Thanksgiving Sunday homily – Godspeed, Isa, and other adventures in Paradise, aka the Florida Keys

From facebook yesterday:
Pamela Mooney  
I was just informed that we lost our Beloved “Isa” today. It saddens my heart but I know she is in that Big Island in the sky making black beans for all our friends and Captains! RIP Isa, I will always love you! Pamela.
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Rhonda Brewer So sad….. Loved her to pieces. She only spoke Spanish to me me and my children. Bendiciones Mrs. Isa.
Scott Nielsen Pam, are you talking Manny and Isa’s , Isa? I used to work for them when I was 12.
Christy Penrod RIP Isa…my family loved her so. I have known her since I was 11. I know she is in a better place…
Christy Penrod I wish she woud have given me her recipe for the salad dressing she always made!
Heather Starr-Bagwell RIP Isa…. she will forever be in our hearts
Toni Ayers Bennett So sad! Oh the memories!!!! Hugs to u Isa!!!!!
Gretchen Born Twichell RIP Isa, you were 1 of a kind, forever in our hearts!
Leslie Manzini Isa brought much happiness to all of us! Manny and Isa’s ~ a memorable part of my life.
Sloan Bashinsky Me, too – I ate many of Isa and Manny’s meals, at both of their restaurants, and at the Green Turtle Inn, when they cooked there. It was eating their snapper fingers at the Green Turtle that caused me to love eating fish. Their conch chowder was to die for. Ditto key lime pie.
Toni Ayers Bennett Omg the turtle steak bbeans n rice old days….. But there will never ever b a key lime pie or conch chowder to rival hers!!!!!!
Chef Michael She was one special Lady…RIP
Mike Hamilton God bless
Teresa Ambrose Watkins I just heard .. So sad .. Like family.. Lived near and worked for ..Rip !!! Isa .. 
Debra Wells Werner Heaven just gained another angel – Love you, Isa – my heart goes out to her family – RIP to such a special soul.
Charla Otte Chico It is so nice to see how much she influenced so many! We will miss her alot!
Juanita Russell Knudsen A true legend to Islamorada has been called home. We will look forward to all your wonderful cooking again in the heavenly home. RIP Isa. Prayers for Manny and all her family
Bob, of Blue Hill, Maine, responded to yesterday’s Thanksgiving Saturday homily – even as you do unto the least of these in plain view post, which I put on Facebook in segments:
Tell me more!
Back and forth re yestersday’s post with a Locust Fork, Alabama woman, from whom I had not heard in quite a while. She became an email pen pal while I was writing to my websites about my brother Major’s disappearance and suicide in March 2010, and became a constant source of support. Locust Fork is out in the sticks, about 35 miles north of Birmingham. I came to call her “Morticia,” but right now I can’t remember why.
She wrote:
I enjoy your posts. Thank you for sending them. Chris =========================
I replied:
Well, kiss my foot! I thought maybe not hearing from you in so long that you had morticia-ed, glad to hear you didn’t! Hope you and hubby having a good Thanksgiving and the weather ain’t too terribly cold up there.
She replied:
We are in Panama City Beach FL. Been here since Tues leaving Monday. Just the two of us for Thanksgiving. We are not your typical folks. We go out of town to avoid family at all cost. No all is well health wise for both of us. I will be 59 on Christmas Day.. I don’t plan on morticing out any time soon. Hopefully Gary will not either. Thanks for all the good articles.
I replied:
I mostly was okay with being around my and my wives’ families over Thanksgiving and Christmas, as long as it didn’t last too long, but these days I wonder how I would hold up but don’t get to find out living down here in Asteroid Belt. Hope you and Gary enjoy P.C. and it’s not too cold there. The posts keep churning through me, almost like maybe I’m a typewriter and something else mostly is banging the keys, although I get some time on the keyboard.
She replied:
It is actually hot here. I have not touched the sand or water. I will do that today. Gary and I are truly introverts. Family gets on my nerves so bad I never would care if I saw one on either side again for the remainder of my life on earth. I can’t see why anyone would not love KW.. but then it has its problems like any where else. To us that just visit it occasional it is a tropical paradise, but to those that live there. Just the same as everywhere else. crap sometimes. Alabama… no hope for it.. We are so racist and about 90 years behind the times. I don’t think I will ever live long enough to see it change. I hope I do. But doubtful of it happening. =========================
Bill, of Birmingham, an old Vanderbilt fraternity brother wrote yesterday: Hope all is well with you. I am astounded by the profusion of your writings.
I replied:
Hi, Bill. All is what it is with me, I hope it’s alright. My writings have become like breathing, drinking water, eating food, going to the bathroom for me.
Love Lane Jack of Key West wrote re yesterday’s post:
 …Pastor Sloan of the Keys…!
Once upon a time, as I stood at the base of the ramp at the soup kitchen on Flagler Avenue in Key West, Angela McCain opened the side door and came out, looked at us, said, “Let’s have Pastor Young say the blessing today.” That was me, Sloan Young, maybe more about that later. My prayer was, “We thank you for this food and for the people who prepared it for us.”
Replying to yesterday’s post, Jerry of Key West wrote:
These words sound comforting, but they mislead. Terribly so. They trivialize Jesus’ purpose, turning His coming into the here and now, turning Jesus into a Buddha wan’na be. By such, these words harm those who read them. You should know yourself what Jesus said about the purpose of His coming before telling others what He is all about. Treat His coming with more respect than a prop for your story. If this is really what Jesus is all about, then all humanity is truly lost. He came instead to reclaim humanity. His will shall be done, His purpose shall not be frustrated. Those who try, shall be restrained, but not here nor now. It is as His prophets describe. Do you know the three purposes Jesus himself gave for His coming?
I replied:
In the Gospels, Jesus spent a lot of time and expended a great deal of effort trying to show by his model and explain by his words how to live in God’s will on this world and be reclaimed by moving closer to God. Somewhere in the Gospels, Jesus told his disciples that if they heard his sayings and did not do what he said to do, they were like the foolish man who built his house on sand and when the flood came the house fell down and how great was that fall! The prayer he taught was, God’s kingdom come, God’s will be done, on earth …. (as in heaven). His trial in Gethsemane was whether to go with what he wanted, his will, or surrender to God’s will. That, to me, sums up Jesus in a nutshell – God’s will, not my will, be done, on earth. As for his standing with God, Jesus told his disciples they could blaspheme him and they could be forgiven, but if they blasphemed the Holy Ghost (who was to come to them), they would not be forgiven. Looks to me Jesus held the Holy Ghost above himself when he said that to his disciples. His words are really pretty simple, but they are so difficult to live, usually, that the early churches came up with a much easier salvation formula. I read somewhere, and ran it by quite a few Buddhists who did not dispute it, that Buddha said he was not divine and a teacher greater than he would come. Most of those Buddhists were Americans raised in the Christian church. When I told them they would do better to try to live as Jesus said to live, I did not get a warm welcome, even though if they did live as Buddha said to live, they would live pretty much as Jesus said to live. About the same happened when I said much the same thing to Americans who were born Christian and became followers of India yogis, Taoists, Sufis, New Age leaders. I told them they went there trying to find the Jesus who had not worked for them in Christianity. A few of them laughed, admitted it. Living as Jesus modeled and taught others to live is a baptism in fire and in spirit, as he and John the Baptist said in the Gospels. In no way, Jerry, do I deminimize Jesus. To the contrary, I do my darnedest to remind people who he was and what he stood for and was and even still is about. ==========================
The way the angels, one of whom is Jesus, taught me to view my relationship with Jesus was, he, not I, knows where I stand with him and with God. My job is to do my best to live as he taught his disciples to live, and to do what I am told to do, and to not do what I am told not to do, which requires a great deal of nudging and correcting, with occasional encouragement, from Jesus and his cohorts, who remain ever hard on my case.
In that same vein, from Tim Gratz of Key West:
Great column today. Do you remember we first met when you gave my daughter and me a ride from Sugarloaf in March of 2007? At that time I was actively planning an anti-slavery rally we held at the high school on March 25, 2007. However, I did not follow through work on that until my passion for the issue was re-united in the spring of 2011. Are you by any chance able to attend a noon meeting of the Keys Coalition in Key Largo this Wednesday? I would love to introduce you to the current pastor at Glad Tidings. He is of Bahamian descent and is an educator and former pugilist. See
[About sex and other forms of slave trafficking, about which I have had many email conversations with Tim, and a few face to face.]
I replied:
I don’t remember that, Tim, but consider I probably have stopped and picked people at bus stops maybe 200 times since I moved to Little Torch Key the first time, in the spring of 2006. That’s going to and from KW. Key Largo too far to drive for something I might get weird over like what happened in the Marathon church.
[The presenter hawked his new business, in which he hoped to make money educating people about sex trafficking in children and adults. I told him it was forbidden to commerce in such a terrible thing. Then, I left.] Perhaps you and the new Glad Tidings minister and I can break bread in KW.
Tim replied:
Well I always remember that act of kindness on your part and now I think there may be some sort of cosmic significance in it in that I was working on an anti-trafficking rally at the time. I can assure you the meeting in Key Largo will not be as the one in Marathon. I need to get to the Coalition e-mail to show you the speakers. Yes it would be good I think for you to meet Dr Carey. I am sure that he, like I, would agree with much of what you write re what Jesus really meant. By the way I once asked him the question you raised about whether Jesus was homeless and his answer was in the affirmative. I assume you may have read his thoughts about how Glad Tidings can help the community (front page of last Sunday’s “Citizen.” What are your thoughts about the concept of synchronicity?
I replied:
Looks to me there were several venues we would engage together after that initial meeting, all of which, yes, was arranged, and, imagine, still unfolding. If the angels tell me to go up to Key Largo for the presentation, of course I will go. I read the Glad Tidings article in The Citizen and was left wondering what the church’s new direction would be. I don’t get involved with churches for a while now, but perhaps that will change. Mostly, church people and ministers don’t seem comfortable with me, and for sure I seldom am comfortable in that venue. Maybe Dr. Carey will cure me of that. Synchronicity, serendipity, if it isn’t happening, something is wrong.
Tim replied:
If the angels tell me to go up to Key Largo for the presentation, of course I will go. 
Well, I shall expect to see you then! Perhaps you can promote it in your blog and get some of your many friends from the Upper Keys to attend. Hopefully Connie will be able to attend. As you may know she is busy moving. I have heard Mr Feldman present before and he is very good. ==========================
On trafficking, I wrote this to Tim few days ago, responding to something else he had sent to me:
I think it is a worthy effort to stop a horrible practice which has many facets worldwide, but as I’ve written before, I don’t see any real dent being made in it and I hope I’m wrong about that. I still think the Duval Street magnet is the prime engine for slave trafficking in the lower part of the Keys, and I still think that’s where Keys Coalition should put its efforts, even though they are likely to go for naught. ==========================
From a Republican snowbird friend yesterday:
You are incredibly naïve about Israel and the Arabs working together.  The Israelis have offered to make the deserts bloom and help their adversaries enjoy a plentiful life.  Unfortunately, some people don’t know when to accept a good deal.
I replied:
I’m not in the least naive. I think the odds of peace in that area are zero minus. Yes, the radical Muslims can be blamed for it today. I suppose the French and British can be blamed for it historically, if my recollection is correct that they created Israel out of Arab land. ==========================
The way I became Sloan Young was, I was told to drop Bashinsky from my name and be my first and middle name at birth. The way I became Sloan Young Bashinsky again, was I was told to become Sloan Young Bashinsky again. Simple as that.
Likewise, the way I became homeless went back to my being told to give my 3rd wife the power to decide what, if anything, I would receive from our joint assets, if she and I split up. Simple as that.
The one thing Jesus told his disciples in the Gospels, which I seem not to have experienced, or perhaps I just don’t understand what he told them, was his yoke was easy and his burden was light. In comparison to the alternative, perhaps.
I heard nothing in my dreams last night about going to Key Largo for the trafficking presentation. That means Jesus and his cohorts have something else arranged for me on that day.
Lucky them, eating Isa’s cooking every day now.
Little did I know when I was eating Isa’s wonderful cooking in that other life in Isalmorada, dreaming of becoming a flats guide, what lay in store for me.
Meanwhile, The Key West Citizen and Solares Hill’s continued loud inhuman silence about the heavenly Hidden In Plain View homeless art, poetry and music exposition smash opening is deafening.
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