public sex: Key West, Washington D.C., the Bible and beyond


From Phillip Adler’s bridge column in The Key West Citizen today:

George Bernard Shaw said, “My way of joking is to tell the truth. It’s the funniest joke in the world.”


A Republican snowbird amigo wrote to me yesterday about the Key West homeless man jailed for rape after having sex with a dead drunk homeless woman:

Jerry: Only some gutter trash would have sex in public, rape or not.”
Sloan: Hmmm, do you think Mayor Cates and the City Commission should provide homeless people with inside accommodations where they can have sex privately? :-)
Jerry: Would it surprise you if I said that my was not my intent?  There are plenty of peasants who screw in public who have homes.  I think people who use cars are also crude.
I think you are an uptight Puritan. Maybe the most fun sex I ever had was in public, on a couple of beaches on the Florida Panhandle, where my wife and me wuz going at it and some folks came by in boats. One boat crew went wild, jumping up and down cheering. Maybe I should make a New Year’s resolution to do more of that.
Jerry: It’s just the way I was brought up, Sloan.
Sloan: I was brought up that way, too, Jerry.
How about this beauty on’s Coconut Telegraph today:
Al Qaeda disbands; says job of destroying U.S. economy now in Congress’s hands] The international terror group known as Al Qaeda announced its dissolution today, saying that “our mission of destroying the American economy is now in the capable hands of the U.S. Congress.” In an official statement published on the group’s website, the current leader of Al Qaeda said that Congress’s conduct during the so-called “fiscal-cliff” showdown convinced the terrorists that they had been outdone. “We’ve been working overtime trying to come up with ways to terrorize the American people and wreck their economy,” said the statement from Al Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri. “But even we couldn’t come up with something like this.” Mr. al-Zawhiri said that the idea of holding the entire nation hostage with a clock ticking down to the end of the year “is completely insane and worthy of a Bond villain.” “As terrorists, every now and then you have to step back and admire when someone else has beaten you at your own game,” he said. “This is one of those times.” The Al Qaeda leader was fulsome in his praise for congressional leaders, saying, “We have made many scary videos in our time but none of them were as terrifying as Mitch McConnell.” As for the future of Al Qaeda, the statement said that it would no longer be a terror network but would become “more of a social network,” offering reviews of new music, movies and video games.


If you substitute Harry Reid for Mitch McConnell, I couldn’t agree more.


I read some online, seems the sticking point was the Republicans insisting on dragging Social Security into the discussion. That was a born loser from before the idea even hatched, as far as anyone depending on Social Security benefits was concerned. Your hero, G.W. Bush, cut taxes while launching and waging a war based on false information. Nobody with a mouse brain would cut taxes while starting a war based on splendid information. Then, your hero started another war. I don’t see a move to slash military expenditures, and I lay that on the President and the Demos as much as on the Republicans. I dunno, maybe the best way to deal with this is to nuke Washington D.C. right now, while all the players are there. On the other hand, I told Lee Rhoe the other night that I sort of hope they don’t reach a deal, that they take USA over the cliff, I sort of want to see what that looks like.


Barack Obama has expressed willingness to use a different index for all government calculations, including social security increases, tax tables, and all sorts of benefits. While this would cost me a little, probably less than one percent, I think it is necessary as a down payment on getting benefits under control.


Of course, the U.S. War Machine, Inc. gets to keep printing money and making wars unfettered, without a tax increase, while Social Security is cut. The Democrats told Obama they would not go along with a Social Security cut, not because they were worried about rich Republicans who can travel overseas a couple of times a year, and have two homes, one in the Florida Keys, but because they were worried about people who barely make ends meet even with their Social Security benefits. People who live in trailers, in homes they paid for and are worried about losing if they run out of money, and so forth. G.W. Bush and all whomever backed those two wars brought this to a head, although it was headed there anyway, eventually. Obama could have slowed it down if he had stopped both wars when he took office, but he did not do that. The al Qaeda joke is no joke. It’s for real. America killed itself. These are the death throes. Better bring the troops home pretty soon, I imagine, to stop Americans from killing Americans.


Come on, Sloan, we have to start somewhere and reducing my social security, probably starting in 2014, by one percent is not a bid deal. By the way, I am getting a lot less return on my money than the poorest people. We have to start reducing the national debt, or at a minimum, the rate of increase. I’m not in the one percent or anywhere close to that, so please don’t use the class warfare argument to me.


Poor people get no return on their money, Jerry. They don’t have any money to invest. Cutting Social Security is class warfare against people who rely on it to get by. Cut Social Security on people who don’t need it to get by, if you must cut it. But for God’s sake, don’t cut military spending and wars.


Screwing the poor is okay, cutting US War Machine, Inc. is not. One nation, under God.


A second Jerry wrote to me re yesterday’s do unto others – Key West and beyond post. I was not going to use any of this below today, but his old girlfriend in Key West, a talented visual artist  who has been on my email hit list for years and whom I like and who sometimes comments on my posts, which comments I publish, came to me in a dream before dawn this morning and begged me to use what you are about to read, if you wish to read it. I doubt the Pope would care to read it, nor any Christian I know.
God complex Jerry: Profound ignorance. You should stick to things you know. School board meetings or the Sheriff race, tourism perhaps. You know nothing about the Jesus, Michael nor Melchizedek to which you refer, neither intellectually nor heuristically. Perhaps you should rename your own experiences, so as not to confuse your visions with them, because what you say about them is offensive. ?
Good work on the arrest of the homeless. You ask the right question. Just stay away from the other stuff. You have it all mixed up.
The world is not in hell. It is exactly where God wants it. The current state of the world is necessary. It is our school master. At the appointed time, the world will change. Not humanity — the world. The time of human suffering will end. “They shall beat their swords into plowshares and their spears into pruning hooks. Nation shall not lift up sword against nation and they shall learn war no more.” This shall take place at the appointed time. The Kingdom of God shall become evident to all. Like children being shown the real world for the first time.
Many are called, many are instructed by the school master. Few are chosen, few learn.
Bad Sloan: Many people for many years have found offensive what I publish on a variety of subjects. When the angels assigned to me by God find offensive what I publish, they let me know and I quake in terror. They will let me know if they agree with your earlier email, and I will let you know if that happens.
If humanity was as God wanted it to be, Jesus would not have been sent to this planet. It was because of how humanity was going that Jesus was sent to this planet. He was not heard then, in the main. He is not heard now, in the main.
The prophesy you quote, it might be accurate, it might not be accurate. Time will tell. Paul told his followers to stop having sex and making babies because Christ’s return was imminent and there was no point in sex and reproduction. If Christendom had bought into that, it would have died out in 2-3 generations.
I agree, this world is a school for humanity. So far, it looks to me humanity is flunking out, in the main.
When the angels asked me in my sleep in March 2004, “What do you think of the species?” I awoke in trepidation, said I did not like being asked that question, but since they had asked … I said the species (humanity) had lost its creativity (feminine) and was cloning itself spiritually and devolving. I said the many attempts by heaven to help humanity had failed, although a few individuals had been helped. I said if I was an example of the best heaven could do to turn around a human, after all that had been done to and for me, then heaven was wasting its time trying to help this species. But if heaven did to all people what it was doing to me, maybe 50,000 individuals would survive. (Later, I reduced that number to 5,000, and later to 500.) I said maybe the compassionate thing would be for the species to be removed from this planet and put somewhere it had a chance to move forward, instead of backward.
That is still my view, and the angels on my case have not beat me up about it, nor have they told me they agree with it, in part or in whole. I don’t know what is their position, other than what they put on me indicates to me they are still trying to wake people up, which tells me they are not satisfied with how this species is going, and since they are Jesus, Michael and Melchizedek, and since they cut me little to no slack, I give that considerable weight.
Unlike you seem to do, Jerry, I do not rely on my my mind and what I think the Bible means to get along. I rely on what those angels tell me, which nearly always is different from what my mind tells me. What they have told me about some parts of the Bible, certainly not all of the Bible, nor even most of it, makes a great deal of sense to me. A great deal more sense than those parts of the Bible made to me before the angels came into my life in a way I knew they were there.
You talk a lot about being rational, using reason. Well, how the angels explain parts of the Bible to me, and what is going on with me, and with other people, and with communities and nations, and with humanity, is rational to me. It makes sense to me. Perhaps they don’t tell it all to me, don’t imagine they do. I imagine they tell me what they want me to hear. Even so, it has completely changed my perspective, and I am glad for that, even though the quid pro quo was being enslaved and not getting my way about much of anything I wanted to get my way with.
There are reports of people in the Bible who were enslaved. They didn’t care for it. They offended people. They had a rough go. But today they are revered by Bible buffs. Yet, if they were here today, doing now what they did back then, maybe they would not be revered by Bible buffs. Jesus is revered in Christendom today, but he is not here in Christendom’s midst, stirring the pot. If he were here, stirring the pot, I imagine he would be offending many Christians, and probably many non-Christians.
I suppose it would be wonderful if all of a sudden everyone’s eyes were opened, and all of a sudden they all saw differently. Maybe it will happen, maybe not. Time will tell. Meanwhile, what is going on now is the state of humanity, and this species is devolving, and it is in hell, and by its on hand is it there. Not by God’s hand, but by its own hand it is in hell. And yes, there are a few individuals who are not in hell, but they suffer because they live in it, even though they are not of it. Hell is a spiritual situation, not a physical situation, although plenty of physical situations are pure hell. Sloan
God complex Jerry: Your angles tell you gibberish. Tell you what. Mention me to your angles. See what they have to say. Or else, perhaps they are busy with something else. Perhaps they are on vacation. Maybe they are sleeping. Neither you nor your angles even know from whom I quote these mockeries of them. Can you tell me?
Slave Sloan: The angels I named, whom you mock, watched you write your email to me, saying what I had published about Jesus and Mary Magdalene was offensive, and they watched me reply to your email, and, as I told you earlier, they will speak to me about it, if they agree with you. Personally, I am terrified of mocking Jesus, Michael and Melchizedek, although sometimes I bitch and moan to them about the way they treat me and other people. I don’t know where you got what you wrote, but Jesus, Michael and Melchizedek know, and maybe they will tell me and maybe they won’t. I ain’t in charge of what they do and don’t do.
God complex Jerry: If you repeated accurately the things which they told you, then they know nothing. Ask them, they won’t be able to tell you from where I quoted it. And if anyone should know, it is those whose names they usurp. It was one of two prophets who speak with Melchizedek even now and who dealt with this same mishmash of silly theologies thousands of years ago, who first mocked as I just did. If you knew anything about those three, you would know who that prophet is. Soon, we will all see him. He won’t be merely a figment of the imagination, but very very real, alive and walking the earth before the time appointed for the birth of mankind, the children of God.
Slave Sloan: The way your panties got all in a dither, Jerry, maybe you got hit with a bulls-eye, or maybe you correctly exude righteous indignation on behalf of God, or whatever prophet or angel or whatever you claim to represent. Send the text, or whatever, which you say backs up what you say, or don’t send it. Maybe the angels you attack want my readers to see what drives you, maybe not. They haven’t told me yet, probably won’t until tonight, in my sleep. I imagine they mostly prefer to speak to me in my sleep because that makes it rather tough for psychiatrists to say I’m hearing voices, since lots of people hear voices in their sleep. It also makes it rather tough on bible people, because some of the folks they so admire in the Bible heard voices in their sleep. Sloan
God complex Jerry: Ask your angles first. If they don’t tell you and then if you ask me directly, I will answer you plainly.
It is the people who suffer from such silliness. The spiel you make is not new to you. It is ages old. To dally carelessly with people who are hungry for water after the taste of which one never thirsts again and to give such people gall and bitterness instead is reprehensible.
Are you asking me to tell you which prophet mocked that same sort of mishmash theology thousands of years ago? Because if you know what you’re talking about, you should already know his name. That prophet was angry too, because of the needless suffering which misinformation on existential subjects causes people. People hear and they believe because they trust. To betray that trust is despicable.
That prophet was very very powerful. One of four men in the whole history of mankind, other than Jesus, who worked miracles at will. Two of whom are dead and two of whom never died. They still walk the earth. One is now 5000 years old and the other 3000. Their hair is grey, but their eyes are not dim, nor their ears hard of hearing. They are vital and look to be in their forties.
The first was there when Abraham tithed to Melchizedek and both were there when Jesus told his disciples “Verily I say unto you, There be some standing here, which shall not taste of death, till they see the Son of man coming in his kingdom.” Then is the time for their ministry. They were born to minister at the time appointed for the changing of the world. They like Melchizedek are mentioned only briefly, but their coming ministry was explained in the riddles for kings.
Surly, now! That is enough to show you who is the prophet I quoted. If I tell you directly, how shall you learn? “How else shall I do for the daughter of my people, says the Ever Living.” but to teach and to test and to try, refine, shape and mold.
Slave Sloan: You, personally, in the flesh, in this life, have walked and talked, do walk and talk, with these two ancients, in the flesh?
God complex Jerry: No I haven’t. And if you had, saying the things you do, they’d have struck you dead. Besides, you don’t even know who they are. You’re just spouting metaphysical gobbledygook because it sounds profound. “have walked… do walk and talk, with these two ancients, in the flesh”
Slave Sloan: Well, the way you described the the two ancients, it sure sounded like you knew them personally, in the flesh.
You do not specify what was offensive in what I published today. If you find offensive that Jesus was fully a man, he loved a woman, he lay with her, and she loved him and lay with him, you say I would be struck dead by ancients you never met, for publishing that Jesus was fully human. If he was not fully human, how could Jesus minister to people who were fully human? How could he know what it was like for them being fully human, if he was not fully human? What would have been the point in him coming into human form, if not to be fully human? Anything less would have been half measure for a messiah.
Maybe you have Jesus mixed up with Paul, many Christians seem to do that to some degree. Paul was celibate, which was his way of dealing with his thorn in the flesh, which was he was homosexual, which is why he condemned homosexuality, which I don’t see in the Gospels that Jesus did. Paul also was down on his followers having sex, and he put women down below men in the spiritual pecking order, said only through her husband could a woman come to Christ. Maybe you should vent some of your spleen on Paul, who caused a great deal of trouble in the psyche of Christendom and in many of its members, still happening.
Exacerbated by 2000 years of organized male attempts to keep Christendom from knowing the real Jesus and Mary Magdalene.
No wonder Christendom is so screwed up. It’s messiah was a eunuch. It’s God is all he. It’s mother is a virgin who was immaculate her whole life. Oddly, Jesus didn’t treat his mother as if she was immaculate. I can’t find anywhere in the Gospels he spoke kindly to or about her. To the contrary, actually.
When she came to him where he was teaching one day, with his brothers accompanying her, he was told she and his brothers had come and he looked around and asked something like: Who is my mother? Who are my brothers? Then, he said his mother and his brothers were those who did the will of God, and he kept teaching and did not get up and go out to greet his mother and his brothers. Unheard of, for a Jewish man to snub his mother like that. More than that, he told the people he was teaching that his mother and his brothers were not doing the will of God.
You will love this next thing. My 6th wife, who was seriously receptive to hearing and seeing spirit beings, and I were told together, in June 2000, by Jesus, his mother, and Archangel Michael, that Jesus’ mother had molested Jesus in his youth. I was enraged. Not because it had happened, but because I knew the havoc keeping that secret had wreaked in the collective psyche of not only Christendom, but of humanity. Any poison left to hide in the subconscious ferments and rots and eats away at the soul and bleeds into the flesh in unimaginable destructive ways without any indication of the origin.
For several days before the revelation, I was telling my wife that I was getting there was an evil greater than Lucifer. Then, she said Michael told her, if Sloan could conceive an evil greater than Lucifer, then that evil existed. The next day, we were told what Jesus’ mother had done to him. That was only part of the evil greater than Lucifer.
Another other part of the evil greater than Lucifer was hiding it from humanity. Later, it came to me, that wife and I no longer were together, that when Jesus finally told Joseph what had happened, Joseph’s heart failed and he collapsed and died in Jesus’ arms, and that was why Joseph disappeared without explanation from the Gospels.
Another part of the evil greater than Lucifer was the incest gave Mary unnatural power over Jesus, and that power resulted in Jesus caving into Mary at the wedding where the wine ran out, and Jesus, against his better judgment, made more wine, the first miracle record in the Gospels, as I recall. Jesus had spent a while in the wilderness resisting the devil’s attempts to get him to make miracles and worship the devil and be given dominion over this world. That trial ended with the devil leaving Jesus, to return at a more opportune time.
Jesus’ ministry included lots of miracle making, according to the Gospels. Christendom fastened on the miracles, including a miracle salvation formula, instead of on how Jesus lived and taught others to live, in God’s will, instead of their and/or the devil’s will. Was the wedding where the devil returned a more opportune time? Was the devil personified in Jesus’ mother at the wedding? Looks that way to me, although it is arguable that a more opportune time for the devil was when Jesus despaired for a moment on the cross, and asked God why he had been forsaken?
Whether you like what you just read or not, Jerry, it makes sense to me; it explains to me what was not explained, what made no sense. It is rationale. For thinking and publishing it half a dozen times or more, I have yet to be corrected by Jesus, Michael or Melchizedek. Maybe that will happen now. If it does, I will let you know.
Meanwhile, I wonder why you don’t hold forth what Jesus said and did, since he is the main character in the New Testament, and behind the scenes was probably the main character in the Old Testament. Sloan
God complex Jerry: The statements you made in your email today which offended me In the order of greatest offense to least:
many great saints who lived on this world and tried to help people in their geographic locality, the one whose teachings had the best chance of helping humanity was St. Jesus.
This is the greatest. This is the very same for which the prophet I spoke was most angered as I was.
I imagine God has tried many more times than we know or have heard to try to reach humanity. karma I very well might experience for as long as I breathe in this body, unless the angels lift it off of me.
Melchizedek is an order of angel that comes to a planet in trouble … Melchizedek comes to a planet to prepare it for the coming of the Christ … the Christ does not come to a planet without Melchizedek … Mary Magdalene was of the Order Melchizedek
Many people on a spiritual path, Christian, Jewish, Muslim, New Age, Arcane, Eastern, whatever,… Rumi, but almost total silence about his spiritual teacher Shams,
and finally, the least,
Bride of Christ was Blood of Christ
You have no idea what blood means nor the relationship between insufficiency, death, law, curse and forgiveness. When you confuse things like this, you cause harm to those who listen to you and trust you.
Jesus was already married and divorced before he was born and planned to remarry the same woman.
He had no interest in seeking another during His ministry. The woman, her nativity was in Canaan. Her father was an Amorite, her mother an Hittite. Her childhood was horrific. She wasn’t even swaddled as an infant. She was forced to work in the fields with the servants. God fell in love with her at first sight and took her from all that. Clothed her and gave of all his wealth to her. She was beautiful cleaned up in silks and jewelry, but she was afraid. She could not get over her childhood and did not trust that God would continue to look favorably on her. She hid away the gifts God gave her, in case God would turn her away. Finally, she sought other suitors to have them the ready for when God might turn her away. For this God did turn her away. We can never keep what we are afraid to lose. God divorced her, but promised to teach her how to overcome this and to remarry her when she did.
Slave Sloan: For starters, I did not make the first statement you attribute to me; G.I. Gurdjieff made it in his novel, as I described. You also mixed up some stuff I was told and only passed along. I took a nap after last writing to you. That was when I would have been clobbered, if I had written falsely, as you accused. I was not clobbered.
God complex Jerry: You are confident that the angles you hear are good for you. How could you be wrong? When they tell you something, You decide if it is from the good ones or from the bad ones. So you will continue until you can’t continue anymore. And take as many with you as will listen. I can do nothing about it.
Slave Sloan: The angels I hear from take me to task regularly, they do not stroke my ego, they put me into situations I don’t want be put into, they don’t seem to give a shit what I think or want, and they don’t seem to give a shit what anyone else thinks or wants either, including you, Jerry. You speak to something about which you have no experience or comprehension, as if you sit on the right hand of God, which you do not. You make up alliances with Old Testament Ancients still walking on this planet, whom you never met, it turns out. I have seen no indication since I first met you that you are being led by anything but your own mind and drives. I don’t know what’s bugging you, Jerry, but it’s a lot older than the time you have known me. Be that as it may, nobody has to read a word I publish. Anyone who reads it wants to read it, as proven by they read it. There is nothing you, or anyone, can do to stop me from publishing what is given to me to air out, short of killing me. If you feel you must take that action, be my guest.
When Jerry admitted under cross-examination that he did not know the two ancients, and when he continued to avoid the firebrand Jesus in the Gospels, Jerry admitted he knew nothing about God, Jesus, Michael, Melchizedek, or the Bible for that matter. His head is filled with words and noise, which would insult God if uttered by someone whose mind worked properly. Alas, Jerry’s mind is only half there. The female part of his mind is totally absent. He is insane. He also might be an uptight Puritan reacting to Jesus and Mary Magdalene getting it on hidden in plain view in the Gospels, as reported in yesterday’s do unto others – Key West and beyond post, which you should be able to reach by clicking on that link.
Flashback: During a New Testament class at The McCallie School in Chattanooga, Tennessee, a private high school founded by right-wing Presbyterian Puritans, co-founder Dr. James Park McCallie, when queried by a member of the class about why so much fuss about sex being evil when there was massive fornication in the Old Testament, said parts of the Bible were wrong and would be written, and he and his wife had had sex three times during their twenty year marriage, twice was to produce children and once was for pleasure, and he had regretted the third time ever since. His poor wife. Sort of reminds me of my Southern Baptist sexually-inhibited Puritan-tormented mother. My poor father, maybe that’s why he became a drunk and a womanizer.
Maybe my mother’s Puritan upbringing caused her to molest me in infancy. Maybe that led to my molesting my younger sister, when she was five. For sure, that created karma I will endure the rest of my days, unless the angels lift it off of me.
If I had to hazard a wild ass guess, I’d guess Jerry was sexually molested in his youth, and he may or may not remember it.
After I posted all the but the very last two paragraphs above before dawn today, I took a nap and Jerry’s face came to me in a dream just before I woke up. I added the last two sentences above, then I received this from Jerry.

You keep saying the same things over and over.  You retreat to a conventional, physiological excuse for the things I say to you, because that is all you know.  This is what I have been telling you all along.
You don’t understand the things that you are talking about.  You have no appreciation for the complexity of the world around you.  If you did understand the things about which you claim to teach you would know exactly who and what I am talking about.  These are the metaphors and illusions you drawn on, but you don’t even know their origin nor their import nor their context.
You think that I take on airs only because I say things which you should know, but of which you are ignorant.
You ask me about how engines might make their own hydrogen with which to power them.  I tell you that an engine can get no more energy from hydrogen than the energy that was used to make it.  You tell me your angles think differently.  If your angels knew God, they would not think that.  They would know that God fashioned the universe to work in exactly that way.
The spirit within you is unable to overcome the flesh within which she resides.  Your flesh and bone brain, your biology, has many desires.  Some for fame and recognition.  I say this because I can call up countless emails where you continually transfer those desires to me.  If your spirit were strong, she could manage such desires.  Instead your flesh walks all over your spirit causing you to say things which are intended to garner comments like “Sloan, you’re so deep!”
These poor tender minds pay for your weakness.  They are deluded and poisoned by your spirit’s inability to manage your flesh.  They are harmed to satisfy your flesh and blood desires, yet in the end, you get nothing out of it.  It is exactly as another quote with which I am pretty sure you are also ignorant.  “You harm others with the hidden deceit that is within you, then get nothing for what you took from them.  You are like a prostitute that forgets to ask for payment.“  The prophets of God said this, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Hosea, Micah and Zechariah.
We are forbidden to do any more than warn and scold foolishness such as yours, because the time is not yet.  But when the time comes, if you have not changed your thinking, you will be good for nothing but to be discarded on the threshing room floor, left in your own destitution.
I am not aware of any desire of the flesh I transfer to Jerry, unless we share a frustration of not seeming to be able to make much headway in the ways of this world. The angels never told me I was “so deep”. I wonder if the same prophets of God would have scolded Jesus of Nazareth, who confused and confounded even his own disciples, not to mention everyone else he encountered. He berated his disciples, and asked them how many times was he going to have to tell them the same thing before he left them? He and his cohorts berate me. Retreat to conventional and/or physiological is not something I ever was accused of before, but I suppose in their realms angels and archangels and so forth are conventional and physiological. While my M.I.T. PhD duplicate bridge partner agrees with Jerry about the hydrogen/oxygen thing, he is just as adamant in favor of America’s war policy and that there can be no cuts in the US military budget.
Am I to suppose that even with God some things are not possible?

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