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Holy Fire

I dropped by Good Food Conspiracy on Big Pine Key yesterday thinking a psychic fair/intuitive arts event was underway. I was a day early, it is today. I thought yesterday was Saturday.
Asked by one of the women who work there, if I was coming to get my aura read today?, I asked why would I want to do that? How would having my aura read help me? She said I would get a read on where I was. I said, a reader reading a reader?
A woman customer who works at Looe Key Tiki Bar said maybe it might help. Maybe I should have positive thoughts. I said I get up each morning and put one foot in front of the other and do the best I can with each step. I said I’d been through the positive thoughts thing many times when I lived in Boulder, Colorado and Santa Fe, New Mexico before that. I had seen many people use that approach, it got better for a while, then all of a sudden they were in hell and didn’t know why. I told them they were in hell because they had run away from what they really needed to deal with. What was that? What I had been talking to them about for six months. Oh, that.
I told the Looe Key employee that they wanted Jesus to fix them, but I did not find that Jesus; I found the Jesus who makes me work.
I had told Marnie Brown, the owner of Good Food Conspiracy, two weeks ago that I would be glad to set up there for the fair, and I would not charge anything. She said it was just for readers. In about five minutes talking with someone who really wants help, I usually can get to the next step they need to take, and it almost always is not a step they want to take.
Later yesterday, I drove down to Looe Key Tiki Bar and ordered a grilled fish Caesar wrap and fries, and a ginger ale since I can’t drink beer anymore, it makes me really sick. Attorney Lee Rhoe came in, and he joined me.
He asked what I thought about the contract for murder story in The Key West Citizen yesterday (also in today’s edition). I said I thought there was more to it than had been reported. Lee agreed. I said I thought there was more to the charter high school principal in Key West killing herself than was reported yesterday, and again  today. Lee agreed. I said the students of that school deserve to know what is in the suicide note, because they probably are wondering if they somehow caused her to do what she did. Lee agreed.
We  talked about other stuff, including my running for office being a theatrical performance (Lee’s label), which gave me a bigger audience. I agreed.  Lee said he was going to send me something about Emanuel Swedenborg, who held forth that the crucifixion of Jesus was not a blood sacrifice as Christianity maintains. I said Christianity mostly is superstition. Lee agreed.
I did not yet receive what Lee  said he would send, so I provide this link to Wikipedia’s report on Swedenborg, who caused quite a stir in Christianity in western Europe.
========================= Emanuel Swedenborg (listen ; born Emanuel Swedberg ; 29 January 1688 – 29 March 1772) was a Swedish scientist, philosopher, theologian, …

Here are the first few paragraphs from Wikipedia. The last sentence of the last paragraph, which I highlighted in italics, caused me to burst out laughing.
Emanuel Swedenborg born Emanuel Swedberg; 29 January 1688[1] – 29 March 1772) was a Swedish scientist, philosopher, theologian, revelator, and, in the eyes of some, Christian mystic.[2] He termed himself a “Servant of the Lord Jesus Christ” in True Christian Religion,[3] a work he published himself.[4] He is best known for his book on the afterlife, Heaven and Hell (1758).[5][6] Swedenborg had a prolific career as an inventor and scientist. In 1741, at the age of 53, he entered into a spiritual phase[7] in which he began to experience dreams and visions, beginning on Easter weekend of April 6, 1744. This culminated in a ‘spiritual awakening’, in which he received revelation that he was appointed by the Lord to write a heavenly New ChurchDoctrine to reform Christianity. According to the New Church Doctrine the Lord had opened Swedenborg’s spiritual eyes, so that from then on he could freely visit heaven and hell, and talk with angels, demons and other spirits; and that the Last Judgement had already occurred, in 1757, although this was only visible in the spiritual world, where he had witnessed it.
[8] New Church Doctrine states that The Last Judgement was followed by the Second Coming of Jesus Christ, which occurred, not by Christ in person, but by a revelation from Him through the inner, spiritual sense of the Word[9] through Swedenborg.[10] Swedenborg then argued that it is the presence of that spiritual sense which makes the Word Divine.[11] However, he tells us that at this day it is very dangerous to talk with spirits, unless a person is in true faith, and is led by the Lord.[12][13]. For the remaining 28 years of his life, Swedenborg wrote 18 published theological works, and several more which were unpublished. Some followers of the New Church believe that, of his theological works, only those which Swedenborg published himself are fully divinely inspired.[14] New Church Doctrine rejects the concept of salvation through faith alone, since he considered both faith and charity necessary for salvation, not one without the other, whereas the Reformers taught that faith alone procured justification, although it must be a faith which resulted in obedience. The purpose of faith, according to New Church Doctrine, is to lead a person to a life according to the truths of faith, which is charity, as is taught in 1 Corinthians 13:13 and James 2:20. However, he made no attempt to found a church.[15][16]
A few years after his death – 15 by one estimate[17] – for the most part in England, small reading groups formed to study the truth they saw in his teachings.[18] As one scholar has noted, New Church teachings particularly appealed to the various dissenting groups that sprang up in the first half of the 18th century who were “surfeited with revivalism and narrow-mindedness” and found his optimism and comprehensive explanations appealing.[19] In Earths in the Universe, it is stated that he conversed with spirits from Jupiter, Mars, Mercury, Saturn, Venus, the Moon, as well as spirits from planets beyond our solar system.[20] From these ‘encounters’ he concluded that the planets of our solar system are inhabited, and that such an enormous undertaking as the universe could not have been created for just one race of people; nor one ‘heaven’ derived from it.[21][22] He argued: “What would this be to God, Who is infinite, and to whom a thousand or tens of thousands of planets, and all of them full of inhabitants, would be scarcely anything!”.[23] Swedenborg and the life on other planets question has been extensively reviewed elsewhere.[24]
A variety of important cultural figures, both writers and artists, were influenced by New Church Doctrine , including Johnny Appleseed, William Blake, Jorge Luis Borges, Daniel Burnham, Arthur Conan Doyle,[25] Ralph Waldo Emerson,[26] John Flaxman, George Inness, Henry James Sr., Carl Jung,[27] Immanuel Kant,[28] Honoré de Balzac, Helen Keller, Czes?aw Mi?osz, August Strindberg, D. T. Suzuki, and W. B. Yeats. His philosophy had a great impact on the Duke of Södermanland, later King Carl XIII, who as the Grand Master of Swedish Freemasonry (Svenska Frimurare Orden) built its unique system of degrees and wrote its rituals. In contrast, one of the most prominent Swedish authors of Swedenborg’s day, Johan Henric Kellgren, called Swedenborg “nothing but a fool”.[29] A heresy trial was initiated in Sweden in 1768 against New Church writings and two men who promoted these ideas.[30] In the two and a half centuries since Swedenborg’s death, various interpretations of his theology have been made, and he has also been scrutinized in biographies and psychological studies.[31][32]
Of note is that, just as Jesus Christ, with his new teachings, was considered insane by some (John 10:20, Mark 3:21), so Swedenborg, with his claimed new dispensation, has been considered by some to suffer from mental illness.[33][34][35] “While the insanity explanation was not uncommon during Swedenborg’s own time, it is mitigated by his activity in the Swedish Riddarhuset (The House of the Nobility), the Riksdag (the Swedish parliament), and the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences. Additionally, the system of thought in his theological writings is considered by some to be remarkably coherent.[36] Furthermore, he was characterized by his contemporaries as a “kind and warm-hearted man”, “amiable in his meeting with the public”, speaking “easily and naturally of his spiritual.experiences”.[37][38][39]“, with pleasant and interesting conversation.. An English friend of Kant’s who visited Swedenborg at Kant’s behest described Swedenborg as a “reasonable, pleasant and candid man and scholar”.[40] Of note here is Swedenborg’s statement that he was commanded by the Lord to publish his writings and “Do not believe that without this express command I would have thought of publishing things which I knew in advance would make me look ridiculous and many people would think lies.”[41]
Carrying forward that theme is a recap of Erika Biddle’s and my recent Facebook conversations re shamans, listening to angels and so forth, followed by a somewhat different revision of Christianity, which came to me by revelation. All of which I was told in dreams yesterday and last night to cover today. All the while, I am being ripped to shreds internally, as the poison in the spirit realms fights tooth and nail to keep humanity right were it is, in hell.
Erika Biddle Have you ever read Doreen Virtue’s “angel therapy” ? I didn’t but yesterday I overheard a conversation about clairaudient people like yourself ….
Sloan Bashinsky have not heard of Vitrue’s book, will google it in a bit, see what virtual says about it … I wonder if Virtue is her birth name? If so, a heck of a name to wear thru life … clairaudient as in crazy, I have heard said from time to time
Erika Biddle It’s not crazy – it’s a special gift (according to overheard conversation ) some people who have the gift get so frightened that they anything to shut it off… Missing the word “do”
Sloan Bashinsky found this on D. Virtue – “Everyone has guardian angels, and these angels perform God’s will of peace for us all. When we open ourselves to hear our angels’ messages, every aspect of our lives become more peaceful.”
Not my main experience with angel therapy, which I have received steadily since 1987, although sometimes there is peace, repose, it mostly is quite steep and grinding, and was the same for people I knew getting similar angel therapy, but then I was told in the beginning, “This will push you to your limits but you asked for it and we are going to give it to you.”
This day is going to have to change plenty for it to be cool or peaceful, last night was super rough, still underway, at end of today’s post I told that I had told the angels yesterday, several times, that what I wanted for Christmas was not to wake up today, for it to be over
Erika Biddle That would be too easy…your purpose in this life might not be fulfilled yet… Your personal struggle might end as soon as you find how to be of service.
Sloan Bashinsky Gosh, I thought being of service was, is, most of what I do. I found myself thinking a bit ago, bite my tongue perhaps, but I was thinking it, I am given the heavy lifting to do, because I was trained to do it and most shamans either don’t want to do it, or don’t know how, to do what I do. Not that they don’t do very rough work, but it seems different to me, what I hear/read of them doing, and what is given to me to do.
Erika Biddle regarding Bat(shit)crazy Shaman, yesterday I learned that the bats were the guardians of the underworld…spirits that could communicate through the Shamans and fly into the heavens. Very respected by the different pre Colombian cultures because bat shamans were able to journey through the middle, upper and lower worlds, linking all their beings..
Erika Biddle I just read this and I thought you might enjoy this quote: “When we honestly ask ourselves which person in our lives mean the most to us, we often find that it is those who, instead of giving advice, solutions, or cures, have chosen rather to share our pain and touch our wounds with a warm and tender hand. The friend who can be silent with us in a moment of despair or confusion, who can stay with us in an hour of grief and bereavement, who can tolerate not knowing, not curing, not healing and face with us the reality of our powerlessness, that is a friend who cares.” ? Henri J.M. Nouwen, The Road to Daybreak: A Spiritual Journey
Sloan Bashinsky Somethings else about bats is they sleep most of the day and their natural sonar allows see great in the dark and they eat small flying insects. I told the angels a while ago, while out for a walk near the water, that on a scale of 70 (I’m 70), 70 being the most intense, this Christmas day, today, is a 69 of the Christmas days I have experienced. A younger woman friend in North Georgia, who often absorbs and carries what I am doing, called today to say she felt like she was maybe dying, her gall bladder and liver were fouled up, she had a big head ache. I said, same for me. She asked if I saw friends yesterday, I said no, and maybe not today either, given how I feel today. She said same for her. When someone is in acute distress, there is little that can be done but be therefor them, care for them physically, if they cannot do that for themselves. Although I know they mean well, Although I know they mean well, it is not comforting when people, after receiving what I wrote today, messaged me saying they hope I have a good, merry, nice Christmas. Most people I know would have been at the emergency room already. I read more about the Virtue Angel Therapy lady. She’s made it big time, it seems from her website. She stuffed her spirit gifts for years, pursued conventional success and did very well. Finally, the angels got her attention. She then She then went with the angels. I sent her something I wrote yesterday to a Christian website that had scrutinized shamans unfavorably. Said a woman friend of mine had told me about her. I envy you and Joel being down there, having what seems to be a great time in what I imagine is a very interesting place. My next to last wife spent some time there, before we met. She was the female companion with me in the taxi coming in from female companion with me in the taxi coming in from the Mumbai airport, as described in today’s raving. XOXO
Erika Biddle Travel is my way to connect to the cosmic. I was looking for a special place to ring in the anticipated Mayan Armageddon. Met these perhaps pseudo or real Shamans who were tripping on ‘Auyuhasca’ to connect with their inner selves. Or as William Burroughs described it to Allen Ginsberg, “a Yage session is space-time travel. The blood and substance of many races, Negro, Polynesian, Mountain Mogul, Desert Nomad, Polyglot Near East, Indian-new races as yet un-conceived and unborn, combinations not yet realized passes through your body….” I was on all fours convulsed with spasm of nausea and pain…”
You are not alone Sloan to go through this…XOE
Sloan Bashinsky The Cosmic comes to me wherever I am, unless I’m in a killer dark night of the soul, when there is near total disconnect from the Cosmic. Pain comes to me wherever I am, it is in the spirit realms and I absorb it. I doubt any real shaman has to use any drug to travel in the spirit realms, I never did it that way. And mostly the spirit realms came/come to me, there was/is relatively little travel to other realms when I was/am not asleep. Sorry for your writhing in pain, Ayahuasca induced or otherwise. I thought you went down there to have a vacation. If Christmas never comes again, it will be too soon for me. I only started coming out of hell in mid-afternoon, and I drove down to Key West because I had picked up an interesting young fellow walking that way on US 1 carrying a guitar in a case. While down there, I saw “Django”, which puts an entirely different spin on slavery in the Old South. I don’t figure it will be a smash hit with Confederate old times in the land of cotton are not forgotten buffs, but I bet blacks will flock to see it. Driving back up to Little Torch Key, I stopped by to see Todd German and and his lady Lesley Salinero at her home on Summerland Key, where I got quizzed about my next political action and got told I was not permitted to leave the world just yet, God and Todd had too much left for me still to do, most of which centered around Key West’s homeless people. I told Todd I needed a bigger audience, such as Bill Becker and US 1 Radio, articles in The Citizen based on journalists interviewing me, me writing guest editorials for The Citizen, just to educate. I said my websites and candidate forums do not reach a wide enough audience. I dread running for mayor again. Key West is seriously bogged down in several big spots: homelessness is one; Truman Waterfront is another; Bahama Village is another; North Roosevelt construction (perhaps a misnomer, perhaps deconstruction fits better) is another. Well, if that was my Christmas present, like I said if Christmas never comes again, it will be too soon for me.
Sloan Bashinsky I sent this by email to Doreen Virtue:
A woman friend told me about you today, Christmas, hoping I somehow might get relief from the load angels keep me under. I told her my experience with angels is very different from what she said of what you do. I publish something new daily (usually) to Here’s something personal I wrote to a Christian website yesterday, after reading something they had put up scrutinizing shamans unfavorably.
I looked over some of your website after finding your online commentary on modern shamans. I was raised a Southern Baptist until I was 12, then my mother converted to the Episcopal church and took me there with her.
Many years later, early 1987, Christianity seemingly having failed me, as had my searching elsewhere, I prayed, “Dear God, please help me. I do not wish to die like this, failed.” I paused, said, “I offer my life to human service.” Maybe ten nights later, I awoke in the wee hours and saw two etheric white-ish beings hovering above me in the darkness. I heard, as if spoken into my mind, “This will push you to your limits but you asked for it and we are going to give it to you.” I recalled the prayer I had made. Then, my body was jolted by what felt like lightning, and there was a white flash with it. I once had been knocked down by a near lightning strike on a golf course, and it felt something like that. Then came another lightning jolt. Then came another. What I thought were two angels dissolved and only darkness remained. I’d never had such an experience.
The changes began slowly on this world and internally and in spirit. The pace quickened, and as it quickened my perspective of everything changed, and kept changing, and kept changing. Some of the earlier phenomena were spectacular and very emotional and uplifting, and some of the later phenomena were horrific and terrifying. There were several dark nights of the soul, the first was horrible, the second was far worse, as described in the commentaries of St. John of the Cross. There were later dark nights. Eventually, I came to understand the two angels who came with the message and lightning were Jesus and Archangel Michael. Ten years into it, Melchizedek joined them in a way I understood consciously.
The internal changes sometimes were violent and terrifying, imposed from the spirit realms. There was a great deal of healing of horrific soul wounds inflict on me by other people and by myself, and of horrific soul wounds I had inflicted on other people. Not everything was healed, there is karma I might live out my days with. I knew a few other people who were brought into much the same experience, two were brought very deeply into it, but it did not seem they were locked into it in the way I was. I was in it first, and they followed, voluntarily, invited by my spirit handlers named above, and not by me. I probably would not invite anyone into this experience today after how it has gone for me. Steep is an understatement.
Your website suggests you hold yourselves out as being very knowledgeable about spirit phenomena and practices outside of Christianity, and you seem dedicated to proving non-Christian practices are not really okay, nor safe. For sure, spirit experiencing is very different and very prone to getting lost and worse. I can’t begin to imagine what would have become of me if I was not ridden hard herd on by my spirit controllers, who have rescued me many times from blunders I brought upon myself thinking I was doing okay, or great, when nothing was further from the truth. For all I know, they will spank me, or worse, for even writing to you.
Sloan Bashinsky
Little Torch Key, Florida Keys
Erika Biddle hi Sloan we are now in Cartagena… different climate from 64 to 94 within 1 hour flight yesterday I was quoting something I read. It wasn’t me who experienced the pain… I wonder if Ms. Virtue will answer your e-mail
Sloan Bashinsky I received back from D. Virtue and email touting her books, workshops, etc. Not responsive to what I sent to her. Can’t say I was surprised.
Erika Biddle it’s a whole industry out there. I never relate to anyone who hawks their “gifts”. However, it was still cool listening into the conversation about people discussing hearing “angel voices” and dropping names
Sloan Bashinsky I was taught not to charge money for trying to help people with what I was taught how to do, perhaps the only exception, perhaps, is books I wrote which were published, I could take royalties on the books. Virtue’s photo on her website looked pretty staged and vampish to me. I still wonder if she took Virtue as a last name, to promote herself.
Erika Biddle my battery needs juice again soon. I need to recharge my computer…Virtue or not she looks like a movie star. I understand she lives in Hawaii…
Sloan Bashinsky She reminds me of people I ran across when I lived in Santa Fe and Boulder, starting 26 years ago. Charlatan came to mind earlier today. Your friend, Jonathan H. hawks his gifts online, I have seen him do it several times
Erika Biddle So what? If I would judge and dismiss everybody that does things that I don’t necessarily agree with I would be a just ending up as a self righteous lonely person…I try not to judge. I just laugh and go on with my own mostly agnostic Philosophy: life is service…find your own truth and follow the Golden Rule…now my phone needs juice too. Good night XOX
Sloan Bashinsky You wrote – it’s a whole industry out there. I never relate to anyone who hawks their “gifts”.
Erika Biddle perhaps the money raised through the workshops and selling books is spent not to self indulge, but to redistribute to people in need? Perhaps that might be true for Ms. Virtue as well. I don’t know and try not to jump to conclusions so fast…XOE
Sloan Bashinsky I don’t know either, because I don’t know D. Virtue or J. Horwitz. What I do know is I sent something very serious to Virtue and she sent me back an invitation to buy her products. Jonathan did not do that when I approached him. I don’t know what he does with the money he makes teaching shamanism, and I don’t feel I know him well enough to ask him, or that it’s really any of my business. What I do know is he seems to have been connected to a shaman school in America with which I have had earlier dealings, founded by Michael Harner, who I think I recalled trained under South American shamans, then opened his shaman school in America. I knew one of them somewhat, Sandra Ingerman, who lived in Santa Fe, who treated me twice with no apparent effect, and she told me what I was involved in was beyond her range. After I was getting to know Jim Hendrick, he introduced me to his sister, thinking there might be a match, as I understood it. She said, on learning that I was a shaman, that she couldn’t go down that road again. She had been with a shaman in the northeastern US, who had trained under Michael Harner. She’d seen all the dark birds she wanted, it exhausted her. Then, she same to KW and I met her and Jim and his family briefly over dinner, because I wanted to meet her. Later, I told Jim his sister didn’t look well to me. He said her cancer had returned somewhat. By the next day I knew the cause of her cancer, which was being with that shaman, who was from a school that was short in female essence, long on doing and commercing in shaman training and work, and in all the inner circle being on the corporate letterhead, including Sandra Ingerman. I told Jim the shaman and drained his sister of her female essence, not intentionally, but that was what happened, and that had caused her cancer. I told her that later. I told them she could get help from the angels, but they apparently ignored me. She seemed to me to be under Jim’s spell, he knew what was best sort of thing. I see Jonathan encouraging people to engage their causes to save this or that in the world, including the environment, but I do not see him encouraging them to look in the mirror, deal with their own shadow. That approach is not a big seller, hard to make a living at it, probably impossible. That was the shaman Jesus’ approach and what he taught others to do. I told you when you first approached me about Hidden In Plain View that I only could participate, if nobody involved was hawking their wares. Judging is not the same thing as observing what people say and do, and what they don’t say and don’t do. People tell a lot about themselves without knowing it. There always is the voice of the soul and the voice of the ego, and they can and often do use the same words with two entirely different meanings, and the ego is not aware of it, while the soul is. I hear both most of the time, and it for sure results in a lot of loneliness. I imagine Jesus was the loneliness man in the history of this species, until he met Mary Magdalene.  I received two transmissions about her, the first around 1991-92, from far, far away it seemed:
Melchizedek … Melchizedek is an order of angel that comes to a planet in trouble … Melchizedek comes to a planet to prepare it for the coming of the Christ … Christ does not come to a planet without Melchizedek … Mary Magdalene was of the Order Melchizedek …
The second transmission came in late winter 2004:
Rosa Mystica
Sweet Mystery
Bride of Christ
Living water
without which God is dead
and there are no rainbows
I later came [with the help of my sixth wife] to understand, Bride of Christ was Blood of Christ
Christianity has created a male Trinity – homosexual by practice and definition.
This species humanity is so skewed into the masculine, the women as well as the men, that there is no hope of the species turing around without a serious infusion of the feminine essence into the species and nearly all of its members, women as well as men.
That was the prayer I was asked several months ago to make for the United States of America: a divine intervention of the feminine into USA. I made the prayer, and wrote about that and said my experience with her intervening into me was very rough and I didn’t see it being different for USA.
She destroys plenty, ruthlessly if necessary, to rearrange her habitat. Hurricane Sandy and Sandy Hook School were some of her handiwork. She is fed up with war, guns. She is fed up with the worship of idols: money, military might, guns, power, drugs, cosmetics and plastic surgery, social climbing, striving to prove self, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual abuse, brainwashing, copycatting, …
In the Gospels, Jesus told his disciples that they could blaspheme him and  they could be forgiven, but if they blasphemed the Holy Ghost, they would not be forgiven. He knew the Holy Ghost was the feminine side of God, which the Christian church has repudiated. As has Islam. As has most of Judaism, even though in that sect’s scriptures Wisdom is assigned the female gender and the spirit of God is called Shekinah, gender female.
Jesus beat his head against a wall many times  trying to bring his disciples around, and they were still raving monkeys when he left them. But he had planted seeds, which the Holy Spirit came into them and grew them into men. Real men. And grew women into real women.
The greatest love story in human history is Jesus and Mary Magdalene, and the Christian church has obliterated it, in practice and in the New Testament; but it’s hidden in plain view there, if you have eyes that see. I don’t feel like explaining again what is lying in plain view in the Gospels about Jesus and Mary Magdalene, whose story is just as important as Jesus’ story without Magdalene, for their mating union was an effort to undo the fall, which was the loss of the feminine in this species, the rift between men and women.
Alas, Jesus and Magdalene did not complete the mating ritual. When Jesus left Palestine, how that came about also is hidden in plain view in the Gospels, Magdalene declined to go with him, because she did not wish to leave her culture, which is not in the Gospels. So Jesus headed east, alone, with a very heavy heart. Ironically, Magdalene had to leave her culture anyway, after being a follower of Jesus became a capital offense under Roman law for Christians who did not recant Jesus.
Magdalene fled, with her and Jesus’ child, to southern France, as reported in the book, Holy Blood, Holy Grail. Some of that love story Dan Brown hijacked and twisted to make a lot of money off the The da Vinci Code. Brown displayed zero knowledge of the Holy Grail and real Grail Knights and  their Ladies.
I was provided five women with many spiritual gifts, in succession, to attempt to complete that ritual Jesus and Magdalene started. Each woman was different. Each relationship was different. We were torn every which a way but loose. It was beyond human comprehension. It was driven by Jesus and the Melchizedek Order, in which Jesus is High Priest, says the New Testament Letter to the Hebrews, with the agreement of our souls, our egos’ druthers notwithstanding.
That is The Second  Coming – the completion of that “paradise mating” ritual, but you would never know it by reading the New Testament or listening to the Christian church. Or to aura readers, psychics, or anybody I know, except one young woman I met in Key West, who became known as Aphrodite.
It was clear to me that she and I were supposed to pair up, the sensations were blatant, but she was not able, or was not willing, to set aside my being 40 years older. It occurred to me maybe a month ago, if she had gone with it, she would have conceived a child the likes of which this world had not seen since Jesus and Mary Magdalene. Probably, a girl child.
There is no way not to be very lonely with all of that, and a whole lot more, inside of you – unless you are paired up with your paradise mating partner. Then, the two of you, Adam and Eve, hand in hand, began the paradise return through the purifying fire swords wielded by the two Cherubim to protect the Tree of Life and its ways. God never told Adam and Eve they could not return to Eden, but to return, they had to be purified and wise, their time of innocence in the Garden a historical event not to be regained.
That is the Grail journey.
That is the Second Coming.
Jesus and Mary Magdalene understood that. But Christianity does not. Nor does Judaism and Islam. Nor does the New Age. Nor does any other religion on this planet, although within each religion and outside of religion a few people understand and are trying to live it consciously.
I doubt anyone known to me would pay money to hear or read what I wrote today. I doubt more than a handful of my readers read this entire post. But it’s published now, on the World Wide Web and in the Akashic Record. And it’s free.
Sloan Bashinsky

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