“the two most important days of your life”

Samuel ClemensSamuel Clemens (Mark Twain)


Oldest first Bashinsky cousin Leo sent this yesterday:

Bash-Got a chuckle out of this.

Pickles by Brian Crane


I replied:

Maybe this cartoon will bring more chuckles than did your Leonard Cohen wisdom yesterday :-) , as per today’s forget your perfect offering / there is a crack in everything / that’s how the light gets in – Florida Keys and beyond post sent to you a little while ago


Then, Leo sent a link about a remarkable homeless woman I had read some about in the early 1990s, when I lived in Boulder, Colorado. From what I read, she had been facile at saying things that stopped people in their tracks.

lmsb@________ thought you would be interested in this story:

peace pilgrim

I highly recommend opening that link and reading about the Peace Pilgrim. A sample:

When Peace Pilgrim started out, the Korean War was still under way, and an ominous threat of a nuclear attack was on the minds of many Americans. And so, with “Peace Pilgrim” written across her chest, she began walking “coast to coast for peace.” For 28 years — the time she spent on her journey — she never used money. She gave new meaning to the word minimalist, wearing the same clothes every day: blue pants and a blue tunic that held everything she owned: a pen, a comb, a toothbrush and a map. That’s it. “I own only what I wear and carry. I just walk until given shelter, fast until given food,” she said at the time. “I don’t even ask; it’s given without asking. I tell you, people are good. There’s a spark of good in everybody.”
“During the early years of my life, I discovered that money-making was easy but not satisfying,” Peace Pilgrim once explained. And one night in the late 1930s, “out of a feeling of deep seeking for a meaningful way of life,” she began walking through the woods. “And after I had walked almost all night, I came out into a clearing where the moonlight was shining down. And something just motivated me to speak and I found myself saying, ‘If you can use me for anything, please use me. Here I am, take all of me, use me as you will, I withhold nothing,’ ” Peace Pilgrim recalled. “That night, I experienced the complete willingness, without any reservations whatsoever, to give my life to something beyond myself.”
I wrote recently of a woman friend on the mainland dreaming that I packed a backpack with a few clothes and hitchhiked out of the Keys. I did not report that the clothes were two pairs of underwear, socks, pants and shirts.
I also reported that she then dreamt the same night that that two white spirit beings, one on each side of me holding one of my arms, were taking me against my druthers into a dark place.
For me, hitchhiking on this planet has always been a spiritual experience, full of surprise and wonder. So if I was hitchhiking out of the Keys in my mainland woman friend’s dream, it was a spirit trip. And, as the number 2 in my cosmology and dreams is Jesus in the Trinity, I was headed somewhere to have something to do with Jesus. Probably twice.
Right afterward, I dreamt of Tim Tebow saying he backed all causes. I saw two immediate causes: Sandy Downs’ and mine, re the suicide of Adri Stewart, as reported in yesterday’s forget your perfect offering / there is a crack in everything / that’s how the light gets in – Florida Keys and beyond
The two spirit beings taking me into a dark place I figured were Jesus and Archangel, who apprehended me in early 1987 shortly after I made a similar prayer to the one Peace Pligrim made many years prior. Jesus and Michael then took me into all sorts of dark places I didn’t want to go.

After reading yesterday’s post, Todd German called me. Chairman of the Board of the charter high school in Key West, he brought in Academica to run the school. Adri Stewart worked for Academica, and Todd vetted and hired her as Principal of the charter high school. They were close and her suicide really threw Todd for a loop.

Todd said he didn’t know about Adri being a gun nut: she rented the pistol at the gun range and shot herself with it; he had googled suicide at gun ranges and had been shocked to learn how many people go to gun ranges to kill themselves. I said maybe he was onto something, maybe not. I’d have to hear what the angels had to say.
Shortly, I called back and left Todd a voicemail saying even if Adri rented the gun, if it was an automatic and not a revolver, she probably knew how to operate it, unless the gun range instructed her after the got there. I said the gun range needed to be asked some questions.
After leaving that message, I had more thoughts.
If Adri was into guns and shooting, given her career as an educator of pre-college students, she might not even own a gun. She might go to ranges and rent guns and shoot them without anyone she knew knowing what she was doing. A closet gun nut.
Tim Tebow backing all causes was definitive for me. Sandy Downs’ conclusions about Audri’s past and psychology are on target, and the Sandy Hook massacre was the trigger that drove Adri over the edge, all as reported in yesterday’s post.
No one else has publicly offered another explanation for Adri’s suicide; no one else has offered an explanation at all. There is no way Adri just up and decided to kill herself without giving off any leading signals that she was in distress. Nobody is that opaque, there had to be a soul-breaking unexpected trigger.
The Sandy Hook shooter’s mother enjoyed going to shooting ranges and burning powder. A gun nut. Adri died when she learned of it, all left was to finish it. The gun was her pen and the shooting range was her suicide note explaining why.
If you have a strong feminine, this is not difficult to see. Otherwise, it probably is impossible to see. Ditto for seeing that Hurricane Sandy’s rampage through NY City and nearby was karma for how America repsonded to 9/11, and for seeing that the Sandy Hook School assacre was karma for America’s drone strikes in Afghanistan and Pakistan, and for seeing both are part of the divine intervention into the United States of America, for which intervention I was asked to pray several months ago. She is not happy with the way Americans go about things.
I called Sandy Downs and and shared my mentations about Adri Stewart. Sandy said she liked how I had handled the suicide and the memorial for Adri in yesterday’s post. She said she agreed with my conclusion about the trigger, and said she had told me at the beginning that she felt the Sandy Hook School massacre might be the trigger. I admitted I had sluffed that off back then.
I told Sandy that Todd had told me it looked to him that her son Marshall ran the Memorial for Adri, and he did a good job and Todd was impressed. And, Todd had said Tom Tuell, Editor of The Citizen, has been on vacation and he might not have had anything thing to do with recent article in The Citizen about the memorial, as reported in yesterday’s post.
Sandy said she felt like her humanity and spirit were stripped from her during her battle with the City of Key West and its Tree Commission, and she didn’t know how to get it back. I said she can not get it back on her own; she needs to do what is in front of her each day and stay on the leash the angels have her on, and they will take care of it. I said the most important thing for her right now is to do all she can for Marshall. She said that is the only worthwhile endeavor in her life right now.
After talking with Sandy, I took a nap. I was not corrected in dreams. Nor was I corrected in dreams last night. Audri Stewart was a gun nut, and the Sandy Hook School massacre was the trigger that caused her to shoot herself, as described in yesterday’s post.
On another battle front, Deer Ed of bigpinekey.com’s Coconut Telegrah did not publish the correction I sent to him re his having gutted the MRSA remedy I had previously sent him, as described in yesterday’s post. Instead, Ed published this yesterday from one of his readers, responding to what Ed had posted of mine after he gutted it. I provided the pic for my readers who do not know what a MRSA skin infection looks like.
MRSA infection
[MRSA] The home remedy might work if it is on the skin, but once it finds a break in the skin and you have an infection (which certainly includes an abscess) it spreads. Thirty percent of people who get MRSA die due to delays in treatment. I know a little something about drug resistant staph infections. I just sent 10 days in LKMC on constant IV drips of antibiotics and morphine, getting out on Christmas Day. I was told if I had waited another 48 hours I would have been dead. I underwent surgery twice, with teams of 3 doctors. Flesh eating bacteria does not actually eat flesh, but it kills it. It has to be cut out. I have 8 open wounds, 6 of them large, in my groin and side, and one arm. They can’t be stitched and have to heal from the inside. That will take 4 to 6 weeks. MRSA can live on skin and 4 percent of people have it in their nose. It is in the environment. I was doing some handyman work carrying old plywood from a floor, balancing it on my stomach to get it outside. I was wearing only a t-shirt. That is where it started. It was a big angry infection, but broke and drained. I thought I was good. Then big black boils broke out on my arm and what appeared to be, at first, pore infections, broke out in my groin area which spread upwards to my side in a few days. I have over $3,000 in prescriptions. Just half of one antibiotic is $300 and the other is $700. I did pay $200 for some secondary prescriptions. Frankly I am broke and of course have no insurance (trying to get my own business off the ground after working here for others for 10 yrs.). State help will take a month to process. The only non-profit doing pharma I could find in Key West will put up only $100. Never mind the pain pills, I can’t go without the antibiotics. So, anyone have any other answers or information?
I did not reply to this beleaguered reader’s question because I did not feel Ed would publish my reply uncut. It looks like Ed decided he does not wish to receive any more submissions from me. Many of his readers will be delighted. However, I doubt one of them will be the beleaguered fellow above. He very well may die from MRSA, and at the very least he will be taking round after round of antibiotics for as long as he can get them.
His case sounds like the MRSA I had in 2003-2004. After emergency surgery at Lower Keys Medical Center, which left three gaping holes in my groin and butt, the MRSA skin eruptions kept coming back following each round of antibotics, pills, not an IV drip. One of the return rounds was a huge terrifying eruption between my scrotum and annus, which required an emergency proceedure in the Emergency Room. The specific cause of that eruption was my last wife had dropped the ball on something really important she was supposed to do, and after she finally did it, the mass under the eruption subsided and it went away.
That entire episode with MRSA was rooted in my relationship with that wife and two women in Key West, one a former girlfriend and the other just a friend. Some of it my doing, some of it their doing. I knew that back then. I knew that was the real work I was doing, and running for mayor, while living in a Florida Keys Outreach Coalition shelter, was a default program .
The MRSA eruptions kept coming and eventually I cornered my primary care physician Ian Garriques, MD, who ran the free clinic in Key West. He said that he had talked with physicians around America and medicine had no answer to MRSA. I said that must be really rough on him, a doctor’s doctor, to have dedicated his life to healing and not to be able to find a cure. He looked like he was about to cry. That night in my sleep dreams caused me to think I should take only one day’s dosage of the new antibiotic prescription Dr. Garriques had given me just that morning, and the angels would take care of the rest. That’s what I did, a leap of faith, and the angels took care of the rest.
That was a different MRSA home remedy from the one I sent to Deer Ed the other day. Too bad for Ed’s readers, especially that beleaguered CT reader. The Vaseline-iodine remedy will help this beleagured man, if he uses it as prescribed in the Alien Nation New Year prospects – America, humanity post, which prescription Ed modified to suit Ed. He has no clue what shamans do. Nor do his readers, based on what I have seen them write into the Coconut Telegraph.
It ain’t looking like this will be a fun year when it starts me out dealing with MRSA and Adri Stewart’s suicide via Sandy Hook School. But then, Jesus told his disicples in the Gospels: If they abided in him, they would come to know the truth and the truth would set them free.  The truth hides in dark places, and going in there after it ain’t ever going to be a best seller, nor a way to make a living on this planet of truth dodgers.


Todd German told me Christmas night that he and God weren’t done with me; there was more for me to do in Key West. I said my being involved in local politics is a default program, which uses about 1/10 of my available capacity and ability. (I never will be elected, for the same reason Deer Ed stripped the essence out of the MRSA remedy and destroyed it, and for the same reason Todd cannot see Adri Stewart identified with the mother of the Sandy Hook School killer, and that is what killed Adri. That same reason is, only a handfull of people see what I do; the rest don’t see.)
Todd said he wanted me to get more involved in the homeless situation in Key West, even though I have been involved in it up to my eyeballs since late 2000. I replied that I had told the city many times what I know about homelessness, and they had not taken in anything I had said, and they will not take in anything I say. They will do what they want, and they will rely on people who tell them what they want to hear. I said they didn’t take in anything I told them about other important city issues, either. (Maybe some day they will figure out that it would have saved them a lot of time, effort and money, and they would have gotten better results if they had listened to me.)
As for what I was born to do, all my life one thread has held true: I am “the messenger”. Few human beings want the angels’ insights and help. Most human beings want to do things their way. Lucifer loves it. Although I share Peace Pilgrim’s and Samuel Clemens’ aversion to war, a peace pilgrim I am not. Nor was Clemens. Nor was Jesus.
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