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Holy Fire

Paul Huck in Birmingham
Bash: Having served in the military, I have had the same thoughts. I do not know how this would solve school shootings, but an appreciation for our country and a world perspective not available anywhere else. I would propose a choice: @ 18 2 years in the military bot boys and girls OR 3 years in some Peace Corps, government service type position. We have plenty of environmental projects, national parks, little pick up ion high ways, things that need doing. Pay would be minimal and housing in barracks type facilities.Reduce the size of government, high paid, $20an hour littler picker upper with low cost youth. If everybody participated, it would be a part of life. The danger i SEE IS A GOVERNMENT INDOCTRINATIoN PROGRAM LIKE THE Hitler youth WENT THROUGH. don’t HAVE ALL THE ANSWER, BUT i HAVE HAD THIS THOUGHT TOO, ALONG WITH, FOR ONE Charlie rANGEL.
Michael Cornwell in Tuscaloosa, Vietnam vet, lawyer, outdoors enthusiast
Sloan, While I was in U of A offices Friday wraping up the semester for my legal studies for the year , one of the lady assistants started talking about the horror in Connecticut as she read about it fresh on the news. I told her people in this nation and elsewhere should not be shock or mistified by all the seemingly insane shootings. But the shootings are no more horrific and not as deadly as the campaign with drones in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and who knows where else our nation’s leaders are killing hundreds of innocent children and adults in some delusional “war on terror”. These child killings barely make one news cycle before they are shrugged of as “collateral damage” . How many hundreds of thousands of civilians did we kill in Iraq, Viet Nam and only thousands in our clandestine overt operations around the world, now and historically. But innocent blood drips from the peoples of all nations who still think if they just kill enough people, some how the we be safe and peace, love and brotherhood/sisterhood and a new day will emerge. We are as violent as a species today as when we started walking upright and technology has given us the means to be much more efficient in our killing of other human beings. And of course, everyone claims to be favored by God in their use of lethal force. Americans especially, tend to see what we have done to create killings on a massive scale, historically and presently, as apart from school, malls, theaters shootings, family homes and basically any where in society. It is quite simple how we find ourselves seemingly daily watching barbarism. As ye sow, so shall you reap: and this does not mean some kind of punishment from God. It simply means our almost unlimited resort to killing is like a contagious disease which has inflicted the human family. This applies to practically all nations. Viloence is a deadly toxin which humankind is still all to ready to drink. It is still viewed as a solution : by government officials implementing the “will of their peoples” to individuals who have delusional, desparate thinking. And on top of this human condition, in this nation, we find an absolutely destructive, unrelenting love and passion for guns that is unfathomnable to me. And for far too many gun nuts (and I think the label appropriate) , the first thought after situations like the slaughtering of school children and adults is not the tragedy, but their concern that the hue and cry of anguish and outrage may focus on our society’s obsession with guns. The Connecticut incident is but the latest installment of the two-by-four applied to the mule’s head. Society here and around the globe still refuse to look at what we have been doing to ourselves. And for those who would look to religions for comfort, explanations , understandings and hope for a different humanity, observable facts demonstrate that the major religions are part of the problem. Hawkman
Vicki Weeks of Savanna, formerly of Key West
Hey Sloan, I have only one question re: “the Israeli model” is – how’s that workin’ for ’em? Not so good from what we hear about life on that side of the pond…but the corporate arms merchants are happy as pigs at an Israeli B-B-Q! And I’m sure they’d like nothing more than to see a huge jump in the personal arms race here at home. Best, V
Sue Heim on Key Largo
Hi Sloan, Bottom line – society can’t regulate, legislate or medicate the whackos. Crazy comes in all forms – mental, emotional, behavioral, temporary or permanent. No amount of money, time, or effort will ever resolve the whackos.
Josh Borders, used to live in Key West
Sloan. How are you old friend. I still enjoy reading your blog. This one i take particular interest in. I believe what happened and why it happened can best be said like this.
You want to know why. This may sound cynical, but here’s why.
It’s because of the way the media reports it. Flip on the news and watch how we treat the Batman theater shooter and the Oregon mall shooter like celebrities. Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris are household names, but do you know the name of a single victim of Columbine? Disturbed people who would otherwise just off themselves in their basements see the news and want to top it by doing something worse, and going out in a memorable way. Why a grade school? Why children? Because he’ll be remembered as a horrible monster, instead of a sad nobody.
CNN’s article says that if the body count “holds up”, this will rank as the second deadliest shooting behind Virginia Tech, as if statistics somehow make one shooting worse than another. Then they post a video interview of third-graders for all the details of what they saw and heard while the shootings were happening. Fox News has plastered the killer’s face on all their reports for hours. Any articles or news stories yet that focus on the victims and ignore the killer’s identity? None that I’ve seen yet. Because they don’t sell. So congratulations, sensationalist media, you’ve just lit the fire for someone to top this and knock off a day care center or a maternity ward next.
You can help by forgetting you ever read this man’s name, and remembering the name of at least one victim. You can help by donating to mental health research instead of pointing to gun control as the problem.
Enjoy the weather Sloan. It is viciously cold these days where I am in my travels.
Josh Borders.
I wrote back:
Hi, Josh.
I suppose the media can be blamed for turning school shootings into a sort of national school shooting championship contest. I suppose every evil thing that is reported by the media can be blamed on the media, if there is a later copy cat evil deed.
Sandy Hook does not look to me like a mental health issue. It looks to me like the work of Evil though the shooter. And beyond that, as I published today, because it was given to me to publish, what happened at Sandy Hook is part of America’s karma for the way it responded to 911, and still is responding to it.
I know that isn’t something Americans, in the main, can believe, but I have known people in the past, still know a few today, who look beyond the workings and ways of this world for answers.
I got to where I was pretty much intolerant to cold after living 10 years in northern New Mexico and northernish Colorado. The spirit realms can be pretty cold, too. You ran into that with that KW cop who arrested you for easing your bicycle against a red light across a side street entering Duval Street earlish one morning.
Tim Gratz of Key West
Very interesting blog on Sunday re Sandy Hook tragedy.
I cannot agree that it is Karma for U.S. misdeeds, any more than I would agree with Mike Huckabee’s controversial remark that the tragedy occured because we have removed God from the school system. Which does not mean that I agree with the drone attacks or with the proposition advanced by the President that he has the authority to order the execution of an American citizen without a trial (this shocks me). But I cannot believe that God (Karma?) would order the killing of children in response to any perceived American misdeeds.
We all want an answer to these too frequent random shootings but I am not sure there is an answr, at least an easy answer. I do not think a blanket progibition of handguns and other weapons would work. Nor do I think there is an effective way to determine whether an individual possessing a weapon might be capable of such an action.
There are steps that can be taken to prevent school violence, which may be both a) expensive; and b) less than desireable. On emethod is to have every school in America as secured as most of our courthouses are. Someone can correct me if I am wrong but I think that even the most litigious lawyer in Key West is routinely scanned for weapons at both the county and federal courthouses. Security needs to be adopted to screen EVERYONE above a cetian age (no matter how apparently respectable or well known they are) for weapons before they are allowed access to a school.
Again it may not be palatable to many but even with the security suggested above why shouldn’t doors of classrooms be locked while classes are in session in case someone is somehow able to bypass the metal detectors?
And I agree with one of your correspondents that teachers should be armed and trained. I understand the principal or a teacher was valiantly wrestling with the shooter when she was killed. How more effective it would have been if she had been able to end his life with a weapon.
I believe these measures could go a long way toward preventing violent acts in school systems but granted they would not prevent workplace violence or violence at public places such as shopping malls or movie theaters.
I would not oppose tightening gun control laws but I do not believe that any proposed changes could be as effective in prevention as the increased security I suggest.
Finally, I think this is a matter our school board should consider because there is no reason such an act could not happen in Monroe County.
One correction to my e-mail: the student who turned seven last Tuesday was a precious little girl.
Finally, let me (of course) bring up the Coalition. I am not aware of many cases where child sex slaves are murdered but statistics indicate that every year in this country tens of thousands of minors are subject to the commercial exploitation for sexual gratification of adults. Children (mostly girls) are lured or forced in to prostitution at very young ages and often forced to repeat sexual acts several times a night. This form of child abuse is simply morally intolerable and we must work to prevvent it regardless of where it occurs.
I wrote back:
Hi, Tim.
The father of one of the murdered Columbine students went before the US Congress and blamed his son’s death on the removal of prayer from American schools. I watched how moved most of the Congressmen and women seemed to be by that argument, which on its very face was incorrect. Any student in America could pray in school anytime he/she wanted to pray, but not in an organized prayer fashion.
The young man who did this horrible thing at Sandy Hook was possessed by Evil, just as George W. Bush was possessed by Evil when he ordered the invasion of Iraq, and then the invasion of Afghanistan. Just as Barack Obama was possessed by Evil when he accepted the Nobel Peace Prize while continuing to wage his predecessors’ two Evil wars. Just as the drone attacks on civilians are Evil.
None of the above is a mental health issue, but is something else entirely, which mental health does not address, and often makes worse with its treatment methods.
You also are welcome to reject what I was given to write about Sandy Hook being part of USA’s karma for the way it responded to 911, and still is responding. You are welcome to reject the notion of karma altogether. It still exists nonetheless.
However, you do not understand karma, Tim.
God did not order the death of those children and teachers at Sandy Hook. Karma is a law of spirit physics, which applies to all beings in the Creation. As you sow, so shall you reap, is how Jesus said it in the Gospels. And there is nothing USA and its Huckabees and politicians and disbelievers and Christians and other religious sects, and all of USA’s military and spy might can do to change that, other than to start behaving a lot differently.
USA doesn’t listen to its heart. It doesn’t listen to reason. It doesn’t listen to its soul. It doesn’t listen to God. So somebody has to be put way out on a limb and say what is really going on for a few Americans who are able, or ready, to see what most Americans probably will go to the grave never seeing.
I imagine to try to stop Sandy Hook from ever happening again, USA would have to bring home all of its troops and station some of them at every school in America. Or, a lot more police and deputy sheriffs would have to be hired and trained in real combat, and then be stationed at every school. The former school defense, the USA could afford, since it’s already paying the troops to fight, or support, its Evil wars. The latter school defense would cost a whole heap more money. And even that would not stop rocket propelled grenades, mortars, missiles, fertilizer bomb cars and trucks. Neither Monroe County nor the School District have the personnel nor the funds to prevent a determined American school terrorist.
Osama bin Laden’s strategy from the get go was to draw USA into attacking Muslim countries. Any idiot should have seen that. By the time USA finally killed Osama, USA already had killed USA. Who won that war? Osama bin Laden and Evil, that’s who. Osama was Evil’s bait. USA was Evil’s target. And yes, Islam also was Evil’s target. As was Christendom in America. Quite a victory for Evil, 911.
Because of your life-long activity in politics, Tim, you really should read The Spear of Destiny, by Trevor Ravenscroft, who was a Grail Knight – a real one, not the Hollywood kind Dan Brown dreamed up in The da Vinci Code. Get out of the wading pool, Tim. Get your eyes opened a sliver. The same Evil described in that book is described above.
The same Evil prospers through child sex trafficking, slave trafficking. There is no way those horrors can be stopped by human methods. You can pass 1,000 laws against it in Washington D.C. and in Tallahassee, and it will not abate. You can hire 1,000,000 more police to fight it, and it will not abate.
That was the lesson of Prohibition, the War on Poverty, the War on Drugs, the War on Illegal Immigration, the Law on Whatever. You cannot defeat Evil by waging war against it. It simply shape shifts into something at least as bad, or worse. If you don’t believe me, believe Jesus in the Gospels.
Tim replied: Well I agree with a lot of what you say. It is a question of evil and not mental health.
Columbine and Sandy Hook and teh Holocaust all prove that evil is real and exists.
You are right I am sure I do not understand “karma” and how it works apart from God.
Now the troubling moral question is that while God did not ordain the murders He did permit them in the sense HE could have prevented them.
The problem is that if God prevented these multiple murders or any murders the “free will” to commit evil would disappear.
Please read the article I sent you from Doutat that discusses Ivan Karamazov’s argument that even if the Christian belief in free will abd ultimate redemption is true, hev rejects it on the ground that the price of our freedom is too high.
I do think that evil can be abated and through legislation, but the important word is abated. It is ridiculous to say that we can defeat slavery, but we certainly can abate it. For example, Muslim countries that cut off the hands of thieves are successful in reducing theft. May not be the best example but increasing the severity of criminal penalties will defer some. Another example is that severe economic sanctions may be effective against cigarette companies. Holding companies like Backpage financially responsible for their evil may deter them or put them out of the business.
Would putting Backpage out of business stop the commercial sexual exploitation of chidren? Obviously not but it might abate it, perhaps dramatically.
Re saftey in schools I think much can be accomplished (as I suggested) through strong secirity with metal detectors at entrance point, locked shool doors,a rmed teachers, etc. I do not think we need cadrsons of soldiers at every school.
Will try to find and read the book you recommended.
I know you understand that while I do not agree with everything you write it is all thought-provoking and worthy to read.
I replied:
Karma does not work apart from God. Karma is part of what God created, just as this solar system is part of what God created, just as this world and what inhabits it is part of what God created. Once something is created, it is sort of turned loose, allowed to find its own way, sometimes with nudging or tweaking from angels, sometimes not. Also, the demonic forces get to have their say, for they also are part of God’s creation. Nothing in the Creation is not of God, for everything emanated from whatever name you wish to assign to what started everything. What that origination is, of course, has been the subject of much debate and argument and war and torture and death on this world, in its name.
If I had to hazard a guess, I would guess the horrors humans perpetuate are allowed to give humanity a chance to consciously stop doing horrors and become more like angels, or more like demons, if they don’t stop doing horrors. While what those children and teachers briefly experienced was terrible beyond imagination by me, they are no longer on this planet experiencing what the survivors are experiencing. The departed are in an entirely different experience, and it looks to me that the surviors are in hell, and I suppose the shooter is in hell, but I seriously doubt the people he shot are in hell. How do we know the children and teachers who were killed are not better off for it, happier, now that they are where they are and see what they see? How do I know my son who died was not far better off than if he had lived?
I suppose there are lots of ways to challenge God, but Job seemed to have the best handle on it. He just accepted his experience and politely ignored the people who tried to convince him God was bad. God is God. And there is no figuring God out, is what I have come to think. I ain’t even sure Jeus and the Archangels have God figured out.
Here’s a link for the book:
The Spear of Destiny: The Occult Power Behind the Spear which pierced the side of Christ [Trevor Ravenscroft] on

Tim replied:
Very perceptive point about Karma being what God put in force and that presumably he does not control it and it will work just as the stars and planets work. I had not thought of it in that light.
Your point about Sandy Hook is chilling and I had thought of it. No doubt at least some of the victims did not die instantly but had minutes of conscious pain and the normal fear of death.
But no doubt all of the children are in Heaven and the perpetrator in hell.
Do not know if we will ever learn his motive or if we do learn it it will help deter future acts.
Obviously anyone who does that knows that he is going to die either by the police or at his own hand. Cannot believe that anyone would commit such an act knowing he would receive eternal punishment. Hard to understand why a person would want to commit suich terror on innocent people merely to pay back something he has had to endure.
Of course the horrors of Sandy Hook pale in comparison with the horrors of the Holocaust and the question also widely debated is why otherwsie normal people can be trained to participate in such evil. In a way that is harder to understand than understanding a single incident like SAndy Hook committed ny an indididual who was probably deranged. Dereangement does not explain Hitler’s willing executioners.
Thanks for the link. It looks fascinating and I will pursue it.

Tim also wrote:
You may find this essay interetsing:
I replied:
I sympathize with:
Perhaps, Ivan concedes, there will be some final harmony, in which every tear is wiped away and every human woe is revealed as insignificant against the glories of eternity. But such a reconciliation would be bought at “too high a price.”Even the hope of heaven, he tells his brother, isn’t worth “the tears of that one tortured child.” It’s telling that Dostoyevsky, himself a Christian, offered no direct theological rebuttal to his character’s speech. The counterpoint to Ivan in “
The Brothers Karamazov” is supplied by other characters’ examples of Christian love transcending suffering, not by a rhetorical justification of God’s goodness.
In the Gospels, Jesus said woe be unto anyone who harms a child, which was another acknowledgement of the Law of Karma.
I railed at God after my infant son died.
I railed at God when his younger sister was run over by a VW Beetle on her bicycle and nearly lost one of her legs.
Didn’t change anything.
As time passed, as I grew older, and older, as my perspective changed, radically, and changed, radically, etc., I learned that it’s about enduring what life brings, enjoying what is fun, and taking the next step. I learned there is nothing I can do to change anything in this world. All I can do is be honest, and do as little harm as possible to other people, physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually.
This fellow who wrote what you sent, I sympathize with him, too. But who do I take out after with my Kalashnikov? I can’t see who to shoot. And if I could see who to shoot, I would fear the karma of shooting the low-life. After the deed. I probably would have no hesitation shooting someone I saw doing, or about to do serious injury to a child, or to anyone else. But I don’t have a Kalashnikov.
I used to have a 12 guage Ithaca pump shotgun. Maybe I should have kept it. There isn’t a criminal in America who doesn’t recognize the sliding action sound of a pump shotgun chambering a shell.
America desperately needs to lose its innocence, because it is not innocent.
Tim replied:
Yes I also found that paragraph profound.
“The tears of one tortured child” certainly brings child trafficking to mind, as does what Jesus said.
The other thinmg that comes to mind that is reminiscent of your Karma concept is Lincoln musing that perhaps the blood lost in the Civil War was the horrible price that our country had to pay for enduring slavery,
Cannot of course imagine what you went through with loss of your son. I think it hard for anyone to truly and fully empathize with another unless he or she has gone through the same loss.
But you have changed things for the positive. So do not despair at that thought of not being able to change the world. As I think about child traffickling I think all the effort is worth it if we save just one child. And hopefully our work will inspire others whose efforts will save another.
I replied:
I was told in the late 1990s that it’s not my job to try to save anyone. It’s my job to do what is in front of me in the way I am trained and advised to do it, because that deepens my relationship with God. If other people are helped by what I do, or are not helped, that’s on them.
When it dawned on me that Sandy Hook was karma for Obama’s drones, which idea was put into my head by Sancho Panza, albeit probably not in exactly the way he had intended, I was pretty much stopped in my tracks. I sat with the revelation, waited. It did not change. In my dreams that night, I was told to take the Christ approach in the next day’s post. That was yesterday’s post entitled
seek to know the truth hidden in plain view: America in shock and mourning, Florida Keys School Audit & Finance Committee crap out, Key West and other homeless crusaders, Monroe County Government and No Name Key prevaricators .
What I’m saying again, Tim, is the angels confirmed to me that Sandy Hook was karma for Barack Obama’s drones. Just as the angels had earlier confirmed that Hurricane Sandy (note the Sandy theme) was karma for America’s reaction to 911. Angels don’t see, hear, think or behave like humans on this world. It takes a lot of experiences with angels to be somewhat comfortable with their ways. Somewhat. Yet, they have told me, and other people I have known well, that they are teaching us to be more like them.
P.S. There is only one way into the state and federal courthouses in Key West, and there are several armed guards at the entrance to each court house. The County and the School District cannot afford guarding even one entrance to a county school, and  each school has all sorts of ways into and out of its grounds. There is no way to prevent what happend at Sandy Hook from happening in the Keys, and trying to prevent Sandy Hook from happening in the Keys misses the entire point of Sandy Hook and causes those children and teachers to have died in vain.
P.P.S. Just got through watching President Obama deliver his Sandy Hook eulogy. He covered lots of bases, he was eloquent, he said American children are all Americans’ children. He missed the point entirely, twice. American children are God’s children, their human parents are mere cusdotians and caretakers and teachers, and their government is that further removed; and all children on this world are God’s children and deserve the same treatment by America that President said American children deserve.
Sandy, a hurricane. Sandy, a hook. I can’t ignore that, even if everyone else on this planet can. I can’t help but wonder what is coming next, and next after that, trying to wake up President Obama and Americans?
Tim replied:
Boy is your first paragraph eloquent and theologically sound.  Bravo. Re Sandy and Sandy Hook, it is amazing that no one else yet saw the “connection” in the name.  It is either a very very strange coincidence or evidence of your theory that there is a cosmic connection between the natural disaster and the murders at the school. (I had to leave for church, then work by 5:00 p.m.; now off at 3:00 a.m. but a tad tired.  I’m sure we will chat tomorrow.)
On a parallel situation, which delves into what might have possessed the Sandy Hook shooter to do what he did:

Erika Biddle of Key West

Sloan Bashinsky Like homlessness and homeless people, mental illness also is pretty familiar to me. Some thoughts drifted into my head as I read the Anarchist Soccer Mom’s rugged story. Maybe some more thoughts will drift in later, before or after I sleep on it. She doesn’t seem to think psychiatry has the answers, she put out a cry for help, maybe the angels will weigh in.

Sloan Bashinsky This coalesced during a short walk, before I slept on it.

This mother’s gifted and tormented boy, Michael, is very open to the other realms, from which he receives the good, the bad, the beautiful and the ugly. He is receiving/feeling the collective malaise of
USA, which he sometimes acts out when the pressure becomes overwhelming in him. Also, there is a demonic spirit/interference, which finds Michael easy to use. Also, Michael spoke truly when he told his mother the psychiatric facility was hell. I told Archangel Michael, “This boy, Michael, is yours to look after.” Then, I remembered a spontaneous vision, which I lived in June 1995, which I associate with Archangel Michael.

I napped for a while, sort of in and out, dreams jumbled, don’t recall anything now. Some more thoughts came after I talked with a woman who is receptive to spirit currents. She said there is a lot of Evil in this situation. After talking with her, I thought Michael’s mother might wish to obtain and read, it might be in her library system, Hostage to the Devil, by Father Malachi Martin, a Jesuit priest. Then, she might wish to contact the Vatican re a seasoned exorcist priest in her part of the US. In a later edition of his book, Father Martin lamented that The Church stopped training priests in the Rites of Exorcism, but there still are some Catholic priests who know that truly grim and dangerous terrain.
If more comes, I will add it to this FB tread.

I will post the vision next.
Sloan Bashinsky FB  won’t accept the narrative of the vision, perhaps it’s too long for FB, perhaps it is being spirit-blocked.

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