any questions or concerns I would be happy to help you out. My #1 piece of advice is to go see an infectous disease doctor and just listen to your lab results and what could happen to you if you do not take the right action. We do care about all of our citizens and if our misfortune can be your good fortune then it was not a misfortune. I was very lucky and there will be thousands of MRSA cases in the future, be informed. I had a lot of doctors and a lot of misadvice. Do your research, seriously you will loose your arm, leg or possibly Penis in the guys case above if you do not treat MRSA properly.
I replied:
You describe a systemic MRSA infection, which, of course, cannot be treated topically. I hope the folks where you got it paid all your ensuing medical bills. I had skin MRSA twice. The first time was before I knew of the Vaseline-iodine remedy. My doctor was an infectious disease specialist. Finally, I was able to corner him and he admitted he had talked with physicians all over America and medicine had no answer to what I had. I told him that must be awful, for a doctor’s doctor, which he was, dedicated to healing, not to be able to find a cure. He looked as if he was going to cry. That night in my sleep I had dreams which caused me to think angels who were leaning on me for quite a few years by then were going to fix me, if I only took one day’s dosage of the new antibiotic my doctor had only just that morning prescribed, to combat yet another return of the skin MRSA. So, the next day I took the prescribed dosage, and then I stopped taking the prescription. The new skin MRSA eruption started to shrink and in about two weeks was healed over. No way that could be explained medically. You say you prayed and that helped you. I dreamt, and that helped me after I went along with what I dreamt. I understand why you felt the ending was whacky. Not to some of my old friends, however, would that ending be whacky, were they to read it. Depends on your life experience and resulting outlook, what is whacky. Before the angels changed me, I would have thought what I wrote, which you read, was whacky. My understanding has been that systemic MRSA is treated with IV drips for quite a while, but perhaps today they have different ways. It’s a very rough infection. It’s endemic to the subtropics and tropics. It’s in the ocean and on the land down here in the Florida Keys. It is contagious, the skin variety. It is pandemic in the Florida Keys, in mainstream and in homeless populations. Medicine is all too familiar with hospitals being MRSA breeding ground, anywhere, not just in the subtropics and tropics. Glad to hear you are over it, hope you never get it again. Hope the same for me. Hope nobody ever gets it. Thanks for writing of your experience. Sloan Bashinsky
Then, I noticed this much older comment, which I had forgotten:
Dear Sloan, Let me just say that I wish there were more folks here like yourself, unafraid and passionate about the issues you discuss. I am a registered nurse who chose to leave Florida practice because of demands placed upon me that I will not go into here. Your post on your treatment and subsequent cure ( the mind body connection ) reinforces my belief that this paradise here in the Keys will be destroyed if no changes are made. I was raised Christian, but I do not believe in organized religion. I believe in spirituality, I believe we are children of a higher power. I also live by the golden rule, as Jesus taught. I believe in revering mother earth, and all the gifts she has given us. I am a believer in natural healing and I will spread the word about your treatment to all that will listen.
I leave for readers to go back to that old post, if they wish. It’s in 10 pt. type face, which now is too small for me to comfortably read. The font size on your computer can be temporarily increased by simultaneously clicking Ctrl and + (plus), and when you are done reading, simultaneously click Ctrl and – (minus) to go back to your regular font setting.
However, a small part of that old post, a side bar essentially, caused me to feel all warm and fuzzy inside, and I brought it forward in time:
Sloan Bashinsky, citizen
Photo taken last night at Parrotdise’s Friday open mic. Parrotdise is a waterfront restaurant and lounge on Little Torch Key.  The damsel was with a friend damsel. They asked if I had anything to do with the Coconut Telegraph? Yeah. Was I Sloan? Yeah. The damsel not in the photo asked if  she could take my picture to send to her mother in Wisconsin, I think she said. She said her mother had recently started reading the Coconut Telegraph and had made it part of her morning routine, and she had expressed interest in the crazy person who wrote stuff there. Voila, be careful what you ask for.
As I lay in bed waking before dawn this morning, I wondered what might have happened if I had asked the two young damsels if they were into menage de trois? Or maybe I did ask them. Parrotidise closed a couple of years ago. The only upscale-ish public restaurant near Big Pine Key.
Jim and Kathy’s heart-rending story in yesterday’s Homeless No More: Duval Street miracle, Key West post about getting a homeless man off the street in Key West brought a few raves. The MRSA remedy could save millions of people from a living hell, at a cost of only a few dollars. Maybe that’s why it ain’t a big seller: it ain’t produced by a major chemical company. That, and it requires the patient to do half the work, and to have faith.
Street people are terrified of contracting skin MRSA, and they are especially terrified of contracting it at Keys Overnight Temporary Shelter (KOTS) run by the City of Key West, where homeless people presenting skin MRSA infections are allowed in at night. Anyone should be terrified of contracting MRSA, and those who do contract it can get far better results by mixing spiritual treatment with medical treatment, which works for both skin and systemic MRSA infections.
At the communal table at Coco’s Kitchen yesterday evening, an elderly retired lawyer and his wife came in and joined us. I had heard of but had not met him yet. After we made introductions and talked a while, he asked me what kind of law I had practiced? Threshold law, I said. What was that?, he asked. I said whatever walked in over the threshold, I did it. In the old days, they called it the general practice of law. He asked if I still practice law? I said not in that sense, but I give legal advice every day.
The kind of legal advice I used to give, and the kind I later learned how to give. It’s all intertwined. As above, so below. As below, so above.
Sloan Bashinsky

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