Christmas hangover: batshit crazy shaman school, Florida Keys and beyond

cruise ship leaves Outer Mole
Heard in my sleep last night that Key West needs to give one-half of what it takes in on the Outer Mole Pier to the Navy. Makes sense to me, it’s the Navy’s property, it ought to get half of what the City makes off of it from the cruise ship industry. However, in exchange, I think the Navy and the City should let the people of Key West resume use of the Outer Mole for swimming, fishing, picnicking, watching sunsets, etc.


I woke up around 6 a.m. today and found this on Facebook re yesterday’s post:

Christmas Day 2012, just another day on the hard rock pile for this crazy person

bat shit crazy
Benton Coons Just read the latest Florida keys…. I will say it one last time for you dear sloan… with the deepest and most sincerity I can …. from a heart that is bursting with God. …. I am asking and will ask and think you could ask too….. Send them helpers on over… Let them know there is a man MORE than willing to take over for you if I may be so bold. And yes old man you need and deserve a little rest. Happy holidays to you… May we be the Peace, sanity and Joy that our world needs…. blessings on your head, peace in your heart. gettin’ towards hollow
Sloan Bashinsky Thanks, Benton. I very much would like relief, more than you, or anyone, can imagine. However, my prayer, quite simply, is: God’s will, not mine, be done.
Also on Facebook yesterday:
Erika Biddle Good morning Sloan Just thought about you and sending you some virtual love ?
Sloan Bashinsky need all the love I can get, virtual, up close and personal, as does everyone I know, hope you two are having a great time down there
Erika Biddle Have you ever read Doreen Virtue’s “angel therapy” ? I didn’t but yesterday I overheard a conversation about clairaudient people like yourself ….
Sloan Bashinsky have not heard of Vitrue’s book, will google it in a bit, see what virtual says about it … I wonder if Virtue is her birth name? If so, a heck of a name to wear thru life … clairaudient as in crazy, I have heard said from time to time
Erika Biddle It’s not crazy – it’s a special gift (according to overheard conversation ) some people who have the gift get so frightened that they do anything to shut it off…
Sloan Bashinsky found this on D. Virtue – Everyone has guardian angels, and these angels perform God’s will of peace for us all. When we open ourselves to hear our angels’ messages, every aspect of our lives become more peaceful.
Erika Biddle Cool merry Xmas my friend
Sloan Bashinsky Not my main experience with angel therapy, which I have received steadily since 1987, although sometimes there is peace, repose, it mostly is quite steep and grinding, and was the same for people I knew getting similar angel therapy, but then I was told in the beginning, “This will push you to your limits but you asked for it and we are going to give it to you.” This day is going to have to change plenty for it to be cool or peaceful, last night was super rough, still underway, at end of today’s post I told that I had told the angels yesterday, several times, that what I wanted for Christmas was not to wake up today, for it to be over
Erika Biddle That would be too easy…your purpose in this life might not be fulfilled yet… Your personal struggle might end as soon as you find how to be of service. I a Phone needs juice good bye for now XOE
Sloan Bashinsky Gosh, I thought being of service was, is, most of what I do. I found myself thinking a bit ago, bite my tongue perhaps, but I was thinking it, I am given the heavy lifting to do, because I was trained to do it and most shamans either don’t want to do it, or don’t know how, to do what I do. Not that they don’t do very rough work, but it seems different to me, what I hear/read of them doing, and what is given to me to do.
Erika Biddle regarding Bat(shit)crazy Shaman yesterday I learned that the bats were the guardians of the underworld…spirits that could communicate through the Shamans and fly into the heavens. Very respected by the different pre columbian cultures because bat shamans were able to journey through the middle, upper and lower worlds, linking all their beings..
Erika Biddle I just read this and I thought you might enjoy this quote:” “When we honestly ask ourselves which person in our lives mean the most to us, we often find that it is those who, instead of giving advice, solutions, or cures, have chosen rather to share our pain and touch our wounds with a warm and tender hand. The friend who can be silent with us in a moment of despair or confusion, who can stay with us in an hour of grief and bereavement, who can tolerate not knowing, not curing, not healing and face with us the reality of our powerlessness, that is a friend who cares.” Henri J.M. Nouwen, The Road to Daybreak: A Spiritual Journey
Sloan Bashinsky Somethings else about bats is they sleep most of the day and their natural sonar allows see great in the dark and they eat small flying insects. [And bat guano makes excellent fertilizer.] I told the angels a while ago, while out for a walk near the water, that on a scale of 70 (I’m 70), 70 being the most intense, this Christmas day, today, is a 69 of the Christmas days I have experienced. A younger woman friend in North Georgia, who often absorbs and carries what I am doing, called today to say she felt like she was maybe dying, her gall bladder and liver were fouled up, she had a big headache. I said, same for me. She asked if I saw friends yesterday, I said no, and maybe not today either, given how I feel today. She said same for her. When someone is in acute distress, there is little that can be done but be therefor them, care for them physically, if they cannot do that for themselves. Although I know they mean well, it is not comforting when people, after receiving what I wrote today, messaged me saying they hope I have a good, merry, nice Christmas. Most people I know would have been at the emergency room already. I read more about the Virtue Angel Therapy lady. She’s made it big time, it seems from her website. She stuffed her spirit gifts for years, pursued conventional success and did very well. Finally, the angels got her attention. She then went with the angels. I sent her something I wrote yesterday to a Christian website that had scrutinized shamans unfavorably. Said a woman friend of mine had told me about her. I envy you and Joel being down there, having what seems to be a great time in what I imagine is a very interesting place. My next to last wife spent some time there, before we met. She was the female companion with me in the taxi coming in from the Mumbai airport, as described in today’s raving. XOXO
Erika Biddle Travel is my way to connect to the cosmic. I was looking for a special place to ring in the anticipated Mayan Armageddon. Met these perhaps pseudo or real Shamans who were tripping on ‘Auyuhasca’ to connect with their inner selves. Or as William Burroughs described it to Allen Ginsberg a Yage session is space-time travel. The blood and substance of many races, Negro, Polynesian, Mountain Mogul, Desert Nomad, Polyglot Near East, Indian-new races as yet un-conceived and unborn, combinations not yet realized passes through your body….” I was on all fours convulsed with spasm of nausea and pain…” You are not alone Sloan to go through this…XOE
Sloan Bashinsky The Cosmic comes to me wherever I am, unless I’m in a killer dark night of the soul, when there is near total disconnect from the Cosmic. Pain comes to me wherever I am, it is in the spirit realms and I absorb it. I doubt any real shaman has to use any drug to travel in the spirit realms, I never did it that way. And mostly the spirit realms came/come to me, there was/is relatively little travel to other realms when I was/am not asleep. Sorry for your writhing in pain, Auyuhasca induced or otherwise. I thought you went down there to have a vacation. If Christmas never comes again, it will be too soon for me. I only started coming out of hell in mid-afternoon, and I drove down to Key West because I had picked up an interesting young fellow walking that way on US 1 carrying a guitar in a case. While down there, I saw “Django”, which puts an entirely different spin on slavery in the Old South. I don’t figure it will be a smash hit with Confederate old imes in the land of cotton are not forgotten buffs, but I bet blacks will flock to see it. Driving back up to Little Torch Key, I stopped by to see Todd German and and his lady Lesley Salinero at her home on Summerland Key, where I got quizzed about my next political action and got told I was not permitted to leave the world just yet, God and Todd had too much left for me still to do, most of which centered around Key West’s homeless people. I told Todd I needed a bigger audience, such as Bill Becker and US 1 Radio, articles in The Citizen based on journalists interviewing me, me writing guest editorials for The Citizen, just to educate. I said my websites and candidate forums do not reach a wide enough audience. I dread running for mayor again. Key West is seriously bogged down in several big spots: homelessness is one; Truman Waterfront is another; Bahama Village is another; North Roosevelt construction (perhaps a misnomer, perhaps deconstruction fits better) is another. Well, if that was my Christmas present, like I said if Christmas never comes again, it will be too soon for me.
To Doreen Virtue:
A woman friend told me about you today, Christmas, hoping I somehow might get relief from the load angels keep me under. I told her my experience with angels is very different from what she said of what you do. I publish something new daily (usually) to Here’s something personal I wrote to a Christian website yesterday, after reading something they had put up scrutinizing shamans unfavorably.
I looked over some of your website after finding your online commentary on modern shamans. I was raised a Southern Baptist until I was 12, then my mother converted to the Episcopal church and took me there with her. Many years later, early 1987, Christianity seemingly having failed me, as had my searching elsewhere, I prayed, “Dear God, please help me. I do not wish to die like this, failed.” I paused, said, “I offer my life to human service.” Maybe ten nights later, I awoke in the wee hours and saw two etheric white-ish beings hovering above me in the darkness. I heard, as if spoken into my mind, “This will push you to your limits but you asked for it and we are going to give it to you.” I recalled the prayer I had made. Then, my body was jolted by what felt like lightning, and there was a white flash with it. I once had been knocked down by a near lightning strike on a golf course, and it felt something like that. Then came another lightning jolt. Then came another. What I thought were two angels dissolved and only darkness remained. I’d never had such an experience. The changes began slowly on this world and internally and in spirit. The pace quickened, and as it quickened my perspective of everything changed, and kept changing, and kept changing. Some of the earlier phenomena were spectacular and very emotional and uplifting, and some of the later phenomena were horrific and terrifying. There were several dark nights of the soul, the first was horrible, the second was far worse, as described in the commentaries of St. John of the Cross. There were later dark nights. Eventually, I came to understand the two angels who came with the message and lightning were Jesus and Archangel Michael. Ten years into it, Melchizedek joined them in a way I understood consciously. The internal changes sometimes were violent and terrifying, imposed from the spirit realms. There was a great deal of healing of horrific soul wounds inflicted on me by other people and by myself, and of horrific soul wounds I had inflicted on other people. Not everything was healed, there is karma I might live out my days with. I knew a few other people who were brought into much the same experience, two were brought very deeply into it, but it did not seem they were locked into it in the way I was. I was in it first, and they followed, voluntarily, invited by my spirit handlers named above, and not by me. I probably would not invite anyone into this experience today after how it has gone for me. Steep is an understatement. Your website suggests you hold yourselves out as being very knowledgeable about spirit phenomena and practices outside of Christianity, and you seem dedicated to proving non-Christian practices are not really okay, nor safe. For sure, spirit experiencing is very different and very prone to getting lost and worse. I can’t begin to imagine what would have become of me if I was not ridden hard herd on by my spirit controllers, who have rescued me many times from blunders I brought upon myself thinking I was doing okay, or great, when nothing was further from the truth. For all I know, they will spank me, or worse, for even writing to you.
Sloan Bashinsky
Little Torch Key, Florida Keys
Also found this on Facebook this morning:
Benton Coons Hmmmm……..
The False Concept of Karma. There is also no karma.. this is a false, non light concept to attempt to holdthe evolution of humanity in circles. But there are no actual karmic laws of any kind. The law of attraction exists, sure, but karma itself does not exist, has never existed and will never exist, nowhere in the Universe. There is much deception, but all that is negative, is part of the non light. The Light knows no negativity of any kind, no war, no violence, no judgment and no ego. Light souls on Earth, incarnated into humans or animals, do know negativity, but only as outside energies that contaminate them. Once a Light soul on Earth learns how to let go of all these illusions of negativity, he awakens to his true nature, and will start his journey of healing humanity, healing the animals and healing the planet itself. That is the purpose of the Light, there is no “war” going on between good and evil.. because the Light does not have any armies, never uses violence and never causes harm. ~~~ author unknown
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Sloan Bashinsky If wishes were horses, all beggars would ride. A saying well known to Sufis, whom Benton sometimes likens himself: “Let God kill him who himself does not know yet presumes to show others the way to the door of His Kingdom.”
Benton Coons thank goodness I don’t know the way for anyone….
Benton Coons I was certain this would be one that would grab ya Mr. Sloan… ya old coot….. you follow this dance almost like you been practicing…. ready for the dip ?
Sloan Bashinsky The Sufi poet Rumi scribed a poem about a chickpea in a cauldron, which is pretty well known. It’s about being worked on by God. Rumi also scribed a poem along the lines of, “Beyond right and wrong there is a field, and I will meet you there.” My take on a lot of Rumi’s poems is, he was the audience, the voice was either God or Shams, Rumi’s spiritual teacher, who is far less well known, which seems odd if he was Rumi’s spiritual teacher. You are headed into Sufi country [Turkey/Kurdistan]. Real Sufis know God’s will, not mine, be done. It is burned into their souls. They are of Islam, but they are not of the Islam that makes war on other members of Islam, or against anyone.

Likewise, Jesus was not of the Christianity that makes war on anyone.

Here’s a “story” I lived in June 1995, a couple of days after I lived the wolves and eagles “story” reported toward the end of the recent Key West Homeless Memorial Service post. I took nothing to induce the experience, which happened during an attempt by a younger woman friend, also a friend of Benton Coons, to take me into a past life regression, which she was sure would solve all of my problems. That also was what had induced the wolves and eagle experience two days prior. Just another example of someone who thought they knew something, who tried to fix me, or tell me how I should live, being shown: “There is more in heaven and in earth, Horatio, than there is in your philosophy.”
Once upon a time there lived a woman named Alya. She was the medicine woman in her tribe, using herbs and poultices and spirit ways to help her people. Yet she had one flaw: she hated lions, because once a lion had killed her father. Her hatred caused her to cast spells against lions, which caused her husband great concern. He often told Alya that her war with lions was going to get her into big trouble, but she was a medicine woman, she knew the ways of the spirits, and she did not listen to her husband. One day while Alya was out gathering herbs, she spotted a lion sunning himself in tall grasses on the savannah. She hatched a scheme in her mind to sneak up on the lion and cast a spell on him, which would enable her to steal his spirit and have it for herself. As she crept closer to the lion, she began chanting softly and seeing in her mind’s eye her spell taking over the lion. However, she was so focused on what she was doing, that she did not see in her mind’s eye the lion’s mate returning from hunting. Nor did she see the lioness catch her sent, drop her kill from her mouth to the ground, and circle around behind. Too late, Alya realized her peril, just as the lioness took her from behind. Next thing Alya knows, she is in the spirit world, standing before the Lion Spirit. Trembling with terror, Alya wants to run away, but the Lion Spirit speaks to her heart, says, “There is something you do not yet know.” Then Alya is back on the savannah, watching a hunter from her tribe sneaking up on a nest of lion cubs, whose parents are away hunting. The hunter has a twisted spirit, and decides to kill the lion cubs just for the fun of doing it, even though killing any animal just for sport is taboo in his tribe, which worships the Lion Spirit. On returning to his village, the hunter tells no one what he has done. When the lion and lioness return to their nest and find their dead cubs, they are enraged. They catch the hunter’s scent and track him back to the edge of the village, where the lion hides in a thicket and begins roaring and bellowing out his rage over what has happened. The hunter knows why the lion is there, doing that, but still he tells no one. Alya’s father, the tribe’s leader, prepares to go out and face and kill the lion, because it his duty to protect his tribe from marauding lions. And so he sets out to face the lion, even as the hunter lets him go without saying what has happened to bring this about, and that a lioness is also out there with the lion. Alya’s father quickly finds and confronts the lion, and is preparing to kill it with his spear when he is taken from behind by the lioness. In her horror, Alya helplessly watches on, even as she now realizes that her hatred of lions was completely misplaced. She feels awful. Then suddenly she is back on the savannah, stalking the lion whose spirit she once wanted to steal for herself. The lion looks up, stares into Alya’s eyes. She shakes all over, is terrified, but does not look away. Then something takes hold of her, she says to the lion, “I have lost my father and you have lost your cubs. I will be your cub.” The lion looks deep into Alya’s spirit, nods, says, “And I shall be your father, and will always protect your front.” Then beside the lion is the lioness, who says to Alya, “And I will always protect your back.”


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