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Various responses to the Sandy Hook massacre: 

Tim Gratz of Key West wrote:
I told Todd, it really isn’t about mental illness. It’s about demonic possession, which psychiatry does not recognize or treat. For that, the Catholic Church has to be brought in, and it is short of exorcists priests who know what they are doing because for some years the Church suspended teaching priests the Rites of Exorcism. But even then, you can’t force someone to being exorcised. And so few people accept the reality of demonic possession, ie. the Sandy Hook shooter’s mother, perhaps, that it’s not likely that exorcists priests can have much preventative effect.
Boy, do I agree with you about this! In fact, yesterday I was listening to a radio preacher and it was obvious the talk was recorded before last Friday and he made the point that demons are real and he thought that at least some of the cases of senseless acts of violence coould be explained by demon possession.
I agree with you that the MCSD response is totally inadequate. Again, I suggest fully secured schools (it is cetainly possible to have only one point of entrance/egress) further butressed by locked school rooms, and most teachers armed. Yes, it is still possible there could be an outside sniper as you suggest but he would be able to do much less damage and even the grounds could be patrolled. I do not think a team of SWAT people are needed in any school to have a much higher level of security.
I replied:
Hi, Tim. Yes, demonic spirits are very real, as The Spear of Destiny(Trevor Ravenscroft) and Hostage to the Devil (Father Malachi Martin) report in a somewhat modern context. I live in abject terror of misstepping the work I am given to do, because I know what can happen to me if I screw up and the angels decide to let me wallow in it, like what happened to the priest in the Introduction to Hostage to the Devil, whose grim but victorious emergence is concluded as that chilling book winds down. The exorcisms described in that book are very different from casting out demons rituals seen in some churches, which have seemed, the few times I have seen it, to be theatrical, even though the ministers and congregation seemed sincere.
I was not trained to do a Catholic Rites exorcism. Rather, it was simply do what is given to me and to a person in need of help to do, one step at a time, lots of steps, endless steps, a living deliverance in which the delivered fully participates with eyes wide open, if it is to succeed. Personally, I don’t see how exorcist priests can be used to prevent what happened at Sandy Hook, or the invasion of Iraq or Afghanistan for that matter. I think it will take something truly monumental and attention-getting to get this species’ undivided attention. The subtlety of two Sandy’s is not the sledgehammer needed, for example, to get America’s undivided attention.
Tim, I do not see how the Sheriff and/or the School District can fund the defense of our schools as you suggest, nor do I think your plan provides a real defense. All any determined school terrorist has to do is attack a few minutes before classes start or as classes let out, when the front entrance and parking are are filled with children. As I wrote before, it is Americans, not foreign terrorists, who scare me. Not for me am I scared, but for other people, especially children and parents of children and school teachers.
Nashville J wrote:
The shootings in SH are tragic and I can not even begin to understand what those parents are going thru during these difficult times. My thoughts and prayers are with each of them. It makes me sick to see this being used for political purposes in order to accomplish an agenda. The below pretty well says what is being done today:
You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it’s an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.
Rahm Emanuel Read more at There is plenty of blame to go around. The parents? mental health system? the school?, the media?, state and federal government? they ALL failed. Yet, the finger is pointed at GUNS for the reason and it will be used to try and accomplish things they could not do before. This is no longer about the kids and adults who were killed at SandyHook – it is now about politics and that makes me SICK! J
I replied:
Hi, J.
When something rocks America, it inevitably becomes about politics, religion, and just about everything else that can be thrown at it. Probably same everywhere else, too. What I keep coming back to is, I see no way to stop this sort of thing. It is in our culture. It might get worse. America might become an armed state, like Israel, but the enemy will be us, as my Cuz Leo sent today. That is a really cheery outlook just before Christmas. Sloan
“We have met the enemy and he is us.” — Pogo


Distant in-law Ron of North Carolina wrote:

BASH – not all NRA members buy into the NRA extreme “no rules” position regarding guns. In fact, only a small minority of members buy into that position. most NRA members fear creeping govt. control of and removal of their “honest” hunting & protection guns. That is why the NRA majority tolerates the extreme position. Tolerates, but does not really buy in to that position. The lobby effort is the threat, but, I am not convinced that NRA members vote the party line. Mike Bloomberg, if his numbers are correct, does have results in New York City on his side. Perhaps we could all learn something from their approach. I personally am not bright enough to see an easy answer. I think the issue would puzzle a super world class Grand Chess Master.
Ciao, Ron
I replied:
Hi, Ron
I’d like to hear more about Bloomberg, if you can provide the information.
As you described the NRA, with its radical faction, that sort of reminds me of the Republican Party, with its radical faction, the Tea Party. I told a few people after the last election that the Republicans/Romney lost the election because they sucked up to the Tea Party, which scared away voters who otherwise would have voted for Romney.
I don’t have any problem with hunting, I used to do plenty of it, I loved it. However, I prefer hunters clean and eat what they shoot, and not just kill for sport, which I often did.
I never associated the NRA, in my mind, with protecting the right to hunt. For me, the NRA always has been about the right to bear arms, for personal protection and protection from the US Goverment.
Perhaps if the moderates in NRA were running it, but it doesn’t seem to me that they are, after I saw the NRA rally to defend Florida’s Stand Your Ground Law and George Zimmerman.
Ron replied:
SLOAN – All I know is what I heard from Bloomberg on Face the Nation. He touted a significant reduction in gun killings in New York City and the lowest gun killing rate of any major city. Due, he said to the New York City gun laws, and their strict enforcement. I tried to look up the NYC gun laws and did not make much progress. I agree with your comparison of the NRA and the Repub’s. I was out and about and heard this bit on public radio. The “expert” a congressman from California said that the NRA could not deliver votes, but they did deliver large sums of campaign funds. He stated that when gun control issues came up that the NRA’s bombastic position frightened politicians not so much on the voting side, but on the loss of campaign funds. He was echoing basically the same thoughts that Bloomberg had stated on Face The Nation. Another interesting tid-bit that I had not focused on. The M-14 type gun is the gun of choice of mass shooters. The M-14 and it’s many cousins are not the weapon of choice for criminals. The criminals much prefer pistols for their line of work, because they are easier to conceal. Another expert said “quit focusing on the mass shootings and focus instead on the overall shooting death issue in the nation. He stated that in the same amount of time that the Sandy Hook incident took place, more than 30 gun related deaths took place across the country” I don’t know how to confirm that, but based on the local Charlotte paper, we seem to have 3 or 4 such deaths each day. If Charlotte and surrounds is typical of major metro cities, his numbers could be right. I also have heard bandied about the “fact” that we have more gun related deaths across the country each year, than are killed in Iraq and Afghan. I am almost certain that we have close to the combat death number of military personnel killed in vehicular accidents each year. To me, this confusion over the true issue and correct solution suggests that our leaders will undertake some form of legislation to “control guns” but it will not be effective, unless tightly enforced. I think enforcement is the key. Connecticut is reputed to have one of the toughest gun control laws in the country…… Sandy Hook is in Connecticut….. You, have to ask, what is the answer??? Sloan, I fully agree with you on the hunting program. If you don’t harvest it , clean it and consume it you should not be hunting, or calling yourself a hunter. Now, I do draw that line just short of Coyotes, no matter the intent, those things are just not good to eat. Possums, Coons, Groundhogs, Yes…. Coyotes, Fox and Bobcats No If we don’t communicate again, I am wishing you a good Christmas and hoping you prosper in the new year.
Regards, Ron
I replied:
Hi, Ron. Thanks for the Season Greetings, same to you. And thanks for filling in some info on Mayor Bloomberg. Alas, even in New York City, I still see no way to stop what happened at Sandy Hook, if a terrorist is determined and attacks when school is starting or letting out. And I see no way to stop any other shootings, unless there are no guns at all, and then I suppose knifings, clubbings, dynamiting, etc. would move back into vogue. I’m in a great mood today. Sloan
Ron replied:
SLOAN – The media has turned Sandy Hook into a major sensation. No doubt is was horrible. The immediate push for gun control legislation etc. The thought of the terror those innocents were faced with in their last few moments bothers me, deep down, it really bothers me. But, I also wonder if the media and the politicians are taking advantage of the horrific event? Chicago has an average of 45 souls killed by a gun every month. Most are shot with pistols, revolvers and semi-auto pistols. Most victims are young black men in black neighborhoods. Most shooters are young black men in black neighborhoods. Where is the media on this? Where is our President on this, in his home town? Chicago is not alone, but they are high up in the rankings. Most major metro areas have similar activity with gun deaths and the same demographic in most cases. Where is the media on this? I don’t know, but I don’t think we are losing 45 American souls per month in Iraq and Afghan. combined. I don’t know if the media is only interested in mass killings of white people, with the weapon of choice being an M-14. I do know that the day to day, run of the mill gun deaths of young black men in black neighborhoods does not seem to generate much ink nor much air time. No network on the scene interviews. No talking head experts. Do you think the media has a bias against young black men? Do you think 45 souls a month in Chicago is not news worthy, or do we think the media relegates young black on black shooting to the same level as an auto accident on the freeway. Just another day in the city. Where is the outrage among the politicians? I think I am through on this subject. I have no answers, just questions.
Regards, Ron
PS: I think you do a good many of us a really good service by bringing these issues and your thoughts to our attention. Many of us don’t agree on various items with you or with your readers, but on the whole, you really offer all of us your thoughts of excellent logic and bring us items worthy of discussion. I for one, hope that you remain inclined to continue your work. rk
I replied:
Hi, Ron –
The media certainly had no bias against Trayvon Martin, even posted much younger photos of him to stir greater sympathy, one news service’s people altered the 911 transcript to make it look like George Zimmerman was racial profiling.
I have major trouble putting what happened at Sandy Hook in the same bin with random murders in Chicago or in any city.
I am very concerned school massacres will become a sport for deranged people, and I see nothing that can be done about it.
Going to war already is a deranged sport for America, and perhaps it’s so habitual there is nothing that can be done about it.
I suppose if I felt like I was getting a lot of agreement about what I write and publish, I might start thinking either something was wrong or I was going out of business :-).
Ron replied:
Black guy White Hood

A white NRA hood, it looks to me.  On that topic, there is a different post today at, which you should be able to reach by clicking on this link: black and white relations over the years I have known Key West

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2 Responses to America in hell

  1. ngahick says:

    As for gun control, Michael Bloomberg, Sandy Hook. I am a longstanding member of NRA, enjoy all types of small game hunting, and collecting firearms, especially vintage Winchesters. All Winchesters manufactured prior to 1964 were made of higher quality steel, milled and hand fitted parts and are precision instruments…and many very rare. Winchesters and Colts had a plce in American History as the “Guns That Won the West”. The transcontinental Rail Road could not have been completed without these firearms for protection from hostile Indians that were constantly sabourtaging the railroad and attacking the constuction crews. So much for that ! When you join the NRA, you choose which of their two (2) monthly magazines you wish to be sent. They are the American Rifleman with featured articles about rare and new hunting firearms and accessories, proper ammo for various game,and ballistics of each. Then there is the American Hunter (which I chose) and there are beautiful articles about game management, the need to cull certain over-populated herds of various animals including game animals and predators (coyotes, etc.) The latest edition of American Hunter has brief “official journal” by Wayne LaPierre, Exec.V.P, NRA about Michael Bloomberg and GUN CONTROL. Upon Bloomberg’s end of term of N.Y. City Mayor, he is dedicated to use many of his millions to BAN guns. As founder of Mayors Against Illegal Guns (MAIG) he is “building his personal cadre of urban politicians, an army of gun-BAN zealots with untold TAXPAYER resources at HIS disposal. JANUARY 2013 ISSUE OF AMERICAN HUNTER…THE BILLIONAIRE VERSUS WE, THE PEOPLE. These “assault” looking weapons are all semi auto ( must pull trigger for each round of fire) and shoot no faster that my conventional Browning Auto hunting rifle. It’s the LOOK of these AR-15’s that scare and confuse the Gun Control Advocates. They shoot no faster than my over the counter Browning and similar hunting rifles. As for the clip magazine capacity..I know these ar’s etc. can accomadate clips that hold up to 30 rounds. However, large capacity clips were outlawed, there are already MILLIONS of them already owned and what is to prevent a shooter from simply equiping himself with pockets or a backpack full of smaller clips! !

    Any way, I’ve enjoyed opining on these topics as it is not in me to spend the time and energy to ADVOCATE.
    My Best, NGAHICK

  2. Sloan says:

    Hi, Davisky – Been thinking of gettng me an assault rifle to plunk iguanas what lounge around my place. Put the fear of God in them for eating my garden vegetables and tropical fruit. I don’t think there is an answer for defending against what happened at Sandy Hook. Guns can be gotten on the black market, if they can’t be gotten legally. I’m glad you been enjoying my gun ravings, cause I ain’t enjoying writing them. Shinsky

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