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On New Year outlooks
this from amiga Christine Russell of Key West, when she isn’t in Panama, Ohio, west Florida, Canada, or somewhere

Hi Sloan – I read your blog as my time permits. It sounds like you are having a rough time. Life is short. I learned that with my brain tumor a few years ago. Christmas sometimes only adds to the stress when people have pre-conceived ideas of happiness and what they are ‘supposed’ to be doing during the holidays. When I left ‘home’, Ohio, quite some time ago – nice friends and good people, neverseemed to have the time to get together during the holidays. They were too busy doing the things ‘they were supposed to be doing’ – like baking, addressing Christmas cards, shopping, wrapping – they never had time to get together and enjoy our friendship. I left all those notions of what was supposed to be done behind, and now enjoy getting together with friends for a bite or a drink and enjoy their company. Like I said life is short and we only get to do this one time. I hope you and others will find peace and freedom inthe coming year. I wish you a better and happier 2013. I am optimistic. I have changed my perspective and am looking forward to 2013 and a new and better life.
On a lighter note – I thought you might enjoy this – The 12 days of Christmas:
“I suppose you will be happy to know that eleven pipers piped their way into my apartment today and all hell broke loose. The noise scared the cows. They ran into the parking lot injuring several neighbors who had come out to see what the noise was about. Bird shit and bathwater finally broke through the floor of the bathroom and flooded the apartment downstairs. An Animal Control officer went after the cows but accidentally shot one of the leaping lords with his tranquilizer gun. One of the dancing ladies thinks she’s pregnant. The milkmaids have taken over. One of them runs naked through the apartment complex. The geese and swans are in the swimming pool and the boys are throwing stones at them. I was attacked by a leaping lord. The calling birds pulled out most of my hair for the nests, which they are building in the chandelier. I am so upset that I strangled the turtle doves. They were sweet, but I just can’t take it anymore! The air is filled with feathers! The stench is unbearable! And the pipers won’t stop piping.”
Here’s to a better year to you and all your readers!
I replied:
Hi, Christine. Thanks for your thoughts and encouragement, glad to hear your outlook has become optimistic. Hope mine does, too.
It indeed has been rough, but it’s been rough for many years, with this Solstice/Christmas being extra rough, which I simply view as extra rough work spirit work playing out inside of me, as I explain it from time to time. Nothing I can do about it but keep moving ahead, as I also explain from time to time. It is part of me, goes with me wherever I am, resistance is futile, as is trying to flee. If I could still drink beer, I might be able to lay it down some, but that’s no longer available. I enjoy seeing Key West and Keys friends when I bump into them, catching up, sharing funny stories and not so funny stories, laughing and bitching, and sometimes crying. Yet it’s like being two different people even then, the me engaging and cutting up with them, the other me dealing with all the other, wondering what’s about to land on top of me next. The piper invasion story is hilarious. Maybe a nekkid milkmaid will take a shine to me, without trying to redo me too much, which never worked too well before with a nekkid milkmaid and me. The angels kept me on a pretty tight leash and that didn’t always set too well with a nekkid milkmaid, especially when the angels leashed her up a bit, too.
You may not have heard, Naja and Arnaud Girard are acquiring/or have acquired Key West The Newspaper, and are going to publish it just online. I talked with Naja yesterday a while, she said they intend to do investigative reporting, but not the kind Dennis Reeves Cooper has done. They are looking for investigative journalists, probably not anyone who worked for the blue paper in the past, as they want it to be a new newspaper, and not a continuation of the old one. Tom Milone called me to tell me the news, which I had not heard yet. I told him I was really glad to hear about it, and then I told Naja the same. They are hoping to attract advertisers to pay the cost and perhaps make some money off of it. Given the blue paper’s notoriety in and near Key West, perhaps if they can get a good write-up in The Citizen and the Keynoter, certainly I will tout it, and they can get a good tout on’s Coconut Telegraph, the new KWTN will launch with a good readership and will expand up the Keys. Naja also is the incoming new President of Last Stand, and if they branch out into county issues, which the blue paper didn’t do much, and maybe into Everglades and other south Florida environmental issues as well. I bet they can keep the new State Attorney and the Key West PD and new sheriff and the school board and the water board and electric companies and city and county commissions on their toes, too.
Been pondering what kind of New Year’s Resolution I might make for myself. I thought about trying to be nice, but that didn’t seem to work, so I’m still pondering. Maybe something will come to me by tomorrow. Maybe a milk maid will come in a dream, or a piper, or something, to clue me in.
Christine replied:
Hi again Sloan,
Here it is nearly New Year’s Eve again. In Panama they LOVE fireworks. I am about to take a nap because I will be surrounded by exploding rockets till probably dawn. Christmas Eve and Christmas night they went on for hours. Finally somehow falling asleep I was awakened at 5:30 am the following morning with the last display of the night. It’s hard to get any sleep with rockets exploding outside you windows, and I am talking major city display type fireworks. Hotels shoot them off of their roofs and and every neighborhood in Panama City will have their displays, we even had fireworks after the Christmas parade a few weeks ago – you gotta love it, unless it’s 3am and your trying to sleep!
About Resolutions. I used to make them. Never stuck to them. So I have learned it is better for me to not make them – they seem to set me up for failure. Most of us girls will resolve to lose weight, or start working out. Hell, I’ve been eating a little too well (very inexpensive fresh shrimp and lobster here at our city fish market). So I gain some weight. I’m happy. I am not going to beat myself up, unless I can no longer get in my clothes 🙂 SO – NO resolutions this year. Maybe some goals that I will hopefully achieve, but if not this year – then next.
I found this a few years ago and like to look at New Years in this way:
Another journey around the sun

We have some strange customs of which New Year celebrations rank near the top. There is a desire among us to pick a day and time to sweep away the past foibles and start anew with a clean slate. We hope to put away all the bad habits or mistakes of our past and make resolutions as a binding contract with ourselves, in the hope of change. The fact is that we begin another long journey of just over 583 million miles around our sun and only a hand full of us know it is taking place and fewer still even care. We live our lives on this beautiful orb with little thought of what a trip of this length entails. We don’t have to pack, or prepare ourselves with a map for navigation. We are on cruise control within an environmental cocoon that for the most part meets all our needs. We whiz along at 30 kilometers a second without even our hair falling out of place. Even though we have traveled so far and so fast, the reality is that we end up 365 days later in the same place relative to our star, and the same state relative to our new years resolutions.

Happy New Year to you Sloan.



In a dream just before dawn, not led by a milk maid or a piper, but by some Key West lawyers I know, I seemed to made a decision to leave work I was doing, to get involved in whatever those lawyers were involved in. A woman friend on the mainland called to say she dreamt last night of me packing a backpack with a few clothes and hitchhiking out of the Keys; and then she dreamt of two white spirit beings on either side of me, holding my arms, taking me somewhere dark I didn’t want to go. I told her the angels are always taking me some place dark I don’t want to go. I have no clue what is coming down re me. Nothing new. But I’d be fibbing if I said I wasn’t feeling trepidation.

There is a very good eulogy for the charter high school teacher in Key West, who killed herself, performed by her students, reported in The Key West Citizen today – It seems the students still do not know what was in the suicide note left by an educator they apparently truly loved.


A perhaps different New Year’s journey around the sun
from Sancho Panza after he read yesterday’s uplifitng public sex: Key West, Washington D.C., the Bible and beyond post:
Very entertaining off the wall, metaphysical mano a mano, Sloan! So, now you are being accused of corrupting the minds of the young? Will you chose to take the hemlock, also! LOL! People may not have noticed but your 20 year long Apology puts Socrates’ to shame!
It seems to me that just as you use the allegory of the lack of the Yin or Feminine aspect in us, as the root cause of a lot of the “problems” humanity is experiencing these days, you and this amiable fellow, Jerry, are lacking a kind of universal perspective on the actual importance of this planet and specially the importance of the Human species. It is always fascinating to me to see highly intelligent people buying into the anthropocentric idea that this Earth was “created” just as a place for humans to have some type of training or spiritual workshop… it is not just you and Jerry who accept this as the “a priori” basis for your particular existence… almost all religions, in one form or another, espouse similar teachings!
I don’t know about you friend Jerry, but I am pretty sure that you know that our trial run on this planet as homo sapiens is but the blink of an eye compared to other life forms or the overall Planetary Life… and as you have chronicled, and I concur, modern humans might be in a process of “devolution”… on our way to extinction… if by that we mean a creature’s ability/inability to live and thrive in harmony with its environment. Also, the size and importance of this planet when seen from the perspective of what we know of this Universe, is totally insignificant… your discussion with Jerry reminds me of the time when the Catholic Church had Giordano Bruno burned at the stake for espousing heretic theories about how the Earth was not the Center of the Universe… it seems to me that many of these conservative thinkers waiting for Armageddon to set things “straight” are willing to sacrifice logic and reason, even obvious facts, for their longings of a lost paradise, one that only existed as a promise in ancient books of myth and magick… or perhaps in the lives of those in power who have always benefited from the populace’ sheep-like submission to the status quo.
Happy New Year!
Giordano Bruno (Italian pronunciation: [d?or?dano ?bruno]; 1548 – February 17, 1600), (Latin: Iordanus Brunus Nolanus) born Filippo Bruno, was an Italian Dominicanfriar, philosopher, mathematicianand astronomer. His cosmological theories went beyond the Copernican model in proposing that the Sunwas essentially a star, and moreover, that the universe contained an infinite number of inhabited worlds populated by other intelligent beings.[1]After the Roman Inquisition found him guilty of heresy, he was burned at the stake.[2] After his death he gained considerable fame, particularly among 19th- and early 20th-century commentators who, focusing on his astronomical beliefs, regarded him as a martyr for free thought and modern scientific ideas.

I replied:

Hi, Sancho. Yes, as a brief history of time, to coincide with your scientist persona, this planet indeed has its own destiny independent of human beings, most of whom seem to think, judging by the way they behave, that the planet belongs to them, or was loaned to them by God to do with as they darn well please. Most hilarious is the view held by many of the two-legged tribes, that they look just like, but only are smaller than God, and there are no such tribes, or any other “intelligent” creatures, less, same as, or more “intelligent” anywhere else in the entire creation. Still a pretty darn superstitious strain of aliens, human beings on this planet, even as I keep looking for the mother ship to come back and get me after the horrible screw up, it had to be, where I got dumped here by some great fluke or cosmic joke, or vendetta. You see, I don’t have to attend MUFON meetings or watch X-Files to convince me folks, or creatures, or whatever from another planet, or another star, or another galaxy, or another universe for that matter, exist. I seen it with my own two eyes. But it didn’t change nothing, although I imagine a Close Encounters of a Third Kind seance, preferably on the White House lawn, say, high noon July 4th, might shake the two-legged resident aliens up a wee bit, especially in USA, especially if the visitor aliens did something demonstrative beyond just showing up, say, blacking out the USA for a week, just to get the resident aliens’ undivided ever-lasting attention. Although I imagine the resident church aliens would try to make it into some sort of rapture thing, but perhaps being left behind, instead of snatched clean out of their clothes and shoes and jewelry and wallets, and carted off to harp land in the clouds, might sober them up a bit more than they had previously considered was possible. There probably would be no help for the resident science aliens, given their intractable belief that nothing can travel faster than the speed of light. I suppose the resident star trekker aliens would inherit what was left of the planet, after all the other resident aliens went insane and/or extincted themselves and each other. This might especially interest you – around the end of 1998, a Jewish friend of mine told me that he was told by the same angels who run me ragged, they had a good hold on him, too, that dinosaurs who roamed this planet, what, about 250 million planet years, were sentient, and when they had done and experienced what all they needed to do and experience, they moved on, apparently with some help from a big meteor strike in the sea off the Yucatan area, which raised the water level on the land a bit and set off volcanic chains and pretty well blocked out the sun over most of what what wasn’t drowned or fried outright, and that was the carbon monox’ed and carbon diox’ed dinosaur verizon Armageddon hasta la vista rapture exit planet Earth, which probably wasn’t what they called this world. I suppose the lizzies were telepathic, but maybe they hissed and roared some kind of Morsed Code. I heard tell back when I lived in Boulder, it came to me out of the blue, so to speak, that the lizzies transported here via some kind of methodology aliens on this planet never even dreamed up even in a sci-fi book or movie. I kind of think the dolphins and whales might be a tad smarter than the resident church and scientist aliens are willing to admit. Maybe the cetaceans are God’s witnesses to the progress, or lack there of, of the two-legged resident aliens. What do I know, as I have past written, hoping I wouldn’t get struck dead by lightning and sent to burn in hell forever, maybe Darwin had evolution reversed, and youse and meese and our kind are becoming monkeys and apes, but we just don’t have that part figured out too good yet. I bet Jerry Prophet of God would do wonders with this upchuck you can take the blame for, since you started it with one of your own upchucks, Senor. Your ever faithful screwer up of windmills, Don Q.
P.S. If you put your noggin’ to it, you should be able to see the loss of the resident alien species’ yin, that would be the pussy part of its psyche, is the cause of the carnage the resident alien species wreaks on its members, and its members self-inflict on themselves, and inflict on this planet, and is the cause of the resident alien species thinking it owns this planet, and is smarter than God, and is the only sentient species in the whole whatever, and all the other shit you want to spaghetti on the wall about this resident alien species, not counting the devil’s input, of course.

Sancho replied:

You are too funny! LOL! Yeah, this whole reality thing is a multidimensional Rorschach Conundrum and we are all patients in this cybernetic Asylum! You are joking around, but the truth is that we ARE Aliens… we live truly separate, lonely, alienated lives, mostly by our own making… many times out of fear, mostly out of ignorance of our true nature! Don’t ask me what that is… I don’t know!
“Blessed are those who are cracked… for it is they who let in the light!”

I replied:

Did I say I was joking around?


I suppose the most puzzling thing to me about Jerry Prophet of God’s reaction was his accusing me  of confusing and corrupting the minds of the young, in spirit, I took it. In the Gospels, Jesus told his disciples that he spoke to the masses in parables, but he spoke to them straight up. He told them in private what wise men and kings would give all they had to possess. That is not the approach I was given to use. I was given to speak and write straight up to the public, not in parables or riddles. Yes, what I am given to speak and write in public, and in private for that matter, is different, it challenges the status quo, the conventional, the ways of this world. It does that because the young in spirit are confused, corrupted, by the ways of this world and its religious and secular priests, who themselvells are confused, corrupted, some knowingly, some unknowlingly. A brief history of time above, while fun to write, I laughed a good bit as it landed on my laptop’s screen, was not written in code, not written in riddles, not a parable. It was drawn from a deep well of what had been shown to me over quite a few years time. It represents my “galactic” view; that, and I do not believe human beings evolved from monkeys and apes. Human bengs were planted on this world, and truly are aliens in the Star Trek sense. Planted here by whom? Or by what? Not by God. But by advanced races working in league with the angelic realm, who were operating withing a construct laid out long before. Of course there are other races in the creation. Many other races. More other races than came be imagined. But human beings on this planet have been confused and corrupted into believing they are the only race in the creation, and this is the only planet where intelligent life can live. And human beings are alienate from their own race, in the sense Sancho wrote; and they are aliens in the Star Trek sense; and  they are aliens in the separation from God sense.

Melchizedek … Melchizedek is an order of angel which comes to a planet in trouble … Melchizedek comes to a planet to prepare it to receive the Christ … Christ does not come to a planet without Melchizedek … Mary Magdalene was of the Order Melchizedek … end of transmisison, circa 1991

Rosa Mystica, Sweet Mystery, Bride (Blood) of Christ, Living Water without which there are no rainbows and God is dead … end of transmission, 1994

Earth, the sacred prism throught which souls are refracted into their elemental parts, purified in Holy Fire, then one-forged and sent on their way to not even God knows where, simply because they are all unique emanations of God, evolving … end of  transmission 1994

Of course, I can prove none of it, nor, I imagine, can anyone on this planet disprove any of it

Somewhere in yesterday

I found these gems on’s Coconut Telegraph:

Politicians are not intentionally corrupt

but forced into corruption by the system that forces them to give favors to lobbyist in order to get the money so they be reelected. It’s just a cushy job to most of them and they’ll do anything to keep the job. Politicians’ main goal is to be reelected not help the governed. Term limits would go a great distance to solve this problem.

Of course politicians are intentionally corrupt. They know exactly what the job requirements are when they apply at their local supervisor of elections office to campaign for the job.

[“Right-wing sites saying Obama hired the Connecticut killer in order to have an excuse top disarm Americans and create a Socialist country”] Only the Liberal left would ever make up such venomous crap! Ignorant, delusional anti-American, but pro-socialism describes you all pretty well.

What you wanna bet that anti-Obama propaganda wasn’t dreamed up by the far right section of the National Rifle Association?


Speaking of the far left, this also was on the Coconut Telegraph yesterday:

[Staph Infection] I suggest that the thoughtful person who has a home remedy for MRSA, post it. I don’t want to contact you because I don’t want to know who you are (your privacy) nor do I want to divulge who I am (my privacy).

To which I replied to the Coconut Telegraph:

After reading of From The Right’s post-surgery woes, which seemed in addition to the surgery itself and required him to go back into a hospital, I emailed Deer Ed, boss pirate owner publisher of the CT that I had a home remedy for MRSA/Staph skin infections, if that was what was bothering FTR. Deer Ed wrote back that it was something else FTR had gotten in the hospital. Maybe Ed published my email on the CT.
I am tempted to send a reply to the person who asked that I post the remedy to the CT along the line of: “If you knew who I am, you probably would laugh at the home remedy, so I’m not going to tell you what it is unless you contact me directly. Deer Ed can tell you how to do that. Don’t worry, I won’t bite too hard.” However, that would be an asshole thing to post on the CT, so here’s the remedy, only on condition Deer Ed posts my name with it. If Ed leaves out my name, I will tell everyone I know his name, where he lives, and his home and cell phone numbers. Just joking, that would be an asshole thing to do, too.
Go to CVS or Walgreen’s and buy a small jar of generic Vaseline Petroleum Jelly, or the brand version, and a small bottle of generic tincture of iodine, or the brand version. Regular red iodine, not the treated iodine that has been make into a clear liquid.
Then go home home and use a tea spoon to scoop out some of the Vaseline, leaving a hole about the size of a small glass marble. Into that hole pour the red iodine up to the top of the hole. Use a toothpick, icepick, or narrow blade steak knife to juke the iodine into the Vaseline, which will take quite a few jukes, until the entire concoction is pink. Do this in dim light, as iodine is changed in bright light and looses its effectiveness. Store this concoction with the lid on tight, in a dark place. As far as I know, no bacteria can survive iodine, not even MRSA.
Apply the pink concoction directly to the MRSA skin abscess, or abscesses, every 8 hours. Do this daily until the open sore, or sores, heal over, and then do it a few more days, as iodine is absorbed through the skin. If the MRSA is merely topical and has not gone systemic into the blood and body fluids, that should take care of it.
A retired M.D. in Marathon developed a similar treatment by using a band-aid with dried iodine in the cotton patch. A friend told me about the M.D. when I had a MRSA abscess coming up on my stomach, which responded to the home remedy another friend had told me about. I knew it was MRSA because I’d had several outbreaks over about an 8-month period, 2003-2004, which finally was resolved by angels, after the doctor’s pills didn’t stop it from coming back.
The Marathon M.D. said he wanted to make money off his invention, which he said had proven effective in treating skin MRSA infections. He was not interested in the home remedy, therefore. I don’t remember his name. That was in 1999, as I recall.
I have not had a MRSA skin infection since, but I keep a jar of the pink concoction tightly shut in a dark place in my bathroom, and apply it to cuts, scrapes and little boils that rise up and open on my butt and other places sometimes. The Keys are a natural habitat for Staph, which has mutated down here into MRSA. It also is prevalent in the ocean, perhaps due to water pollution. Keys divers who get nicks and scrapes in the ocean are well aware of MRSA infections.
According to several Keys MDs I have spoken with, MRSA is pandemic in the Keys, and it can be contracted via direct contact with a person presenting open MRSA skin infections. It is not limited to homeless people. It is pandemic in mainstream, too.
MRSA is fatal if not treated, and once it goes systemic is far harder to treat successfully, so that it does not return. It mutates to develop resistance to even the newest antibiotics. In past times, the regular treatment of systemic MRSA infections was a constant i.v. drip of antibiotics for a month or more, typically in a hospital. Perhaps if a MD or other kind of medical professional reads this report, he/she can provide information re current treatment of systemic MRSA.
Every agency working with homeless people should provide this home remedy to clients presenting skin MRSA infection.
I wrote of this a few years back on the CT, and provided the same home remedy. A reader identifying himself as a Keys diver said local divers are always at risk to MRSA infections contracted in the ocean.
The Florida Keys Tourist Development Council and the local Chambers of Commerce and our county and city governments spend millions each year advertising the risk of contracting MRSA in the Keys. That is a joke, too.
P.S. I should have known it was coming. After pressing SEND to fly the above over to Deer Ed’s email account, it occurred to me that maybe I should have said whenever something I don’t like happens to me, I ask myself and the angels what it is about at the spirit level, so I can deal with that part of it, too.
The first time I got MRSA, mid-2003, I knew from dreams just before it erupted in really inconvenient areas of my body, my groin and butt, that it was rooted in my not having handled well a difficult situation with my recently ex-girlfriend and another woman friend. That was a while being worked out.
When the MRSA came in 2009, on my belly, which was more convenient than where it perched in 2003, I came to see it had to do with very rough spirit work in that year’s mayor’s race, spawned by the Acevedo upheaval in the school district and my writing into that in ways that really upset Mayor Morgan McPherson and his wife Christina. I didn’t care to write into it, but it was given to me to do.
I had only heard good about Christina, and since then have only heard good about her. I got to know her somewhat when I ran for the school board last year and observed her presentations at school board meetings. I think the school district is lucky to have her around.
Also this New Year’s exhortation yesterday
from Father Stephen Braddock, CEO of Florida Keys Outreach Coalition:
Dear Friends of FKOC:
I wish you and your loved ones a very happy New Year as we celebrate and enhance our community together! As we prepare to launch into the New Year, please reflect with me for a few minutes on who we are, and where we hope to go in the 12-months ahead.
2012 was certainly a year of changes, challenges and new responsibilities. Life is about transitions, and as an incurable optimist, I believe the year ahead will open new doors and present valuable opportunities for all of us. I hope you agree.
For many of us, New Year’s Resolutions are about making a commitment to do something different in our lives, perhaps going in a new direction from that of the past.
As we enter 2013 I invite you to join me in considering some of these resolutions….
-To appreciate my family, friends, and colleagues for who they are, what they mean to me and others, and to gracefully overlook some things they do (or don’t do!). None of us is perfect and accepting that reality helps relationships flourish.
-To act upon wrongs that need righting, crass statements that require correction, and offenses that demand just responses. We set a positive example by not accepting negativity in others.
-To be a valuable teammate and to trust others to do their best. Each of us should know what position we play, and regularly practice our skills to be our personal best. -To actively listen to the voices of children and elders. Accepting the wisdom of innocence and experience is both free and priceless.
-To accept that I don’t know everything. By collaborating with others who know much more, together we can create a great brain trust and blend expertise.
-To pleasantly surprise someone every day with a genuine smile and unexpected kindness in word and deed. Life’s subtle gifts of compassion and concern are cherished.
-To respect and celebrate the diversity of faiths, feelings, and fashions. Differences are natural and honoring other people’s perspectives creates mutual admiration. We are all equal members of God’s One Human Family.
-To invest a thoughtful minute before I speak or act. Regret is often preventable. Reversing harm is one of life’s most vexing challenges.
-To honor those who courageously sacrifice for us at home and abroad, care for our health, educate, protect us, and perform the healing and helping arts so that our quality of life is improved.
-To share even if I think I don’t have enough. Setting an example by giving to others in need is one of the best lessons for children to observe.
-To protect, defend and advocate for people who rely on me. To give special attention to the needs of others of every stage of life who may not know how to find their own voice. To speak so, that their voice may be heard.
-To preserve natural environments for their beauty and bounty. Natural settings are home to plant life and species which are too often victims of our wants, not our needs.
-To never give up on a person or a cause, despite the challenges we face. Perseverance is an attitude that exemplifies leadership, attracts allies, and creates meaningful change.
-To speak truth to power, but to be both polite and persistent. There’s a fine line between persistence and pestilence.
-To resist aggressiveness, but advocate with assertion, confidence and commitment to the cause. Advocating for prevention policies and programs that keep bad things from happening is the most important of all investments.

Thank you for your friendship and support of the Florida Keys Outreach Coalition!
Blessings for 2013!
– (Fr.) Stephen

In the spirit of prevention, it is my sincere hope that Key West Mayor Craig Cates and the City Commission stop forcing homeless people who wish to return to mainstream living, to live and sleep with drug addict homeless people.
In the spirit of prevention, it is my sincere hope that Americans who sacrifice for us abroad as members of our armed services will resolve henceforth not to participate in needless and/or stupid wars started by idiots in Washington D.C. as pawns of America’s Military Industrial Complex, against which General Dwight D. Eisenhower warned Americans when he left his second term as President of the United States of America. Quite a few homeless people in the Key are American war vets.
In the spirit of prevention, it is my sincere hope that President Obama will station armed US military personnel at every school in America. It won’t cost the US Treasury any more money, and it will save American lives and the lives of people in who do not live in America.
Sloan Bashinsky

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