Sandy Hook: pure as driven snow NRAmerica cuts down the trees and the forest hidden in plain view

grow up, America
Tim Gratz of Key West sent this yesterday to about twenty people:
Just took a quick look at the identities of the Sandy Hook shootings. One of the victims, a boy, had celebrated his seventh birthday last Tuesday. Three days later he was murdered, It is all so heart-breaking, of course. I am sure that none of us can even imagine what the parents are going through. Tim
I replied just to Tim:
I can imagine to some degree, having been through something similar when I was entering my last semester in law school. There are no words to describe the internal trauma.
Disant in-law Ron, who used to vacation in Key West before he was a distant in-law, wrote:
BASH –  There is a solution.  I doubt that the  country can come to grips with it.  The Israel model.  Everyone serves  a stint in the military.  All school staff members, including teachers,  work armed.  Clearly to address a different kind of threat, but the same  model would work here.  Mandatory service for all, would go a long way  toward exposing those individuals with serious mental issues.  Armed school  staff and teachers, would have put a quick stop to the Sandy Hook  incident.
                    Having said the above, I doubt that the American public would buy in to  the program.  Too many agendas and a lack of strong leadership at the  top.
Would I like to see this happen?  No!  Is anything  else likely to be effective?
No.  So, I would choose the Israel model, not because I  like it, but because it works.  There is a new breed of whack jobs wandering the streets, and PTA meetings and making it tougher to purchase guns  is not the answer.  If current news is accurate, the guns used in Sandy  Hook were purchased by the perp’s Mother.  Her record and credentials were  as pure as the driven snow.  The son took her guns and turned them on  her.  The mall shooter, had stolen his guns from a friend.  Pass a  regulation, “you cannot steal guns from relatives or friends”, that ought to  clear every thing up.
                  That  is the end of my rant.  Sorry about that.  My point, go with the model  that is proven to work and protect the children.
                        Regards,  Ron K.
PS: While I am at it, remember prohibition….  legalize drugs, take the money out of the deal and watch crime drop like a  cold stone.
                    That’s all I got………….  78 years old and can look at the trees and  see the forest.  rk
My thoughts don’t entirely agree with Ron’s :
They legalized guns like the two pistols and the semi-automatic rifle the pure as driven snow mother purchased. Pure as driven snow doesn’t work for me with people who buy and keep such weapons.
Maybe the Israel solution would help, if everyone went along with it. But then, instead of toting guns to schools, American school terrorists tote rocket launched grenades, and drive close to a school when it is letting in or letting out and launch the grenade. Or, they lie in wait down the road and take out a school bus loaded with children.  Or, they make themselves into suicide bombers and walk up to schools just as schools let in and out and blow up children and parents and guards on the sidewalk. American school terrorists know they are dead or in prison for life anyway, so why not not make cars and pickup trucks into fertilizer bombs and drive up to schools just as they let in and out and blow up the entire front half of the school and everyone in the way? Assign a S.W.A.T. team to every USA school. Borrow more money from China to pay for it, or pay for it with the tax on legalized drugs.
Israel is an armed state, at war continuously because it was created out of Arab lands by Britain and France, with a wink and nod from USA, without asking the Arabs how they felt about it. Perhaps Israel students are safer at school, if their school isn’t hit by an Arab rocket. Maybe Israel students are safer at school, than they are going home or being at home. Doesn’t look to me that anyone living in Israel feels particularly safe. Poor as driven snow mother’s weapons didn’t exactly save her, or those children and their teachers.
Look at America’s military history of bigger, better, more powerful, more numerous weapons. Is America any safer today for it? Doesn’t look that way to me. I told Tom Milone of Key West yesterday, that I am a lot more afraid of Americans than I am of al Qaeda. I could get shot or stabbed at any time, and I’d never see it coming. Out for a walk in Old Town Key West one night a few years ago, Tom was attacked by several black Key West High School students and beaten nearly to death.
A massage school friend sent this today about a man in China who went on a rampage with a knife at a school, which had security guards:
Sloan Bashinsky no gun, security guards were on break? What came to me after I read this was Cheznia, Bosnia.
Should be Checknya.
Mass psychois/demonic possession.

In early 1999, when I was in a rather awful back place, I was speaking with a woman on the phone, a Christian intercessor I knew somewhat, she was an intercessor since early life …

Well, I went into a trance, then on a journey, into the heart of China. There was no life there, dead zone. Felt awful. Then, I was taken into the heart of Islam. Same as the heart of China. Then, I was taken under the Pentagon, same as the heart of China and the heart of Islam. No life, dead zone. Felt awful.

Three peas in a pod, except since then, all of America seems to be like those three now.

Here’s a Facebook tread I entered yesterday on this latest home-grown American horror, which gives a range of thinking. Jim Brooks used to live in Key West, US Navy, he was on my email list, sometimes wrote in and I published it, sometimes I ran into him at Jack Flats, a sports bar on Duval Street, between Southard and Fleming streets, across from the San Carlos Cuban museum and theater:
Jim Brooks It seems the simple answer is more gun control.  Perhaps.  But looking at the last horrific shootings, I think we need to put a priority on helping those with mental health challenges.  These shooters obviously were troubled long before they pulled the triggers.
  • Jack Papp The senseless tragedy in Newtown, CT is NOT an issue of gun control. It is an issue of the state of mental health care in this country and the refusal of insurance companies to cover mental illness like they cover every other illness. That’s the issue our leaders need to be talking about. Mentally ill people like Adam Lanza who are intent on killing will always find a way to find a weapon to carry out a heinous act like the one we saw in CT. One fo the keys to preventing acts like this are the people in the lives of mentally ill individuals like Lanza. Who among his family and friends saw and ignored the warning signs? Why did nobody step in and help? Guns don’t kill people…people do. Stricter gun control laws would go a long way in making it harder for people to get a gun. But guns are here to stay. We will always have the right to bear arms in this country. Banning guns won’t prevent tragedies like the one in Newtown. Identifying warning signs and providing affordable mental health care in this country for those like Adam Lanza, who clearly need it, will go a long way in preventing tragedies like the one we witnessed yesterday. Prayers for all of God’s new angels and their families.
  • Jim Brooks I don’t want our elected officials to take up gun control issues without addressing mental health issues without the same fervor.  Again, it’s easy to say guns were at fault.  I don’t think that’s the case.
  • Sloan Bashinsky Maybe if every American from, say, age 3 , owned and carried the two pistols and semi-auto rifle I saw on TV last night, as being recovered at the scene … That was not entirely a joke, but … Everyone I know is mentally ill, including me, some symptoms vary …
  • Alexandra Foster Guns do not kill people!!  People kill people! I echo jack Papp comment.  Insurance don’t want to help folks w/mental illness, if its in your history, then it could be one of the treatments omitted when you pick up another policy. Then some of these psychotherapist are as goofy as the patients and fail to do their job, then you have the parents incomplete denial…Leave Guns off the table, face it if a person wants a gun, you can get one….  Rather they are legal or not, then what? Then You can’t defend yourself…

  • Jack Papp Well said Alexandra…
  • Craig Skinner Jim – it is always a problem of not addressing the issue and going after low lying fruit. There are 210 million obese people in America, do we ban forks and food or address the underlying reason for the problem?  No one wants to offend anyone, but fat is way and crazy is crazy and both need help. Same with gun crimes.
  • Sancho Panza: I just heard that the Jersey guy who killed all those children in the primary school in Connecticut was actually raised in that area and his mother was one of the victims… matricide+++! I can’t even imagine the anguish of those mothers that lost their child… I think he meant to “kill” them too!In aminute your World can be turn upside down… how do we reconcile this with any spiritual philosophy?! And it happens over and over again, all around this world… some of it coming from USA Drones raining hellfire from above on innocent families… maybe there is Karma to be paid… but we don’t learn!
    Don Quixote: I was thinking of asking if you want me to see what the angels say about your question. I saw an NRA ad somewhere today, saying people don’t blame cars for drunk drivers, and guns don’t kill people either. I wanted to scream. About five minutes ago, I thought, yeah, if there were no NRA, would that child-killer’s mother have been able to get those two nasty-looking pistols and the nasty-looking semi-auto rifle in a store, or anywhere legal? Then, you sent something on American drone strikes killing innocent civilians overseas, and I imagined those civilians feel about the same about their loved ones being killed by American drones as the parents and siblings and relatives of the children and adults in that Conn. school are feeling right now. I know what it feels like to have a young child die suddenly, unexpectedly. I can’t imagine anything worse happening to an adult, or to a sibling of that young child. That’s all I feel comfortable saying right now …
    Sancho Panza: I think war and killing via a tv screen is an aberration of face to face combat… I want Mr. Peace Prize to clean the dismembered body of those children killed by drones, he should also prepared their coffins and hear the cries of their parents as they are lowered to the ground… I want Mr. Peace Prize to know the pain of the loss of one of his daughters as a result of an assassin aiming to kill him and maybe then he can go on TV and cry true tears… yeah, killing and death has become so passe, so sanitized these days… we let somebody else take care of it! Let the NRA arm the whole country so that maybe this crazed guy would only have had a chance to kill a couple of kids before he got shot by an armed teacher… yeah, I am sure those two parents would understand that this is the best we can do… here in America, the home of the brave, the land of the free…
    Don Quixote: What I didn’t want to write earlier, am wondering if there is spirit linkage between US wars in Afghanistan/Pakistan, and this shooting today in Conn? Similar to Hurricane Sandy being karma for America’s reaction to 911 – Iraq, then Afghanistan – but this latest linkage is through the drones. I hate thinking like that, but it was how I was trained to think. That, and war, which this killing in Conn. was today, is, well, Evil. I wish the folks who wrote the Old Testament and the Koran had seen it that way, but they apparently didn’t. Maybe the drones are part of, or a lot of why the Peace Prize drone sender wept in TV tonight, thinking it was all the shooting at the Conn. school, but deep down it was much bigger.
    Don Quixote Later P.S.
    My dream maker said the attack indeed was bigger; it indeed was karma, Americans reaping what President Obama sows with the drone attacks. Perhaps eventually, Americans will see that claiming to be One Nation, Under God puts America to live that boast, or pay a steep price for not living it. Perhaps the NRA religion will wake up and take responsibility for its actions. I won’t be holding my breath on either count.
  • Darlene Stefanko Wasilewski It is about helping those in need.  What also needs to be looked at is the amount of medicines our young children are on in America.
  • Judy Sanchez Ditto Darkened. 50 years ago there was little gun regulation and few tragedies like this. With the evolution of psychology, and the accompanying need that have been prescribed, these events are on the upraised. There is a ton of documented research out there on medications that are known to cause violent and suicidal behavior. How many kids today are being prescribed need for ADD, depression, sleep disorders, etc? Over long periods of time these drugs are known to result in changes to the brain that some refer to as a chemical lobotomy.  Consequently these individuals disassociate themselves from any emotion and social relationships. There was a good program on this awhile back. I’ll have to see if I can find it.
  • Brian Giertz a multitude of things need to happen to prevent these tragedies
Psychotherapy and/or meds won’t stop what happened in that school. There really isn’t a solution. America is on the skids and the symptoms are many and varied. Like it or not, the horror at that school in Connecticut was karma for USA dones killing children in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Like it or not, the dye is cast. USA’s karma pales the injury it suffered on 911, and that karma is just getting started coming home to roost.
I feel terrible for the relatives of those young kids and teachers and school staff who were murdered. They are suffering horribly and will continue to suffer horribly for a long time. Eventually, the horror will subside consciously, but it will remain subconsciously, and it will eat away at them and they will suffer in other ways they might not connect to what happened at the school. They never will get over it. Nor will relatives of USA drone-killed children in Afghanistan and Pakistan ever get over it.
Most Americans tend not to have any sense of the horror their country inflicts on other peoples, but people outside of America are acutely aware of the horror USA inflicts on other peoples, often in the name of God, whom George W. Bush said told him to invade Iraq, and then Afghanistan. I bet Barack Obama believes God told him to accept the Nobel Peace Prize, while he carried on with George W. Bush’s two stupid ruinous wars. Not even today do most Americans see those two wars are the main reason America is fiscally and spiritually bankrupt, unable to repay its secular and spiritual debts.
Perhaps every American over three-years-old should be as armed as that pure as driven snow mother was armed, thanks to the pure as the driven snow American Rifle Association and its many well-paid pure as driven snow whores in the US Congress over the years. Americans don’t think their country’s stupid ruinous wars encourage wacko Americans to arm themselves and go to schools and shoot children and their teachers? Perhaps every American, regardless of age, who backed George W. Bush’s two two stupid ruinous wars, should be sent to the front lines of Afghanistan. Maybe that would reduce the shooting massacres in American schools. As might legalizing marijuana and making all Americans use it daily. As might American Christians being possessed by Jesus of Nazareth.
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