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Hope, of Birmingham, Alabama, replied to last Sunday’s college is for suckers, Bammer Nation and Junkyard Dawg Nation karma, and other subjects not taught in school post:

Well, the championship game should be interesting. Maybe the Tide will not be hitting on all eight cylinders again (LSU, A&M, GA) and lose this one. I am not a fan of St. Saban. Take care, H-

I replied:
Hi, Hope. The Tide sure wasn’t hitting on all 8 cylinders in those three games. Notre Dame looks pretty tough to me. Your beef with St. Saban is? Sloan

Hope replied:

A day or two before arriving in Tuscaloosa, Saban had a news conference and all the reporters wanted to know if he were taking the Alabama job. He responded by saying “No!” rather emphatically and then said he had told them every way he knew how that he was not going to Tuscaloosa, no way, no how. He was adamant in his position. Then he shows up in T’town as the new coach. He could have said no comment. Then the newspaper had an article about his then $4 mil salary on the same day there was an article about tuition going up as professors hadn’t had a raise. That really hit me wrong and, as Saban was already on my “list,” that added to the flame. I wrote my first letter to the editors and it was published. The day it was published, my son called to say “Do not tell anyone your are my mom!” A gentleman from Hoover sent it a reply with the info that all athletic expenses were paid from athletic earnings–no states funds. I think he earns an obscene salary for coaching illiterates to throw a football; probably 40 times what a good professor earns to teach people who want to be responsible adults and contribute to society. I do know he isn’t the only one although he is the highest paid coach, and I also know I am in a minority of one in this state. But for the moment, it is a free country and I elect not to think Saban is the second coming.
I replied: 
 Hi, Hope. Basically, hilarious, your ripola of St. Saban and the college football god. Maybe you should write more letters to the editor, or maybe you do :-).

Yours sort of reminds me of a lady named Rose Carruthers, who had some words to say in her weekly column in the Birmingham Post-Herald, in the first novel that flopped out of me, KUNDALINA, ALABAMA – A Strange Tale. I believe there might be a read-only copy in the Lynne-Henley Branch of the Birmingham Library, and I think it can be found in used bookstores. The putative author was Jake Carruthers. A bit wild, if you can get through the front and back cover.
I also was bothered by Saban’s flip flop. Maybe something happened we don’t know about. Maybe they told him they would not meet his price, and he said he wasn’t coming, then they met his price. Or, maybe he told them all along he wasn’t coming, then they offered him the moon and that won the day. I suppose we’ll never know. From all I heard he wasn’t too happy with the Dolphins, nor they with him. So I found his telling them he wasn’t leaving, and then he left for Alabama, all rather puzzling, I wanted to say intriguous, but I don’t know if that’s a word.
I agree, it is a sad state of affairs when a college football coach, anywhere, or a high school football coach, anywhere, is so elevated over teachers and academics. I suppose I need to go into my sweat lodge and drink lots of sage tea and purge myself of all the poison being a dyed-in-the-wool rabid batshit crazy Crimson Tide lunatic, which I can blame on my father, if I don’t want to blame it on myself. The so-called hero in
was a batshit crazy Crimson Tide lunatic until he experienced an unexpected cure. You’d probably like his girlfriend a bit better. She went to Auburn, but that’s not why you’d probably like her a bit better.
Funny, from around 1986-2006, I paid far less attention to Crimson Tide ups and downs. My interest rekindled after I came back down here in 2006, after my father died in August 2005. Living in my own place again, for the first time since early 2000, thanks to an inheritance, I had more ability to kill time watching television at home and in sports bars, which didn’t cotton to homeless people hanging out in their establishments, sipping soda fountain soft drinks, which were refilled cheap, or free.
I sometimes feel guilty about being so rabid Crimson Tide, but I confess, if they weren’t doing well most of the time, I would lose interest for the most part. Wonder if I’ll dream about that tonight, or if the angels are giving me a pass on this carbuncle on my soul.


Re the ongoing saga sponsored, or at least triggered, by Glorida Reiser re my writing a new book about homelessness and homeless people, further Facebook chatter:

Gloria Reiser

When you mention homelessness encompassing more than just those who have no physical residence, I think you are on to something. Perhaps there is one book of many facets attempting to be birthed. Or perhaps there are two: one directed toward Mundanes, as a primer for a second book that plunges deeper into soul stuff

Gloria Reiser

Somehow prisons without bars is now flittering in mind

Sloan Bashinsky Looks to me, borrowing from Bo Lozoff, that we’re all doing time. In early May 2001, as I was just getting into writing HEAVY WAIT: A Strange Tale, which had been forecasted in a dream while I slept in a Key West doorway, but the meaning only came clear three days later, all as explained in the Preface to that novel, or poem, which I was told in various ways was headed for Hollywood, as I wrote yesterday, and into today’s Cock-a-doodle-doo post, sent to you separately a bit ago … I was told in my sleep, not a dream yet, “You are an ordained Melchizedek exorcist priest going back into a prison where you once lived to try to help other people still living there.” Then, I was in a dream, in a prison of sorts, with a number of men and women dressed casually, yuppie or polo dress, wandering around as if they were lost. I looked to my right and saw a way out of there but knew I would not take it unless I was told to take it. The next night, in my sleep the same voice said, “You cannot do this work correctly if you are looking to get anything back from the people you are trying to help.” I awoke knowing that meant not only not looking to get paid money, but also not looking to have friendship, love, thank yous, not anything. I had to be totally detached. My sense is, I have been working in that prison ever since.
Interesting parallel with how it went for the “hero” in the novel, which didn’t make it to Hollywood, so far, at least not in any way I can see.

Gloria Reiser

LOL! Good luck with that. But kudos on purchasing from Radio Shack. When ours croaked I purchased the one AT&T wanted to send me. It’s a flimsy piece of €£^¥ and runs at about dial up speed. I need to address that when we’re back home


Sloan Bashinsky

ATT tried to send me to the ATT store in Marathon, but it turned out Radio Shack had the latest Motorola version modem for ATT and I got that. Just now got off phone with ATT tech support, they talked me through getting it done. The modem that broke was Motorola, also. Bought it when I moved back up here in March 2010 and had to use a wired internet connection again, as am too remote for wireless access.


In a nap dream, or afterward, I got a sense that perhaps I should have thought of Prisons & Freedom, instead of what happened that night May 2001, when I was told in my sleep that I was going back into a prison. Prisons & Freedom, which you kindly warehoused for me until I became clear that I might as well give them away was about prisons without walls and bars, so to speak. Probably the best non-fiction book I was moved to write after the angels grabbed me – several years before I was using the Internet.


Gloria Reiser

True. It was a wonderful book. I wonder if I still have a copy tucked away somewhere. It would be worth reading again all these years later




Prisons& Freedom came before Kundalina in time by about two years. I had 1,000 copies of each book printed, and ended up giving nearly all of them away after I was unable to sell them. The Prison Library Project in Clermont, California was the main recipient, but quite a few copies were given away by the Little Professor Bookstore in Homewood, Alabama, on the south side of Red Mountain and the iron man Vulcan perched on top of said bump at the downward tail end of the Appalachian Mountains. If truth be said, I felt Kundalina should be a best-seller and a block-buster movie. Likewise, the two novels that followed it, Krazy Justiceand Br’er Rabbit Meets the Devil, which came out of me at the same time and were not published. Likewise, Heavy Wait, which was published.

All of those books were about homelessness and homeless people, but that was before I actually lived on the street and came to see myself, homelessness and humanity, in an entirely new light. Living in the basement, where everything above eventually ends up, is seriously eye-opening.

On sort of the same topic, Nashville J replied to yesterday’s on writing about being homeless in plain view in Key West and beyondsky, a rather strange tale post:


Certainly enough to make a book, thanks for all your writings!

“Or, maybe as I wrote yesterday, the book is, which anyone can read, for free, at any time. 1965 chapters about homelessness and homeless people, counting today’s raving.”

Sloan Bashinsky

I replied:

Maybe a 4-5 thousand page book.
Still wondering if I’m to write a new book on homelessness and homeless people. Maybe the fog will lift by tomorrow morning.
Re your earlier question about did they ever do anything to the Coral High School bully who stuffed the smaller kid in a locker for an hour? Not that I heard.


On global bullying, Facebook chatter yesterday:
Want to know what side I’m on ? —– the one where no more children are being killed. We must be the ones to create peace. They are all our children. what are you doing ?
Sloan Bashinsky Wonder how many children Barack Obama killed in Afghanistan before and after he accepted the Nobel Peace Prize? His predecessor gets same question, sans Nobel Peace Prize. Wonder how many Americans voted for those two men? Once. Twice. I don’t see any way humans can stop it, though. But perhaps something can, will, stop it.
Sloan Bashinsky Many opportunities, at times I wonder why I wasn’t bumped off already, then I remember I am thought by many to be insane, not worth shooting. Age 70, I suppose I will depart the fray sooner than many. A fray I still don’t see any way to win by human means.
Mike Mann I am trying to find an expression for our collective shadows that do no harm to others.
Benton Coons if we cant see ways that each and every one of us average sparks of the infinate can create, to truly and collectively raise this shyte up – well i have doubts about having reached our creative potential quite yet.
Sloan Bashinsky In March 2004, in my sleep I was asked, “What do you think of the species? On waking, I said I didn’t like being asked that question, but since I was asked … I said the species is devolving, it is cloning itself spiritually because it has lost its creativity … with a few individual exceptions, all efforts by heaven to turn the species around had failed … I was hardly a good example of the results of such an intervention, but if what was being done to me was done to the species, it would reduce it to 50,000 people planet-wide … perhaps it would be more compassionate to remove the species from this planet and put it where it had a better chance to start moving forward … As time passed, I decreased the survival number to 5,000. Even later, to 500, if what was being done to me was done to the species.

[I was living in a tent beside the Bridle Path across from Smathers Beach in Key West when that happened. I had just been healed of MRSA by the angels, after my doctors were not able to cure me. I had just told my next door homeless neighbor about it and had shown him the healed MRSA abscess on my arm. He had said he had a medical problem he wanted to be healed of, he believed in miracles. I had said it was available to him. Then, he had told me he was going to take pills for it instead. I was blown away. That night was when the question was asked of me in my sleep. Except for the survival numbers going down, my answer has not changed. A species which has lost it feminine is doomed.]

Mike Mann “With great power comes great responsibility”…training is not over is all.

Sloan Bashinsky Training seems never to be over, but my training began, and it was ruthless, with changing me, instead me changing other people, which was impossible. Changing me was impossible, too, by my own thinking, will and wits. It was the angels leaning on me ongoing that started me changing. They are still leaning on me. That’s what I meant by what was being done to me, which would decimate the species.

Mike Mann Spirit has sooooo much more understanding than we do at this time…death and suffering are an illusion…not to say they aren’t real but they are interpretations of a mind disconnected from spirit. What is happening and has happened and will happen has reason and justification, just not one we can understand without seeing the hidden, the unknown. Many will not make it through what is coming, and that is how it must be.

Sloan Bashinsky Spirit always has had soooooo much more understanding than humans have on this world, but there was a time when humans were more tuned in than they are now. Shamans have been used to try to maintain the link between Spirit and the species, but that doesn’t seem to have prevented the species from getting to its present state. What the grand design is, I sure as hell don’t know; nor, I don’t imagine does any other human being, although there continues to be a great deal of speculation from people who claim to know.
Mike Mann I claim to know nothing….yet what I have seen is more than I’ll ever know in this state…we are nothing more than infinite potential expressed into a dream. Life comes in waves and cycles, how many waves and cycles have been and how many will come??? I don’t know. One thing I feel is that we must stop projecting our own fears based on a lack of understanding into and onto this world. I hate to see people suffer but I also understand the reason I hate it…I project my own fears of suffering into the experience. Shadows only ask for an outlet, a way to express, the ancient knew this and knew how to intentionally find expression for the shadow…this is why art was born…through drawing, painting, dancing, singing, ceremony…etc.
Sloan Bashinsky I can only claim to know what I have been shown and told, and even then I can vouch for none of it. The shadow indeed is where this species needs to head, full speed ahead, instead of its habitual looking outward, finger-pointing, crusading, war-making. The shadow is rich with potential, and it is rich with horror – it defines what we see and is what we do not see. A species which has lost its feminine does not move inward, toward the shadow. Such a species is stuck in outward. Such a species is doomed, ultimately, if the feminine is not restored, and I can say from my own personal experience, and what I have seen other people experience, the restoration of the feminine can be really, really rough.

Sloan Bashinsky The feminine is the source of drawing, painting, dancing, singing, reception from the Muse and God. In Christendom, the feminine is The Holy Spirit, although mainstream Christendom made her masculine. Jesus told his diciples in the Gospels that they could blaspheme him and they would be forgiven, but if they blasphemed the Holy Ghost, they would not be forgiven.

Mike Mann It’s been a long time since I have read words like yours Sloan…most fear the shadow, hide from the shadow which leads to unconscious expression…and these expression are shadow seeking truth…conscious intentional expression of the shadow is our way forward and will happen no matter what….many will not make it through it, but those who do will see what has been hidden for centuries. Nice to meet you Sloan.

Sloan Bashinsky When I first met Benton and a couple of his friends, maybe 1994, when we lived in Boulder, Colorado, I was already in a crash course into the feminine, not my conscious choosing but imposed by angels who had abducted me, so to speak, after I made a prayer asking for help and offering my life to human service, in January 1987, when I lived in Santa Fe, New Mexico. However, the abduction occurred in Los Alamos, across the desert from Santa Fe, as I lay beside my new girlfriend, who was a scientist in one of the labs up there – she was experimenting with using vegetation to soak up the poison the other labs were dumping in the ground up there. The crash course never stopped, and I really don’t expect it to stop. I have known many Jungian Analysts and even more Sandplay therapists, who consciously know about the shadow but, like everyone else, have a rough time going into it. Left to my own devices, I would not go into it.

Sloan Bashinsky correction, the prayer and ensuing abduction were in January 1987, not 1988. I was moved to Boulder in the fall of 1987. That’s when the plunge to into the shadow in me began, that’s where I met and married a budding Sandplay therapist, and through her later met Sandplay’s founder Dora Kalff, who was trained by C.G. Jung, and other Jungian Analysts and Sandplay therapists, and Buddhists, and, well, it was quite a change for a recovering lawyer from Birmingham, Alabama. As was everything that came after, even until today.


Sloan Bashinsky Mike, it’s been a long time since I talked with someone with your views. Perhaps you represent something in the collective human shadow, which is kind, benevolent, which will project itself into humanity and change … everything …


Mustafa F. Bakir why so many words?.. being a man of peace is being a man of courage. it takes tremendous amount of courage to do what a chain of observations requires you to do to create peace – in which children aren’t being killed – as an outcome of those observations. if you do not starve western civilization out of existence. – ie stop feeding it with taxes and/or voluntary participation with employment and consumption in the corporate “free” market – all you produce will be words. you will live your life pretending to be a man of peace while your daily actions kill children. of you find yourself finding excuses be firm; thats all they are excuses. may peace be upon you.
Mustafa F. Bakir and dont worry, if we dont manage to starve the beast it will soon kill itself anyway, creating unimaginable suffering on its way out. so in the end its not about success or victory, its about taking sides. taking sides in action, day to day living. its about what you choose to support and not to support as you struggle to survive and feed your family… remeber courage… how couragous are you? the beast has got you by the balls. how willing are you to risk your childrens safety and health to not support suffering at some far away land?.. well if you’re not aware of him already, reading chris hedges’ sober observations helps.


Sloan BashinskyHmmm, I was not aware that God’s gifts did not fall on the good, the bad, the beautiful and the ugly alike, for they all are God’s children, and what they do with those gifts really is between them and God.

The angels who run me told me many times that USA needs to get out of the Middle East, in its broadest geograpahic sense, altogether and to let Islam take care of its own and to let Israel and Islam work it out or fight to the finish.





Prisons& Freedomand its immediate predecessor, The High Legal Road – A New Approach to Legal Problems, both were full-bore plunges into the shadow of the people who had legal or other kinds of problems, or who were finger-pointers, crusaders, litigators, etc. It was seriously not fun for any of them, nor for me. I used to call what the angels were doing to me, my own personal course, not in miracles, but in mirrors. It convinced me just how truly separated from God, just how homeless I and humanity were.


Meanwhile, I still don’t know if I’m to write a new book about homelessness and homeless people. What I do know is, the Hidden In Plain View homeless art, poetry and music exhibition at Studios of Key West is summed up pretty well in what Mike wrote on Facebook:


…we are nothing more than infinite potential expressed into a dream. Life comes in waves and cycles, how many waves and cycles have been and how many will come??? I don’t know. One thing I feel is that we must stop projecting our own fears based on a lack of understanding into and onto this world. I hate to see people suffer but I also understand the reason I hate it…I project my own fears of suffering into the experience. Shadows only ask for an outlet, a way to express, the ancient knew this and knew how to intentionally find expression for the shadow…this is why art was born…through drawing, painting, dancing, singing, ceremony…etc.


And what I also know is, something does not want to see the feminine restored on this world, and that something is not kind nor benevolent.

Sloan Bashinsky

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