street people and environmental shaman work – Florida Keys and beyond

one of my dearest homeless friends, Jeanie, and her soul buddy Scorpio
Tom Milone lives in Key West and is a citizen watchdog and has run for city commission. He was a Pennsylvania court clerk for a state judge for many years, before moving to Key West. Don’t imagine there was much legally-speaking Tom did not see come through that courtroom. Don’t imagine there is much legally-speaking he hasn’t seen in Key West, including being beaten nearly to death one night while he was out for a walk in Old Town, by several local black high school kids. Made for lots of reading in The Key West Citizen for quite a while, but you didn’t see anything about it in the Tourist Development advertising what a great fun place Key West is to visit.
So far, there has not been anything like this below published in The Citizen.


Thomas C Milone and 2 other friends shared NYPD‘s photo. *image cropped from the distance at which it was taken
Also saw this on Facebook yesterday.
And a few days ago, Father Steven Braddock sent this link:
Click hereto take a virtual tour of FKOC!
Rev. Stephen E. Braddock, Ph.D. President & CEO Florida Keys Outreach Coalition, Inc. Post Office Box 4767 Key West, FL 33041 Tel) 305-293-8189 Fax) 305-293-8276
Not a few times, have I seen vicious letters to the editor and Citizen’s Voice comments in The Citizen slamming homeless people and/or demanding that the soup kitchen be closed. The kitchen operates on land owned by the Catholic Diocese in Miami, but locally is overseen by Mary Star of the Sea Catholic Church. An element in that church’s congregation has long opposed the soup kitchen and wanted it gotten rid of. I bet they are going to be real surprised when their roll is called up yonder by the most famous homeless person of all time, that would be Jesus Christ. I bet some Key West city officials and police also are going to be real surprised when their roll is called up yonder by that same all-time famous homeless person, for purposefully making homeless people’s rough lives far rougher than they already are, simply because they are homeless.
Sheel-Man with his subject at the Hidden In Plain View opening
For their selfless roles in Hidden In Plain View, a homeless art, poetry and music exposition, now on display at Studios of Key West on the corner of White and Southard Streets,
German ex-pat shaman living in Key West, Erika Biddle, SheelMan and another photographer, Ralph de Palma, joined Dorothy Sherman, who started the soup kitchen out of her own pocket and kept it running for many years, and her many disciples. At her tearful wake in the Mary Star of the Sea nave, standing room only, Valentine’s Day 2005, Dorothy was eulogized as a living saint. I ate hundreds of meals in Dorothy’s soup kitchen, when I was homeless in Key West. I got to know her and her wonderful husband George and their wonderful dog whose name sadly I cannot now recall. Dorothy indeed was a living saint.
Carrying forward the climate changes part of yesterday’s climate change, sort of – the world and some of its parts  post, this further Facebook thread started by Jonathon Horwitz, a Vietnam vet shaman friend of Erika Biddle, now living in Scandinavia:
I am still amazed by people who do not take humanity’s involvement with climate change seriously AND as something we can and must do something about. Shamanic practitioners have a special role to play in reclaiming the Earth from the HUMAN …

CAUSES of climate and environmental change. This is a fascinating news clip showing what is really going on. There are thousands of stories like this. Black heart (cards) J

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Watch now: ‘Twilight’s’ Quileute Tribe Fights to Regain Land | PBS NewsHour | PBS Video
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  • Ageha Prem Yah, Jonathan, I am in the same question. Posting about cute baby animals or jokes gives loads of “likes”  and comments. When posting about the Earth, the destruction and related stuff, hardly anyone seems to care. ..Yew…
  • Michele Brown This is a great video…I like the resilience these people are showing
  • Jonathan HorwitzAgeha Prem – See my post yesterday about climate change (today’s is a continuation). That generated a LOT of discussion!!! But not so many likes as the cutsie stuff. See this clip, though. It takes a minute to load, but it is really good! <3<3
  • Yoker Udagan ????????? ??????????<3<3 ? ???????!See Translation
  • Rob Purday we cannot stop these changes – the main issue is not climate change, its living in balance……
  • Sloan Bashinsky Hi, Jonathan – Maybe half hour after reading yours, I went outside to my garden to pick some vegetables for a salad. It came to me that what might help is for a lot of adept shamans to go into the dark realms, which can be very rough, life-threatening, soul-threating, and have it out with the forces of darkness drivng the carbonization of the earth’s atmosphere. It was advised that only adept shamans attempt this. Perhaps because many people today view themselves as shamanic practitioners, but they are not adepts and they should not attempt this work in the dark realms. The sense I got was, the dark forces to be confronted rival the dark forces who backed Adolph Hitler, which can be gleaned from reading The Spear of Destiny, mentioned in another of your threads today. Sloan
  • Todd Wallace do you drive a car….do you need to go anywhere…can you find everything you have…put on three sweaters a day inside your home to keep warm in the winter….scrub down with a dry washcloth as a bath?
  • Jonathan Horwitz “Sometimes, not all the time” – Bobby Zimmerman –
  • Sloan Bashinsky That’s my problem – I drive a car, I have an  electric hotwater heater in my home, I use public water pumped out of aquifers on the mainland and purified in mainland pipes using electricty and pumped down into the Florida Keys, I use lights, tv, the Internet, telephones,  and there is little way I can change that, given where I live and my econonic situation. The angels who run me keep saying it is possible to use water as fuel, hydrogen, and O to replenish the atmosphere. I am no scientist, but there are scientists who could be used to develop that technology, to replace oil, coal and natural gas. Again, though, it might be that the dark forces  would have to be dealt with, for they resist that, too, I imagine.
  • Todd Wallace …….”most of the time, I’m half ways content” ……
  • Jonathan Horwitz Politics is not based on ethics, Sloan. I am thankful for the rare instances of greace we meet in the realm of politicians. <3<3 J
  • Radana Miladinovic“The warming of the troposphere and cooling of the stratosphere are important influences on global warming. While cooling of the lower stratosphere is well documented,changes in the middle and upper stratosphere have,until recently,been estimated by only one satellite dataset. This article highlights a new problem: there are now two available observational datasets and they —and climate model simulations —differ markedly in what they tell us about temperature trends in the upper stratosphere. As yet,nobody knows why. This raises doubts about our understanding of atmospheric responses to greenhouse gas emissions and ozone depleting substances.

    This is an article from Nature..
    They did not include the use of the weapon Haarp. This weapon is an electron heater in the ionosphere and heats up the atmosphere “  ~ comment by  Ronald Patrick Marriott …………………………….. Sloan is correct about the dark forces , and i also agree that we have become profoundly sick of ourselves  …
  • Sloan BashinskyAgreed, politics is not based on ethics – eight times the angels had me run for local office in the Keys, I detested politics before then, that detestation grew exponentially. Alas, the climate change (earth climate change) discussion is political, as well as individual, and the underlying forces are similar to the underlying forces described in The Spear of Destiny, just a different surface venue. You wrote recently about hosting a workshop on embracing the darkness, which is something I do day and night in the work assignments given to me. There is great beauty in the darkness, and there is great other there, too. Through the darkness is the true light reached. Going for the light, which I hear so often from the New Age religion, runs from the true light and eventually breaks down and becomes the darkness that was fled. Adept shamans could, if the spirit world permits it, do very important work in this arena, but the downwind effect on the masses might be unwelcome, as there is no telling what shifts in the collective subconscious will produce in the human dimension. Since 1995, I started working an environmental portal in the Keys, into the spirit realms. I wrote some about how that came to be in a page at, entitled “Big Pine Key: Mother Nature’s last stand”. You might find it interesting, and the post today, not yet up at that website, “street people and environmental shaman work – Florida Keys and beyond,” which will include this recent Facebook discussion. The value in people reading The Spear of Destiny is the way it treats darkness; it was a primer given to me in the early 1990s, to open my eyes in ways they might not have otherwise been opened.
My entry into this dark environmental realm was provided in an obsure way by No Name Key, which now faces electrification for its 43 homes. I have written numerous times about my deep spirit bond with No Name Key, one of which posts can be read by clicking on this link – Big Pine Key: Mother Nature’s Last Stand – the page by that name on For those who do not know, No Name Key is adjacent to Big Pine Key, connected by this county bridge.
In that vein, at the Big Pine Winn-Dixie grocery store yesterday, I said hello to Beth Ramsay-Vickry, who, with her husband Brad, bought a home on No Name Key a few years ago knowing it was totally off the grid, and then they immediately started camaigning to have the island put on the grid. I said to myself after I said hello to Beth yesterday, that there was something going on with No Name Key for me. I went home, opened ‘s Coconut Telegraph, and found this post:
No Name Keys Electric controversy What a tremendous photo Ed posted with the post and documentary involving No Name Key and pro-solar power! I couldn’t help but equate it to the hilarious Eric Idle “Always Look on the Bright Side of Life!” As in “Solar Bright!” It would be incredibly wonderful if a video could be made with “electrifiers” volunteering to attach/crucify themselves on those poles/crosses! Link
This was on the day before’s Coconut Telegraph:

What a debacle continuing on No Name Key (NNK) and its so called “electrification.” It’s amazing that so many intelligent people are sleeping, or, hopefully, will be with the dinosaurs! Very soon, perhaps even now depending on the cost of electricity in this area, solar technology will be more economically cost effective than traditional forms of electrical production. Countries all over the world are leading the way towards a green economy. Germany is incredible! Unfortunately lobbying by the oil, gas, coal, and nuclear industries in our country are hindering progress. The same can be said for those proponents of “electrifying” NNK with the endangered, traditional form of power. What were these brilliant folks thinking, or not, to begin with when they chose to stake their claim on No Name Key?! Was money the bottom line as in most speculating? This is an excellent documentary on the fast-breaking solar technology revolution. Video


Maybe Beth Ramsay-Vickry and her husband Brad and their pro-electification allies on No Name Key think I put those cross posts on the Coconut Telegraph. I didn’t. I have no idea who those posters are. Nor this poster, who started the campaign last Sunday, with this pic of the poles before they became crosses.

No Name Key. Take those big ass ugly poles off NNK. You will not be getting power anytime soon, if ever. BOCC is protecting all of us and will fight you with our tax dollars for as long as it takes. Money well spent. This should teach a lesson to anyone who feels that money can get what ever he wants.  Monroe County could be involved in many lawsuits for giving you power. Federal funds could be held up or cut off completely from Monroe County. This could also set a precedent for power in many other protected areas. You guys knew this before you came down here to show the local hicks how it’s done up north.  I have said in the past that I don’t have a dog in this fight. I was wrong.  I do. I don’t like you. I think you are a bunch of bullies. You may have a lot of money, but you don’t have a leg to stand on. Barrier homes may get power. Link


I don’t know where it’s going, but make no mistake, the portal into the dark realms No Name Key is is getting a lot of attention in the spirit realms, because of what No Name Key represents in the Keys, in Florida, in America, and globally. No Name Key could become a totally green community, as solar and other green technologies develop. But if those homes are connected to the local power company’s lines, that very important opportunity will be lost. Yeah, I don’t expect too many people to believe that, but there are some people who believe it.

If I ever have the means to do it, I will build a home here at Walden on Little Torch Key, a mile below Big Pine as the pelican flies, which will be totally off the grid. It will depend on no public utilties. It will depend on solar generated electricity. It’s hotwater will be made by a black passive solar water heater. It will have an electronic composting toilet. It will have no air conditioning. I used no air conditioning this past year. I know it is doable, if there is suffient air flow in a home. My home will convect the cooler shaded air underneath it into the living space above. Cisterns will supply drinking, cooking, washing, bathing and irrigation water for vegetable beds and fruit trees. It will be a showpiece zero carbon footprint home. I suppose if I shift to driving a motocycle, that will reduce my vehicle carbon footprint to almost nothing.

Sloan Bashinsky