Winter Solstice mental health advice for Uncle Sam and his fellow Americans – from the feminine side of the Creation, mostly

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Received this on Facebook yesterday from a Key West fellow.
Bob Consroe Sloan…
I just wrote a piece and I am considering it for submission to The Citizen. I am not sure if it would be appropriate for you blog Good Morning Key West but thought of you for first refusal. Let me know what you think and the piece is as follows. Bob
Evil as a Diagnosis?
The recent tragedy in Connecticut where young children were murdered while in school has everyone chattering about treatment for mental illness and gun control. Both of these topics need public discussion and revisions in our society; funding for treatment of mental illness has suffered in recent years and gun control laws are way overdue and have been held hostage by a lobby in the minority. Speculation on a mental health diagnosis for Mr. Lanza, by the talking heads on television babbling the usual rhetoric, has had very little substance. The operable term here is speculation. From what I have read, SO FAR, Mr. Lanza does not appear to be mentally ill. However, many people do have some form of mental illness and a small percentage may be violent. Notwithstanding, if we are going to speculate, I wonder why we overlook the obvious? There are evil people in this world who do evil things. I learned very early on in my career that there are people who have problems and there are people whose behaviors and deeds resemble an anus. These two types of people should not be confused or mistaken for each other. It is certainly possible that a person can be both, but one is not an excuse for the other i.e. a person with problems cannot justify or explain certain behaviors based on their problems. There are evil people in this world who do evil things. For instance, I have often seen colleagues make a diagnosis of depression as a shorthand description of the problem. More accurately, depression is a category of diagnoses that comes in a number of shapes and sizes. It is important to get the diagnosis correct, since the treatment regime is not necessarily the same for each diagnosis and too often medication is seen as a remedy. In my experience, medication most often treats the symptoms and not the problem. If we look a little deeper, sometimes depression is not a diagnosis, but is a symptom. Most commonly, in haste to diagnose, we may overlook another more accurate diagnosis such as borderline personality disorder, which commonly has depression as a symptom but is not the problem. In fact some would argue that the whole category of personality disorders are different than other problems we call mental illness since they are more accurately a disorder of a person’s character by nature i.e. if a person has a flaw in their character, does this constitute mental illness? If it does, then the vast majority of our politicians are high level sociopaths, the diagnosis being the antisocial personality, another of the personality disorders. Most generally, sociopaths, who are sometimes referred to as psychopaths, fill our prisons. The “condition” is characterized by lies, deceit, manipulation, and a disregard for the rights and freedoms of others. This type of person does not have sympathy for the pain others feel and quite usually enjoy it. Anything that does not enhance the accomplishment of their own goals is irrelevant and they always feel they are above the law. There is always a lack of remorse, and if permitted, they will behave the same way repeatedly. These people are often very charming, convincing, and persuasive. The absence of any guilt allows them to commit terrible deeds and lie about it. Does this sound familiar? Most politicians build a career on lies and deceit, while being charming, convincing, and persuasive. Their most important goal is reelection and they represent the moneyed interests that contributed to their campaign and not the interests of those who voted for them. It is noteworthy that the interests of the voters are in competition with those with the wealth, who wish to increase their wealth at the expense of those less fortunate. After all, the amount of wealth is finite and for some to gain wealth, some must lose it. How often do we see remorse or guilt from this process that politicians caught in wrong doing? How often do any of them admit they were wrong? Here’s the point. Treatment for mental illness and gun control are inexorably tied to the political process and the people we continue to elect to office. The goal of elected office should be to represent the best interests of the voters and motivated by altruism. Until this becomes the mainstream, we will continue to poorly treat the mentally ill and have evil people in this world who do evil things.
Bob Consroe, LCSW, has been licensed as a clinical social worker for 38 years and in three different states. He has practiced as a cognitive behavioral psychotherapist in a variety of settings, hospital administrator, and consultant. He is presently retired but keeps his license to practice active.
Sloan Bashinsky Hi, Bob – Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this dreadful subject. I need to sleep on your article, to see if the angels I make up want me to publish it. I wrote in three posts now that Adam Lanza was demonically possessed, and that is beyond psychiatry’s range. Have you read Scott Peck’s book, People of the Lie? Some of what you wrote reminds me of that book. Probably the primer on demonic possession is Hostage to the Devil, by Father Malachi Martin. The Monroe County Library System used to have a copy.
I scrawled this below earlier today, might be too long to fit into a Facebook comment:
This aimed dead at moi is on’s Coconut Telegraph today [12/19/2012]:
The person who occasionally posts about speaking with angels and being given good advice in dreams seems to me to be a ticking time bomb. I hope the FBI is on the case. I hope this person is not dangerous to anyone but perhaps himself. In any case, I hope he/she gets mental health advice.
The dreamer who is spoken to by angels, a wee bit different from speaking to angels, gets mental health advisories from them ongoing about himself and about other people, and sometimes about America, about religions, about other countries, and about the human species.
So far, the angels have not told the dreamer to harm any one, not even himself. So far, the angels have not told dreamer he is a leader, an avatar, a messiah, but once they did tell him, in his sleep, not in a dream, in plain English, “You are an ordained Melchizedek exorcist priest going back into a prison where you once lived to try to help other people still living there.” The very next night, the angels told him in his sleep, not in a dream, in plain English, “You cannot do this work correctly, if you are looking to get anything back for yourself from the people you are trying to help.”
During the dreamer’s peculiar life, he treated mental health workers for their mental and spiritual problems, including psychiatrists, psychologists, clinical social workers, psychological counselors, addiction counselors and Jungian analysts. During the dreamer’s life, he met lots of people under the care of psychiatry, and himself was treated by psychiatry. He learned psychiatry has no clue what is wrong with its patients or what can be done to fix them, although sometimes the pills and other restraints psychiatry uses mollify symptoms, while creating other symptoms and making the underlying problems even worse.
Absent physical brain injury or birth defects, mental illnesses are caused by injury to the internal feminine and masculine, and their intended symbiotic interaction, and by demonic possession. The boy who murdered the Sandy Hook School students, teachers and staff was demonically possessed. The boy’s mother was demonically possessed, providing her son, whom she knew was dangerous, with access to the two pistols and a rifle he took to the schools to kill the children, teachers and staff. They all now are in God’s hands, while the suvivors are in a living hell from which they likely will not emerge in this life, although as time passes the conscious suffering will subside, while the subconscious suffering will continue to rage, causing them many problems of spiritual, emotional, mental and medical variety, which may or may not be diagnosed and/or treated poorly.
The only threat I am to other people is their beliefs and egos. I have paid, am paying, dearly for harm I did to other people in this life and perhaps in prior lives. I have zero desire or impulse to harm anyone physically, or otherwise, because I do not want to incur any more karma of that kind. If everyone on this world was like me, there would be no physical violence; there would be no psychic abuse; there would be no child abuse; there would be no theft; there would be no lying; there would be no cheating on spouses; there would be no sex crimes; there would be no prostitution; there would be no drug addiction; there would be no war; there would be no religions; there would be no greed, nor any other of the so-called seven deadly sins; there would be no mental illness, as it is misunderstood today; there would be no demonic possession, as it is misunderstood today. Lucifer would be totally wigged out.
Meanwhile, yes, I can be dangerous to myself. I can behave in the ways I used to behave. I can ignore the training the angels put me through; I can ignore what the angels tell me to do and not to do. I can kill myself. I certainly have thought many times of killing myself, as would anyone I know who lived in my skin 5 minutes. If they did not die first, which mostly likely would happen because of the spirit load they were not gotten in shape by the angels to carry.
The angels Jesus, Michael and Melchizedek, and others they let have at me from time to time. The angels who never pat me on the back, never tell me I am doing a good job. The angels who constantly correct me and remind me of how far I still have to go. The angels religions have re-invented, to make those angels acceptable to members of those religions. The angels who are looking after the people who died at Sandy Hook School, including the shooter and his mother.
There indeed is a ticking time-bomb, and it is humanity. More closer to home on this world, it is America. More closer to home in America, it is each person in America. Deep down inside, under specific circumstances, every person in Amercia is that Sandy Hook shooter and his mother. Including Time Magazine’s Person of the Year Nobel Peace Prize President Barack Obama, who is doing to Afghan and Paki civilians what the Sandy Hook shooter did to civilians in that school.
Make no mistake, the Sandy Hook massacre was karma for President Obama’s drone massacres in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Make no mistake, Hurricane Sandy’s ravage of New York City and surrounding was karma for President G.W. Bush’s 9/11-reactive wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, which any half-wit should have seen were a really bad idea.
The time-bomb ticking in America is of the delayed release variety. Hurricane Sandy and Sandy Hook School are just seconds in the minutes and hours that bomb will count down, if America doesn’t really change its ways.
Before dawn, today.
I awoke from a jolting corrective dream, in which I was operating without the aid of the feminine in what I was trying to write for publication today, as I viewed the dream. I then pondered the Michael Gruber novel I now am reading, Night of the Jaguar. I pondered the blatant attempts of the Spirit World to wake up the bad guys and a former police detective, whom the Spirit World had tried two times before to wake up. I pondered the jolting dreams they were receiving, and the jolting dreams the detective’s daughter and his psychiatrist wife were receiving. I pondered how the detective and his wife were desperately fighting the dreams with their masculine minds and concretized masculine beliefs. I knew I had to rewrite some of what I had written yesterday, to include the feminine. I crawled out of bed and found the lower left (feminine) side of my spine was out. I hobbled around until it loosened up  some, so I could sit and work at my laptop.
I then found myself wondering if the angels might start bombarding humanity, especially the American division, with jolting dreams, to wake America up to what it is doing. I found myself wondering if President Obama is having jolting dreams, which he is ignoring. I found myself wondering if the leaders of the National Rifle Association are having jolting dreams, which they are ignoring. I found myself wondering members of Congress are having jolting dreams, which they are ignoring. I found myself wondering if many Americans are having jolting dreams, which they are ignoring. I don’t know, but I wonder.
On the widely-held belief that stricter gun control will stop, or reduce, Sandy Hook School massacres, Lady Wryter wrote yesterday:
Sloan– cannot send you link to Bloomberg’s Monday 12/17 appearance on MSNBC Morning Joe– am only accessing by phone now– but if you google “Bloomberg on morning Joe you can view the entire segment or read a fairly complete summary from the NYDaily News. Mayor was even more effective there than on Face the Nation. Well worth pursuing.
I replied:
Thanks, found the Morning Joe video and the NY Daily News article. Suppose will use in tomorrow’s post. Maybe I will need to move to Patagonia, if I post what’s presently on my mind.…

Dec. 18: Mayor Michael Bloomberg explains what’s reasonable and what’s possible in the coming months in regards to gun control. Bloomberg says, “it’s …

Mayor Bloomberg: 'There are some things President Obama can do' on gun control
New York Daily News ·

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is calling for tougher national gun control.

This is excerpted from N.Y. Mayor Bloomberg’s remarks on ‘Morning Joe’ on  MSNBC.
We always have agreement that something has to be done about illegal guns — but that’s a cover for nothing. No. 1, it’s President  Obama‘s job to promote a plan that satisfies the needs of the country. He is  the Consoler-in-Chief, but he’s also the Commander-in-Chief. CLICK  HERE TO SIGN THE DAILY NEWS ONLINE PETITION TO BAN ASSAULT  WEAPONS I am not unsympathetic to the realities of getting things through Congress.  But you’ve got to stop and think about what’s the difference between a  legislator and an executive. A legislator’s job is to sort of split the baby, to give everybody  something. An executive says, ‘This is what we’re going to do,’ and then  convinces people to come along. The President has spoken out eloquently on the need to do something. He did  that two years ago. Since then, 21,000 Americans have been killed with guns and  we’ve done nothing. There are some things President Obama can do. We have not had a director of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and  Explosives for six years. If you don’t have somebody running the organization,  it can’t do anything. He can also tell his prosecutors to go after people who lie on their gun  license applications. About 71,000 people have lied in the last few years, but  only 77 were prosecuted. They can also go after rogue gun dealers. My organization, Mayors Against Illegal Guns, paid for sting operations on  dealers. Undercover security teams went in and said, “I want to buy a gun, but  is there a background check? Because I couldn’t pass one.” A group of mayors isn’t supposed to be doing this type of work. It’s the  federal government’s job. And lastly, there is something called the Tiahrt Amendments. Named for their original sponsor, U.S. Rep. Todd Tiahrt (R-Kan.), the  amendments are provisions attached to federal spending bills that make it harder  for law enforcement to pursue criminals who buy and sell illegal guns. We should  reject the Tiahrt Amendments. But those are things the President can do with a sign of his pen. In  Congress, we need to introduce real legislation. If the legislation isn’t so  clear that every American can understand it, I’m going to try to get as many  people as I can to make a big fuss. In New York, we have tough gun laws, we have aggressive policing, we’ve  closed the gun show loophole. But we can’t figure out whether the gun in the  Connecticut shootings was or was not an assault weapon based on our state’s  law. When you read it, you may wonder why certain things were put in there. They  were put there by somebody who wanted to fundamentally gut the law. I don’t have a problem with people buying guns. The Second Amendment gives  them the protection, but the Second Amendment has some restrictions. The Army has a rifle I would call a cannon. It’s attached to the front of  vehicle and shoots a nuclear warhead. The NRA would say, ‘Oh, that’s a gun and  people have a right to have that.’ Where’s the limit here? Thirty-four people are killed every day. Newtown, Aurora, Virginia Tech — these things keep happening and they will keep happening. Sens. Joe Manchin from West Virginia and Mark Warner from Virginia have  received ‘A’ ratings from the NRA. They have said enough is enough, and enough  is enough.
Okay, assume everything Mayor Bloomberg suggests is done by President Obama and Congress. Will that stop school massacres? No. There is no way to protect school childern from terrorists, when they are massed up in front of a school before classes begin and after classes let out. Will the President and Congress doing everything Mayor Bloomberg advises make school massacres “forbidden fruit” to maniacs? Yes. So should Mayor Bloomberg’s recipe be followed? Yes, if the point is to learn just how much sway the National Rifle Association really has in Congress and the White House. If it has even one ounce of decency and sanity, the NRA will publicly lead the charge for Mayor Bloomberg. Lots of luck.
If Presidents Bush and Obama, and Americans had one ounce of the Holy Spirit, they would see the linkage between America’s wars against Islam and Hurricane Sandy and the Sandy Hook School massacre. Seeing that would put Presidents Bush and Obama, and Americans and America into free fall. The earth would disappear from beneath their feet. They would lose their minds, become psychotic in the psychiatric sense. In the God sense, it would be the first step to restoration of the Holy Spirit in Presidents Bush and Obama, Americans and America – if they didn’t ignore it, if they didn’t medicate, if they didn’t lash out; if they only just were quiet and still, and let it wash through them, and let the angels work inside of them in their now much more jelly-like state.
I want to say, Lots of luck! But what do I know? With God, anything is possible. What do I know? Maybe God will do to every American what God started doing to me in January 1987. That would be a really wild picture show.
Back to the Coconut Telegraph comment that the author hopes the Feds are onto me. In my dreams, federal is code for God’s realm, but in this situation it also is code for USA. Given all I have published online, if the US Government isn’t after me by now, maybe it has concluded I am not a threat. But then, perhaps the F.B.I. is coming to tell me the First Amendment has been repealed, freedom of speech no longer exists in America. I bet even From the Right guy on the Coconut Telegraph would have a conniption over that!
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