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This is a long read, today, if the human psyche doesn’t interest you, this post probably wont’ either …
On 11/27/2012 10:38 AM, sloan bashinsky      wrote:
Snowbird              replied:
You’re entitled to your            opinion, but it seems to me that you have big problems with            national security policy since 1945. I think most Americans            aren’t there now and hopefully never.
I have big problems with            invented and/or political wars cast as national security            policy, which very definitely is politics.
As I read pre-WWII            history, the Japanese felt they had no other choice but to            attack America, because of American foreign policy toward            Japan. I sadly appears that Roosevelt knew the Japanese            fleet was headed toward Pearl Harbor and he let the attack            happen, because he wanted America to enter WWII.
Are you sure that airline            forward wasn’t a made up story, which many political            forwards are.
Snowbird              replied:
I would feel that I was            used if that were to be the case. I heard that about FDR,            but I hope it wasn’t true. It hasn’t been proved and I hope            I am not disappointed. The irony of WWII is that stupid            bastard Hitler declared war on us for no good reason, which            was just what FDR and WSC wanted. However, it had to be done            and I’m glad we made the necessary decisions.
In our advanced years, we            both know little that comes out of the White House or            Congress can be trusted, regardless of which party is on            top.
I read a truly chilling            book in the early 1990s, which convinced me that Churchill            and the Allied Command knew for a fact that Adolph Hitler            and his top inner circle were demonically possessed, how it            happened, and how that enabled to them to take over Germany            so totally, prelude to WW II. This information was buried            after the war, it was decided the public could not handle            the truth.
The Spear of                Destiny, Trevor Ravenscroft – not for the faint of              heart
    This little Gringo tête-à-tête is priceless… on the right side of    the plane wreck we have an old man who doesn’t want to know what’s    in the black box… on the left side, we have a scruffy old homeless    pirate that swears up and down the frigging black box stinks of    sulfur! No wonder we’re all screwed as we try to navigate through    the maze of airport security on our way to…. wherever it is we are    heading?! :-) Regarding Buddhism’s stance on the God/Soul and the “practice” of    Buddhism, meaning how to live one’s life… as I understand it, all    Religions, and Buddhism is no exception, attempt to “condition” the    human psyche to perceive reality as an interconnected whole(you    might call that the union with GOD, The TAO… or simply with your    beloved)… “love thy neighbor as your self” is the universal edit,    but in order to do that “you” must become “the other”! Our sense of having a separate self is the source of a lot of    anxiety, feelings of isolation, fear of death, etc.. The ultimate    aim of a living religion is a mystical union, where the little self    becomes part of the much larger self which encompasses all there is!    Everything else that you see in the various religious practices are    nothing but ritual props to facilitate that experience… without    that experience, we are worse off than if we had no religion at    all… which is where I stand… for now. Later!
I replied:
Hmmmm, the other day someone said I am a Libertarian, and I said not hardly. But if you have to put me on the left, to disginguish me from the herd, after all, didn’t left-people world-wide cheer when Barack Obama was given the Nobel Peace Prize for waging George W. Bush’s seriously stupid runious wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, then I guess I can suffer through it. Whateversky, your rejoinder also is hard to quantify in dollars, euros, dineros, whateveros. Howeversky, if you ever grit your teeth and grab your family jewels and read The Spear of Destiny, you will see why maybe we’re all one human being whateversky family and there is no othersky might be a few billion millenieums coming to pass on this planet, which might become rather wearing on boddhisattvas, among other forward thinkers.
On the Facebook climae change front:
Jonathan Horwitz
For those who still have their head in the sand: It’s official! Change or be changed! (This is a very interesting article as it connects climate change with economy. Lissen up, All you Wall Street Bankers!)
  • Europe Under Threat Of Catastrophic Climate Change – Science News – redOrbit

    A newly released report from the European Environment Agency (EEA) is warning that Europe is on the verge of catastrophic climate change if it does not act on commitments made to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
  • John Cunningman Egan I gather the insurance companies are already feeling the pain. It costs us more to ignore or deny climate change than it will to deal with it, if the train hasn’t already left the station.
  • Maria-Teresa Harmer It’s interesting Jonathan how many still doubt. The effect on the polar ice caps has been such that the amount of melt water going into the sea is affecting the gulf stream and is permanently changing the weather in the UK. We’ve had a dreadful summer and now the rain is causing unprecedented flooding. Not sure what it’s going to take for governments to take note and do something.
  • Rob Maye Totally agree with you Marie- Teresa despite all thats happened and happening there are still those who are in this strange denial. As for goverments I think they have known for years what is likely to happen as the climate chamges but have been afraid to go public with the findings for fear of causing panic.
  • Rob Purday interesting too how we are for everhearing the same story repeated as the years tick by – hardly fear-porn, as there is sound and very real cause for concern, but, this article highlights the ineffectiveness of official bodies and governments if nothin…See More
  • Marie Kvarnström Thanks Jonathan! What is also troublesome is that there are still (even here) few references to the unfortunately very robust forecasts of recurring or permanent exceptional droughts we should expect in most of Southern Europe – as well as great parts of the rest of the world. That is probably still too scary for wide publication in the media. Anyone interested should look for the climatologist Dai’s review articles.
  • Andrea Bálint Thanks JOnathan! History can repeat itself! I’m  recently working on my thesis about forest~ human impact ~culture-making so i found a very interesting evidence wich has primal actuality ndays

    Europe’s “Little Ice Age” may have been triggered by the 14th Century Black Death plague, according to a new study.
  • Sloan Bashinsky A while after reading this article, I found myself wondering if humanity subconsiously is extincting itself to save the planet.
  • Ada Bykovskaya The planet does not need to be saved, Ice Ages or droughts – it has seen them all. Only the conditions where mankind can live need to be saved.
  • Sloan Bashinsky Now I find myself wondering if subsconsciously humanity is simply trying to extinct itself.
  • Ada Bykovskaya No, just simply stupid.
  • Sloan BashinskyThat, too, but the unconscious dwarfs the conscious and rules the way human beings think and behave, whether they know it or not. The human mind is the tip of an iceberg, compared the the submerged unconscious.
    I mostly am not given the environment to address, although simetimes I am.
    Just a little while ago, a county worker fixed the fuel line in a big truck that was broken down for a day in front of my home. The worker said the fuel line clogged because the truck was using bio-diesel. He said bio-diesl is horrible for fuel lines, especially in older vechicles, and especially in vehicles that are not driven daily, although even then bio-diesel caused problems. He said standard diesel works much better.
    I said if we had engines that run on water by converting same to H and O, we would save the atmosphere and starve the Arabs. He said that kind of engine is being researched now, but we have enough oil in the US to last 300 years and starve the Arabs. I said the oil will run out eventually, and then we use what for fuel? He said the sun. I said engines that run on water is a better solution, H burns clean, O replenishes the atmosphere. He went back to drilling US oil.
    Stupid? I dunno. Maybe this species has run its course, it’s time for it to try another venue, form of existence?  I don’t know, but I wonder if how this species behaves, in the main, is telling something in motion deep.
  • Ada Bykovskaya I am very much in favour of Occham’s razor. Not much point to look for unconscious when stupidity and carelessness explain most of it all.
  • Sloan Bashinsky Just last night, I finished reading Tropic of Night, by Michael Gruber. In a poingnant moment, a pretty good Miami PD detective made the same Ocaahm Razor remark to a Chenka (Siberia) and Olo (African) trained-shaman, about a series of obviously beyond mainstream human murders, and she looked at him like he was daff and called him a moron. A shaman, Jon Horwitz well knows the effect the invisible realms have on this world.
Then this from Ada:
Ada Bykovskaya That was fiction, wasn’t it?
Sloan Bashinsky Yes, a novel. Don’t know what all the author experienced to be able “invent” the Chenka shamans and the Olo sorcerers in that tale. As I read it, I felt there was something there. Here’s the author’s and my email exchanges last night and this morning:
Me to Michael Gruber:
Just tonight finished Tropic of Night.
Then went online and found your website and read your bio.
Maybe you left something out of the description of your life experiences.
Sloan Bashinsky
Little Torch Key, Florida
MG to me:
Yes, some. Hope you liked the book. Best MG
Me to MG:
“Interesting” fits better.
It was slow for me to read, but I kept coming back to it and only a couple of times skimmed, which I often do when I read modern novels today.
I found myself concerned that I was wandering into something I shouldn’t, and yesterday I told my spirit controllers that I supposed I was too old when they grabbed me, for me to be taught in that way.
My dreams seem different, since I started the book. Don’t know if that was a bump in the road, a shift to a different level, or a major screw up.
I suppose I will know in time.
I wondered if Ada used that the book was fiction to ignore the eerie timing of my reading in the book the night before what she would tell me about Occhams razor? There was nothing fictional about the timing or the nearly identical comments. It was arranged. Hell, it’s all arranged. Just before I received Ada’s inquiry re the book being fiction, I told the angels humanity had lost a great deal as it modernized; in the old days, when people lived next to nature, they were far more psychic. Tropic of Night takes that “theory” to the outer reaches. Meanwhile, more Facebook conversation on “climate change”.
  • Sloan Bashinsky The first thing I was taught prelude the the changes beginning in earnest, is the only thing I can change is me. Looking outward, trying to change other people, governments, never has worked, and never will work. It is projection. I find some cause “out there” to change, or some causes, because they reflect back to me something in me that needs to change, or be fixed. Took all the fun out of causes for me. The changes in me were excruciating, are excruciating, seem endless. The external work, speaking to, writing to issues, became an exercise in detachment. Hold forth, then let it go. Engage the next thing that comes before me. Speak, or write to it, then let it go. If it circles back around, speak, or write to it, and let it go again. But do not chase after it, do not pursue it, do not force or try to impose my will on it. I don’t imagine this FB discussion will change anything about this world, which seems headed straight to hell, thanks to the the so-called dominant species. If the feminine were intact in this species, we would not be having this conversation. The environment would not be at risk. There would be no war. People would get along. Illness treated by “modern medicine” and “modern mental health” and by “religion” would not exist. About two months ago, I was asked to pray for a divine intervention of the feminine into the United States of America. I made the prayer. I am watching, waiting, wondering. Meanwhile, I engage what is put before me in the way my spirit conrollers tell me to engage it. I have no clue where it is all headed, what the spirit world’s goals are. I just do what is in front of me today. I don’t worry about what’s going to happen to the environment. I don’t worry about what’s going to happen to humanity. I worry about doing what is in front of me in the way I’m supposed to do it.
  • Jonathan Horwitz This is great, Sloan. Keep praying – also for the divine feminine to intervene with you, so that you own change becomes exhilarating and not excruciating. It is so much fun letting go of the things we grasp which fuck us up. <3<3
  • Sloan Bashinsky John, the feminine has been intervening in me for 25 years, unceasing. It has been awful for the most part. Maybe that will change, maybe it will start being wonderful. I sure hope so. I don’t make those kinds of collective prayers, unless asked to do so. 3 nights before 911, I was asked in my sleep if I would make a prayer for a divine intervention for all of humanity? I woke up, asked for a divine intervention into all of humanity. On 911, I understood the reason for the prayer. One year to the night later, of the first prayer, I was asked the same thing in my sleep. But that time I made the prayer for a divine intervention into humanity in my sleep, and to it I added, “and let it begin in me.” Yowee!! I thought I had been through heap changes. Yowee!! So, okay, I make the same recent prayer again, for a divine intervention of the feminine into USA, and I ask for it to begin in me, if that is what needs to happen.
  • Jonathan Horwitz Sloan – if the Divine feminine has been TRYING to intervene with you for 25 years and you still consider it awful, isn’t it time you surrender and let her in? Stop treating yourself so badly! <3<3
  • Jonathan Horwitz Hi Ada! Yes, that is true, of course. My point is that we do not have to accelerate the process – which we are undeniably doing. Hope all is well with you. Do you see Angelka and Andrews sometimes? Love to you <3<3 J
  • Sloan Bashinsky Jonathan, she has been intervening in me all that time, I was, am, a tough case. Any resistance is not conscious.  I have seen her attempt to intervene in a number of people I knew pretty well. They didn’t care for it either. Perhaps you do a shaman journey, converse with my spirit conrollers about me, see what you get back, let me know, let your readers know.
  • Sloan Bashinsky Ada, many times I have told people concerned about the planet that she can take care of herself, if she decides to do it. Maybe being 70 years old influences my outlook. Maybe if it was 35 or 50, I would have a different outlook. But I’m not 35 or 50. I’m 70, and what used to drive me doesn’t drive me anymore. I explained earlier what drives me. I’m a conscript. I am run by angels. Maybe if I were smarter, or wiser, I wouldn’t be run by angels. But they convinced me that I was in need of their services, rough as the indenture mostly is.


Meanwhile, down the way where the nights are gay, Jerry of Key West replied to my publishing his and my recent “theological” back and forth in yesterday’s more render unto Caesar and God grubby scenarios  post:
Why ya’all gotta’ rag on me so much for? ; ) you know who you are.
Let me illustrate my point of view regarding my “arrogance.” Then I have a question for you. If you answer it, I will tell you what ended up happening to these two guys and what happened to their generator.
I was walking down the dock and saw in the distance two men wrestling with a generator, trying to lower it into a small dingy. The man on the dock couldn’t hold its weight over the edge of the dock and relied upon the man standing in the boat to take the weight. But every movement intended to maneuver the generator simply pushed or pulled the boat as it floated in the water. They struggled to keep the boat from going under the dock. As I walked toward them, they repeated this same problematic and troubling maneuver three times. I also took note of a piling about 12 feet from the dock, a two inch railing on the dock that could be used as a capstan and what luck? A coil of 3/8 yacht line more than two feet in diameter coiled on the bow deck of the dinghy. After noticing these three things, the following four complete thoughts went through my head more quickly than it takes to write them down.
1) The problem is… the boat can’t be used as a platform to position the generator, but the generator needs to be pulled off and away from the dock before it can be lowered. The generator can be securely tied with the line, but not by the end of the line, the middle instead. –A four square, one turn on the bottom and slip knot on top. –Slip knot so that the weight of the generator tightens the hold. Four square, so the generator can’t fall out of the rope; and In the middle because one end of the line can be tied to the far piling providing lateral positioning for the generator, pulling it away from the dock and into the boat as a natural consequence of lowering it rather than pitting both forces against each other. The other side of the line can be wrapped around the rail like a capstan to take the weight as it lowers.
2) But first, is there enough rope? How much do we need? 3 feet around the far 12 inch piling, (pi*diameter) 12 feet from piling to dock. the generator box is 2x2x3, four square means twice around, one in either direction. thats (2+2+3+3)*2 = 20. Plus 6 feet from dock down to the boat SO… 38 feet plus knots, plus capstan winding and plus enough line to hold the end in hand. How much do we have? Bigger than two foot coil means more than one foot radius of 3/8 line. I know 3/8 yacht line when I see it. Restate the radius in something relating to 3/8 to make it easy and accurate to figure in my head. About 100/8 inches = 1 foot , so there are 100 / 3 = about 33 coils of line. All the coils have an average length of 1/2 the circumference of the greatest coil, because of course circumference and radius have a linear relationship. Use 3 for pi to estimate conservatively. 3 feet average circumference x 33= better then 90 feet of rope. Even figuring 1/2 inch for clearance on 3/8 line gives 3×24 or 75 feet. Enough rope of sufficient strength is immediately handy!
3) Order of four simple events. First, Tie the generator in the middle of the line then capstan one end of the line around the dock rail. Use the slip end toward the dock so that if the generator falls while tying the other end to the far piling, the lines tighten around the generator, not loosen. Secure the dock end, using the railing as a capstan. Do this second, and before tying the other end to the far piling. Do not knot the capstan end. If the generator falls while tying the far piling, the knot will be difficult or impossible to undo. The whole thing would have to be started over. We are saving time, not trying to take more time. Cleat it off instead, so that if the generator falls, we need do nothing about it, simply continue tying the other end to the far piling, which is the third step. Tie it high up, remember, the force on the line will be proportional to the cosine of the angle. Don’t calculate it, just tie it high. Finally, simply uncleat with line firmly in hand. Push the generator off the dock. The rail capstan takes the weight, and as one eases the line out, the generator will both lower and simultaneously move away from the dock until it sets down in the boat. It’s nice to have the second guy already in the boat. Not only can he tie the line to the far piling, but he can also make sure the boat is where it needs to be as the generator sets down.
4) What can go wrong?
a) The piling or
b) railing fails or
c) the boat sinks. Not likely.
d) The rope breaks.
Also, not likely. 3/8 yacht line is covered in a second bright weave of contrasting colors, so that the sun’s fading can be judged. If the outer weave still keeps the sun off the inner main line, the line is good. e) The generator slips from the knot. A four square makes that very unlikely, but still of all these five, this is the most likely, but still far less likely than man handling the generator with out dropping it in the water. I see things like this all the time in many disciplines. (everything from satellite TV signal security to economics and politics to philosophy and ethics) The details and the emergent resolution of all the details together, both jump out at me, sometimes directly in multi colored lines of text. The most important thing I often see, is that in any particular situation, the solution which comes to me says “There is little confidence in this solution. Forget about it.” But when the solution that comes to me, in step 4, says “this one has little down side” Then I have a choice to make. In this particular situation, with these four complete thoughts done, I now had a choice to make about how to proceed with these two guys. Which do I? 1) Do I just find a comfortable spot and enjoy watching them struggle? Fair to middling chance of seeing a brand new generator fall in the salt water.
2) Offer manual help.
3) Suggest they might use the rope.
4) Carefully explain to them how to use the rope.
They had been wrestling with it for who knows how long before I came to the dock. They already had intent looks on their faces. They were sweating. Its November here, but its still hot. After their third attempt, that I saw, they were getting very frustrated. The generator is clearly too heavy to handle in such an awkward manner. They obviously thought about using a rope and had neatly prepared one, but hadn’t taken a moment to think this through before they started. They probably decided against using the rope, in the heat of the moment, because they could think of no easy way to use the rope better than simply tying the generator off and lowering it, and that looked deceptively easy to do by hand.
If I chose 2), they would probably want me in the dingy to help the guy in the dingy. Of course, this would not change the forces acting on the dingy one bit. It would still move out from under us just as easily with two, three for four guys as with one. Holding the dingy won’t help either. I and the guy exerting the force are in different locations (physics) The best that could happen is the same odds of mishap as without a third person.
Except, if I am helping, my interference would get the blame for the wet generator. I am sure they would be nice about it, but in their minds, if I hadn’t rudely offered to help, they would have surely pulled it off by themselves. After all, it was my extra legs which tripped things up and made the dinghy move.
If I chose 3), They were already frustrated and had already decided to do it by hand, ignoring the rope. They might respond polity, “We got it, thanks” But mean in their heads. “What is this guy talking about? Does he think we didn’t already think about using the rope. What is that rope going to do better than what we can do with our hands. How arrogant of him!”
If I chose 4), They were already frustrated and had already decided against the rope. They must first believe in the solution before learning about it because they would have to abandon the effort to which they had already committed themselves before they could even stop to think carefully about the explanation to judge for themselves if it might work. Or worse, as if that were not bad enough, if they don’t see the value in one or another step, they will skip it and the solution will fail. They might respond polity, “We got it, thanks” But mean in their heads. “What is this guy talking about? How could he have possibly have figured all that out standing there? He’s nuts. He is just arrogant. We are the ones with our hands on the generator. We know how things are working here. He doesn’t. How arrogant of him!” Which is the more arrogant behavior? Telling another how to do it better. OR Thinking another couldn’t possibly have a better plan. If you tell me which of the four I should have done, I will tell you which I did and how it turned out. Maybe you have a better option than the four I listed.
I replied:
You send me stuff to read, you volunteer to be ragged, patted on the back, etc. in my posts.
This situation you describe is grounded in this world, but filled with spiritual dimension.
If I had your apparent mechanical knowledge and experience (I do not have such), I would offer help, and if they accept my offer, I would tell them what I think they should do and ask them if they think it might work? That way, if they say yes, it’s on them, if it works or doesn’t work. If they say they want to try it, I offer to do part of the manual work, and if they accepted my offer, I ask them which part they want me to do? I do that part to the best of my ability. If it goes sour, so be it.
Maybe next time, I tell the folks who need help what happened the last time I offered help in a situation. Do they still want to hear what I have to say?
What I am is a donkey harnessed to a cart driven by angels who prod me with a sharp stick and dangle a carrot in front of my snout, which I sometimes almost catch.
Jerry replied:
You are exactly right about filled with spiritual dimension. Below is what happened. And if I may add. I never discount, out of hand, your accounts of angels speaking to you, because I can never know what is in your head. Yet, despite my multiple explanations of my own supernatural sentient experience, you vainly repeat over and over your initial assessment that I don’t feel. You can’t know what is in my head either. Yet you claim you know me better than I know you. Reform your opinion.
On Nov 27, 2012, at 10:35 AM, Fackler, Sandy wrote: #4, if they let you explain., then #1 if they don’t.
On Nov 27, 2012, at 10:42 AM, Mark Faust wrote: “Hey guys there is a method that will solve your problem, would you like me to share it with you?” On Nov 27, 2012, at 11:07 AM, Scott Fraser wrote: I’d have chosen Option #3.
I said “Guys, I might be able to help.” They stopped and looked at me. I told them “You can use the rope to both lower and move the generator out from the dock at the same time.” I got no further than that. They told me that they had already thought about the rope and using their hands was easier, but I didn’t stop. I said “I’m sure you did think of a rope. I see you already had one ready, but what if you attach one end of the rope to that piling over there?” I went on with the explanation a little further, but could already see they were confused. The only way they could have understood is if they gave me enough credibility to stop what they were already doing, get out of that mindset, calm down and carefully think about what I was telling them. I was willing to take all the time they needed. Even help them rig it. It would have taken me less then ten minutes to do it alone. They responded exactly as I had anticipated. And they didn’t veil their opinion of my arrogance very much. Probably because they were already frustrated. “I know you think you have it figured out, but a rope just won’t work. All it has to do is go from the dock, straight down to here.” Here is what happened after I let them to do exactly as they wanted. After all, they certainly didn’t want the manual help of a conceited prick. After two more tries, they gave up and got the rope out. But they tied one end to the generator and one guy held the rope to lower the generator over the dock. The guy in the boat pulled the generator over the edge of the dock. The boat lurched, the generator fell over the edge and fell back halfway under the dock. The guy on deck pulled as hard as he could which lodged the generator and began to pull the rope that was around the generator off. The guy in the boat yelled “stop pulling.” The guy on deck didn’t stop pulling. The guy in the boat frantically tried to get the generator free before it could fall into the water. He got it loose from the rope after much yelling back and forth about pulling or letting loose the rope. The guy on the dock couldn’t see what was going on and wouldn’t trust the guy who could see what was going on. The guy on the boat finally got the generator loose. It fell on his chest, pushing him down on his back against the bottom of the dingy but his head on the transom. I am amazed it did not break his neck. The generator rolled off of him against the gunwale of the dinghy. I am amazed that the generator didn’t fall all the way in the water. When it was all over, they were more convinced then ever that I was arrogant. Had I not “convinced” them to use the rope, everything would have been much better. Lucky for me, the generator didn’t fall in the water. This is an example of the mercy of God. Every day, every where people do stupid things that should get them killed for more often then people actually die. They incorrectly attribute the beneficial outcomes to their own efforts and the detrimental outcomes to time and chance or someone else’s fault. Yet God steps in to save their lives anyway.
I replied:
By what you tell me and write to me, I know some of what is in your head. The rest I do not know, but what you say and write probably represents a good bit more.
You shared with me one experience, during the last hurricane, when your boat seemed to be saved by divine intervention, which might not have happened if you had been on the boat and used your own thinking and wits to try to save the boat.
I relate pretty well to experiences, less well to spiritual theory, until I have experienced the theory or seen it applied to someone else.
I have told you quite a few times that I know, have known, people with whom I can speak of God, angels, spirit moving on and through earth experiences, without any raised eyebrows or they didn’t understand. I frankly don’t care if you, or anyone, believes anything I say. I am where you described with the men you tried to help with the boat and generator. I speak, or write, and move on, not expecting any outcome or change. I’m glad to hear you tried to help them, that was all you could do. I cannot help you, but the angels can.
As I told you years ago, your feminine is blocked. You need help there. I don’t know if the angels are inclined to help you with that, or if you even want their help with it. I see lots of situations the angels could help out, but they don’t seem to get involved. I see situations where they do get involved.
The intellect, consciousness, some might say, is like the tip of an iceberg, and the rest of the iceberg is the rest of the person. Hidden, submerged, until it surfaces. The angels have been surfacing different parts of my submerged iceberg for 25 years. It’s really different from the way I lived before that started. It changed the way I look at myself, life, other people, the spirit realms, God – everything. This is not really comprehensible if you have not experienced it. It’s only theory until you experience it. You cannot have that experience without a functioning feminine.
A non-functioning feminine is the cause of nearly all of this species’ troubles. It was the cause of those men not being able to receive what you told them. They were all output, no intake. The feminine is receptive. Introspective. Inward moving. Wise. Creative. Birthing.
My apologies to her, if I left a lot of her out of that synopsis.
Maybe more later.
Later I wrote:
I don’t see that God stepped in and saved their lives. I see a cluster f**k you were not able to fix. :-)
Jerry wrote:
As feeling as you believe yourself to be, I think you miss a lot.
Why do you rely upon your own perception at all, given that you retreat to what the angels tell you for every controversy.  Wait, I know the answer to that.  Your angels told you so.
The bottom line is you don’t believe I feel, though you can’t know what is in my head.  While I do not discount your feeling, because I can’t know your head.
And I understand why you cling to that, repeat that mantra at our every exchange.  If you admit that I might feel as well, then you have feeling only and I might have a balance between feeling and knowledge.
I replied:
Sorry, Jerry. I know you feel. With few exceptions, all human beings feel. With few exceptions, all human beings’ feelings are distorted, twisted, because of what has happened to their feminine. As a result, all but a few human beings respond poorly to events which generate emotions. There is nothing wrong with emotions, they are part of being human. What’s wrong is emotions don’t work very well in most people, and in a few people, they don’t seem to work at all, not consciously anyway. Of course, unconsciously, everything is in play, and therein lies the root of most human disease – physical, mental, and spiritual, and collective. Sloan
P.S. Therein also lies the cause of heavy reliance on the intellect, the will, force.
But for the angels steering me, I would fall off lots of cliffs, stumble into lots of volcanoes, be drowned in lots of tsunamis. It’s bad enough with them steering me. I see no way a human being could safely navigate the spirit distemper I face day and night, without angels steering them. Jesus got that help, as did his disciples, and did others named and unnamed in the New and Old Testaments. As did, as do others, in other times and today. It is through the feminine that such help comes. It is through the feminine that the Muse works in artists, poets, musicians.
I keep trying to tell you, Jerry, that we really are not on the same page or in the same book. My thinking and behavior is as responsive to my feelings, my emotions, as it is to my thoughts. In fact, my emotions, inside feelings, guide me when I’m awake as much as the angels guide me when I’m asleep, in dreams. The angels also can speak to me when I’m awake, and they can give me feelings when I am awake, which are not my own, to warn me, or lead me.
I am pretty sure that there was a time when all people were like what the angels have been working me toward. I am pretty sure the so-called Fall was the loss of the feminine, thus the loss of direct communion with the other realms and with the real emotions.
Maybe more later …
PPS If George W. Bush had had a functioning feminine, he would have known not to retaliate after 911. He would have sensed it was a really bad idea, which time and events proved after he retaliated with a great deal of whoopee support from most Americans, men and women.
If Barack Obama had had a functioning feminine, he would have ended those two wars immediately upon being sworn in as Commander-in-Chief of US Armed Forces.
Circling back around to Jonathan Horwitz, I saw several boiler plate “copyright infringement” posts like this one on Facebook recently.

In response to the new Facebook guidelines I hereby declare that my copyright is attached to all of my personal details, illustrations, comics, paintings, professional photos and videos, etc. (as a result of the Berne Convention). For commercial use of the above my written consent is needed at all times. (Anyone reading this can copy this text and paste it on their Facebook Wal l. This will place them under protection of copyright laws. By the present communiqué, I notify Facebook that it is strictly forbidden to disclose, copy, distribute, disseminate, or take any other action against me on the basis of this profile and/or its contents. The aforementioned prohibited actions also apply to employees, students, agents and/or any staff under Facebook’s direction or control. The content of this profile is private and confidential information. The violation of my privacy is punished by law (UCC 1 1-308-308 1-103 and the Rome Statute). Facebook is now an open capital entity. All members are recommended to publish a notice like this, or if you prefer, you may copy and paste this version. If you do not publish a statement at least once, you will be tacitly allowing the use of elements such as your photos as well as the information contained in your profile status updates

  • Lisa Mertz I posted this too.  Good for us.
  • Martin Murphy good try JH, but the only right you have is to delete your account and having already having opened an account, you’ve already waived some of your rights. You would have to negotiate directly for a deal with FBook, anything else is a waste of time.
  • Rob Larkin Thanks Jonathan…..good advice brother, HO !
  • Martin Murphy

    PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) – Last week Facebook notified users that it was making changes to their “data use policy.” They asked for feedback from users about the new changes, and out of that, a new fake status started floating around.See More
  • Jonathan Horwitz I never know if these things help. With all the jillions of pictures, poems, etc on fb I don’t guess I’ll see one of mine being used as an advert for shell oil. And I have a very strong feeling that this disclaimer has any legal status at all, and as Martin Murphy says, we’ve all already waived some of rights. Nonetheless, BETTER TO ERR ON THE SIDE OF POSITIVE ACTION!
  • Rob Purday this is a viral fear based copy and paste hoax – it is not possible to retrospectively negate the terms and conditions applying to use of FB – anyone using this service is already obligated to abide by these terms and conditions and the fact that you are receiving this comment confirms your own use as well as the fact that you have already agreed to fulfill that obligation – time to get real bro
  • Lisa Mertz it’s not that serious
  • Jennifer Boyer is a great place to check out these calls to action. I don’t check photos, etc, but if I’m passing on something that asks someone to DO something, Snopes gives me a way to check it out, and they most always have an explanation of WHY the thing is or isn’t important.

    Will posting a notice on your Facebook wall protect your copyright and privacy rights?
  • Jonathan HorwitzRob – Whose reality? ;-) ;-) I gotta say, that fear was not an element for me in this posting, but more a thin wisp of a hope that it might put a matchstick into the spokes of Zukkerman’s platinum-plated tricycle!
  • Rob Purday you choose J…but, hey… why would you want to do such a terrible and despicable thing ;) ;)
  • Sloan Bashinsky But what if Zukerman shared with his friends something you published on FB?
  • Jonathan Horwitz I’m sure this notice won’t stop him in that very likely event! Heehee!
  • Sloan Bashinsky one upon a time, this flopped out of me – God’s gifts are not for sale, but are given freely to angels, saints, sinners, devils and fools alike for all are God’s children …
  • Yoker Udagan ?? ???? ? ??? ???? ????. ??? ?????????? ?? ???????? ????? ??? ? ?? ?? ????????? ?????????… ??????? ?????? ??? ??? ???? ????????? ??? ????? ??????????. ? ??? ?? ?????. ??? ??? ?????, ??? ??? ???, ??? ??? ????, ??? ??? ??????, ??? ??? ?????? – ?? ???????? ?? ??? ??? ?????.See Translation
  • J?nis Filks My first reaction was Yes I got to do this too, started reading the thread and thought, do it for the hell of it to needle FB, then, I don’t and probably most FB users don’t actually the money to buy anything non-essential and most if not all of JH’s friends are too wise! So it doesnt really matter that much
  • Sloan Bashinsky I wonder if FB loves this sort of discussion, it increases FB membership overall
  • J?nis Filks They cut my comment, thats a first for me now I’m in shit, so I wont repeat what I think was the offensive phrase, but will repeat the rest.        ……… so we should keep dishing out gods gifts to all of gods children, and this nightmare may end sooner rather than later!
  • Sloan Bashinsky I agree, we should keep sharing what is given to us; we should use all means available to do that.
Generally, if you publish something before you copyright it, you lose your copyright right to it. If you publish something already copyrighted to a public forum like Facebook, I see little way to stop other people from reusing it. If you don’t want other people reusing what you put on Facebook, don’t put it on Facebook. That’s about as nice as I can bring myself to say the obvious. Sloan Bashinsky, ex-lawyer, writer, fool
(that last paragraph not published to FB)

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