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From a Republican snowbird friend yesterday:

Subject: Two women talking in heaven joke:

1st woman: Hi! Wanda.
2nd woman: Hi! Sylvia. How’d you die?
1st woman: I froze to death.
2nd woman: How horrible!
1st woman: It wasn’t so bad. After I quit shaking from the cold, I began to get warm & sleepy, and finally died a peaceful death. What about you?
2nd woman: I died of a massive heart attack. I suspected that my husband was cheating, so I came home early to catch him in the act. But instead, I found him all by himself in the den watching TV.
1st woman: So, what happened?
2nd woman: I was so sure there was another woman there somewhere that I started running all over the house looking. I ran up into the attic and searched, and down into the basement. Then I went through every closet and checked under all the beds. I kept this up until I had looked everywhere, and finally I became so exhausted that I just keeled over with a heart attack and died.

1st woman: Too bad you didn’t look in the freezer… we’d both still be alive!


Jonathan Horwitz commented on yesterday’s street people and environmental shaman work – Florida Keys and beyond post:

Jonathan Horwitz Sloan, you must be the fastest typer in the world! Had a nice read for a while, but then I realized it would take me the rest of the day and most of the night to read it all. There is a concept call “economy of words” also refered to as being “lean of speech.” If you want people to really hear you, consider this    <3<3 J
Sloan Bashinsky Sorry, Jonathan, I should have said read only the top two items in the “Big Pine Key – Mother Nature’s Last Stand” page at For there are a lot of other old posts under those two posts. Today’s post, “street people and enviornmental shaman work”, and other daily posts, are what my spirit controllers tell me to publish, day after day. I know it’s a lot to read. They know it’s a lot to read. But it’s free. And it’s mostly not taught anywhere else, as far as I know. It’s an archive, it resides in cycberspace, and in the Akashic Record. Maybe it is influencing, maybe not. I reported in a post the other day, I wrote to an old college fraternity brother, who had written that he was amazed at the profusion of my writings, that writing for me has become like breathing, eating, drinking water and going to the bathroom.
Last night, Jonathan posted this to Facebook:



Not wishing to disturb Jonathan in his meditation, between his frequent blasts on Facebook about how he and other people can fix the things in this world which bother them, and seeing that Jonathan’s and my shaman friend Erika Biddle had sided with Jonathan, I did not send him anything further yesterday.
I stopped working on this post for today and turned off the classical music and turned on the TV. Finding no movie that interested me, I turned the classical music back on and picked up the new mystical detective novel I got from the county library and read some in it. Then, I started getting drowsy and put the book down and waddled from the living room to the bedroom and turned in for the night.
Before dawn this morning, in a dream I am present at and observing what looks like a board meeting in my father’s company. No one I recognize, maybe a dozen people, men and women, all brainstorming how to fix different problems. After listening to them for a while, I say they will never fix anything, they are incapable of fixing anything. I pause, say, only when they give up and stopped trying to fix things does God step in and provide a solution. They are stopped in their tracks. One of the women nods, says yes. The dream ends.
I awaken, knowing the dream is about Jonathan and his save the world from whatever friends and their efforts, and that the message in the dream is universal, and that nothing will change on this world for so long as the masculine is trying to play God and fix everything, instead of surrendering to God, which is the feminine way, and letting God provide suggestions, solutions. I seldom see God mentioned in any problems I see other people trying to fix. I mostly see people trying to do everything themselves, as if they are God.
If the wife in the snowbird’s joke had stopped trying to find the paramour, whom she somehow knew was in her home, and had simply sat down and gotten quiet and asked God for help, she would have sensed where the paramour was and would have gone to the freezer and opened it and saved them both, so to speak.
I had read about what the NYC police officer did for that homeless man. Inspiring story and glad you got it out at least to your readers whom I know are legion! Tim
Legion? Isn’t that what the forces of Evil called themselves when demanded by an exorcist priest to state their name? I have no clue how many, or how few, people read my ravings, which have been a bit farther off the edge of the world laterly. Yes, that NYPD police officer giving that homeless man a pair of boots was beautiful.
multitude: a large number of people or things Roman army division: in ancient Rome, an army division of 3,000 to 6,000 soldiers, including cavalry large body of soldiers: a large military unit, especially an army I guess you are correct re the Biblical definition but I only meant the simple definition of a “multiple” or “large number” of followers. I of course had no intention to refer to either forces of evil; a Roman army division or a even to a large body of soldiers!
Yes, I have seen the boots story several times today on the Internet. That act of kindness has obviously touched the hearts of many.
Apologies, I was trying to make a half-ass joke about having a legion (lot of) readers. I did not take your use of legion the way I twisted it. Saw on TV news tonight that the photo of the NYPD officer giving a homeless man boots went viral on the Internet. Maybe it infected the City of Key West. Another half-ass joke.
Over dinner at Coco’s Kitchen on Big Pine Key yesterday evening, a snowbird amigo said I should run for sheriff. I laughed. He persisted. I laughed some more. He persisted some more.
I said, well, if I were sheriff, I would tell Key West that I would not receive any more of its homeless people for the crime of being homeless. And I would not receive any homeless people because they were drunk, unless the city sent me all of its drunks, starting with the ones on Duval Street.
My friend said I really am a trouble maker. I said I would not let the city use me  or my people or facilities to enforce the city social policy. I would not pay for that. I would be into protecting people from serious crime and putting serious criminals in jail.
My friend again said I really am a trouble maker. I said, yep, that is true. And if I were sheriff, it would go this way:
 I would call all my people together and ask them which way they wanted the sheriff office to run?
Go light on everyone?
Go rough on everyone?
Everyone includes them, their families, their friends, important and unimportant people.
Which way will it go? You tell me, that’s how we will do it.
Meanwhile, we no longer enforce the marijuana laws, and we grow the weed on county land and regulate other people growing it, and we take a slice of their revenues, and we give all of that wampum to local charities. If the Feds don’t like that, tough titty. Let them enforce the marijuana laws.
My friend said I really am a  trouble maker. I really should run for sheriff. I said no way.
This was on’s Coconut Telegraph yesterday: =======================
Marijuana–it’s one of the primary reasons why California experienced a stunning 20 percent drop in juvenile arrests in just one year, between 2010 and 2011, according to provocative new research. The San Francisco-based Center on Juvenile & Criminal Justice (CJCJ) recently released a policy briefing with an analysis of arrest data collected by the California Department of Justice’s Criminal Justice Statistics Center. The briefing, ” California Youth Crime Plunges to All-Time Low ,” identifies a new state marijuana decriminalization law that applies to juveniles, not just adults, as the driving force behind the plummeting arrest totals. Link =======================
Today, I’m driving down to Key West to have lunch with an old college fraternity brother who comes to Key West every year for the annual marijuana conference, which the Key West PD ignore and allow the participants to light up in any establishment where they gather, such as their hotel’s lobby, Camille’s on Simonton Street. Booze is far more destructive and dangerous than marijuana. Imagine the US Treasury receiving taxes on the manufacture and sale of marijuana, like it receives taxes for the manufacture of booze and cigarettes and other tobacco products. Think of all the US military hardware and wars that could pay for.
I’m now going way, way out on a limb on the day after the UN voted to recognize Palestine as a separate state. What’s the US and Israel’s beef? The French and the British, with plenty of nods from the US, made Israel a free state in Palestine without asking the Palestinians how they felt about it. And they did it because they, including America, did not want to receive millions of Jewish refugees in to their countries.
Now I’m going a whole lot farther out on that limb with this on’s Coconut Telegraph yesterday, responding to a query of the day before:
[“what did the Jews do that was so God awful that the Germans shot them on sight”]
To attempt to get to some kind of an answer to your question I will have to be as brief as possible as to perhaps do justice to your question would take an extremely long time, The Jews as a group as we generally know them today, are an extremely talented and energetic lot and as is their natural bent in the process they accumulate a lot of power and assets, thus we have the very fertile ground for human nature to take over as it will if left unfettered to express themselves in the form of class warfare, perhaps much the same way as is being happening to the American people today, cloaked in words of piety, and compassion, our leaders as those leaders in Germany did must create a paper tiger of sorts for the citizenry to rail against as in so doing they will ignore their own shortcomings while being brainwashed into believing that their station in life has all been caused by a greedy few at their expense. As simple as this ploy is, it has worked through the ages time and again, as we are presently witnessing in theU.S.and the end result of this chicanery is always very depressing. It is not the rich that is the problem, indeed in most cases they have been the fuel for good economies, but a big part of the problem lies with leaders with their nefarious schemes to maintain power and assuage their super inflated egos.
Me to the Coconut Telegraph:
I once had a Jewish friend, who had left Judaism and had become deeply involved in the New Age religion, yoga, taoism and natural foods and purified water. He was super-reactive to anything that smacked of discrimination against Jews, racism against Jews, or of the Holocaust, even though he was born over a decade after the end of World War II. He became one of the people Jesus and Michael were taking in the same direction they were taking me. My friend knew who had grabbed hold of him, and after some struggle and lashing out at me, he surrendered to it. He was quick to lash out at me, if I said or did anything that punched his spiritual or Jewish buttons. Maybe that was why Jesus and Michael started working directly with him. Anyway, one day my friend told me that he was right then hearing from the aformentioned beings that the reason for the Holocaust in Germany, and also in Russia, which was about as severe as what happened in Germany, and for the Jewish diaspora generally, was karma for the Jews rejecting the Christ – what Jesus represented, his way of living. I had thought that for a few years, but had not dared say it to my friend. But when he heard it from his spirit controllers, he was blown away, collapsed and accepted it without any protest. I can tell lots of stories like that one, where someone I knew very well was confronted by said heavenly beings and was blown away. It used to happen a lot more than it does now. I can’t say why it happens less now. Many times have I been told by the same blowers away that the US needs to get out of the Middle East altogether and let Israel and the Arabs work it out or shoot it out, without the US helping Israel in any way.
I wonder how much of that the owner of the Coconut Telegraph will edit out? Probably all the parts about me listening to heavenly beings. As for the US political leaders, I told some people yesterday that I was called a Libertarian recently and I laughed because I am so far left that Barack Obama is a Nazi. Translated – left is feminine, right is masculine.
Somebody has to champion the feminine in this species.
Speaking of which, received what appeared to be an email blast to a number of people from Jerry of Key West yesterday. This is another longish Sloan-and-Jerry two ships passing conversation.
Contrary to the opinion of many, acquiring wealth is not a science, but an art, often a black art.
An art in which the rational are often at a disadvantage. Acquiring wealth is essentially an heuristic process to which most refer as salesmanship. The world does not beat a path to the door of those who build better mouse traps. The trap must also be sold!
Every time I stumble across a better mouse trap, I promptly find the best salesman I can and give him half. I haven’t found the right one yet.
Salesmanship is akin to playing a musical instrument. A salesman conjures the irrational human mind to part with money like a well dressed man careful with adroit fluttering movements to cajole music from the strings of a violin or the Sapera charming a snake to withdraw from her safety. The cold, hard, rational presentation of a win win scenario is far too often not the immediate impetus for writing a check.
Business leaders and others in positions of authority too often imagine themselves “rational” whereas in reality, few can even produce a useful definition of the word.
Another way to put it: They don’t even know what the word means.
The dictionary is also useless for this, ( link to look it up…rational ) The reason that even the Merriam Webster and the Cambridge dictionaries don’t provide a useful definition for “rational” is because the word’s definition is what computer programmers call “native.” That is… “not axiomatic.” The definition of rational is not constructed from words with which we are already familiar, but is constructed of the most fundamental terms of reason and logic.
“A statement is rational if and only if it can be entirely restated in terms only of the fundament binary operator Nand or Nor.” Or in the colloquial, less concise and less precise: Only a rational statement can be restated more and more simply with only reiterations of the one same simplest relationship between any two concepts, such that if a question can not be restated without additional information to provide resolvable references to all of the components of its own answer, it is not a rational question.
The more one actually understands and utilizes this definition of rational in one’s day to day decision making, the more rational one becomes. Making rational decisions instead of heuristic decisions is always good when one has the time to do so. If one is running from a hungry bear, heuristics is definitely the way to go! Or trying to interpret a dream, use heuristics please. Whereas rational decision making becomes a moral perquisite when making decisions which effect the lives of others.
Math is not about numbers. The literal translation of the Greek term “mathematica logos” for mathematical logic is “to explain with words.”
“Come now, let us reason together. Says the Ever Living… Let us consider your latter end.” –the book of the prophet Isaiah
It baffles me! ! that some smart people still suppose that somehow, in some way, I forgot to apply the same rational rigor to my trust in the Hebrew prophets and the Messiah whom they describe as I apply to more complex subjects such as models of stellar gravitation, persistent autonomous schemata of social influence (conspirator-less conspiracies,) molecular evolution and autopilot software.
 I’d never heard the term:
Heuristic (or /hyooris-tik/;
Greek: “???????”, “find”or “discover”) refers to experience-based techniques for problem solving, learning, and discovery. Where the exhaustive search is impractical, heuristic methods are used to speed up the process of finding a satisfactory solution. Examples of this method include using a rule of thumb, an educated guess, an intuitive judgment, or common sense. (from Wikipedia)
Some of your discourse seems a lament that you are not making any money off your bright ideas. I can relate to not feeling like I make enough money.
Some of your discourse seems an evangelical defense of rational, intellectual thinking and an equally evangelical attack of intuitive, psychic thinking – masculine over feminine.
Some of your discourse seems aimed dead at me without naming me.
As for acquiring wealth being a black art, yes, it certainly can be that, as can salesmanship.
The last time I had dinner with Jim and Vera Hendrick, Todd German was there, and Jim’s girlfriend Donna, whom I did not know was Jim’s girlfriend. Jim set out to convince me that Pritam Singh, contrary to my view, was a great guy. The way Jim set out to do it was by telling me what a great salesman Pritam was; so great, that he could make people see only what he wanted them to see, and not see what he didn’t want them to see. Sounded like Jim’s modus operandi, too, but what I said was, “That’s how Lucifer sells.”
I had some years earlier written in a post that Pritam was possessed by Lucifer, and I imagined that was what Jim set out to dissuade me from it while out of his own mouth proving what I had posted about Pritam.
Jim was a bit in his cups by the time dinner was over and he challenged me to a chess game, which I tired to decline, since there were other people there, but Jim was insistent, really insistent, so I agreed to play.
He started out telling the others that he was going to tell me how he was going to play, and he would beat me even though I knew what he was going to do. Which, yes, he proceeded to do. After that game was over, he insisted on doing it again, again over my attempt to decline because the others clearly were uncomfortable, but no mater that from Jim’s perspective. And, yes, he did it again, and that was the end of the chess.
I knew, felt, sensed in the moment that something monumental had just occurred, but it was maybe three days before I felt, sensed, the whole of it. The logic of it, if you wish. I knew I would not have further social interactions with Jim. Then, I wrote about it in a post. There then were a few rounds of emails with Jim, which also were published.
I have heard your description of the Hebrew prophet Jesus, to put him in that category, although he was a good but further along than the Hebrew prophets of the Old Testament. I do not believe you yet know Jesus in the Gospels, and I base that one what you have written and told me.
Jesus was about a way of life. He lived that way of life. He taught it to others. It is described in the Gospels and in Acts, mostly.
It is experiential. Without the experience, knowing what is in the Bible is, basically, meaningless. Words, knowledge, do not replace experience. Reading doing unto others is not the same as doing unto others. Knowing it is more blessed to give than to receive is not the same as giving. Knowing turn the other cheek, resist not one who does evil, etc., is not the same as turning the other cheek, not resisting one who does evil, etc. To use a few examples.
Claiming salvation through Jesus, while trampling his teachings, is irrational, denies Jesus. Claiming belief in Jesus, while living against his teachings, is irrational, denies belief in Jesus.
Having direct, conscious spirit interaction with Jesus, angels of the Lord, is something else altogether. When that happens, as happened to Saul of Tarsus, as happened to Peter, as happened to the Old Testament prophets, as happened to Jesus, the texts, the rules, the bylaws, etc. fade into simply doing what you are told to do, or suffer horribly.
That is explained in the Old and in the New Testaments, but having it explained does not substitute for living it. What having it explained does is provide a general survival map for when, if, it actually happens to you. When it happens to you, logic, as you understand it, pretty much goes out the window. As is sometimes said, God’s ways are not our ways, God’s timing is not out timing, etc.
Or, as was later said, “There is more in earth and in heaven, than in your philosophy, Horatio.”
Maybe more later.
Jerry replied: when I intend to address you directly, I make no bones about. there are many in the world who think like you do and portions of my emails are directed to all of them.
” There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, Than are dreamt of in your philosophy. ”
you, sloan, should do well to reform your thinking, to add to it. . . come to the acceptance of and embrace the balance between the heuristic and the rational. as it is, you deny the latter, and use the former to produce a poor copy of what the latter could have produced more easily and in better quality.
you need to learn to trust. currently, you believe only what you want to believe, but are unable to even usefully describe what you believe. you don’t know if it right or wrong. you claim that you defer the legitimacy, the truth or falsehood of an idea to angels, but instead -angel or demon tells you to do something. then it is you who decides if it was an angel or demon and to do it or not. it is still ultimately you. you do not trust.
how does one find truth if one gives up himself. one must think about that a little.
there is a balance. one which I cherish and for which I thank God every day. “the way which leads to life. water from which one never thirsts again” that illustration is not original to the new testament. that is again the OT prophets. so are “shepherd, fishers of men, son of man, lost sheep, bodily resurrection, the meek inheriting the earth, wiping away tears, sacrifice of the heart not of meat, etc.”
the Jesus of the OT is the Jesus of the NT. both say exactly the same things. if the one talking to you says differently, he is an impostor.
tell me this. why is he called the son of man? the answer is not in the NT. it is in the old.
I replied:
Jerry, I form and express my own opinions about lots of things, and I publish those opinions, including my opinions of what you send to me and my take on your thought processes.
I do this in every post.
What I write is rational, it makes sense to me, it makes sense to other people. It might not make sense to you or even other people, but that does not make it irrational. Nuclear physics makes no sense to me, but I do not say it is not rational. I simply don’t understand it and there is no indication that I should study it and understand it.
I don’t know why Jesus called himself the son of man, and I’m not sure it matters why he did that. His mantra was living in God’s will, not in our will. I get plenty of input from angels about what is God’s will, as opposed to my will, and I go with that input because the alternative course has proven horrible for me.
I keep telling you that you do not appear to have this relationship with angels, and you continue to belittle me for listening to angels, instead of just being me. Well, Jerry, I am me. I am someone who is leaned on ongoing by angels. Believe that or not. I really don’t care. But you should stop criticizing it, if it is not happening to you.
The truth is revealed to me, perhaps because I am too stupid to find it myself. Everything I need to know about situations in which I am put to engage is revealed to me, if I do not see it on my own, when I need to see it.
Your beef is not with me, Jerry, but is with Jesus, Michael, Melchizedek, and others they let have at me. Complain to them, if you don’t like the way I live, think, or what I publish. You sure don’t have to read any of it, nor does anyone else.
I don’t see Jesus in the Old Testament. I see references to his coming at a later time. In the Gospels, Jeus said he brought a new covenant.
He told people, it was said of old, and eye for and eye and a tooth for a tooth, but I tell you …
He said on the two great commandments hung all the law and the prophets …
The Letter to the Hebrews chides the Jewish followers to let go of the old Jewish priesthood, and to embrace the new priesthood in which Jesus was High Priest – Melchizedek.
Why do you think Jesus caused such a commotion? It was because what he did and said was totally different from what the Jews were use to, what they read in their scriptures. He challenged them to be a lot bigger and a lot deeper. He embarrassed and infurated them. They did not want the new he brought. They wanted someone to rid them of the Roman yoke, of which he was not interested.
Yet, he did rid the Jews of the Roman yoke many years later, after Rome made Christianity the state religion, which ended the persecution and oppression of the Jews by Rome.
You continue to focus on theology and rational thinking, and I continue to focus on living and experience. I tell story after story of living, other poeple’s stories, my stories. I tell what my take is on those stories. I tell what I hear from the angels.
What you or anyone else does with it is not my business.
The 23rd Psalm, The Lord is my shepherd, is my favorite passage in the Bible. It was dramatically burned into my soul during a very dark period in 1992. It was mystical. It was for real. As is everything I experience with the other realms for real. I live on this world and in the other realms at the same time, and I am aware of it.
Jesus did that. Acts shows how Paul and Peter did it.
I will not move toward you, Jerry, no matter how hard you try. I am moving away from you, away from everyone I know. I used to know people moving in the direction I was moving, but they no longer are in my life. Some died. Some went away. I don’t know what became of them.
Do not take that paragraph to mean I do not engage people, or I don’t not have fun with people. I do that. But it’s a dual reality. I am with them, and I am not with them. I can be with them in ways they cannot be with me, because they do not experience what I experience.
They are often fun to be around. They provide respite to an otherwise seriously awful line of work. I am in spiritual warfare unceasing. It is what I was trained to do.
I don’t know why you stay with me. I don’t know why you don’t find people to be with whom you like to engage, be with, have some fun and laughs with.
You are a nice person, Jerry, but you are not fun to be around, your conversation is wearing, tiring.
I get a sense you have me mixed up with someone else in your life, someone you want to change, win over, get his/her approval. Perhaps your father or mother, or a grandfather or grandmother, or a sibling, or someone.
I get the sense you desperately want attention, affirmation, kudos.
I get the sense you feel like you have not made it, proven yourself.
I used to feel that way a lot; it drove me out of my wits sometimes. These days, I simply try to get up out of bed and deal with today, for it has enough trouble of its own.
I do not ponder whether or not I am saved. I do not believe I am saved. I do not know what is my standing with God, or with Jesus. Nor does anyone else I know know their standing with God, or with Jesus, as far as I can tell.

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